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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 382


Chapter 382: The path exhausted, the end of the road

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Drenched in blood, Sheyan observed the fleeing Lille as he retrieved his musket, and aimed its

black muzzle across! Activating 'Rum and Songs', he directly pressed the trigger!

Yet in that instance, a thin rampart appeared over Lille; its appearance similar to the 'MPguard'

of a magic type contestant, yet it glowed with a faint darkness. This was an A grade item

he had obtained earlier on, it was called 'Blessed-protection scroll' which would project a

double-sided shield over oneself.

What it meant by double-sided shield is that if Lille attempted to attack from the inside, his

damage would equally be absorbed by the shield. Therefore, this scroll could only be activated

when escaping. Yet the devilish property of the shield actually not only absorbed the damage of

'Rum and Songs', it even negated the stunning effect! This was the first time Sheyan had

encountered such a situation. He couldn't help but become distracted, but Lille had already fled

30 metres away by now.

Without hesitation, Sheyan raised his right hand as his 'Barbaric-demon Pupil' glimmered!

Within a second, it was like Sheyan had transformed into a raging bull as he drilled towards

Lille. Within mere seconds, he completely caught up to Lille, as he delivered a crushing

hammerfist down.

That fist instantly created a deep dent over the 'Blessed-protection shield', but it actually

hadn't shattered. Instead, his fist carried an unstoppable might as it got deflected by the shield;

skewing to the left and smashing against a huge vegetable. Creakkk! Green juicy sap splashed

out, as the thick bark of the vegetable was smashed broken; releasing a piercing sharp crunch as

it collapsed down, leaves and dust soaring infinitely.

However, Lille was still fleeing! He appeared to have shrugged of Sheyan once again. But at this

moment, a huge fog of poison fog swept out! It was indeed a curse-mix Sheyan had thrown.

Even though the shockwave caused by the curse-mix landing had been negated by the

'Blessed-protection shield', the 20% movement decrease was still apparent.

Because of that 20% decline in speed; Sheyan once again dived forward, his entire body

seemingly parallel to the ground as he landed an immense punch on Lille!

This time, without complaints; that thin black shield was directly penetrated through,

'popping' as it disappeared like a soap bubble. Sheyans fist instantly knocked Lille's eye black,

as he directly crashed against the tree ahead.

Seeing stars and a bloodied nose, Lille stumbled against the roots and tripped, falling to the

ground. His mouth repeatedly wailed fanatically, his legs were wildly scrambling against the

ground; kicking off moss, grass and soil, spraying backwards like a drizzle........

Yet why would Sheyan forgo such a great opportunity. He surged forward several steps as he

bluntly pounced through the air, and drilled down his right elbow with matchless viciousness!

Striking against Lille's right calf.

At present, Lille was like an arrow at the end of its flight. A shrilling shriek emerged from him,

while his right calf bluntly fractured into a deformed shape.

But at this moment, Lille's will to live was surprisingly as enduring as before! He issued a

crazed exclamation.

’’How can I die here! How can I die here. Jemu is still waiting for me at home, Vanessa is still

waiting to be revived! I must live on, I definitely must live on!’’

Carrying such a stubborn conviction, Lille trampled against Sheyan's face, as mud and grass

blended with the blood on his face. At this moment, Lille disregarded everything; clawing his

fingers into the soil as he scurried forward, even ignoring his overturned fingernails.

Sheyan wiped away the filth on his face as he raised his head, immediately a boomerang

emanating cold air swerved over. His vision froze as he could only stretch out his remaining

right hand to block. The boomerang's damage wasn't high and only managed to shave off a

couple of HP after 'Endurance'. However......its frosty speed decline had once again enveloped

Sheyan's body. A distinct sensation of frostbite could be felt from his legs.

After a 40% movement speed reduction, compared to a nearly crippled Lille, whose speed was


After a short 5 seconds, Sheyan found the answer; it was actually Lille! The long range threat of

'Ambition' still had a 41 seconds cooldown timer, and that 'Horn-rage' had an even longer

cooldown duration........after 41 seconds, Lille would have at least widened the gap by over a

hundred metres!

After 6 seconds, Lille was similarly aware of that fact. After escaping the range of 'Ambition', he

glanced back his eyes carrying an additional mockery. This male continued feverishly limping

forward. He laughed, as an oddly scoffing tone resounded.

’’Goodbye Seaman. I admit you're strong, I cannot defeat you.......but can you chase?’’

Sheyan had already halted as though he had given up. Instead, a strange flicker of silver glow

emitted from his fist. Without expression, he voiced out.

’’I cannot.........’’

Lille licked his dried lips with his tongue, tasting the soil and brown bloodstains. His voice then

projected out with a leisure, brimming with vengeful ridicule.

’’You broke my leg, still you can't even chase me! Trying to kill me? In your next life!! Makaji

(Harlim) is an official true Growth-Hunter; even though he is dead, it is impossible for golden

AK to rely on his own strength to free himself from the bindings of the flesh vines! Therefore,

though I cannot deal with Reef, can collect golden Ak's corpse soon! Hahahaha, isn't

that such a pleasant surprise?’’

At present, Lille had already fled 40 metres away. Still, Sheyan was standing motionlessly, his

expression was a little mysterious; rather cynical, yet somewhat sarcastic.

’’I have something to warn you. Though I cannot chase you, but.......they can!!!’’

As Sheyan's voice echoed out, peculiar earthen mounds sprung up abruptly from the ground.

The 3 spongy mounds swiftly enlarged, as though something was about to erupt out.

The loose soil rolled down, every earth mound had now grown to a metre large. Within the

cracks of the earth, one could shockingly see a layer of incomparably tough greyish-black

membrane. The membrane appeared like flesh, glossy and silky; seemingly brimming with

fluids internally.

With piercing grunt, the cracks of the earth mound blasted forth; repulsive arachnid fluids

spilled everywhere as they released an assailing amniotic odour, and flooded the soil around.

From within each earth mound, 2 black creatures leapt out. Each creature was roughly the size

of a wolf with enlarged front claws. Its entire body was without skin, its appearance completely

flesh red, muscles and vein lines could be distinctly seen. An extension from the back of its

head, carried sharp horns. Its claws were frighteningly incisive, and had a head of an ant-eater.

Wrapped around its body's periphery was an obvious black indication........

This, this was the product of the 'Zergling eggs' he had acquired from the Starship Trooper

world. Currently, he had utilized 3 eggs to spawn out 6 Blackthorn zerglings!

When Sheyan had purchased the eggs, the Blackthorn tribe had already upgraded to a Class 'II'

arachnid base. Therefore, the zerglings he spawned similarly possessed those standards.

Under Sheyan's command, the 6 speedy zerglings dashed through the forest with ludicrous

speed; splitting apart as they ferociously locked onto the distant Lille!

In this instance, Lille finally sunk into despair. He had bet on his trump cards to protect him

adequately. Yet he had never anticipated that this Seaman that resembled a powerful support

character, was actually flourishing abundantly with murderous schemes!!

About to enter near death state, as a reserve-duty Growth-hunter, Lille would still be able to

successfully slay those 6 zerglings. However, this period of delay was sufficient for Sheyan to

catch up to him 10 times........but if he ignored the zerglings and continued fleeing, one

shouldn't ever forget, he had no such innate ability like 'Endurance'. The 6 zerglings were able

to deal 3-4 damage with every claw; an accumulated total of 20 points every assault was not

something that the present Lille could afford!

15 seconds later, already in a critically wounded state, Lille was struck flying as he heavily

crashed against the lateral tree and slumped to the ground. The 6 zerglings had all fallen on

him. Yet he couldn't dodge from Sheyans booming fists. A white lightscreen covered his body, it

was the party skill of the Banks Syndicate 'Life-guard'. Sheyan leisurely strolled towards him,

mercilessly raising his fist.

’’Wait!!’’ Lille's eyes were flickering with a wild desperation. ’’But how much HP do you actually


Sheyan's fist pounded down, the 'Life-guard' vibrated violently.

’’800 points. When I was left with 300 HP, I consumed the Honorary medicine. That was just to

let you think I was forced into a desperate peril. If not, how was I gonna make you stay and

battle with me, and finally get this chance to kill you?’’

As his words faded, Sheyan slammed his fist down! His motion was stiff and cunning, but

flashed down like a thunderbolt. Unable to block or defend, the 'Life-guard' vibrated again, its

glow weakened to a state of nothingness.

Watching dreadfully as Sheyan retracted his fist, preparing to accumulate strength before

smashing down again! Lille yelled frantically.

’’NO!!!!!! I can give you all my equipment, spare me!’’

(TN: Sheyan got his honorary medicine from Reef back in the Starship Trooper world. Around

the period he saved Reef, or slightly later)


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