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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 381


Chapter 381: Towering

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’’Say, you're really a disgusting freak. To inflict crushing on Uzel, your strength must be at least

above 30 points, and your perceptive sense above 20 points. Yet strangely, your HP is actually a

towering 400 - 500 points, and your defence should be 20 points! And yet with all these, you're

able to f****ing provide a support ability! Which means your intelligence or spirit should be

above 20 points!’’

’’It's been a long time since I've met an allrounder fool like you. If i hadn't risked myself and

seized the chance to deliver a fatal blow, then I might've really been in deep shit facing you.

How much HP do you have left? 200, 300? How much blood do you have left to bleed?’’

Facing Lille's provocation, Sheyan remained grim and silent. His face deathly pale as he

staggered backwards, step by step. The disastrous punctured wound over his chest spurted out

blood continuously, spilling all over the ground. Lille had occupied the advantage, and being

fully content with his achievement, he raised his long blade as he fiercely chopped in!

Once again both parties sank into an attack-defense deadlock, except Lille harbored absolute

confidence of victory this time! Blade rays flashed out, pressing in step by step, leaving not a

single chance of escape for Sheyan. At present, any retaliation by Sheyan was deemed futile, he

was like a cornered beast in Lille's eyes.

The two dueled for several minutes. Lille finally stepped backwards and retracted his blade,

before he callously announced.

’’Just die!’’

For some unknown reason, a strange ominous premonition was currently pricking him; yet he

reckoned it was due to personally witnessing how his opponent had abruptly turned the tides

previously. Hence, even though his 'Phantom Clone' drained MP, Lille had a firm resolution. He

triggered the strongest ability he had!

Suddenly, his figure vanished. When he appeared, he was shockingly facing Sheyan's back!

The serious looking Lille crept in as light as a feather from behind, leaping up as he

somersaulted over Sheyan's head. Instead, the longblade following his right hand had sketched

out a sorrowful oceanic-blue ray; fluently splashing downwards like ink.

This blade ray was like a bright blue crescent, sweeping down unhurriedly from Sheyan's cheek

to his chest!

Rank B ability: 'Blade-dance Slash' !!

This incomparably furtive slash drew out an agonizing loud groan from Sheyan. Like a beast on

the verge of extinction, he was sent rolling 10 times before he scurried to flee; blood dripping

from his fingertips! Then he shockingly threw out a curse-mix, heavily smashing it against the

ground! The engulfing poisonous fog raged out, as he turned tail and fled; completely

disregarding his exposed back.

Lille's eyes twinkled with a blood-thirsty excitement. After a tiny 1 second confusion, he

ignored the poison fog and pursued in. His agility had already exceeded the boundary; although

the fog lowered his speed by 20%, he already caught up to Sheyan after a mere 30 metres.

Pressing down with both legs,

He leapt up highly as he beheaded down with both hands gripped around the long blade's shaft!

His strike was thriving with his aspiration!

But, but!

In this instant; already deemed as a prey, Sheyan suddenly clenched his fist as he turned


Their eyes met. Lille immediately felt a stabbing sensation in his eyes, because Sheyan's gaze

contained no timidity, nor pain, nor any fear he was anticipating! Within those blazing pupils,

was a wild, untamed and victorious conviction!!!

In that moment, Lille felt like he had raised his blade to chop down a towering mountain that

he could not even see the peak. Yet his soul remained resolute as he gritted his teeth,

wholeheartedly beheading down with his might!

Chomp! Blood sprayed out. Sheyan's blocking left arm was instantly severed, flinging 5-6

metres away as it landed on the ground. The unstoppable blade pressed in, like a racing current

of the Yangtze river; boom! It finally left an unfathomable crevice onto the ground! A crevice as

long as a dozen metre!

Several surrounding large plants suffered from this calamitous event, and were chopped

cleanly in two as they collapsed with a loud bang; with dust soaring into the skies!

Yet simultaneously, a dark-gold glimmer shone on Sheyan's neck; a layer of faint blue current

trickled down his right fist!

Dark-gold necklace 'Smith's Matrix Microchip' ability 'Format' activated..........

'Barbarous armour' activated! 'Zergling Rush' triggered........

At this moment, Lille was still hanging in midair. Instead, lightning speed punches shot out

from Sheyan repetitively! Like sounds of thunder as he frenziedly bombarded Lille's left leg!

Explosive strike!

Crushing damages!!

An immense pain descended from Sheyan's first punch. He could only see the second fist

incoming, before Lille felt like a tremendous elephant had trampled over his left thigh. As for

the third......there was no more feeling.

This feeling signified one thing.......his left leg was crippled.

Just a second ago, Lille was still brimming with complacency. A second later, he submerged into

treacherous despair!

Within a split second, Lille's heart sank. A tremendous disappointment, dismay and

contradiction, he howled in anguish to the heavens!

A desperate howl identical to a wolf in captivity!

his howl met a spontaneous end, because the ferocious explosive might of Sheyan's fist had

rammed against him. The incessant 3 punches shattered his left thigh bone into fragments, and

then lifted him high up into the air. His heart and body filled with grime and dirt, blood

drenching him entirely.

All his patient acting, all for these 3 punches!

3 punches to cripple Lille and prevent him from fleeing!!! If Sheyan couldn't cripple him with

one strike, then an awakened reserve-duty agility Growth-hunter would prove impossible for

Sheyan to chase!

Finally, Sheyan slowly retracted his fist! Covered in cuts and bruises, blood was still flowing

from his chest wound and an arm was also severed. Yet his appearance was towering, like

craggy mountain filled with crevices; connecting heaven and earth, an unending meandering,

impossible to exceed.

Just solely observing would fill one with a stifling unsurmountable sensation!

Within those unwavering eyes of his, was a persevering desire to commit murder; Lille's

previous impression of him was utterly shattered!

’’You, bloody.........liar.’’ Lille's facial muscles twitched, his fingers digging desperately into the

tree bark; using it to support him up while panting heavily. Black spots and giddiness filled his

vision! That thunderous lightning punches not only crushed his left leg, it destroyed his


At this moment, Lille finally discovered that this strength had previously plunged by 4 points!

It was now 23 points. Yet because of that, Lille discovered a truly frightening fact. That was the

enemy's strength was least over 46 points!!

This fact crumbled his senses. Naturally, a contestant with a strength above 46 points, had over

a 90% chance of a sudden surprise boundary breakthrough!

This meant that Sheyan definitely still had another ace up his sleeves!! The ace of a boundary


’’This *****ing support class actually had a strength boundary breakthrough!!’’

’’My earlier complacency and conceitedness was a huge joke.’’

The dubious minute suspicious that he neglected finally surged a thousand folds back to him;

like a venomous serpent strangling his very soul. He watched on as Sheyan pressed in step by

step, then into the bloodshot eyes of his foe. An unhurried ridicule and sarcasm emerged from

Sheyan's mouth.

’’Come! Just another chop and I'll be in near death state.’’

’’Dammit! Dammit! Based on my deductions, his health should've already dropped to a near

death state!’’

Lille's pupils shrunk into needle size. After hearing Sheyan's words, he instead thought of his

opponent trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory; affirming that his foe was pulling a

false bravado! He wildly dragged his injured leg, limping forward as he thrusted his long blade

towards Sheyan.

2 seconds later, droplets of blood dripped from Sheyan's rigid forehead. A long sorrowful

laceration stretched from his forehead to the right of his lips! As for his expression, it was a

disturbing wry smile.

Blood camouflaged his face as Sheyan swung out his fist with full might; bluntly crashing it

against Lille's nose! 49 points of strength exploded forth, sending Lille flying from the impact!

At that instance, Lille ultimately lost hope. He could deeply admit two facts.

Firstly, this Seaman guy was definitely not pulling a false bravado.

Secondly, if he continued in his obstinance, the one dead would be himself!! The threat of

crushing damages was simply too petrifying!

He had never expected a person could be that tenacious. He knew that he had already dealt a

perfectly glorious wave of assault. Right from the very first slash, Lille had already felt like he

had transformed into a blade of tsunami, and his foe was just a pathetic leaf who couldn't last

several seconds within his dreadful tsunami. Yet his enemy had came back from the depths of

defeat, and turned the tides in one move!

Lille utterly gave up. His ears still gripped with horror and fear, it was obviously the

encroaching Sheyan had inflicted grave pressure onto him. He finally crumbled under the

immense pressure, shrieking in horror as he turned to run. Although he was crippled in one leg,

Lille was definitely still an outstanding awakened reserve-duty Growth-hunter. His limping

speed was still a tad faster than Sheyan's speed!


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