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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 380


Chapter 380: Sorrowful sword blade

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If it was the first time Sheyan had witnessed this phantom afterimage, he definitely wouldn't

pay attention to it. Yet after personally witnessing the phantom peculiarly resisting two snipes

of Jin Ximin, he no longer dared to be careless when facing it. Taking a step back as his back

pasted onto the tree behind, a metallic shimmer glistened distinctively on his left hand as he

directly blocked out.

Of course in comparison to Jin Ximin, Sheyan who had plenty of close combat experience

definitely wouldn't get beheaded with one blade. Lille too didn't harbour such unrealistic


Clank!! An screech emerged. Sparks sprayed out from his knuckles as his white grade knucklers

released a gloomy cawing, while his body trembled violently. In this instant, he finally

understood the primary reason Jin Ximin had entered near death state instantly!

’’Determining.......your perceptive sense exceeds your opponent by 10 points. You receive a

detailed combat log.’’

’’Factoring basic close combat.’’

’’Factoring explosive strike suppression.’’

’’Your resistive block is successful, opponent's damage reduced by 15%.’’

’’Primary damage received is 120 points + 42 (Negates defence, +7 weapon property) points + 60

(Ability: 'Phantom Clone') points’’

’’Your defence is 22.5 points, damage reduction: 47%.’’

’’Actual damage received: 120 x (1-40%) x (1-47%) = 38 points + 42 (weapon property precedence)

points + 19 points!

’’Your innate ability: 'Endurance' is effective!’’

’’Total resultant damage received: 13 + 17 + 1 = 31 points.’’

Watching the blade hacking ferociously against him along with the '13 + 17 + 1' statistics from

the nightmare imprint, Sheyan hatefully gnashed his teeth and muttered the word 'pervert' in

his heart.

Naturally, that dark-blue grade weapon had a property that negated defence. Moreover, it was

on the same level as crushing damages that had authority precedence. Thus, it was completely

unaffected by the realm's 40% regulation!

Even more disgusting was that the phantom behind could dish out half of his every

attack.......this Lille had chosen a +15 strength for his secondary attribute, he probably had even

inflicted crushing damages onto Jin Ximin! No wonder, Lille had abandoned his twin-daggers

for this incomparably tyrannical longblade!

With one swipe of the blade, it delivered 4* different damages! One still had to consider the

agile nature of Lille and his oppressive attack frequency, and the explosive strike rate involved!

Jin Ximin was definitely not like Sheyan who could suppress the enemy's explosive strike rate

by 10%! Hence to him, if a single explosive strike resulted from the 4 damages, near death state

was inevitable!

(TN:*4 due to addition of crushing damages as well, which didn't surface on Sheyan)

From another perspective; though Jin Ximin enjoyed the bonus 100 HP from the silver party

skill 'Asylum', Makaji's flesh vines already had a cursing ability that binded any victimized

contestant's maximum HP to 15%. Therefore, his death was definitely justified, but filled with

immense grievance.

Strictly speaking, even Reef would have a hard time facing this longblade, primarily because of

that deadly +7 negate defense property. Now the formidability of Sheyan's innate ability

'Endurance' was exceedingly clear. Though he hadn't awakened it, it was like a secret

lightscreen preserving his life. 25 definite damage reduction didn't seem high, but based on its

superior precedence; amidst conflicts between contestants, it had become his absolute


’’Fortunately Reef warned me previously. A reserve-duty Growth-hunter's base attribute boost

are only temporary. Only by becoming an official Growth-Hunter can one receive the additional

ability reward of reaching 20 points of one's pure attribute. If not, this battle would be

increasingly hard.’’

(TN: This part is referring to Lille choosing strength as his secondary attribute, causing his pure

strength to surpass 20 points. However, that will not provide the bonus ability when an

attribute reaches the 20 pure attribute points mark.)

Sheyan's heart schemed as he observed the movements of the enemy. Lille raised his blade and


’’Do you think by relying on your equipment's resistance, you can block me? Let me tell you,

even if you're wearing a tortoise shell made of iron, I will forcefully smash it apart!’’

As he spoke, Lille waved his blade and surged forward; its ocean-blue glow elegantly showering

forth like the rain. Wherever it struck, a thousand miles would be affected. The present Lille's

agility had broken through 50 points, and both his retreat and advance were shockingly abrupt;

a ghastly experience that of a monster. Sheyan tried to retaliate twice, but both were easily

dodged by Lille.

When Lille struck forth his blade with a third slash, as Sheyan finally managed to touch onto

Lille's movement patterns. Blood gushed out from receiving another bluish ray, yet this time,

his clenched fist, brimming with accumulated force, finally slammed heavily against Lille's


Lille's assault was halted by this one fist, as he was slammed 3-4 metres away. But after

receiving this punch, he raised his head as his eyes emitted a painful yet conceited smirk. He

then laughed crazily.

’’Let me see, 23 actual damage! Are you unaccustomed to not delivering crushing damages when

you punch others? Trying to crush me? I have 27 points of strength now, only if you are an

awakened reserve-duty strength-hunter! But if you were a ****king awakened strengthhunter,

would you have watched on as your own party member died?’’

,Lille's theory hosted a misunderstanding. He had always been viewing Jin Ximin as one of

Sheyan's confidantes. This was because of the previous defensive battle at the shuttle. Sheyan

and Reef had rescued Jin Ximin several times, and this was observed accurately by Uzel and


Sheyan's face was sullen, and remained silent to Lille's provocation while committing his full

focus onto resisting and blocking. In time, he managed to dodge Lille's blade twice

consecutively, and even managed to release two punches! Lille no longer dared to be too

arrogant, and he immediately gave his wholehearted attention into battling.

As both parties became gradually accustomed, every time Lille released three strikes, Sheyan

would manage to successfully land one punch! Instead, Lille could sense the opponent's breath

becoming heavier, and his actions turning sluggish. Hence, he pressed on bitterly.

Roughly a kilometre faraway, Reef and Mogensha were naturally concerned about the battle

progress. One had to acknowledge that official Growth-Hunter Makaji's might; even though he

had died, that flesh vines still wrapped unwaveringly around Mogensha, weakening him to the

utmost limits. He could not rely on his own strength to struggle out. After that fog had

alleviated from the area, Jin Ximin had suddenly vanished. It was obvious that fella had

produced some sort of deception, tricking Reef and preventing him from alerting Sheyan.

As long distance party communications required a fee of utility points, after Sheyan had

affirmed that Reef and Mogensha were unharmed, he switched it off. Although the two

members who had temporarily lost their combat prowess couldn't survey the battle scene, they

could still view the shared information of the party; allowing them to observe Sheyan's health


As the battle sunk into a stalemate, suddenly! Sheyan's original leftover of 300 HP suddenly

inflated to full!

Such a strange scene instantly caused Reef to gasp in shock. He couldn't help exclaiming.

’’What the hell is happening?’’

Mogensha widened his fat lips, finally forcing out a sound.

’’This can only mean one thing. Seaman had utilized that honorary medicine 'Max-protein

injection gun dosage' !!’’

Reef responded in disbelief.

’’But........but his health was obviously still 300 points!’’

Brother black Mogensha similarly widened his fat lips in astonishment and confusion.

’’Don't tell me it was an accidental usage?’’

Reef sunk his head down in deep thought.

’’Definitely impossible! Using a medicine stored inside the nightmare imprint just requires a

thought, how could he make such a foolish mistake! Unless...........’’


Witnessing the radiating flickers of brilliance on Sheyan's body, Lille's expression turned

solemn. Sheyan then stormed in, glowing with health and vigor as he sacrificed his own body to

pressure Lille! Lille appeared to be in straitened circumstances, still, he repeatedly left lines of

wounds onto Sheyan.

After a flurry of movements, Sheyan had exposed his vital chest and allowed Lille to gash at him

twice; however, this move had ingeniously forced Lille into a dead end between a narrow

structure of a tree. He then pulled out 'Ambition', aiming it and fired! Then, he roared out with

bloodlusted eyes.

’’Go and die!’’

Yet all of a sudden, Lille drove forward instead!

Gritting his teeth as he forcibly received the bullet,

The lead bullet caused blood to erupt from his face, yet it astonishingly didn't weaken his

current state. Instead, his hoisted longblade pervaded through the smoke,

A long blade impaling into Sheyan's chest!

Penetrating deep into his chest, its unstoppable might sliced against the vegetation behind

Sheyan. Instantly, an explosion of gruesome blood and flesh followed.

A vital strike!

Explosive strike!

Disintegrated leaves blended with warm blood pelted through the skies, and the air reeked of an

intensified blood stench!

Sheyan grunted and hastily retreated after understanding he had been duped!

However, this vital impalation, this fanatical onslaught had already dealt a fatal strike!

Similarly, Lille's body flickered with the radiating brilliance of a honorary medicine 'Maxprotein

injection gun dosage'. No wonder he didn't fall to the gunshot. Lille's lips curled into a

sinister sneer.

’’Not only you possess the trump of an honorary medicine! Fool!’’

In a flash, Lille drew back his long blade. Holding onto the warm and steadfast snake-skin

bounded blade shaft, as he smirked over the sharp blade dyed with the blood of his opponent.

Today! Its pointed blade once again claimed the soul of another foe.

That sorrowful ocean-blue glow radiated. With his overwhelming superiority of triumph, Lille

heaved forward with his long blade. Sheyan staggered backwards with blood gushing wildly, his

current horrified and stupefied expression propelling the complacency of the ignorant Lille.


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