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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 379


Chapter 379: Lille's trump card

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Uzel had died, it was almost impossible for Lille to try and mount a sneak attack against

Sheyan. Hence, Sheyan still had confidence in switching out to his 'Alcohol Master' title before

Lille resurfaced. Besides, that additional explosive strike rate boost was tremendously useful.

Time drained by swiftly.......the sunset had extinguished into the misty abyss; a layer of ember

red still dyed the funnel like clouds in the sky. The other half of the sky floated with an ashen

color, seemingly brewing in a berserking force!

Naturally, a thunderstorm was about to descend. Sheyan breathed heavily. Even with his

filtering oxygen mask, he could still sense that wild electrical discharge throbbing within the

air. The fresh air travelled through his nasal cavity, into his blood; his mind rousing itself.

At this very moment, a person strolled out excruciatingly slowly from the left of the forest.

A male with his head buried down, his hands seemingly hauling something. Though his eyes

could not be seen, his aura seemed to be on full display.

On the nightmare imprint of this male, was radiating a crimson glow. That glow enshrouded

his entire body, speckles of it assimilating into his body. Wherever he walked, the grass

withered and the earth split!

The awakened Lille trudged slowly towards Sheyan. When he finally closed the gap to 30

metres, his body blurred as he gusted like the wind towards a west tree, a hundred metres away.

Even in that burst of speed, he still maintained his hauling grip over that object; his velocity

was so remarkable, his body dragged along a long afterimage. In the next second, a distinctly

clear sniping gunfire sonorously resounded!

Sheyan's pupils contracted in. This gunfire was so familiar, it was shockingly the sniping

gunfire of Jin Ximin! It was unknown when this fella had crept in here. Unfortunately, he had

been discovered by Lille!

If that Korean had harbored kind intentions, then he undoubtedly should've notified Sheyan

through the party channel first. Yet his silence was definitely thought provoking, naturally

trying to be a third party who gains from disagreeing neighbors*, and reap benefits!

(TN: *trying to subdue both after they fought)

No matter who was the final victor, he certainly wouldn't be in a perfectly unharmed optimal

state. No doubt, there was the best opportunity to deliver a devastating lone sniping shot! As for

the binding restrictions of the party........currently Jin Ximin definitely hadn't left the party; but

since that Makaji previously had a method to instantly leave the party, why wouldn't someone

else possess a similar technique?

Instead, it was Reef and Mogensha that Sheyan was worried about. He instantly paid to incite a

long distance transmission.

’’Oi, Reef. How are you guys doing?’’

Reef coughed and replied.

’’We are good. AK seems to be fine, that Korean has no reaction but he is probably in an

unconscious state. That damned flesh vines seem to have a temporary HP binding effect. But

for some weird reason, a sudden dense fog decided to form around here, I'm completely unable

of seeing them. Shit man, why is the HP regeneration rate so low in near death state? Seaman

are you fine? If you aren't, try and hold on. I'll head over in a jiffy.’’

Listening to the comforting news of their conditions, Sheyan sighed in relief. Then he laughed

and responded.

’’If nobody provides emergency treatment, to recover from near death state would require at

least 40 minutes! The dust would've settled by then, therefore, just patiently wait for my good



Jin Ximin was currently incredibly vexed. His fingernails were pinching deeply into the fleshy

tree bark. The luscious moss emitting a peculiar damp odour, while a squashed fiery red beetle

was presently quivering.

’’I just squashed a stupid red beetle! He actually discovered my flawless camouflage disguise?’’

Jin Ximin muttered to himself in disbelief.

’’Curse it! If I knew it'd be like this, then why did I even utilized my one-off usage 'A' grade item

to wrestle out from those flesh vines!’’

Of course, just a slight flutter of disturbance had actually been revealed to Lille, this could only

be described by the terrifying might of an awakened reserve-duty Growth-hunter.

’’So what if he's awakened?’’ Jin Ximin gritted his teeth in defiance. ’’Even the death god would

tremble against my gun!’’

He immediately pressed his trigger!

Boom! Gunfire resounded, the muffled rumbling echoed through the aisle of the forest,

startling several birds on the way. Carrying immense kinetic energy, the bullet swerved in with

unbelievable speed! Yet strangely, the speedily rushing Lille seemed to have amplified his speed

as well! If not for that gorgeous melancholy string of crimson blood trailing his body, one

would mistake his charging image to be an illusion.

’’He actually.......forced through?’’ In that instance, Jin Ximin's eyes turned sluggish, a

tremendous danger welled up in his heart as he breathed in deeply; aiming once again! Then he

fired! This time, he pressed down so hard, that even his fingers turned white!

Green tinted gems condensed at the sniper rifle's muzzle; this sensation felt like it was even

pulling in the surrounding air! Immediately after, a deep-green repentant ray propelled out

with unfathomable velocity; its trajectory spiralling like a helix, directly piercing into Lille's


But at that moment, something strange happened. Lille's body continued charging forward, but

a shocking phantom appeared behind him; exactly identical to his body! In his place, the

phantom was struck so disastrously that it flew back 5-6 metres, with its body ablaze with

deep-green flames as it crashed to the ground like a meteor before rolling. The raging deepgreen

flames even stretched towards the nearby trees and combusted them.

Within a split second, Lille had arrived in front of Jin Ximin! Jin Ximin definitely wouldn't

resign himself to extinction; berserkly yelling out as he pulled out a dagger and struck froward.

At present, Lille's hands were still empty; but after he turned around, his entire self was now

stationed behind Jin Ximin's back!

In that moment, Jin Ximin was stunned to discover for some unknown reason, his body could

no longer move! An icy-cold chill was sent down his spine. Lille shouted loudly as he spun

round, another phantom followed him behind as it shockingly mirrored his actions. Then a vast

stretch of ocean-blue rays swept in as though engulfing heaven and earth, ruthlessly slicing

across Jin Ximin's neck!

Time seemed to have slowed down, the dagger in Jin Ximin's hands clinking against the

ground. He was now clutching his neck, his throat releasing gurgling chokes. An agonizing

expression synthesizing with his disbelief gaze. Any onlooker would feel great sympathy

towards such a gruesome sight. Then he crumbled to the ground, sinking into near death state!

It was actually a one-blade-KO!

Blood poured out profusely from his carotid artery, like a tragic vapor fountain; dying the suave

Lille in dark red. The light in Jin Ximin's eyes gradually dimmed, as he convulsed helplessly.

Lille, stepped forward, as he lightly jabbed, mercilessly claiming the life from the horrified and

unwilling Jin Ximin!

As a sniper, he definitely partnered perceptive sense and intelligence, while his agility had also

reached 40 points. His former reaction couldn't be considered slow; even in close proximity, he

immediately reacted to guard his neck from that sorrowful blade ray. Yet that domineering

slash still kissed his neck. Such a blade of ferocity, it was as though two blade rays had

coagulated together, it even exhibited a gracefulness that of falling leaves!

’’You must've been shocked right? I actually forsakened my twin-daggers! And changed to such

a long blade?’’ The blood drenched Lille arrogantly exclaimed to Sheyan. He actually

unequipped the rare silver storyline grade daggers after awakening, and in its place was a darkblue

long blade.

Although the luster of his long blade was dark blue, it gave one an unfathomable feeling of the

deep ocean abyss. Not a single drop of blood could stain it. Yet more frightening was that dark

blue rays congealed over the long blade without dispersing, loose glows scarcely escaping it and

wafted into the air. This shocking long blade had been enhanced to a +7 upgrade!

With Jin Ximin's death, a notification was transmitted to the party. Sheyan instead remained

calmed, staring at the long blade in Lille's grip and gently replied.

’’When you fought me repeatedly just now, you must've discovered my defensive abilities are

relatively valiant against high speed high frequency attacks. Thus, I originally thought after

you awakened, you would try utilizing a long range weapon to complement your superior speed

and that 'Frost Boomerang' to suppress me. I never expected you'd actually use a dual-handed the case, your primary attribute is without a doubt agility after you awakened;

and the second attribute you chose is definitely strength, +15 strength!’’

Lille's figure blurred, he deeply inhaled as he hauled his long blade and dashed towards Sheyan.

That astounding phantom continued tailing smugly behind him, before chopping down

towards Sheyan's head!


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