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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 377


Chapter 377: Abrupt revolt

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Although Sheyan exhibited an agonizing display, but oftentime, eyes would deceive others. In actual fact, the real battle statistics were as such:

’’Determining......your perceptive sense has exceeded the enemy by 10 points, you can deal a perception suppress to the enemy;receiving a detailed battle log, while the enemy will only receive the most basic battle information.’’

’’Factoring basic close combat.’’

’’Factoring explosive strike rate suppression.’’

’’This attack dealt a primary damage of 50 points + 8 points of flame damages (Weapon ability) (Ability damage reduction: 50%)’’

’’Your defence is 22.5 points, damage reduction: 47%.’’

’’Actual damage dealt by enemy is 50 x (1 - 40%) x (1 - 47%) = 15 points of damage + 5 points of flame damages (Weapon ability takes precedence).’’

(TN: first 40% is realm regulation, next 47% is his defence)

’’Your innate ability: 'Endurance' activated!’’

’’Enemy's actual damage dealt is 1 + 5 = 6 points.’’



’’Total actual cumulative damages received from enemy's 'Scalding fleshdance' is 71 points.’’

While he was submerged in his elation of his opponent's pathetic state, Lille hadn't noticed. While he was wantonly slashing away at Sheyan in his anger, the armour Sheyan was wearing had flickered with a dim bluish current, jolting through like an electric spark.

An uncanny roar that had suddenly resounded in the air had also been masked by Sheyan's incessant wailing. Closely following, currents of electric blue flickered on Sheyan's fist.

Meanwhile, there was another thing that Lille hadn't noticed. Sheyan's eyes that were currently covered by his arms were shockingly combusting, his gaze was identical to a predatory lion laying ambush;warm breaths of hunger and thirst, a rapacious coveting of the enemy's flesh, and even his soul!

’’Your weakness, lies in the illusion dimension's radius of effect!’’

After forcibly tanking through Lille's ability, Sheyan turned then dashed forward another few steps as he utterly exposed his back to Lille, and lifted his head. But at this moment, Uzel had finally closed up the gap to Sheyan within 40 metres!

He suddenly caught a glimpse of Sheyan's maliciously blazing expression. Even though there was such a wide gap between them, it felt like a huge rough hand was choking Uzel's neck. Even breathing was difficult!

Uzel's heart suddenly tightened, his mind raced, ’’How is that the expression one that of a coward trying to flee?’’

In this instant, it felt like a frightening tyrant was on the verge of unleashing utter annihilation

It felt like that tyrant would snarl out and brandish his scepter, pronouncing judgement over a towering scaffold. In that instance, the raw terror caused Uzel to halt his steps;activating his 'Illusion dimension' ability to conceal himself, as though this would provide a sense of security.

Yet concurrently, Sheyan released a thunderous roar, like a stampeding of a giant beast. He raised his left hand. A demonic sepia ring glowed atop his middle finger, as though trying to encroach into the depths of Uzel's soul. Then, with unbelievably astonishing speed, he surged towards the Uzel that was 35 metres away!

In that instance, it felt like Sheyan had transformed into a wild ox, fanatically charging in. Rocks, grass and branches rolled in a pile of dust behind his legs. Lille was still in the midst of his wild hasty chase, but could now only gaze at the ocean and lament one's inadequacy.

His reaction wasn't slow at all, he had managed to toss out that 'Frost Boomerang', but it only dealt damage to Sheyan. The layer of snowflakes shattered instantly, like it was nothing.

Right then previously, Sheyan had already activated the ability of his 'Barbaric-demon pupil' - Horn rage!

Within a distance of 8-35 metres, breaking into a fanatical charge towards the targeted enemy;causing a 3 second stun effect, but with no damage dealt. During the charging process, movement speed will be deemed as the extreme limit of the world's difficulty, and will not be impeded by any negative movement debuffs.

Just within a worthless 1 second, Sheyan that had been 35 metres away had charged to Uzel's frontyard. Of course, he also entered Uzel's 'Illusion dimension'. In that moment, where Uzel had stopped, was now a tree in its place. Yet Sheyan had chosen to shut his eyes! Right now, he only trusted his fists, and his memory from before!

At present, Sheyan's strength was 44 points.

(TN: he hasn't activated the ability of his necklace, to format 5 points of strength)

Uzel needed at least 23 points of strength (Or 20 points of pure strength) to prevent any crushing damages. But to Uzel who obviously specialized in intelligence and spirit, the probability of that happening, was the same as the author receiving a 27 month bonus from his boss. (ED: I think the author is trying to say something here)

Even though 'Horn rage' description was that its user would similarly suffer a 1-6 seconds stun, Sheyan's strength had reached 44 points. Obviously, he only suffered a second of stun. Moreover with his 22.5 defence, he even reduced the stunning duration by another half. Hence, after 0.5 seconds of stun, Sheyan brandished his iron fist at this 'tree' he crashed into! Don't even mention the Lille who was still frantically sprinting in a dozen metre away, even if he did arrive, there was simply no way of stopping Sheyan's action!

’’Just die!’’

Sheyan drooped his head, as he regurgitated the two words in a calm manner.

Simultaneously, his fist surged forward with indescribable speed! Retracting, and striking! Retracting again, and striking!

Sheyan's first fist had a distinct enhancement in speed.

His second fist carried an afterimage.

When his third fist struck out, it was invisible like a mist;like a gust of wind!

'Barbarous Crust armour' effect! 'Zergling-rush' activated.

(This passive ability has a cooldown of 30 seconds. After unleashing it, 30 seconds must lapse before the ability can be triggered)

The next 3 ordinary strikes would receive an attack speed boost of 100%/200%/300%!!! Every strike would have its damage reduced by 50%.

Sheyan's 'Zergling-rush' had been triggered by Lille, but now he was utilizing it against Uzel!

When his first fist crashed in, Uzel was still under the 3 seconds stun. Yet the attack seemed to have failed, a shocking thin faint blue cover appeared, wrapping him up like an egg.

This was one of the basic attribute bonus when a magic based contestant reached a pure intelligence of 20 points. The 2 choose 1 bonus - 'MP-guard'.

This guard could absorb 50% of incoming damage and transfer it as damage to his MP instead. His primary damage absorption is 1 point of damage for every 4 points of MP. However, the 'MP-guard' could be upgraded. An average magic based contestant would upgrade it to a 2:1 MP to HP ratio.

Uzel had already awakened his boundary;yet his previous prolonged battling had consumed a substantial amount of MP to a deficit state. At present, his MP was mostly relying on MP regeneration. If not for his outstanding equipment, his 'Illusion dimension' would've already drained him dry. Since that was the case, his MP regeneration was only barely sustaining his consumption rate.

Under such circumstance, Sheyan's first punch came crashing in. It very bluntly shattered that thin faint blue 'MP-guard', disintegrating into the air like soap bubbles!

When his second fist arrived, it heavily crashed into Uzel's abdomen and actually sank into his flesh! That was tremendous might of his strength. Just from Sheyan's fist can one clearly sense, even if there was a thick abdominal wall, the opponent's innards would still be squeezed into a miserable state.

When his third fist arrived, Uzel had awoke. Yet with the terrifying attack speed of 106 (32 x 3) agility, even an agile contestant like Lille would acknowledge it;much less to say a magic type contestant.

This fist crackled in with a thunderous momentum. Boom! It struck upwards against Uzel's chin. An uppercut striking Uzel up.

In that instance, Uzel's chin fractured into 17-18 disorderly fragments. That searing pain resulted in his vision blackening, even a cry was impossible.

’’NO!!’’ Lille howled behind Sheyan.

His twin-daggers forcefully stabbed into Sheyan's back. From a faraway distance, one would view Lille as a faint mirage thrusting in hastily, his silver daggers piercing forward like ivory fangs.

Silver scorching radiance,

Impaling straight into the enduring back skin, dicing through the dark-yellow fat, as it severed the bloody maroon flesh. Crimson blood gushed out, and was sprinkled away by a speedy dagger blade. Its horrific scene shocking the eyes and astonishing the heart.

Sheyan groaned. Lille's attack this time had probably activated a defence negate probability. A deep profound puncture formed on his body, and it had been penetrated through. The tip of the daggers were sticking out from his abdomen!

Instead, Sheyan reacted in only one manner. He deeply inhaled, as he tightened his stomach muscles to clamp down on Lille's daggers. Then he raised his arm, his fish clenching tightly;as crude as a gigantic pneumatic drill. He aimed at Uzel who had been struck high up the air, as he heavily hammered in!

This one ferocious attack, sent Uzel flying for a full 5-6 metres;but also dragged him into a desperate critically wounded state!! Uzel landed onto the ground, paralyzed.


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