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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 375


Chapter 375: Sheyan's counterattack

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Covert party skill: 'Life-link' activated!

Lille's attacks weren't considered high to them and after another 50% weakening, coupled with having its remaining damage transferred to Sheyan, and finally considering Sheyan's defence, it undoubtedly equated to 1 damage, definitely nothing much........

(TN skill recap: Any member once entering near death critical juncture, will engage 'Boulder State';having their movement speed decline by 50%, unable to attack nor use any items. Any damage dealt will be forcibly reduce by 50%! Then the other 50% of damage will be transferred to another member who is life-linked.)

’’'division divine-art', Uzel, use your 'division divine-art' !!’’ Lille crazily roared out.

Uzel's frustrated voice instantly replied.

’’Dammit, you moron! To maintain this illusion I have to persistently consume MP, I even have to maintain that powerful neuro-interference state (That blurry vision, headache state that Sheyan is in) that requires manifold consumption of MP. That 'Eye-of-Thor' I previously hurled at Makaji exhausted a terrifying amount of you think I can cast another 'division divine-art' ?’’

’’Look carefully, when you attack Reef, that same silver glow flashes out from that Seaman. This must obviously be a 'Life-link' ability. Reef is obviously incapable of combat anymore, you just need to follow our original plan and deal with that guy. Stop your thoughtless gibberish to me. Last warning, because you dragged too long with Reef, even my resupplied MP from the honorary medicine is almost wasted. That powerful neuro-interference state can only persist for another minute.’’

Lille suddenly stood up, his gaze turning stern.

’’Who are you calling a moron.’’

Uzel retorted without hesitation.

’’I'm calling you, a fool a moronic fool, you, you are the moron! Right, hand over Makaji's ruby card to me, if not I will stuff your brains into your ass all the way back up your eyes.’’

Lille was like a cat that had its tail trampled on, he fanatically bellowed in refute.

’’In your dreams!’’

Uzel earnestly replied.

’’If you don't hand it over, I'll tell Zeus.’’

Lille's face sank.

’’Without you, I can still finish off Seaman.’’

Uzel scoffed coldly without the slightest fear.

’’Without me, you are just a piece of trash, listen carefully, a piece of trash!’’

Lille's figure suddenly vanished, reappearing back behind Uzel on a faraway tree. With one thrust, he struck towards Uzel's throat! Silver flashed out, but that dagger halted right in front of Uzel's throat. The both then simultaneously glance towards Sheyan and Reef, a gaze identical to a cat catching a mouse. They burst into a fit of hysterical laughter.

’’Just look at their lamentable looks of anticipation! They really think we are internal strifling idiots!’’

’’Oh woah, my acting is really high level, the ceiling at Broadway would've definitely crumbled from my resounding applause.’’

’’With our optimum partnership, why would we turn on each other over a stupid card? Hahahaha. Brother, take it.’’

No hurries, you hold it first.’’

’’Eh, those two are rather dull. That woman from our previous encounter directly had a nervous breakdown, I still remember her pouring tears as she handed everything over.’’



’’Ok, no more jokes, let's finish them.’’ Uzel suddenly turned solemn. ’’My MP is really running out.’’

Lille displayed a victory 'V' gesture.

’’Brother, just relax. I've been observing for long. That guy treads on a perceptive sense + Intelligence + Strength supporting path. I reckon he has outstanding equipment to prolong his life and defence. But weapon wise.......hahah, that knucklers and shotgun is a white grade joke, his poverty is as loud as ringing bells. But his awareness is pretty excellent, at times he relies on his judgment to evade enemies. Slaying him......would just require 10 seconds!’’

’’10 seconds........’’ Even under the influence of the neuro-interference and a splitting headache, Sheyan couldn't help twitching his lips. Looking ahead, Lille had already started sprinting towards him. He shut his eyes, allowing the tranquil darkness to guide his senses.

Observing Sheyan's behavior, Uzel's expression changed this moment, Sheyan was peacefully standing still with his clenched fist. His eyes shut, amidst the splitting headache, he could feel an impending danger approaching.......incoming from beneath my left foot?!?

’’How can Lille submerge underground and attack me?’’ This question blazed through Sheyan's mind. Instead, he followed his perceptive senses without hesitation;retracting his left foot as he retreated half a step. Lille's sudden attack instantly landed on emptiness!

However, if Sheyan had opened his eyes, Lille's movement was clearly aiming for his right arm. Sheyan's just retracted back his left foot, before a series of optical feedbacks displayed that it was his right arm that shrank back an inch!

’’I got it! Under this powerful neuro-interference state, that Uzel can not only conjure up illusions, but also mislead the brain sensors within a short span. For example, my brain mistook my right arm as my left foot! If I had hesitated, i would've been stabbed......a reserve-duty Growth-hunter, is actually powerful to this extent?’’

’’Dammit!’’ The illusion master Uzel cursed in his heart. The enemies he hated the most were contestants on the same path of intelligence and spirit. To them, illusions were easy to see through. Next, he didn't like facing off with high perceptive sensing enemies, their perceptive sense supplied warning to directly bypass the trickery of his illusions.

Following that, Lille consecutively struck out 3 times, but were all blocked or evaded by Sheyan without an must understand, with the enhancement of his gene-mix, Sheyan's agility had soared to 32 points. Moreover, he had the warning of his perceptive sense. Besides, Lille hadn't entered his awakened Growth-hunter state, it was obviously he couldn't suppress Sheyan totally with his speed.

But at this moment, Uzel snorted scornfully. Pointing menacingly towards Sheyan, as lightning curled up on his fingertips instantly;then, an indescribably glaring lightning zapped towards Sheyan. Like a whip, it bolted towards Sheyan.

Sheyan had just sensed an immense threat, but the lightning had reached his front;even blocking was impossible! Seizing this golden opportunity, Lille pounced forward like a leopard;twin silver daggers hovering through the sky, circling and finally forming his 'Inferno 十 punishment', before exploding forth at Sheyan!

Sheyan crashed heavily to the ground, rolling several times before his back slammed against a tree, halting his inertia. He panted heavily as he felt his chest churning and a fishy taste in his mouth, unsure if it was the taste of blood or just soil. At this point, the scenery was skippy and distorted in his vision, but laced with a layer of faint blood red;a sign that the vessels of his retina had ruptured.

At this instant, that splitting headache and blurry effects pulsated in reluctance, and finally disappeared thoroughly. Sheyan could now view a magnificently clear scenery;immediately understanding the Uzel had probably exhausted his MP, and could no longer support that horrific neuro-interference state. That boundary breakthrough Uzel wouldn't be able to conjure up that state again within a short duration.

Sheyan quickly affirmed his current state. Although he had suffered the full on assault of the enemies, but......but his mighty 800 HP was still left with a full 533 HP.

Most importantly, that gravest threat of the reserve-duty Growth-hunter Uzel wouldn't pose a threat for a while. A dried out MP to a support magician contestant was akin to a gun without bullets, a tiger without claws. Although he still had that lethal pistol, while it could pose a definite threat to Mogensha or Jin Ximin;to Sheyan, that wasn't a very big problem.

Wiping away the blood smearing his lips, Sheyan slowly stood up. The Lille ahead stretched both hands out, his silver daggers dancing amidst his fingers, exposing a cold glint identical to a beast's ivory fangs. From behind him, an identical Lille stepped out, coldly gazing at Sheyan. This strange happening persisted 5 times, 5 identical Lille with his savage daggers stood motionlessly as they stared deathly into Sheyan.

’’Oh, seems like Uzel's illusion conjuring ability is still in effect.’’

’’Although I can try dealing with Lille relying on my perceptive sense, but 5 illusions can definitely obscure my pursuing vision.’’

’’Since that's the case....hmph hmph. Though this partnership appears flawless, its greatest loophole is its inability to deal with high spirit or intelligence contestant right? If those two commanding women Zi and the Metals Professor were here, breaking through the illusions would be simple.’’

’’I see 5 illusions that are imitated to perfection. But in those women eyes, it would probably be 1 Lille dragging along 4 strips of junk.’’

’’But this isn't important. Although my spirit and intelligence are garbage, but since the battle started, oh, wrong. Accurately speaking, 5 minutes after the battle begun, your second slippery loophole had already been laid bare in my eyes......’’


’’Big boss Reef, Golden AK! Don't worry, I'll definitely not give up, I'll definitely rescue you guys!’’

Sheyan suddenly bellowed out in a furious righteousness;his tone carrying an honest intonation and unswerving determination. Just hearing it would cause one to brim with tears of excitement, and burn with determined anger. Even after Lille and Uzel had heard it, they couldn't help feeling his loyalty scaling to the clouds;that even in death, he wouldn't abandon his comrades.


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