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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 374


Chapter 374: Ruby Card

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Under this oppression, Sheyan felt a sudden impulse to shoot and stun Uzel, but he immediately suppressed himself;continuing to observe silently.

That ball of lightning enlarged rapidly, as Uzel ferociously casted it towards Makaji........KABOOM! A thunderous explosion! Jolts of lightning danced out, as it merged into a dull golden lightning web that broadened up wildly;continuing to inflict sustaining damages.

Reef originally gritted his teeth and wanted to rush to aid, but under the state of mental torture, he could only crawl and roll;progressing with great difficulty!

Meanwhile, Lille had already charged within 5-6 metres of Makaji's rear, before he directly half-knelt and drilled his dagger deep into the ground. Makaji groaned in anguish, as clear bloodstains dripped from Lille's retracted dagger. Immediately, 5-6 thick roots erupted from the area he had stabbed, and viciously flogged towards Lille's body. Yet undoubtedly, those roots struck an illusion.

Yet within a short 2-3 seconds, Lille once again appeared behind the the hybrid vines-flesh Makaji. His dagger was now enshrouded in an unfathomable inferno, as he directly lacerated through Makaji's hands, elbows, shoulders, knees and various joints. Then, he leapt high up with his hands criss-crossed into an immense blazing '十' character;like a voracious vulture, he dove in, directly penetrating through Makaji's body.

Inferno '十' punishment!

A split second later, a chain of incomparably intense explosions ensued, with dense fumes and flames assailing their noses. As Makaji cried in despair, the soil beneath his legs was a scattered mess, and his arms and legs combusted upon being amputated;causing him to lose balance and crumble to the ground. Lille was already peacefully crouching by his side, a glittering cold silver dagger sweeping forth horizontally;waiting for Makaji's neck to voluntarily find its fatal blade, then he mercilessly slashed.......

’’Curse it.......if only my strongest child wasn't killed.......’’

Those were Makaji's final words before he was beheaded, and that was his........dying words of regret.

A ruby like agate translucent card dropped from his body, attracting everyone's attention. Lille instantly broke out in a crazed laughter.

’’HAHAHAHAHAHA, it is actually is a minute chance drop of a Growth-Hunter's ruby card. Thank the heavens, this is my lucky day. First I discovered a Great Leonopteryx's skull, then I obtained such an unprecedented true treasure!’’

Suddenly, Uzel's noticeably exhausted voice projection rung out, brimming with dissatisfaction.

’’Lille, I must correct your words. This is OUR treasure, our fortune!! If not, I wouldn't mind exposing today's matters to Zeus!’’

Lille laughed dryly.

’’Oh, my dear partner, please forgive my mistake. We've always been like one body right?’’

Uzel's coarse voice rung out.

’’Cut the crap, hurry up and exterminate Rr.....Reef! Golden AK and that korean are constricted by those flesh vines. That revolving withering plant no longer poses any danger to us, but my MP cannot sustain this powerful neuro-interference state for long. This damned realm, why don't they ever let me randomly draw the X-men world? If not, my ability would've been able to advance to its final perfection!’’

Following that, Sheyan watched on as the fuzzy and distorted image of Reef struggled in lone combat! He very much wanted to roll and climb to assist Reef, but that battle was fought over 20 metres away. Instead, Sheyan felt like his every step was one inch, seemingly back to where he was before!

He gradually understood;it wasn't that Reef was too far away, it was due to this powerful neuro-interference state. The enemy had perfectly utilized intensified hallucinations to confuse him. Although he appeared to be climbing forward, in actual fact he could very possibly be just detouring in a circle! This profundity could be described as a ghost trying to hit the wall, it was completely impossible.

However, no matter Lille nor Uzel, they both had to admit Reef's outrageousness had exceeded their imaginations! Lille's attacks were already rather deadly;wielding twin-daggers, his every physical strike would've reached at least a primary 100 points of damage.

For a dual weapon agility contestant, this wasn't a fixed figure. One must understand, his every successful physical strike was equivalent to a x2 attack.......his twin-daggers could naturally jab out two physical damages. If his two damages simultaneously triggered explosive strikes or special effects (Crushing damages etc), then such brute force was simply a defiance of natural order.

Yet everything has its flaws and strengths. Facing a high defence high health freak like Reef, Lille's 100 damage first went through a 40% realm regulation weakening;diminishing its damage to 60 points. Then his defence of over 30 points would factor in.....resulting in more than 50% of damage weakening! Counting in this manner, Lille's attack was at least weakened to roughly 30 damage.

Why was it at still had to consider Reef's ability 'Faith guard' - after using it, it could directly materialize a formidable mental screen;containing 100 HP, 10 defence and a duration of 300 seconds. After being destroyed, it would even restore 100 HP within 10 seconds.

Thus no matter how much Lille frenziedly assaulted, his harvest was minute against Reef, who was true to his name sake of being a tenacious reef. Yet one still had to consider both daggers were silver storyline grade, in addition to the influence of illusions. He frequently struck against Reef's back, rendering Reef's blocking utterly futile.

Of course as a reputable agility contestant, Lille definitely had a relatively high explosive strike rate. Yet Reef had his 'Muscleman' ability, stifling enemy's explosive strike rate by 10% ! In addition to his frequently triggered passive ability 'Rude', causing a 3 second speed slow, and finally his 'Shattering Cardiac Roar' that largely suppressed the enemy's speed. Therefore, it was extremely depressing to fight against him.

(TN: Recap of ability 'Rude' - a passive ability that once enemy is affected by this damage, will result in a negative buff of 50% movement/attack speed. Duration: 3 seconds.)

Hence, while Lille engaged Reef, he even had to retreat several times to heal with medicines or bandages.....yet with the illusory cover, Reef couldn't pinpoint his location and was unable to counter-attack. But for Reef, it was simply impossible for him to try utilizing medicines or bandages.

This repetitive chiseling went on for an entire 5 minutes! Lille, was finally able to completely drain Reef of his MP.......still, Reef had another move hidden in his sleeves after he exhausted his MP. Once he could no longer case 'Faith guard', he activated the party skill's 'Gloryheal'! Once again pulling his health back to 50%!

Under such circumstances, what could the Lille with a blank expression do? No choice, gritting his teeth, he pressed on. Reef continued contending against him, but.......but when Reef was finally struck into a near death state, a radiance flashed through his body. One look could tell he had utilized his honorary medicine 'Max-protein injection gun dosage'!!! Instantly, refuelling full HP and MP!!!

(TN recap: Honorary medicines can be bought directly from the realm but are very costly.)

In that instant, Lilles eyes darkened terribly, as though tears were about to fill his face. If not for the irreplaceable significance of that Great Leonoppteryx's skull, and if not for Uzel activating his cherished last awakening of his boundary breakthrough! If not for their opponents seeming like an arrow at the end of its flight! Then Lille really wished to halt his attacks.......he would rather disgracefully escape, then this current humiliating and painstaking efforts.

At present, it was with no doubt had Uzel himself had used that mystical honorary medicine 'Max-protein injection gun dosage', allowing his MP to restore fully. If not, with the insane extent of his illusions, consuming MP would be severely taxing as well;he would never be able to sustain till now.

Time swiftly sped by;after healing for the 'nth' time, Lille's expectant time finally revealed itself. His silver dagger carved into a blinding arc in the air, sweeping towards Reef's throat. Finally.......finally, he had managed to force this 'solid Reef' like reef into a critical state.

This man of steel, Reef......finally;the lightsaber in his hands decrepitly tumbled down. His knees heavily crashing onto the ground........the only time this happened previously, was amidst that thousand zergling sea. When the abandoned Reef had sunk into miserable acceptance of his wretched fate. That time, his heart was filled with despair!

Yet now, it was still filled with an unwavering superiority! To Lille's surprise, when he stared into the eyes of the opponent he had clearly just defeated, all he could see was a rich ridicule and taunting. At the same time, Reef couldn't help murmuring the words he kept in his heart.

’’Comrades are really amazing, Ace, amazing indeed!’’

Observing Reef's expression Lille's heart was wrenched in chiliness. Reef was definitely no fool. When his smile latched into Lille's eyes, Lille begin filling with........dreadfulness! Without hesitation, Lille hastily crisscrossed his daggers, stabbing down towards Reef's neck!!!

’’What the......why can't it stab in?’’ a sudden faint silver aureole shockingly covered Reef's neck. Fear and rage intertwined in his heart. In his disbelief, he consecutively stabbed four times;the aureole consecutively appeared like essence, totally and ingeniously negating Lille's attacks.


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