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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 373


Chapter 373: Powerful Makaji

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After his downward chop, the faintly glowing black dagger in Lille's left hand dissipated into the air like ashes. Such a nasty and vicious downward chop actually required the sacrifice of a precious black grade dagger! Yet through this, one could tell how deep a persona Makaji had been hiding. Even Lille who had gained the upperhand acted in restraining fear, not hesitating to sacrifice a precious black grade weapon in order to inflict a heavy strike.

With a severed limb, Makaji cried out in agony, rolling out immediately. Simultaneously, his chest also dazzled with crimson blood, naturally displaying his boundary breakthrough. As an agile close combatant, Lille definitely knew how to execute a total suppression;being like a shadow that follows the body*. In a flash, a brilliant silver dagger appeared in his left hand, as his leg movements remained unceasing. Like a shadow, he pursued in for the kill.

(TN:*Chinese idiom, It means following relentlessly.)

Struggling against the pain as he wrestled violently, Makaji lifted his head to stare at Lille;it was as though his blood dripping eyes had morphed into a knife as it pierced towards Lille. Makaji slapped his right palm against the floor. In a flash, the ground erupted with 3-4 immense and winding crevices. As dust pervaded the air, four abrupt giant whip like vines erupted forth and swept out. The vines were as thick as a lamp post, brown overlaced with maroon bloodstains. The tip of these vines had mouths with sawtooth sharpness. It repeatedly revolved and chomped about, releasing a terribly intimidating sight at first glance.

Yet Makaji's counter-attack counted for nought! The 4 giant vines swept through horizontally, as it blatantly collapsed thick trees and ferns, sending them flying and rolling dozens of metres away. It was like a real life hurricane tempest of violent winds and rainstorm. Yet when it struck against Lille, it only caused a ripple of undulations.


It was actually another illusion!

The combination of Uzel and Lille, was actually so frightening! In that instant, everyone could no longer tell from truth or false. Even illusions could transform into reality. Immediately, a sense of extreme danger filled their hearts.

At present, the glow of the setting sun was apparent, penetrating the leaves as it shone against everyone's faces. A roasting burning pain, stretching everyone's shadows to its limits. Even the shadows of the 5 Lilles were casted over the ground, such was the genuity of Uzel's illusions!

Reef's pupils tightened as he shouted.

’’Everyone, backs to each other!’’

As his voice faded, the shadow beneath Makaji's feet was suddenly displaced as Lille scuttled out, somersaulting from the back of Makaji, as he landed directly ahead of Makaji with his back facing him, as he sped forward.........meanwhile, a drifting dagger ray lingered above as it struck down towards Makaji, like a silver crescent tearing down alongside the sunlight! It flashed against Makaji's neck and down his chest!

Makaji instantly released a wretched scream! The brilliance of that silver crescent was unwavering, carving out a prolonged wave as it finally smashed down against the ground. Boom! Dust surged up like a tide towards the skies, as gravel and sand dispersed. Makaji's ghastly collarbone could be seen near his neck, as blood sprayed out frenziedly.

Yet even after this strike, Makaji didn't die;where he probably had used a certain healing medicine. The malevolent vicious expression on his face had subsided, as those 4 bloodied brown vines tore towards him, and deeply penetrated his body. Following that, the blood vessels on his face swelled up grotesquely, as though the vines had replaced his vessels;and was fanatically supplying its horrifying strength into his body.

Concurrently, Makaji stretched out his hand as it surged towards the fleeing Lille in retaliation! This time, his hand finally landed on Lille's body. Almost instantly, flesh and blood was ripped out from Lille's back. Makaji's palm had sprouted fingernails that appeared like black incisive barbwire, mercilessly tearing off a huge chunk of flesh! Even the torrents of fresh blood was dyed jet-black in that instance!

’’Go! My children!!!’’ Finally landing a strike, Makaji yelled out fanatically. Two flesh vines shed out from his body and drove into the ground. Illusory arts could trick the eye, but it was impossible to deceive a bloodlusted organism in search for blood.

Visibly seen, two mounds caused by the fleshy vines stretched onwards at breakneck speed. Mogensha and sniper Jin Ximin followed the direction of the vines, and also unilaterally opened fire wildly. But at this moment, an inharmonious muffled ringing broke the rhythmic gunfires.

That ringing was obviously the rumble of Uzel's large calibre pistol!

The gunfire echoed out, resulting in a blooming blood lotus exploding on Mogensha's left shoulder! Mogensha's reaction wasn't considered slow;at the moment he suffered the shot, he flung his 'Sparta spear' towards the direction that opened fire at him. This was because he couldn't affirm the target, thus his ability couldn't be used. That penetrating silver spear spiked deeply into the fibre of a tree, its tail fanning in trembles.........following that, the two flesh vines suddenly detoured acutely, before directly surging towards Mogensha and the sniper Jin Ximin. Reef immediately charged forward, as he fumed out.

’’Careful, they are trying to use your blood stench to confuse it with blood!’’

Undoubtedly, sniper Jin Ximin immediately distanced himself from Mogensha. This was a wise decision, but as he sprinted away 7-8 metres, his elongated shadow materialized a person. Lille had abruptly appeared behind him, driving his silver resplendent flawlessly into Jin Ximin's neck, as he ruthlessly and swiftly tore through Jin Ximin's throat!!!

Blood flooded out like a fountain. In his desperation, Jin Ximin groaned and chaotically opened fire as he spun round;blazing bullets impaling Lille's body, yet he could only witness as this sly enemy gradually dissipated away. Immediately, the two flesh vines fanatically surged forward, like a python as it coiled round Mogensha and Jin Ximin;insatiably drawing their blood as it gradually refueled the vitality of the severely injured Makaji!

Consecutively, everyone in the party received the notification:

’’Temporary party member: Growth-Hunter no.899771 has left the party. Due to a penalty exemption ability, he will not suffer any consequences.’’

’’Growth-Hunter no.899771 can randomly choose to attack you, you can similarly attack him!’’

’’Hahahahaha!’’ Uzel's wild laughter descended onto the forest. ’’Kiddos, I didn't lie right. That brat Makaji definitely joined your party with evil motives! Once he finds no usefulness in you, he will mercilessly abandon you!’’

Instead, Sheyan took notice of Makaji's address........Growth-Hunter! It wasn't a reserve-duty Growth-hunter!! No wonder Uzel and Lille acted against him first!

At this point, Makaji issued a cold and sullen tone.

’’You two morons, you actually forced me to this state. Truthfully speaking, this Silver party would be rather comfortable to carrying on staying. A rare MT, a support, if I managed to take charge, then wouldn't that make me amazing? But since things have deteriorated to this, I express my apologies. Golden AK and that asian, I will try my utmost to allow you to witness the death of those two fools!’’

As Makaji spoke out, Mogensha and Jin Ximin had already been thoroughly constricted by the flesh vines. The vines coiled 6 rounds like a huge python, lethally binding them. Even when Reef charged forward to slice it, it was to no avail. As Sheyan observed, his heart jolted with hundreds and thousands of notions.

’’This......this, is the true formidability breaking through the boundary? A Growth-Hunter alone, just relying on a summoned creature can actually deal such devastating oppression onto contestants? Not right, it should be Mogensha and Jin Ximin's strength is inadequate, and cannot escape the binding of the vines.’’

(TN: the strength here should be talking about their strength attribute)

Meanwhile, still infused with two flesh vines, Makaji stood up, looking exceptionally tall and sturdy. His body swelled with numerous black vessels;as for his previously severed arm, the flesh vines had coagulated into a horrendous oddly tentacle. His legs had morphed into deep roots as it bore into the ground below. One could tell the life force of Mogensha and Jin Ximin was rapidly replenishing Makaji's life. Makaji then laughed in ridicule.

’’Once my roots are pulled out from the ground, that will be your time of death!’’

’’No chance.’’ An abrupt appearance of Lille from the shadow of a large tree coldly remarked.

’’Since we already knew you are that Harlim, the one who had successfully rescinded the phrase 'Reserve-duty';the Harlim who had successfully upgraded into an official Growth-Hunter. That how would we possibly act against you without full confidence? Zeus had long ago told us of the method of dealing with you!’’

What ended Lille's words were Uzel's violent coughing sound, sounding like it had utmost grievances with his own lungs! Sheyan could suddenly sense a searing headache befalling him, as an acute dizziness formed. The scenery in his eyes suddenly distorted like water, turning hazy like frosted glass. His nightmare imprint transmitted the notification.

’’You are inflicted with mental torture, body control is greatly restrained.......’’

’’You are inflicted with a mental torture, body control is greatly restrained.......’’

All of a sudden, from a distance, Uzel surfaced on a fork of tree branches. His hands were currently raised high while facing each other, as the surrounding air around him radiated with waves of glaring blindness. A chaos yellow sphere was spinning unceasingly within his palms, incessantly discharging fragments of thunder and lightning around it!!!


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