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The Ultimate Evolution - Chapter 371


Chapter 371: A barbarian's preserved meat

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No doubt, this unlucky dead child was definitely a RDA worker, who was utterly unrelated to Sheyan. Yet his head still couldn't help welling up with an unexplainable feeling, as he couldn't help pounding his fist against the tree wall!

This was a natural disposition of superiority as humans, the leader of all creatures! This was a rage sustained by personally witnessing their own kind butchered as food!

Don't bloody say why humans didn't feel cruelty while eating pork, beef or chicken.

As a human himself, he naturally had a human's pride, the pride of guarding their own!

At this moment, Reef walked over. Witnessing all this, his face had also turned ashen. Only after a brief while did he speak up.

’’These bastards......I really have an impulse to mutilate their corpses.’’


’’They've stolen away a mission.’’ Sheyan suddenly murmured.

Reef immediately thought of the focus after hearing his words. This pitiful meal of a person was definitely an RDA worker. Most likely, he was from the Hell's Gate. If they could acquire his identity card, then they probably could invoke a simple mission of returning it. As for the mission rewards, it definitely varied.

If this guy was just an ordinary mercenary, then the rewards would be minute. If he turned out to be a person of high status, then the rewards would be generous.

Obviously, Sheyan had spoken only after observing the pile of mess around the fireplace. The pile of mess included Prolemuris* offals and fur, claws and heads of viperwolves, and even tattered camouflage soldier uniforms;a chaotic pile of hair and organs......naturally, this was the Na`vi's kitchen.

(TN: The prolemuris (Na'vi name: syaksyuk) is a chattering, non-aggressive tree dweller that prefers the relative safety of the canopy to the dangers of the rainforest floor. Prolemuris are similar to monkeys or apes on Earth.)

Sheyan then raised his head and observed the spacious hollow space of this room. It was at least 11-12 metres high, riddled with other entrances leading outside of the tree hollow;maintaining the sunlight and ventilation of this place. After walking out, Makaji was currently gazing up with a complication expression. After seeing Sheyan, he left without saying a word.

Sheyan then stood at where Makaji was and gazed up. Needless to say there was a dense mass of leaves of the Hometree canopy, in addition, there were several large transparent brown pods swaying in the air. Those were the Na'vi's beds, where they would simply climb up and enjoy a peaceful sleep in a rocking bed. Sheyan retracted his gaze, saying nothing as he left.

Next, was naturally tough labour.

The Hometree relied on the Pandora crystals to grow, yet it wouldn't absorb or plunder from it;but its growth was solely because of the everlasting magnetic force field generated. The enormous trunk of the Hometree relied on this weightlessness environment to grow to its maximum potential.

The higher the quantity of Pandora crystals, the greater the magnetic force field. Therefore, the supplementary aid to the Hometree's growth would increase, and the Hometree would grow increasingly enormous.

This was the same logic as the largest animal, the blue whale, living in the water. Only by drawing support from the water's buoyancy, can it support such a colossal state and continue living. Yet if the blue whale ascends to land, it would be dragged down by its ridiculous weight. Hence, a majestic Hometree completely surpassing other trees wasn't without reason.

Needless to say, digging beneath the roots of the Hometree, one would be able to find an abundance of Pandora crystals.

Undoubtedly, the most suited for this job was the 'AMP Suit'.

Everything was implemented and carried out perfectly, excavating an endless supply of Pandora crystals. However, for all contestants present apart from party Ace, they sunk into an extremely awkward problem. This was the same problem that had plagued Mogensha and Reef back in the Starship Trooper world.

That was that the Pandora crystals could not be digitized and inevitably occupied space. More or less implying that they were.....cumbersome!

If not for Sheyan's opportune short cuts, his official military rank accoladed with unparalleled achievements, his interspatial region of the nightmare imprint would also be easily limited. Sadly, the others around weren't bestowed with such fortunes;hence after trying their utmost, they could only stash the basic requirements of Pandora crystals needed for to complete the milestone. There were two that couldn't store enough, and had to manually and comically carry a pocket-full back. Of course, they didn't forget to pay remunerations to Sheyan and party for accomplishing the milestone.

Also, it was at this moment that the 3 core members of Party Ace acknowledged something deeply - the significance and importance of their party storage, that 10x10x10 = 1000 square metre space!

After offering the nightmare imprint the Pandora crystals he acquired, Sheyan received a notification.

’’You gathered 1,000 units of Pandora crystals. (Purity no less than 16.8%).’’

’’You received the title: Plunderer.’’

’’Plunderer: Every time you slay an enemy, 2% additional chance of acquiring a key. The key grade will be directly proportional to the enemy's strength.’’

’’You can only hold one title at one go, do you wish to equip the title 'Plunderer' ?’’

’’Advanced milestone: 'Looter' activated.’’

’’Accomplishing requirements: Gather 3000 units of Pandora crystals. (Purity must be no less than 51.3%).’’

’’Details: A Pandora crystal of more than 51.3% cannot be produced naturally, know it. Find it at Hell's Gate.’’

’’This title is relatively fine eh. But, how does it aid title synthesizing......?’’ Sheyan was currently perplexed at this title synthesizing affair. At present, the boys from party Ace kept quiet about their party storage affairs, obviously not intending to divulge this secret to Lille, Uzel, and even Jin Ximin or Makaji.

Currently, the sunlight had infiltrated through the canopy of the Hometree, showering glimmers of light down. Those midway membership contestants had left, they weren't very interested in the last 'Headhunter' milestone. Thus, obviously, they had to cherish the precious time left for other matters.

Suddenly, the 'AMP Suit' that was consistently excavating trembled violently, thick black fumes spurted out from the 6 exhaust of its rear engine. The rumbling of the engine became increasingly louder as though a monster truck was trying to climb up a slope. The entire machine was trembling excessively.

’’What's happening?’’ Mogensha immediately questioned.

Makaji mumbled several lines to himself, looking rather heartache for his 'AMP Suit'. He then pedalled the gas pedal furiously.

’’Dammit, there seems to be a massive dude underneath! Come help?’’

Reef was the kindest individual, he immediately charged up in aid;chopping off a tree branch as he started prying. Finally, he managed to compliment the 'AMP Suit' and excavated the earthen object out. Everyone got a huge fright when the object pulled out was an appalling coffin, forged out of a cyan coloured rock!

A stone coffin!

This coffin was approximately 3 metres high and 5 metres long. The decorative engravings had mostly faded away, only leaving behind faint carvings;a savageness that was vividly portrayed. It could be seen that the Na`vis had buried this coffin with devout reverence.

Except.....this coffin just had to be buried at the largest entrance of this Hometree. According to Makaji's understanding of the Na`vi;though they had the practice of burial, they wouldn't allow the grave of a respected individual to be trampled over constantly. This was a perplexing occurrence, since they revered, why trample and despise it? Since they trampled, why bother revering?

But at this moment, Sheyan unintentionally noticed the gaze of Uzel and Lille, which gave him an indescribable sensation;one filled with greed, ecstasy, surprised and enlightenment. Although this expression was fleeting, and swept away in an instant, it had been earnestly captured by Sheyan's eyes. Sheyan had committed this to his memory.

’’Hmm, looks like these two guys seem to know what is inside this coffin.’’

At this moment, Mogensha and Makaji had joined up to pry open the coffin. As their faces were covered with the oxygen mask, they weren't scared of any embedded corpse poison. With a fist from the 'AMP Suit', the gorgeous but brittle stone lid bluntly fragmented with cracks. Mogensha kicked out as the coffin overturned to the side;spilling its contents into the sunlight.

It was a skull.

A tremendously huge skull!

That stone coffin was already relatively enormous;yet compared with this long and gigantic skull, it had only managed to forcefully contain it. Such a gigantic skull matching with a stone coffin appeared rather comical, it was like a fat leg being forced into skinny jeans.

The flesh had long decomposed around the skull, its eyeballs had dried to a layer of film. Yet its tenacious epidermis was preserved, with intercrossing strokes of bright red and yellow. One could imagine the clarity of the strokes even in the night, as it left a deep latching impression on everyone present.

In the natural world, this represented fear;represented deterrence;striking terror to those who saw it. The skull presented a domineering dreadfulness that could sweep across the entire planet!


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