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The Two-Faced Venerate Emperor - Chapter 366


Chapter 366

Lin Fei Fei was an elite in the top 50s with a kill count of 120 - this was greatly beyond her usual performance. Due to obtaining insider information, she had been practicing the art of killing Wave Goblins at home, and had thus allowed her to obtain such good results.

Hou Ning Xue meekly came out from hiding behind Huan Qing Yan, ’’I am Hou Ning Xue, Lady Huan's name is Huan Qing Yan...’’

’’Huan Qing Yan? The two of you are weasels from the same nest, how much higher can she be?’’ Lin Fei Fei raised her head high arrogantly.

Suddenly, Wang Chao pulled at her and whispered, ’’Fei Fei, the third place seems to be Huan Qing Yan...’’

Lin Fei Fei exclaimed with a startled shout and viewed the rankings!

Huan Qing Yan, Kill Count 210!

’’You, you, you, impossible! Are you using the name of someone else? Do you have any morals?’’ She could not believe!

’’Did your family only teach you how to be a dog and belittle people? It is not a good habit to bark whenever you interact with someone!’’ Huan Qing Yan copied and adopted Ji Mo Ya's calm and graceful attitude and walked casually past her position.

Lin Fei Fei was infuriated.

This darn lass dared to call her a dog!

She really wanted to give her two slaps, but she did not take action. One, it was because everyone was looking, and two, it was because she was also slightly afraid. This was the third place of the rankings while she was only the fiftieth place, the gap was quite big.

Most importantly, the Ninth Prince of Hanging Cloud Empire, Bai Chen Feng, was coldly glaring at her from within the crowd, causing her hairs to stand up due to his chilling intent.

With a cry, Lin Lin Fei Fei turned and started crying on Wang Chao's shoulders.

’’Wah, that damn lass dares to bully me, Brother Wang Chao, help me beat her up...’’

Wang Chao was also feeling the great pressure of Bai Chen Feng's glare.He was also not stupid, so he did not easily promise her request...

On the stage, Teacher Kang was showing an expression of great joy as he took up the mantle of Sky Pivot Hall Master and addressed the crowd, ’’Ok, the assessment is complete, this old man Kang Hao Ming will be the Hall Master of Sky Pivot Hall for this period! The top ten rankers, come up to stage and collect your prizes...’’

Huan Qing Yan calmly walked up...

Causing Lin Fei Fei's last strand of confidence to breakdown, ’’Wah, she really is third place, fine! Who gave that damn brat the right to stand out, and she is not royalty as well, as well, just a Five Star Spirit Master that joined using the special recruitment criteria. I refuse to accept this!’’

Wang Chao consoled her, ’’Fei Fei, no need to rush. Let us find Brother Bei Cheng later to settle this...’’

Lin Fei Fei's eyes lit up...

Indeed, even if that damn lass has the prince of Hanging Cloud to back her up, both of them were still only new recruits, Probationary Students at that, while Brother Bei Cheng was an official student of Heaven Star Hall.

In addition, Brother Bei Cheng was a member of the Eight Great Clans and also a heavenly blessed talent!

Once they met up with him, humph, let's see if they could continue to act smugly!


Hidden Origin Hall.

Huan Meng Yue dared not survey her surroundings, keeping her head lowered and stared at the tip of her feet.

In front of her, was a smiling, fat middle-aged man;he was currently sizing was currently sizing her up.

This middle-aged man was wearing the standard uniform worn by Surging Wave Academia teachers;as he was extremely fat, he looked like lump of fat flesh while seated on the chair;the laugh lines on his face were also very deep, yet his eyes did not possess any intent of a smile but held an expression with traces of half-heartedness and disdain when he looked at Huan Meng Yue.

’’What is your name, age, spirit master rank, spirit chef rank...’’

Huan Meng Yue reported as ordered.

The fat man's look of disdain increased, ’’Only a One Star Spirit Master? Apprentice Rank Spirit Chef?’’

As he spoke, he lifted Huan Meng Yue's chin, closed the gap slightly and said vulgarly, ’’Your looks are not too bad, although you are not qualified to be this one's disciple, you have the qualifications to be this one's concubine, are you willing?’’


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