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The Trembling World - Chapter 457


Chapter 457: 457

Chapter 457 - Shop

TL: LifeisaJourney

Meanwhile at Moonlight Gulf Theme Park...

This fourth quest was very challenging. It required more time to finish than Liu Gan had suspected.

It wasn’t difficult to kill the regular small Crocodiles anymore. The challenge lay in finding the Crocodile. Earlier, when Liu Gan was doing his first few quests, he hated being disturbed by the creatures. He didn’t feel the same anymore. In fact, he missed them a lot. All the Crocodiles seemed to be playing hide and seek. That whole day and Liu Gan was only able to find one!

Beating this fourth quest didn’t require any fancy tactics, all it required was time and persistence. This quest tested the quest taker’s patience.


A little over half a month later, Liu Gan and the other members had killed over thirty regular Crocodiles. Gathering all the money together, Liu Gan handed it over to Yi Yi. She traded the money for the last piece of the puzzle.

Liu Gan assembled the four puzzle pieces together, and it started to automatically rearrange itself. It was nothing that they had imagined. What they believed was a puzzle map reassembled itself into a completely new entity.

When looking at the puzzle pieces, the markings and symbols didn’t have any particular purpose. Individually, the pieces don’t have any meaning. When placed next to one another, they reformed into a PDA. The screen lit up, showing that it was fully functional.

The PDA screen displayed an image. Liu Gan was able to recognize the digital map of Moonlight Gulf Theme Park. It was an interactive map, just like a handheld console! Liu Gan tested out the features and found he could zoom in and out.

There were green dots in the shape of a triangle designating the position of Liu Gan and his team. It also showed the direction they are facing. Also on the map, there was bright red dot. These seemed to be the Crocodiles that they had been hunting for the past month. Since they were located off of the King Crocodile’s territory, they couldn’t be the King Crocodile itself.

Moving around on the map were multiple yellow dots, these were wildlife that they could hunt and eat. There were two particular symbols that stood out. One of those symbols seems to be used for a shop. The other symbol was for the Spatial Transfer Gate.

As for the King Crocodile, there weren’t any dots that designated this creature. However, the symbol for the Spatial Transfer Gate was located within the King Crocodiles territory. It was actually moving! Liu Gan guessed that the Spatial Transfer Gate was located on the King Crocodile’s body!

Even if there was a Spatial Transfer Gate, a key was still necessary to access the gate. There was a possibility that this new PDA PDA could be the key to that Spatial Transfer Gate. If they went through the gate, would they end up at the other end of Central City’s Spatial Transfer Gate>

To try and get this reward, Liu Gan would have to kill the King Crocodile first. This sounded like an impossible mission already!

The other mystery symbol was the shop. There might be something useful there that could defeat the King Crocodile. Like a treasure weapon, or something else? Their next target location was definitely the shop. Now that they had completed the map, it would be a waste to not resolve all the mysteries!


Liu Gan followed the map on the PDA all the way to the shop, moving with the whole team. The shop area was far away from the King Crocodile’s territory, located right at the border of Moonlight Gulf Theme Park. There were multiple collapsed buildings near the shop. Without the digital map, Liu Gan would’ve brushed past this place off as unimportant. No one would’ve found this hidden shop!

Walking into the building to the shop, it was just a normal looking room. Looking closely, they could see the wear and tear on the structural framework. There were no products for sale on the ground floor. Perhaps the shop was located on a different level?

Liu Gan tapped on every tile on the ground. It didn’t take him long to find the special the special tile that was different from the other ones. Movingthe tile aside, they found a subterranean tunnel.

This tunnel was a hole leading straight down, with a metal ladder that assisted in going up and down it. Liu Gan was very familiar with these types of tunnels by now. However, it was a new experience for the other members.

When everyone had reached the bottom of the tunnel, they were facing an alloy cabin door.

This alloy door had an electronic lock. The lock had a port that fit with the connector extending out from the PDA. Once they were linked, a question popped up on the PDA’s screen, asking, “Open the shop door?”. Liu Gan didn’t hesitate to press confirm.

There followed crisp echoing sounds of bolts unlocking, and the heavy cabin door opened. Dim lights illuminated the contents within;it turned out to be a very large enclosed chamber. The futuristic designs of the room delivered an eerie feeling, like that of a science fiction movie.

The enclosed chamber had many counters, and on these counters there were all sorts of weapons. The most eye-catching were the hot weapons: handguns, machine guns, sniper rifles, hand grenades, explosive packs, remote explosives, rocket launchers, and even bulletproof vests and helmets.

Right next to the hot weapons were the cold weapons: daggers, short swords, long swords, battle-axes, spiked maces, and the remaining eighteen arms of martial arts. There was arts. There was also something unexpected. There were magic weapons like staves, magic swords, magic knives, magic shields, magic robes, and armor!

Aside from those weapons, next to the counter were models of armored vehicles, tanks, military helicopters, spacecraft, and space battleships lined up next to each other. These models were extremely intricate in design and detailed. A nearby instruction manual said that once paid for, the machines would appear on the ground surface outside.

Every piece of merchandise had a price tag on it. It accepted the strange token as payment. There was a coin chest below every piece of merchandise. Upon sliding open the glass door on the counter to inspect the merchandise, they were unable to touch them. All the items were phantom images until it they were paid for.

“Damn! With such strong weapons, killing King Crocodile wouldn’t be a problem!” Liu Kang and Stratos started examining the merchandise.

“I’ve decided to buy a magic staff, I want to become a magician!” Stratos tried to grasp the phantom staff.

“Oh? I don’t want to become a magician. I want to become a knight! That magic armor and sword are so cool! I definitely want them,” Song Jiu chimed in.

“I want that space battleship, then I will be invincible. Haha…” Johnny Fei walked over to the models.

“Don’t get happy so soon. Look at the price tags first,” Ana discouraged their unrealistic dreams.


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