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The Trembling World - Chapter 291


Chapter 291 - Sarcasm

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

’’Then what do you suggest we do?’’ Han GuangMing was very nervous.

’’Aside from the three members that are still looking into the anchor machinery, you should stay with others in the reception hall. With this many people present, the Shapeshifting Variant Zombie won't have a chance to strike. Later, we will find a way to lure it out,’’ Liu Gan said as he walked out of the interrogation cabin, and into the reception hall.

HuJun was glaring at Treadmill without blinking. Zhou JingJing sat right beside HuJun on the floor. She was hugging her knees close to her chest, she wasn't crying anymore, she was just shivering uncontrollably. Treadmill was staring at the ceiling, with a face more innocent than Dou E. Everyone else didn't say anything, they simply glanced at the three parties involved.

’’Based on our speculation, we place Treadmill as the most suspicious culprit, but it is also possible that Zhou JingJIng was raped by someone else. It could have been a Shapeshifting Variant Zombie. It could've taken form of Treadmill to commit the crime. It purposely provoked a fight amongst our members, so we would end up killing one another,’’ Han GuangMing declared.

’’Squad Leader Han? Is that all?’’ HuJun discontentedly replied. He was not satisfied with the judgement.

’’But, he raped me!’’ said Zhou JingJing angrily.

’’Are you two questioning Elder Liu's ability to judge? Elder Liu didn't negate Treadmill as a suspect! We are still looking ways to recover justice for the both of you! As long as we can find the Shapeshifting Variant Zombie, then it will all fall into place. From now on, HuJun don't seek revenge against Treadmill, this way we won't do what the Variant Zombie wants us to do!’’ Han GuangMing said to HuJun.

’’Squad Leader Han, if he raped your girlfriend or wife, would you come to the same judgement?’’ HuJun becoming more agitated. Now he firmly believes that it was Treadmill.

’’I believe in Elder Liu's judgement! If there was injustice, Elder Liu will help you seek appropriate justice! If you don't follow his advice and insist on taking on justice with your own hands, then we will have to confine you too! By that time, you can't seek seek out any injustice and you fell into the trap laid by the Variant Zombie.’’ Han GuangMing warned HuJun.

HuJun didn't make a sound, but his head was down. No one knows what he is thinking of now.

Liu Gan was silent. He was very satisfied with how Han GuangMing had resolved the situation. It seemed Han GuangMing was maturing quite well. He will have one more capable squad leader and trustworthy follower. It was a good thing for the group.


’’Are you a man? Your own wife was raped. How can you sit there and not do anything. You don't even have the courage to say a few more words. You are exactly like a cowering turtle!’’ Zhou JingJing started to release her wrath. Han GuangMing restricted her from lashing out at other people, so she could only lash out at her own coward HuJun.

’’Don't you know how to resist? You could've scratched his face to leave evidence right? If he wanted to get his way with you, did you just let me do what he wanted to?’’ HuJun was already angry. Now that Zhou JingJing was scolding him, he felt even worst. He wanted to regain some face by exchanging words.

Before Zhou JingJing, HuJun had another girlfriend. That women used him. She spent a lot of his money, but did not give anything to HuJun in return. There was a time when he got so angry that he almost raped her in a rental room. In the end, he found that rape is not an easy task to do. With his ex-girlfriend retaliating, he had to work very hard to get what he wanted.

Who would've thought that his own wife was raped. How could it been so easy, in a few moves all resistance was resolved.

’’I did my best to resist! He smacked me! He is now a level 5 player, with the increased strength how could I win against him? He had that angry look, as if he wanted to murder me! If I resisted anymore, I might've died! It was a mess that you stirred up, but I suffered the consequences! Now you are sitting here, saying these things to me. Are you a man!?’’ Zhou JingJing heard HuJun's reply and felt even more anger inside.

’’He dared to kill you? If he really killed you, then he would've exposed himself. Elder Liu would've punished him! If only you were more resilient in putting up your defenses!’’ HuJun replied. Without being able to take revenge on Treadmill, he could only shift all the blame on Zhou JingJing.

’’So you meant that I should have just let him kill me?’’ Zhou JingJing cried out in despair.

HuJun didn't reply. His blood was pumping in his chest. He was panting for more air. He was holding onto the dagger handle, shaking uncontrollably. Both eyes glaring at Treadmill, who was only a few meters away. He could practically just pierce through unguarded Treadmill's back.

However, Elder Liu and Han GuangMing sat in the middle of the reception hall. Even with HuJun's anger blinding him, it didn't make him more rash. He knows that it is not possible to kill Treadmill with Elder Liu and Han GuangMing present. It would only lead to his own imprisonment, if he even tried.


’’Do you really think I would be the type of person to do such things?’’ Treadmill asked Huang WeiTao nearby.

’’Who knows?’’ Huang WeiTao replied.

’’What do you mean? Damn! I thought we understood one another! We've been together for countless days through life and death situations. How can you not understand my character by now?’’ questioned Treadmill, becoming more gloomy with the Huang WeiTao's response.

’’Oh, I know you. I know you very well. That is why when they said you were responsible, I didn't even feel a bit surprised.’’ Huang WeiTao said sarcastically.

’’I must be blind to think of you as a friend! Ahh! Besides myself, no other people are reliable! I thought we are friends! But at the most crucial moment, you only know how to give cynical remarks!’’ Treadmill shook his head. From his pocket, he pulled out a small mirror. He wanted to fix up his hair as it was in disarray.

’’I was just being sarcastic! Did you really think I was serious? But all this is very strange. Do you think it is possible to have a shapeshifting variant zombie? I feel that speculation isn't too reliable,’’ Huang WeiTao replied to Treadmill. While waiting for a reply, he glanced over at Treadmill, who was still staring into the small mirror. Treadmill's face was pale white, like he had just seen a ghost.

’’Hey you, what's wrong?’’ Huang WeiTao shoved Treadmill. Treadmill's facial expression was very scary.

’’Be quiet. Don't make a scene, but look into my mirror...’’ Treadmill glanced at HuJun and Zhou JingJing sitting behind him, as he spoke to Huang WeiTao with a shaky voice.

Huang WeiTao looked into the small mirror. Within the mirror was Treadmill's face and his own face, so aside from that he couldn't tell what Treadmill was so afraid of.


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