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The Substitute Bride - Chapter 166


Chapter 166


’’Aren't you that person whom Miss and I had seen before, saving a little boy life while in the lake side, that miraculous doctor?’’ Lu Qun happily run to Bai Yin Chen's side, as if seeing him she is seeing a hope.

’’Oh. So it is!’’ Bai Yi Chen tightens heart, felt relief not lessen after he heard her, relax, also sighed of relief. So it was not his identity found out, he even felt...

But, how could he got found out? Now his face is covered with a mask, even at this moment if he stays. Everyone who is standing in Ye mansion, no one will be able to recognize who he is. Bai Yin Chen felt lonely when thought of it.

’’Not long ago, When Sister Wan Er stayed in An Yuan Xuan for few days, did she stay together with you, didn't she?’’ after Gu Na Yan has observed for long time, he searched out pieces of memories from his brain.

The silver mask which wears by the man in front, not many people have it, he remembered the first time and the second times when he was in An Yuan Xuan, the person that described by the drug store's owner must be this person who is in front.

’’Yes. I know Third Young Madam, so that, please immediately bring me to see her? I want to save her.’’ Didn't avoid it, Bai Yin Chen welcomed Gu Na Yan to observe him.

’’Really, really, I remembered long time ago, Miss and I have seen him saved a person, he is indeed so awesome, let's us bring him in, quickly he can save Miss, faster!’’ Lu Qun saw Gu Na Yan's expression that slowly seizing him up, could not help not to feel urgency, faster she said.

’’En, please follow me.’’ After Gu Na Yan saw Lu Qun that panic, he has gave up. He moved, took Bai Yin Chen along to enter Ye mansion big door.

Entered Ye mansion, everyone looks so curious staring at this man with silver mask, but they didn't stare for long time, moved away, doing their own works.

Long time ago Bai Yin would not care how people looked at him, but at this moment being stared by them made him little bit uncomfortable, after all he even nervous. The atmosphere changed to be gloomy, he hard to breathe, his footstep is started to be heavier, he also didn't know since when his heart started to tighten, he feared suddenly the people he knew would have appeared in here the place that most familiarized by him, would those people able to bring back his saddest memories.

Stop to steal my works! This is belonged to azurro4cielo

Gu Na Yan kept on staring him, his strong instinct told him this person is such familiarized with Ye Mansion, the reaction that he showed wasn't alike first time coming to Ye Mansion, each steps of his as if so clearly where was heading to, toward this mysterious person he has slightest curiousness.

It really good that all the things that Bai Yin Chen worries, all his fears aren't happened, on his way he didn't meet anyone whom he could make a contact, smoothly he arrived at Long Mo Er's room.

This room is such familiar, in the past he would come to this room every day in few times, in here it also has many memories of him, he saw that big tree in the middle of the courtyard, as if he is seeing a little boy who happily climbing up that tree.

Ye Che will hate you if read this post from thief! As well Long Mo Er.

Entered the room, at the time when he is looking for the bed position in his memory, no need others to tell him he has already straightly walked over. An initially he thought he would see Long Mo Er's weak facial expression, but after he saw a person who is not Long Mo Er, the person is Ye Che. An affection expression showed by Ye Che when he stared at Long Mo Er, as if scared the next moment she might disappear. He must have known that Ye Che would be accompanying at Long Mo Er beside, while Ye Che seems to deeply in love with Long Mo Er, both of them seem to love each other.

That familiar face, such resemble eyes gradually presented in front of him. At the time when realized there was other people, he saw immediately Ye Che turned his eyesight, stop his vision line on his face, after seeing that resemble eyes, he clearly could see there was slightest surprise and also detest inside his eyes.

What he surprised of? And what did he detest?


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