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The Strongest System - Chapter 438


Chapter 438

Chapter 438: Whack You Till You Burst!

Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

A single hand glowed with an abnormal radiance. Even though one might think that this hand looked weak and feeble at first glance, that was nothing but an illusion. It was as though with a single pinch by this hand, an entire world could be destroyed.

This hand was earnest and down to earth, filled with the sweat and tears of the common people. It was as though a country could have been nurtured on it, filled with life. Yet, it was canceled halfway through.

Now that there was Yao Wuxie assisting them, the people fending against the beasts in the distance could finally relax for a little longer. They could now spare some time to observe the situation over at Lin Fan's side.

’’Eh? What's Little Fan up to?’’ Looking at the Lin Fan's figure in the void, Grandmaster Yan asked curiously.

’’It looks's that move...’’ At this sight, Zong Hentian's heart skipped a beat. He had once been subjugated by that single move. But, would it be effective against the Ancient One?

’’Which move?’’ Everyone else asked curiously.

’’The secrets of the Heavens shall not be revealed. You guys will know in a little while.’’ Zong Hentian looked over at the distance in a daze. He had not seen his Junior Master Lin employ this earthshattering move for a really long time now.

Finally, it was time for his horizons to be broadened once more.


’’Humans just don't know when to give up. Fair enough! I'll let you understand what giving up feels like in just a moment.’’ Looking at how this human dared to charge at him without any regards for his death, the Ancient One laughed madly.

'Twisting Heaven and Earth!'

Lin Fan's hand stretched out. Facing that shimmering protective barrier of the Ancient One, Lin Fan's hand passed through it as though it was a harmless membrane, moving through without a single bit of resistance.

’’How could this be...?’’ Seeing this, the Ancient One exclaimed in disbelief as his face changed.

How could this human penetrate his barrier?!

’’Urgh...?’’ Suddenly, the Ancient One's face frowned. He had an unspeakable feeling.

’’How about now?’’ It was a done deal as Lin Fan looked up at the Ancient One, wanting to see his expression.

’’Human, you dare to humiliate me?’’ The Ancient One had thought that something terrible would happen to him. However, upon realizing that he was feeling nothing at all, he hollered out.

’’I'll pinch...!’’

’’What about now?’’ Lin Fan raised his head to check on the Ancient One's expression once more. He wasn't too certain whether his move would work on the Ancient One. After all, he couldn't view the Ancient One the same way he as the other beings.

The body of the Ancient One wasn't something that could be nurtured from this world.

At this moment, the Ancient One did not reply Lin Fan. This was because the colour was slowly draining from his face. That pitch black face of his was slowly turning pale. Yet moments later, that pale shade was replaced by a blushing red.


A heavenly shattering howl rang out.

’’LET GO...!’’ The Ancient One's body twisted. Those malevolent eyes changed slowly into cringing.

At this sight, Lin Fan's heart leaped with joy. Seemed like this move was working indeed!

He could only depend on himself right now. It was time to let these dirty hands of his cleanse the world into a state of purity.

’’LET LOOSE...LET LOOSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!’’ The Ancient One's voice no longer had the same authoritative tone as before. It was as though an important part of him was being controlled by the other party.


’’N-NO...! NOOOOOOOOOOOO! IT'LL BURST! IT'LL REALLY BURST...!!!’’ Those eyes of cringe were turning blank by the second as he broke out in cold sweat. He wanted to use his hands to support his crotch. However, the moment he let loose of both hands, he was overwhelmed by an unspeakable pain.

’’Bloody hell! If I had known that this move would work earlier earlier on, I would even have returned you the Eternal Donger! Goodness, you've truly caused Yours Truly to worry needlessly for a long time now!’’ Lin Fan sighed exasperatedly.

But it was true that he couldn't hedge all his bets on this one move.

After all, if it were useless, then his entire arsenal of moves might not work either.

’’HUMAN, I'LL KILL YOU!!! N-NO...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!’’ The burning rage of the Ancient One surged through the skies. However, his entire body shuddered immediately, as both his hands shook uncontrollably.

’’DO YOU SUBMIT?’’ Lin Fan increased his grip strength.

’’YES...YES I DO! YES!’’ The Ancient One was breaking out in cold sweat completely. He was the imperishable Ancient One, who had ruled over all of the ancient times! Since when had he ever been subjugated by anyone else? If this were just the pain, he could have severed that portion mercilessly without question. However, that wasn't the case right now.

This pain surged itself straight into his heart. No matter how hard he tried to suppress the pain with all the power in his body, nothing worked!

Just what sort of a move was this?! How is it so sick?!



’’IT'S BURSTING...! IT'S BURSTINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG...!!!’’ The Ancient One's body was spasming intensely right now. It was as though he was undergoing some sort of full body attack.

'ARGH....!!!'That tragic cry was majestic, as it rang out through the entire sky.

’’Hmph, Ancient One! Do you truly think that this is the end? Oh, we're just starting here!’’ Lin Fan's eyes shimmered. He had never felt so unbridled ever! If he were to let go of this chance right now, he might never be able to face such an opponent any longer!

'Black Tiger Steals Heart! GO...!'

Lin Fan gripped both of his fists as his eyes flashed with dominance.


Lin Fan struck out at the Ancient One's chest. This massive strike sent a new amount of energies surging through the body of the Ancient One once more.

'ARGH...!'The Ancient One could One could not stop yelling. ’’HOW COULD THIS BE? MY CHEST...!’’


It was rapidly expanding!

'Ding...Black Tiger Steals Heart experience points +...'

Lin Fan was on a roll right now. Both of his arms were like Gatling guns, as he shot out at a rate of a few hundred times per second. By now, Lin Fan had already lost track of everything else. He even forgot how massive the chest of the Ancient One was becoming.

After all, the only thought on his mind right now was this, 'HAVE THEM BURST FROM BEING TOO BIG!'

’’STOP IT...!!!’’ The Ancient One screamed out insanely. However, his body was no longer under his control. With pain surging from both ends of his body, the tormented Ancient One could barely even raise his head right now.

How was it like feeling pain for the first time in his entire life?

The Ancient One had never known the existence of pain. Even when he was severed into pieces, he had never once felt the sensation of even a stinging pain. But to think that even a simple move such as this could cause him to be in such a tormented state!

’’I'LL WHACK...!’’

Every single last bit of strength from Lin Fan burst out at this instant. Twisting Heaven and Earth and Black Tiger Steals Heart were completely bugged moves to begin with!

And the only person capable of enduring both attacks at one go was none other than the Ancient One.

If one were to ask what sort of sensation this was, even Lin Fan would be hard-pressed to give an answer. After all, the Ancient One should be the only candidate who could properly describe the arduous torment right now.


Those masses in the distance, who were fending off against the beasts, had long stopped everything they were doing, and were staring at Lin Fan's fight with agape mouths.

Those beasts, who weren't afraid of death, had stopped at that instance as well.

At that moment, the Heavens and Earth were completely silent.

’’HOLY F*CK...!’’ Yao silent.

’’HOLY F*CK...!’’ Yao Wuxie was totally dumbfounded by the scene before him.

Zong Hentian had long known that these skills of his Junior Master Lin were strong, but he had never expected things to turn out as such!

To think that the imposing Ancient One from before was actually ballooning right now like a gigantic ball! If one had to use a word to describe how big this was, that would be... Erm...big... Very big... VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY BIG.

’’Oh Ancient One, you truly mustn't begrudge me for any of this. After all, you've asked for all of it yourself. If you hadn't tried to regrow that donger, you wouldn't have given me this chance at all. Therefore, it's really all your fault, you know?’’ Lin Fan's fighting intent was unparalleled right now. He had not imagined that he could take down the Ancient One at all.

’’I...!’’ The Ancient One wanted to speak up, but he was entirely overwhelmed by this ridiculous pain. He was repressed so badly that he couldn't even manage a full sentence.

Lin Fan wiped the beads of sweat from his forehead. Looking at this giganormous chest of the Ancient One, he was pretty speechless as well.

The Ancient One was not the Ancient One for nothing. Any other human being would have long exploded from this! To think that the Ancient One could balloon to such an extent without bursting apart! That was pretty amazing in its own sense.


’’Ancient One, take my attack!’’ But even after all this, Lin Fan's combo was not done just yet.



This earthshattering kick found its way towards the crotch area of the Ancient One.


The Ancient One's cries were sorrowful and appalling. The entire world shook along with it. Lin Fan, on the other hand, was overwhelmed with happiness.

Victory was right before him!

The chance was here!

’’Ancient One, take the final burst of Yours Truly!’’ Lin Fan's disposition changed immediately at that moment.


’’Trainer Mode: Activated.’’


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