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The Strongest System - Chapter 419


Chapter 419

Chapter 419: Glorious Return Home

Translator: Lam Editor: Hitesh

Looking at the items inside the eleven storage rings, Lin Fan did not spot anything spectacular. Seemed like these were probably every single last bit of worth of these poor f*cks.

’’Lin Fan, let us go! If you don't, you will cause the entire Cangling Continent to go into chaos!’’ The Grandmaster of Wind Sword Sect hollered. There was a deep fear within his eyes. He had not expected that even with this many people, they weren't a match for this lad.

Just what sort of trials had this lad undergone?! Why the hell had he turned this strong in just two years? This was just unbelievable!

Looking at these Grandmasters, Lin Fan let out a cold laugh.

’’Chaos or not, cut your bull. I've already made my words clear from the start. No matter who arrives, no one shall bail you guys out.’’

Lin Fan took out the two tablets of his senior brothers and placed them on the ground.

’’My two dearest senior brothers, you guys must watch this carefully. Your junior brother shall avenge you guys today.’’ Looking at these tablets, Lin Fan's mind was filled with memories.

Even though his cultivation state wasn't that high back then, these two senior brothers had been extremely caring towards him.

Even though it all started with him sneaking an attack on them for the sake of his own experience points, they were simple people. Just because he crafted a sword for each of them, they were already overwhelmed with joy and forgave everything he did immediately.

Where else could he find such senior brothers who could care for him as such?

But, everything was destroyed. Right now, the only way left for him was to become stronger so that he could continue protecting those who were important to him.

However, everyone's hearts shuddered the moment they caught sight of Lin Fan's frosty gaze. They had a really bad feeling about this. From his gaze, they could sense the killing intent.

Were they really going down right here today?

’’I had a good mind about leaving you guys to torture. But, I'm starting to gain a new realization. Allowing you sh*ts to live in this world for yet another second is in fact a form of clemency for you guys. All of you can go to Hell.’’ With a single tremendous slap, the void ripped apart as it dragged on everyone with it.



Flicking his robes, Lin Fan tossed all of them into the smelt.


Trash was meant to be recycled. It was best to retrieve all their energy grid line chains.

'Ding...congratulations on smelting.'

'35 energy grid line chains.'

’’What the?! These guys are truly trash...’’ Lin Fan kept all the energy grid line chains. He had 105 energy grid line chains now. This should be quite enough to start summoning the Heart Demon Emperor for some essence blood!

’’Big bro...!’’ Wang Xiaoliu ran over from a distance.

Lin Fan looked at Wang Xiaoliu and the others, thinking of the course of action he should take.

’’What do you guys intend to do from here on forth?’’ Lin Fan asked the masses.

Everyone looked at Lin Fan and went deep into thought.

’’I've left my hometown for a few years now. I wonder if the place is even still around.’’

’’Me too. I want to head back home for a look.’’


Listening to everyone, Lin Fan gathered that all of them basically just wanted to head home. It seemed as though they had lost all hope towards the path of cultivation.

As long as they were even alive, they were more than glad.

’’What about you, Xiaoliu?’’ Lin Fan looked at Wang Xiaoliu and asked.

Everything he had ever promised Wang Xiaoliu, he would definitely fulfill it. The only thing thing now was to see what Xiaoliu himself wanted.

If Xiaoliu wanted to carry on with the path of cultivation, Lin Fan would take him back to Glory Sect.

’’Big bro, I want to go home. I've been away for 4-5 years. My wife and mum are still waiting for me back home.’’ Wang Xiaoliu had already lost all hope towards the path of martial arts. After being tormented in Qiankun Sect for so many years, he was only grateful for being alive right now. He no longer wanted to carry on with this path. All he wanted was to get back home to his family.

’’That's fine as well. Let me send you guys back then.’’ Lin Fan nodded his head. Flicking his robes, he took everyone with him into the void.

Right before leaving, he took one last glance at Saint Devil Sect.

This was a place he would return to one day. Once he could break through both continents, he would definitely shift Saint Devil Sect back home.

After Lin Fan left with everyone else...

A figure appeared in the void of that now quiet battlefield of Saint Devil Sect.

This figure was evil, horrifying, and sinister.

It was a type of sinister feeling different from the Grandmaster of Infinite Devil Sect. It was also a different from the Yan Emperor.

Yet, the aura that he emanated was way stronger than any of them.

If Lin Fan were still around and caught sight of the figure, he would definitely be in for a shock.

Wasn't this fella Mo Yixuan?

This was one of the two powerful beings that Lin Fan had once robbed. In the end, he was forced into a void and was devoured by a mysterious dark abyss.

In fact, Lin Fan's current Faceless Sky Demon was stolen from this guy!

’’Father, to think that you're already dead. But it doesn't matter...’’ In that instant, that instant, the void rippled as Mo Yixuan left the place.


Lin Fan traversed through the void while searching for the hometowns of his punching bag gang. He then let them out and return home on their own.

Given their current strength, if they had to return home from Saint Devil Sect themselves, they would probably be devoured whole by beasts along the way, or even lose their lives to bandits.

Along the way, Lin Fan conversed with them.

When they heard that Lin Fan had taken over the post of Saint Devil Sect's Grandmaster, all of them revealed a bright beam on their faces.

They knew their places, hence, none of them were even jealous in the least bit.

In fact, Wang Xiaoliu was especially happy. To think that even the Grandmaster would be trained in his family's technique. That alone was the pride of the Wang Family!

Wang Xiaoliu was all smiles along the way. That was enough to explain the amount of happiness and bliss he had in his heart.

’’Everyone, I shall drop you guys here. From here on forth, I shall rebuild the Saint Devil Sect. Once we become strong once more in the future, please come back and take a look.’’ Lin Fan said bye to the last batch of punching bag gang members.

’’Yes, we definitely will!’’ Being able to leave that horrifying Qiankun Sect, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

Once upon a time, they were brimming with hope to tread on the path of martial arts. However, reality had dealt all of them a tough blow.

Now that they were able to rejoin with their families once more, that was the happiest thing they could ever wish for.

’’Take all these valuables. It's time for me to send Xiaoliu back.’’ Lin Fan had taken all these valuables from the other Grandmasters, but had no use for them.


After Lin Fan's them.


After Lin Fan's figure disappeared into the void once more, everyone waved into the distance exuberantly.

’’Actually, I do feel like returning to the sect. However, having been through all of these, I don't think I'm too cut out for this path.’’

’’Me too. I know that if we return to the sect, Senior Brother Lin would definitely take care of us and no one would dare to bully us. However, right now I really want to head home first.’’

’’Hais, let's not think about it anymore. If we ever get the chance, let's send our kids there in the future.’’

’’That's right. Even if we can't make it, we must definitely make sure our kids pave a glorious path for our families.’’



Everyone was filled with joy as they headed back towards the city, arms on one another's shoulders.

The events of these past few years were something that they wouldn't forget for the rest of their life. But, these years weren't wasted. No matter what, they did get to learn the Titanium Grade Demon Body.

Even though their powers might not be that high, they would have no problem defending themselves.

Besides, with the amount of money that Senior Brother Lin had given them, they would definitely be able to start a small business or something. Life would definitely be easy and carefree.


’’Xiaoliu, what's wrong.’’ Looking at the nervous look on Xiaoliu's face, Lin Fan chuckled.

’’Big bro, I've left my hometown for a really long time now. I wonder if they're still around.’’ A look of worry streaked through Xiaoliu's eyes. He had wanted to bring glory to his ancestors. Therefore, despite the pleas of his family, he had left them to join a sect no matter what.

But now that so many years had passed without a single achievement to his name, Xiaoliu was feeling some regrets.

’’It's alright, let's go...’’


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