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The Strongest System - Chapter 413


Chapter 413

Chapter 413: Tyranically Obliterating The Field

Translator: Lam Editor: Hitesh

’’Return me the Heaven Will's Sharp Weapon!’’ Looking at this man who had just stolen his treasure, Heaven Will hollered out with bloodshot eyes.

The Heaven Will's Sharp Weapon was something that was born and grew together with the Heaven's Will itself. It could sever anything within Xuanhuang World such as time, the future, karmic cycles, et cetera...

But now that the Heaven's Will had three-fourth of itself cut away, the Sharp Weapon naturally could not unleash its fullest potential.

At the same time, the Sharp Weapon only recognized the Heaven's Will as its owner and would answer to no one else. However, now that Lin Fan had confiscated it, the Heaven's Will was getting anxious on realizing that it wasn't able to communicate with its weapon.

’’Return your mother. Seems like you've got some tenacity eh? To think that you can still hold on after receiving Yours Truly's Twisting Heaven and Earth.’’ Lin Fan was bewildered at the same time. Twisting Heaven and Earth changed the Yin and Yang of its victims. To think that this Heaven Will had not turned into an old granny from an old man? That was puzzling indeed.

Could it be that this Heaven's Will had both Yin and Yang within its body as well? Could it switch between se*es interchangeably?

And in fact, Lin Fan's idea wasn't far off. The Heaven's Will was truly not defined by gender. But in order to let itself have more authority and have greater vicissitude, the will of the Heaven's Will would always present itself in this elderly figure with long swaying white hair.

’’You...!’’ Heaven's Will howled out in rage. Just as it tried to fight back, Lin Fan had found his way right onto the big face of the Heaven's Will.

’’Heaven's Will! Today, Yours Truly shall hammer you to death!’’ With that, Lin Fan rained down punches on that face of the Heaven's Will.


A mighty force erupted out from Lin Fan's figure, and the Heavens shook with it. Under the attacks of Lin Fan, Heaven's Will was wailing out constantly. Every single punch struck where it hurt. The face was a mess of blood and meat as the grounds were stained red with fresh blood.

Seeing this, Namo Saint Emperor and Heaven Queen's hearts took a massive dive as they burst out towards Lin Fan.

’’B*stard! Let go of the Heaven's Will!’’ The Namo Saint Emperor was completely riled. To think that he would meet such an opponent in this tiny little Cangling Continent that he couldn't even have the strength to retaliate?! This was a humiliation!

If he had known that this would be the case, he would have left one more strain of consciousness back then. With that, he wouldn't have to suffer the same humiliation he was enduring right now!


Namo Saint Emperor and Heaven Queen's attacks struck out at Lin Fan's back, but Lin Fan ignored them completely.

These two were strong indeed. Each time their attacks landed, he could feel his blood rumbling. However, with the boost of Eternal Immortality, he could still withstand their blows. At the same time, he could convert these damages received into experience points.

'Ding...Eternal Immortality experience points +100,000,000'

'Ding...Eternal Immortality experience points +100,000,000'


’’ARGH...!’’ Namo Saint Emperor howled out in chagrin. Just what sort of level was this fella's physical body state at for him to be completely fine even while he was being attacked by both him and Heaven Queen!

The higher one's physical body state got, the tougher it was to cultivate it further.

’’Heaven's Will! Yours Truly will make sure your head turns into that of a pig!’’ Lin Fan continued raining punch after punch on that face of the Heaven's Will. By now, there was no need to even resort to skills. Every single punch he dished out was filled with immense power. This feeling of punching directly in his face blow after after blow was way too great!

’’ARGH...!’’ Heaven's Will screamed. ’’B*STARD...!’’

Namo Saint Emperor and Heaven Queen continued to punch out at Lin Fan's back. In fact, they used all sorts of murderous moves. But to their dismay, it was as though this fella had no fear at all, as he disregarded them entirely.

Right now, Lin Fan was yelling in rage. Both of his fists were raining down quickly in a flurry like a thunderstorm. His punches were so quick and dense that one could neither catch the speed nor react to it.

As the energy of the punches was being sent through, the ground was getting sunken in. Within that deep trench that was forming, a series of wails were sending shivers down everyone's spines.

’’B*stard, why are you ONLY hitting me?!’’ Heaven's Will was totally stupefied right now. It wasn't as though he had murdered this guy's entire family, nor was it as though he was the only one present right now. But why was he the one being targeted so badly?!

’’Hmph! You're the one who deserves it! How dare you act cool in front of Yours Truly?! You don't have to f*king dream about escaping today!’’ Lin Fan's frenzied look caused the hearts of both Namo Saint Emperor and Heaven Queen to skip a beat.

Finally, they felt a deep sense of fear.

Just what sort of a man was this person?! How was he this strong?!

’’Can you stop whacking my face?!’’ Heaven's Will cried out. Even though he was the Heaven's Will, it was as though his face had lost every single last bit of feeling. All he could feel right now was numbness and swelling.

’’Hmph, fine...!’’ Upon hearing that, Lin Fan stood up.

Startled, both Namo Saint Emperor and Heaven Queen stumbled back a few steps. It was as though this kid was ready to take it out on them instead.

’’Heaven's Will! Yours Truly shall fulfill your request! I won't whack your face any longer any longer then. I'll use my legs to stomp your face!’’ Lin Fan raised his right leg. Infusing it with the power of the energy grid line chains, he stomped down harshly.




That sorrowful howl rang out into the skies. Never had the Heaven's Will ever imagined that he would have a day like this. To think that he would be beaten up by a life under his control, that too in such a humiliating manner!

’’Heaven Queen, what should we do?’’ Namo Saint Emperor was totally dumbfounded. He no longer knew what he should do anymore. By now, he knew that they were definitely no match for this lad with their current strength.

Heaven Queen looked at Namo Saint Emperor. That swollen face of hers had finally gotten normal. She then clenched her teeth and called out, ’’Lin Fan, you can't kill the Heaven's Will. Once the Heaven's Will dies, Cangling Continent will disappear. With that, everyone in it will die because of you.’’

The moment Heaven Queen finished her words, Lin Fan's actions stopped.

Namo Saint Emperor and Heaven Queen heaved out a sigh of relief. But in that instant, Heaven Queen's heart jerked. She had an ominous feeling. Her heart couldn't stop thumping especially after she caught sight of Lin Fan's expression.

’’W-what do you want?’’ Looking at Lin Fan who was approaching her slowly, Heaven Queen stumbled back yet another few steps.


A punch landed on Heaven Queen's face.

’’What do you think?’’

That peerlessly beautiful face of Heaven Queen which had just recovered started to swell up once more.

’’You can't do this...!’’


’’Oh, I can't? Then, when can I?’’ Each time the Heaven Queen spoke, Lin Fan punched.

’’Back then...’’


’’Back then your mother.’’ Once more, Lin Fan's punch landed on the Heaven Queen's eyes, turning her into a panda straight away.

’’WHAT DO YOU WANT?’’ Heaven Queen was totally at a loss right now as she finally screamed out.

’’What do I want? I'll let you know what I want.’’ what I want.’’ He sent out another punch with a massive thud sound. He did not hold back at all just because she was a peerless beauty.


’’Upper your mother.’’ Lin Fan did not give the latter a chance to speak. The moment she opened her mouth, she received yet another punch.

In the blink of an eye, that peerlessly beautiful face had turned into a pig's head. Other than that exquisite body which was still a sight to behold, everything else was disgusting and hard to take in.

Standing where he was, the Namo Saint Emperor was in a thorough daze right now. He would rather be killed by this fella instantly than to have to endure such torments.

The heart of the Heaven Queen was filled with boundless rage. Yet, at the same time, she was filled with a deep fear in front of this Lin Fan right now.

This was the difference between power. There was no room for her to retaliate at all.

’’Enough. Back then, I did not wish to annihilate Saint Devil Sect either, but...’’ Heaven Queen was finding it hard to speak right now.

’’Shut the f*ck up. You did what you did. There's no need to try reasoning it now.’’ The moment Lin Fan heard the Heaven Queen trying to come up with an excuse, he was filled with a newfound rage. At that moment, his eyes shone with a sparkle once more.

'Black Tiger Steals Heart!'

'Black Tiger Steals Heart!'


At that moment, Lin Fan's shadow hand appeared once more.


Lin Fan did not even know how many times he had struck out. It was so many that he couldn't even count any longer. Even the notifications by the systems were ringing continuously non-stop.


The moment Lin Fan stopped, a tragic wail rang through the skies. Heaven Queen had collapsed onto the ground entirely. Those eyes of hers were filled with an immense fear.

She had found out that...

Her chest...

Was about to...



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