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The Strongest System - Chapter 347


Chapter 347

Chapter 347: Overbearing Lin Fan

Translator: Lam Editor: Hitesh

'Ding...Eternal Immortality level up.'

'Eternal Immortality Level 5. (0/1,500,000,000)'

'Physical Body State: Greater celestial upper level.'


Upon hearing the notifications of the system, Lin Fan's heart leaped with joy.

Not bad, not bad!

This divine retribution did not let Yours Truly down indeed. And, he was glad he didn't waste those Biggras as well. To Zhang Ergou and the others, these pills were like a godly existence. Now that Yours Truly had fed this thing so many free pills, they had better be put to good use.

The lightning power of the divine retribution had already reached a point of extreme violence. But despite this, Lin Fan was not afraid in the least bit, allowing the thunderbolts to rain down on him continuously.

'Ding...Eternal Immortality experience points +70,000,000'

'Ding...Eternal Immortality experience points +70,000,000'


At this moment, Sha Dulong and the others are huddled in a bunch, hugging one another. They were almost unable to withstand all these terrorizing sights anymore as they were scared witless.

Scary...crazy scary!

Did humans even have the right to exist here any longer?!

’’Boss, please hold back! We're really afraid...!’’ The stumpy Sha Miexiong cowered behind Sha Dulong and quivered continuously.

His disposition aside, just the way the atmosphere was changing was enough to shock the bejabbers out of them.

The red clouds were flowing like blood right now. Coupled with the thick thunderbolts streaking in the skies, these were all signs of the world right before it was destroyed.

’’Don't worry. Watch and learn how your Boss robs the divine retribution.’’ Lin Fan replied confidently.

Sha Dulong and the others found their jaws dropping so far down they could nearly touch the ground. Robbing the divine retribution?! WHAT?!

Lin Fan looked at Sha Dulong and the others and felt that it was his obligation to give these guys another good lesson.

Taking out a huge amount of Biggras from his storage, he put on a wonderful pose before tossing them smack right in the middle of the divine retribution.

’’Today, your Boss shall show you what it's like to be the epitome of robbery.’’ Hands behind his back, Lin Fan's aura changed entirely once more.

This was the aura of a man who was deep and profound, filled with wisdom that no one could grasp.

Looking at how mighty and majestic their Boss seemed once more, Sha Dulong and the others got their sh*t together and began to look closely with a serious expression.

Pleased with their focused attention, Lin Fan continued, ’’There are many ways in life that one could tread on. While most commoners would snide at us for taking the path of robbery, your Boss here will show you that the path of robbery is in fact, the strongest path that one can ever take in life.’’

’’Utilizing the strength of others to compliment yourself, forming a peerless existence in this world. Do you guys understand?’’

Even at this moment, Lin Fan did not forget about his traditional trade of bullshitting.

’’Don't understand.’’ Sha Dulong and the others shook their heads, unable to comprehend the enigmatic words of their Boss. But despite that, they knew that it sounded like something really impressive.

’’It's okay if you don't understand. But never forget this: You didn't choose the robbery life;the robbery life chose you. Once you're on it, never ever give up. Let Boss show you guys what it means to be the robber of all robbers.’’ Lin Fan replied calmly.

Like chickens pecking down on rice, Sha Dulong and the others nodded their heads furiously.

Even though they could hardly understand the words of their Boss, they could understand the gist of it all. The Boss was just saying, 'The path of robbery is great. Never ever give up!'


The divine retribution underwent some changes once more. Those blood-like red skies started churning. Even those black thunderbolts changed into reddish blood thunderbolts.

’’Come on, divine retribution! Don't waste the pills of Yours Truly!’’ Lin Fan stood there and chided.

’’I-impossible...!’’ STILL pounding the ground, Chen Xuan hollered out.

The pain at this crotch was no longer just any other pain. At the same time, he was unable to control his body as he continued to penetrate Mother Nature.

This was all so humiliating for Chen Xuan.


The red thunderbolts in the divine retribution began to gather continuously. Within those red clouds, these thunderbolts that were flashing by were even thicker than the thick black ones.

A rain of red thunderbolts smote down from the divine retribution. Its target was Lin Fan, who has been continuously taunting all this while.

'Ding...Eternal Immortality experience points +100,000,000'

'Ding...Eternal Immortality experience points +100,000,000'


Looking at Lin Fan standing in this flurry of thunderbolts that looked like rain, Sha Dulong and the others were wide-eyed.

No matter how much of the world they thought they knew, there was no way they could have imagined or seen something like this in their entire lives.

’’HAHA! Not bad, not bad! You're not letting Yours Truly down indeed!’’ Lin Fan didn't even budge a single inch. Each time his skin was torn apart by this flurry of thunderbolts, Blood Sea worked hard to regenerate it instantly.

'Ding...Eternal Immortality experience points +100,000,000'

'Ding...Eternal Immortality level up.'

'Eternal Immortality Level 6. (0/2,000,000,000)'


Eternal Immortality leveled up but, Lin Fan's physical body state remained the same. Despite that, Lin Fan could still feel a significant difference in his resistance.

Lin Fan could not help but admire the system even further right now.

This rapid way of leveling up was pretty insane. Given the right opportunity, one could even surpass the gods easily.


Just as Lin Fan continued his mockery of the divine retribution, something shocking happened. The divine retribution stopped every single bit of motion, as if it had completely expended all its energy. There was now only a thunderbolt with the thickness of a thumb that was cruising around.

Weird. This was weird indeed.

’’Holy shit. Don't tell me that this divine retribution is a quick shooter. Is he all spent already?!’’ Lin Fan shrugged his head in disappointment.

’’Boss, is it over?’’ Sha Dulong and the others felt like they had just gone through the most horrifying experience that mankind had ever seen. The moment the divine retribution stopped rumbling, they heaved out a sigh of relief as well.

Even though he wasn't agreeable with the words of Sha Dulong and the others, Lin Fan could not help but admit that they were probably right. This divine retribution should be all wasted by now.

But no, definitely no! He had finally met with this chance. How could he let it go this easily?

’’divine retribution! Even if you must die from a lack of sperm today, I must make sure you satisfy Yours Truly!’’ With a furious shout, Lin Fan gave his storage a slap while countless Biggras flying out into the skies.

’’Go!’’ With a sweep of his robes, all the Biggras flew towards the divine retribution and erupted there.

’’STOP...!’’ Suddenly, a voice boomed out from the divine retribution.

But it was all too late.

The power of the Biggra had burst out in its face.


That thunderbolt with a thumb's thickness went into a frenzy once more. Fusing relentlessly, it seemed to be gathering all the thunder energy that was hidden within that divine retribution.

’’HAHA! I knew it...!’’ Lin Fan roared out in laughter. But this laughter did not last too long.

The thunderbolts that were rumbling in the skies did not strike down and just disappeared after a while.

Even though Lin Fan did not know what exactly was happening, there was only one way to describe this.

Lacking in 'bullets'.


The voice boomed out once more as the entire as the entire grounds shook.

Upon hearing this voice, Lin Fan frowned. He then shouted up in displeasure, ’’Hmph! You want Yours Truly to stop it? Then where would Yours Truly's face be from this day forth? Today, you shall experience what it means to push yourself to the limits even if you're all out of sperm! MAKE SOME SPERM EVEN IF YOU'VE GOT NO MORE SPERMS!’’


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