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The Strongest System - Chapter 304


Chapter 304: Not Much, Just Half

Even though the losses for Glory Sect this time round were considerable, they were still much better than Jiuxiao Sect. Jiuxiao Sect’s state was akin to having the entire sect destroyed entirely.

Grandmaster? Dead.

Senior Elders? Dead.

All of their strongest powerhouses were all dead. The burden on Xinfeng’s shoulders would be really heavy from now on.

As brothers, they had to help as much as they could. And even if they couldn’t, they still had to find a way to help out of their own losses.

Presently at the Grandmaster’s Peak, some of the Senior Elders of Glory Sect gathered with grim looks on their faces. They were supposed to be beings in a state where nothing much could affect their moods. But the events this time round had shattered even those steely hearts of theirs.

"Lin Fan, for the sect to be able to tide through the dire circumstances this time round, your credit is second to none. Is there any request you’d like to make?" Yan Hongyu inquired.

Lin Fan’s credit was the greatest of them all. If he had not returned in time, Glory Sect might have truly been desecrated with not a single survivor remaining.

For this, Yan Hongyu blamed himself as well. This was all because he did not put up any precautions against Han Yongyi, leading to those disastrous outcomes.

"Grandmaster, Senior Elders. We can discuss the matter of rewards later on. But right now, I want to know the reason why Xuanhuang World was divided into two. It was evident that the Grandmaster and the other Senior Elders of Jiuxiao Sect were invaded by some evil being. A being like that who could possess a greater celestial full cultivation being must be far from ordinary." Lin Fan asked without holding back. He knew that the Grandmaster and the others must know something about it at least.

As one of the top sects of the entire Dongling Continent, they must know of many secrets compared to others. No one in this world would decide to expend so much effort just to split Xuanhuang World into two for no reason. Also, that amount of strength wasn’t something any of these people present could possess. In fact, even Lin Fan, who had fused with the Eternal Arm, did not possess such capabilities.

At the same time, Lin Fan’s mind was filled with doubts. Even though being a greater celestial full cultivation was considered the peak of powers in this Xuanhuang World, but how could it be that case?

Let alone the mere Eternal Arm, that evil being must definitely possess more power than any greater celestial full cultivation being!

Also, now that the Eternal Arm and Eternal Donger had already made their appearance, where were the other body parts? And how many of them were there?

Everything. Every, single, thing, was a puzzle.

Yan Hongyu and the other Senior Elders glanced at one another before taking in a deep breath. Flicking his robes, a mysterious rock flew out of his sleeves. The rock looked extremely normal, with nothing special about it. However, a bright light screen suddenly emerged from it.

"Everything we know right now, you shall know soon as well." Yan Hongyu continued.

Looking at the projection formed by the light of this rock, Lin Fan frowned.

On the screen was displayed an image of Xuanhuang World, perfect as it was, before it was split into two. A figure stood in the image, mighty and strong, with an aura of superiority.

"Blah blah blah blah… The last sacred grounds of mankind shall not be easily trespassed!"

Suddenly, the figure grew larger than ever. Even though it was just a projection, Lin Fan was visibly shaken by the invisible aura that this image of the man was giving off. If he were present at that very moment, he would have most likely disintegrated into dust and dirt immediately.

With just a single punch, the Heavens rumbled. The energy grid lines began reversing, and with a single ray of bright light, Xuanhuang World was split entirely.

As though it had expended all its energy, that mighty figure started breaking apart. Six broken shards flew out in all directions and disappeared entirely.

Lin Fan identified what those six shards were. They were the Supreme Being Token Shards.

He stared at this projection for a really long time, unable to recover back to his senses.

He had already obtained one of the token shards right now. However, even the punch he had witnessed earlier in the token shard was nowhere near the power of this punch in the current projection.

In fact, even the Eternal Arm would definitely be no match for it.

Lin Fan was silent right now. After obtaining the Eternal Arm, he had thought that he was practically invincible. But he gradually realized how miniscule he was in the face of that power he had just witnessed as well. And the most shocking revelation was that there were still unknown dangers that laid awaiting outside the Xuanhuang World.

"And this is all that we know right now. Glory Sect has been established for 10,000 years, and we’ve been trying to seek out the truth behind it all. Our ancestors had spent countless years researching, but none of them could get to the root of it all. Perhaps the truth would only reveal itself after all six of the Supreme Being Token Shards are gathered…" Yan Hongyu continued.

"As for those evil beings who were able to invade the human body, there have been no records of such things. Hence, we’ve got no idea at all as well…"


"Grandmaster, this is not the urgent matter at hand. I suppose we’ve still got time to deal with it all. Let’s discuss the pressing matter right now." Lin Fan’s originally solemn look had now dissolved.

"This time around, to make the trip of tens of thousands of miles from Jiuxiao Sect back to Glory Sect, I made use of a tribute. With that, I used up half of Jiuxiao Sect’s treasure vault. I feel that even though Glory Sect’s losses were considerable, we did not lose as much as Jiuxiao Sect did. Therefore, my request is for Glory Sect to donate half of our treasure vault over to Jiuxiao Sect as compensation." While Lin Fan was going on with his sentence, he took keen notice of the look on the Grandmaster and the Senior Elders’ faces.

The moment he got to the part of donating half of Glory Sect’s treasure vault, the expressions of everyone turned into a pained one. It was as if someone wanted to cut a piece of their flesh away.

This was the treasure vault they were talking about! This place was filled with treasures that they had accumulated painstakingly over generations!

To lose half of it all in an instant, anyone would be heartbroken!

If it were just one or two, Yan Hongyu would have waved his hand dismissively and agreed instantly to show the generosity as the Grandmaster of a gigantic sect. However, giving half of it away was akin to robbing him of his life.

"Hais, why did I bother asking? I knew that all of you guys would definitely agree for sure with me after all. As I recalled, even at the brink of Jiuxiao Sect’s destruction, the guardian spirit within the treasure vault handed over all the treasures within the vault in an act of self-sacrifice. Upon knowing that I was rushing back to rescue Glory Sect, do you guys know what the treasure guardian spirit said to me?" Looking at everyone present, Lin Fan’s face gave off a look of shocked respect.

"What did he say?" Yan Hongyu and the others were curious. They knew of the treasure guardian spirits too. These were a bunch of selfish and greedy spirits who viewed their treasures as their lives. No one could be thirstier for treasures than them.

"He said that Glory Sect has been a bosom sect of Jiuxiao Sect for many generations! Even if he had to give up all of his treasures, he had to ensure the success of the tribute! And if that wasn’t enough, he was willing to sacrifice even his own life as a tribute! Guys, look at that! Is it too much to give Jiuxiao Sect half of our treasure vault for such kinship? No, right? If it were me, I couldn’t even wait to rush there right now to return this act of gratitude!" Lin Fan’s acting skills had risen again as his voice quivered, as though he was about to cry.

Yan Hongyu and the other Senior Elders looked at one another. An invisible current seemed to be passing through their eyes right now.

Yan Hongyu, ‘What should we do? This lad wants an entire half, gosh!’

Wuya, ‘Giving his heart away to the outsiders, how I wish I could kill him with a single slap right now. But we don’t seem to be his match anymore.’

Yan Zhanwen, ‘My heart is hurting right now. I don’t wish to think more about this.’

Lu Mingyang, ‘All the treasure guardian spirits in this world share the same pattern. Could the one back at Jiuxiao Sect really be this different?’

Yan Hongyu, ‘F*ck it. To give or not to give?’

Wuya, ‘Forget it. Since the lad has already put it this way, it’s obvious that he has already placed his entire heart on that brother of his at Jiuxiao Sect.’

Every one of them sighed deeply in their hearts.

"Cough…" Yan Hongyu retracted his eye contact and then coughed slightly. He then looked over at Lin Fan, "That’s right! Since Jiuxiao Sect has already done so much, the Glory Sect mustn’t let them down as well. Half then. I’ll hand you my token. Head over to the treasure vault yourself later and pick out the treasures with our guardian spirit."

The moment Lin Fan heard these words, he grinned, "Our Grandmaster is wise and magnanimous indeed."

"Hmm." Yan Hongyu nodded his head. Even though his face was solemn, his heart was pained beyond words. He was just putting on a strong front right now.



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