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The Strongest System - Chapter 301


Chapter 301: We...Won!

"Did you guys…see that?!? Junior Master Lin is simply too strong!" A disciple shouted exclaimed out excitedly.

"I saw it! I saw it!" Some of the other disciples in could only stare wide-eyed at this, speechless.

"Power be to Junior Master Lin…!"

"Long life to Junior Master Lin…!"

To these disciples who had barely grazed through death’s door, Lin Fan’s blazing punch had completely given them hope for life once more.

Zhang Ergou and the others were equally stumped as well. Since when did their Master turn THIS strong?!? Blowing off the head of a greater celestial full cultivation being with just a single punch?!? That was bloody terrifying!

"Since when did this lad turn this overpowered…?" Senior Elder Wuya mumbled in disbelief. Grandmaster Yan looked at Lin Fan with equally shocked eyes. He could feel the horror of that single punch. If he himself was in the position of that man, he might end up in the same state.

Towards that, Grandmaster Yan felt a little dampened. If only Lin Fan had returned earlier…


But Yan Hongyu shook his head right after. How were there so many things in this world which could go the way they willed it to?

‘Ding…congratulations on killing greater celestial full cultivation being.’

‘Ding…experience points +800,000,000.’


Tossing the corpse in his storage sack, Lin Fan then looked up once more.

Han Yongyi was frowning right now. That had not gone the way he had expected it to. Behind him, the other Senior Elders shuddered momentarily as well. They could feel the horror seeping within them. Even though that punch looked to be extremely normal, they could sense an unstoppable force that was surging through it.

Lin Fan could see through Han Yongyi right now. That black mist that was coiling around his body resembled what happened to Liang Yichu. He was taken over by something. But Lin Fan could not make out what it was.

But none of these mattered to Lin Fan. After all, all of them must die.

"Not bad, lad, not bad…" Han Yongyi gave off a cold laugh without a single bit of fear. However, just as he did that, something shocking happened.

"I don’t wish to waste my time talking anymore. All of you can go and die." Lin Fan glared at Han Yongyi coldly before throwing out a punch.

Suddenly, a massive amount of energy erupted from Lin Fan’s body. The energy from his right arm collided non-stop with the void around it. Small explosions occurred around Lin Fan’s right arm as he passed through the sky. Those black sutras gave off a gleaming bright light.

"Go and die…!" Lin Fan roared in anger. His single fist was enough to destroy the Heavens as he caused the void around him to rip apart destructively.

Feeling this massive energy surging towards them, the Senior Elders behind Han Yongyi’s back were turning pale as well.

"Insolent…!" Han Yongyi yelled out in anger as well. All the dark energy he had taken within his body was now being released as he was covered in denser and denser black mist. This aura was frightening to behold.

Lin Fan’s fist approached. That overpowering fist shone brightly, bathed in a golden light. This was a fist that was infused with both True Energy and the power of the energy grid lines, strong enough to wreck the entire Heavens.

Roaring in anger, Han Yongyi used both of his hands to defend against the punch. However, he realized in horror that he could not block it entirely.


That mighty fist was unstoppable, holding onto Han Yongyi within it in an instant.


A tragic cry rang out from the chaotic skies.

All the Glory Sect disciples looked up into the skies, wondering what was happening within that mess.

Grandmaster Yan and the others were also looking at the sky in equal shock. They could feel the immense amount of energy within that single punch, causing their hearts to be thumping right now.

Lin Fan stood there looking coldly. He could not help but raise his evaluation of Han Yongyi.

To think that he could still survive that single punch.

"Argh…impossible…!" Han Yongyi’s voice permeated through the skies. As the bright light started clearing, all the disciples looking up at the skies could not help but gasp.

Like the incarnation of a demon lord, that mighty Han Yongyi had lost half of his body with that single blow. Fresh blood was spraying down from the sky, and the scene was extremely gory to behold.

Lin Fan frowned. Seemed like he had to take note of his limits from now on. If he were to blow the other half of the body apart as well, then he would have nothing to smelt out of it anymore.

Yan Hongyu and the others were just stumped beyond words right now. To think that Lin Fan would grow to such a level...!

"Ah…! Junior Master Lin is too strong!"

"Junior Master Lin, kill him!"

‘Glory be to Junior Master Lin…!"

"Thank goodness Junior Master Lin is around, or we’d be dead right now!"

While cheering, all the Glory Sect disciples could not help but feel relieved as well. This was too close for comfort! Too close!

"Grandmaster…!" The numerous Senior Elders of the Jiuxiao Sect looked in horror as the blood in the faces was draining rapidly. To think that the invincible Grandmaster they revered would have half of his body blown off with a single strike! How was that possible?!?

They wanted to run, but something horrifying happened in that instant.

Leaping from where he was, Lin Fan appeared right before them.

"Hmph, since you guys came, all of you shall stay here then."


With a single slap, a Senior Elder of Jiuxiao Sect cried out in agony before dropping down from the skies heavily.

‘Ding…congratulations on killing greater celestial full cultivation being.’

‘Ding…experience points +800,000,000.’

‘Ding…congratulations on leveling up.’

‘Lesser celestial middle level. (10,000,000/3,000,000,000).’


"Wow! Look at Junior Master Lin! He killed that person with a single palm slap!"

"Junior Master Lin is too domineering!"

"Ha! Kill off Glory Sect? Do you guys have what it takes with Junior Master Lin around?!?"

Looking at the bodies dropping down from the skies one by one, the Glory Sect disciples were exhilarated beyond words. They felt like their hearts could explode from this excitement right now.

"To think that Junior Master Lin would be strong to this extent!" Zong Hentian stared dumbfoundedly at the bodies dropping down from the skies one by one. He had entered a petrified state of shock as well.

Lu Yan gripped his fist tightly. He had wanted to prove to this man that it was his mistake for not selecting him in the past. However, looking at what was happening right now, he had realized that it was all wishful thinking on his own part. How laughable his earlier thoughts seemed right now.

All the Jialan Peak disciples were filled with emotion right now. On the one hand, they were extremely heartbroken that their Peak master had died. But on the other hand, they were extremely riled up watching these people who had caused the death of their master fall one by one.

"Don’t kill me…!" One of the Senior Elders of Jiuxiao Sect was shivering from head to toe, looking at the sight of this person that was even more like a death god than a death god itself.

"Hmph. To think that you’re a greater celestial being. Even your sect’s disciples had more guts. You ought to die!" Lin Fan replied in disdain.


Yet another slap and the Jiuxiao Sect’s Senior Elder swung down towards the ground like a kite broken off from its thread.

‘Ding…congratulations on leveling up.’

‘Lesser celestial upper level. (100,000,000/4,000,000,000).’

After killing off all the Senior Elders, Lin Fan turned around and looked straight at Han Yongyi.

"You’re the only one left now. I’ve got to see just how much capability you’ve got now to destroy MY Glory Sect." Lin Fan hollered in anger. That overbearing presence of Lin Fan repressed Han Yongyi’s heart with immense pressure.

"Grandmaster…!" Just then, Xinfeng ran over from the distance. Looking at that figure in the skies, he did not know what to feel as well.

"HAHA! You wanna kill me? Not so easy…! I shall have the entire Glory Sect accompany me in my burial today!" Screaming in rage, a black mist surged up into the skies as a sinister aura let loose from his body.

"He wants to self-destruct!" Looking at what was happening, Senior Elder Wuya exclaimed out in shock.

"HAHA…! Don’t think that you can win! Everyone in the Xuanhuang World must die…!" Han Yongyi continued with his maddened cries. He had reached the epitome of his aura, ready to explode at any moment.

"Hmph. Dumbf*ck…!" Lin Fan snorted coldly before flashing over to Han Yongyi’s side.

"You…!" Han Yongyi glared at Lin Fan with unbelievable hatred.

"Go and self-destruct on your own." Lin Fan touched Han Yongyi’s half body and continued shouting.

"Get the f*ck into my Heaven and Earth Smelt!"

And just like that, Han Yongyi’s body disappeared miraculously from the skies without a single trace left. Standing from the skies, Lin Fan looked down at the entire Glory Sect and opened his arms wide.


One by one, these words spread through the ears of the Glory Sect disciples. Everyone followed with a cheer.

"WE WON…!!!"

The disciples were hugging one another and crying out emotionally. They had thought that they would die right then and there. To think that Junior Master Lin would appear and turn the tides.



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