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The Strongest Knights ~The Strongest One Is Not The Leader, But Seems To Be The Cook~ - Chapter 16


Chapter 16

On the following day, Leader went to the royal castle in crutches.

「The recent event has been such a misfortune.」

「Yes, even now, I cannot believe it.」

「46 knights from the Lint Bloom Order, including the vice captain, lost their lives. Furthermore, the one calling himself Demon Lord was subjugated by Kio.」

「Yes, actually, Kio had a certain skill...」

Leader told the King all about Kio's skill.

Of course, he got Kio's permission.

By the way, there was no need to talk to Kio about the current matter at hand.

After all, the one who saw the Demon Lord die was the leader of the Oukoku Order.

「I see, however, do not tell anyone about this matter.」

「I understand.」

「So now, what is the Lint Bloom Kishidan planning to do now?」

「I think I will gather more comrades from now on.」

「That's true, the Lint Bloom name has not disappeared after all.」

Leader returned to the inn and said,

「We're going to start gathering comrades from now on. I think it'll take about a month, so please stay here.」

「I see, I understand.」

He said 「See you」, and left.

「Sigh, what should I do until Leader comes back?」

After contemplating much,

「Well, if it isn't Kio? Where's Leader?」

The leader of Oukoku Order called out to me.

「Leader went to go gather new comrades.」

「I see, so you're watching house?」

「What are you going to do until Leader comes back?」

「I was thinking about that just now.」

「Oh, how about that? A food cart or something.」

「A food cart?」

「Well, since your food is yummy. I think it'll sell.」

「O-h, a cart, huh... That sounds good, I think I'll try doing it.」

「Ohh! I see, I see. Well, if you'd excuse me, I have some matters to attend to.」

「Ah, I see. Thank you very much.」

「Yeah. If you do it, tell me, I'll definitely come to eat!」

Okay, it might be good to try to do a food cart.

I'll be free for a month anyways.

「Hm~mm, what should I do?」

On that day, without thinking, I fell asleep.

On the next day,


「Huh, what's wrong Leader? Did you forget something?」

「No, that's not it. More important than that! The monsters have disappeared!!」


「It's what I said! The monsters have disappeared all over the world!」


「According to the King, somehow all the monsters have been eliminated as a result of defeating the Demon Lord.」

「One theory is that the monsters were the Demon Lord's creations. They think that since the Demon Lord died, the other monsters could not exist. 」


「Yeah, because of that, the whole country, no, the whole world is in an uproar. Since all of the monsters are gone, you know.」

「Is it possible that the adventurers are...?」

「Yeah, the adventurer guilds are terrible right now. They're all scrambling for unwanted requests like weeding and drain cleaning. I mean, their jobs were monster subjugation. It's obvious they would have no work.」

Because of me, the adventurers have no work.

「Ah, what's going to happen to the Kishidan!?」

「Well, the Kishidan isn't only doing monster subjugation. I don't think we'll disappear?」

「I see, that's good.」

「At any rate, don't tell anyone that you were the one who defeated the Demon Lord. The leader of the Oukoku Kishidan, the King, and I have decided that we won't say it to anyone.」

「I- I understand.」

After our conversation, I hurriedly went outside the gate and blew at the flute.

However, no matter how much time passed, Chimera-san did not come.

Anyhow, I lost the will to think about the food cart after today's talk.

My head hurt that day, so I went to sleep.

「Kio-san, Kio-san. Please wake up.」

Who is it this late at night?

When I opened my eyes, I saw around me a completely white room.

「Kio-san, do you remember me?」

「Eh... Ah! The God who reincarnated me!」

「That's right, it's been a while.」

「Yes, same here.」

「By the way, Kio-san, you did something, didn't you?*」 *TL: God implying guilt here.

「Ah! I- I'm sorry! I didn't know it would turn out like this. Such unthinkable things happened.」

「No, the matter has passed, so it is fine. More than that, what are you planning to do from now on?」

「... I don't know.」

「More than the problem of the monsters disappearing, the many people who subjugated monsters for a living have lost their jobs. What is the thing you are able to do for them?」

「I'm sorry, I don't understand.」

「You have the power to cook. How about opening a store for adventurers and the like?」

「A store... do you mean a restaurant?」

「Yes, what kind is up to you. And I will grant you this skill.」

「The skill 「Creation」 allows you to create the things you imagine out of thin air. Use this skill and save the people through your food. I'm not saying all of the people. Just save the people in front of your eyes. 」

「Th- thank you very much.」

「I request thtat you only use your skill for good things. Now, I wish you the best.」

「Suddenly, it became bright and in the next moment, I woke up in my bed.」

「A store, huh? ...Might as well try.」


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