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The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 59


The Strongest Dan God Chapter 59 - Peak of 5th Stage

Chapter 59 - Peak of 5th Stage

Translated by: Andy

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’’I got it.’’ Liu Bingqian nodded. She was very adept in alchemy and was very quick. Under Ye Zifeng's command, she was able to use her qi to light up all of the stars.

When that happened, a violent qi energy swirled up in the cauldron and rushed into the sky. When the thirty two stars all lit up, it condensed together and formed the starlight diagram.

On the very top of the diagram, a translucent clear pill appeared. The pill resembled nature itself. It continuously absorbed the qi that surrounded it. A golden glow appeared around the pill.

Profound Grade Golden Marrow Pill, Completed!

Liu Bingqian looked clearly at the profound grade Golden Marrow Pill on top of the diagram. Her eyes showed that she didn't believe that this was real.

’’I would have never thought that I, Liu Bingqian, would have the honor to help concoct and complete a profound grade pill. Rough Guy Ge Ge, you're so awesome!’’ Her eyes were sparkling as she complimented him.

Ye Zifeng smiled, ’’I told you to trust me.....’’

’’Well now I do.’’

An embarrassed expression appeared in Liu Bingqian's eyes, ’’Wow. Since you're so strong. Maybe I'll look forward to the alchemy competition this this.’’

Ye Zifeng was confused and asked, ’’What do you mean?’’

’’You might not know about the competition but this isn't my first time attending the alchemy competition. Every time I go and represent Leizhou City, I would not even get placed. I'm actually pretty scared to go back....’’

If someone was not placed for many competitions, they would not want to go back.

Ye Zifeng was startled and immediately replied, ’’Actually. It's not a bad idea to send you. In the big Leizhou City, you're the only huang tier alchemist. Without any support, how can you get a good placement?’’

’’Yeah. In Leizhou City, everyone sees me as the number one alchemist. However, outside of Leizhou City, I'm basically a nobody.

Saying that, Liu Bingqian showed a lonely and dejected expression, making Ye Zifeng pity her.

She the suddenly smiled, ’’Alright let's not talk about this. Now, take this Golden Marrow Pill.

She picked up the Golden Marrow Pill and put it on Ye Zifeng's hand.

Ye Zifeng nodded. When he was about to use it, he felt that something was not right.

He stopped and looked over at Bingqian, ’’Hold on. Since you want me to take the pill, why are you still here?’’

From his experience, every time that someone takes the pill, they would feel a lot of pain. A profound grade Golden Marrow Pill will definitely make a qi refining stage disciple like Ye Zifeng feel a lot more pain. That is the only way that one is able to absorb the energy from the pilll. Only when one makes sure that no one is around would one intake a pill.

Ye Zifeng thought to himself: As a girl, she should be running away. It's not polite if she stands there and watch.

Liu Bingqian smiled, ’’It's not like you're taking off your clothes or something. Why do I have to leave. Also, if something happens while you use this profound grade pill, it's better if someone is watching you. Don't worry. I won't tell other people what happened.

As an alchemist, she naturally knew the side effects of using a pill. The pills can help people increase their cultivation but they would also make them feel a lot of pain and can be very dangerous.

’’That's not good! When I use a pill, I'm always by myself. I can handle it. I don't need anyone else watching me.’’

Ye Zifeng was saying whatever that was in his mind. He really didn't know how to deal with girls. Especially brazen girls like Liu Bingqian.

Liu Bingqian softly grumbled, ’’Hmph. So stingy. I helped you concoct the pill before and now you're telling me to leave? So after I become useless, you're just going to kick me out?’’

Ye Zifeng's mouth began to twitch, ’’Little Ancestor please. Did you forget that I was the one telling you what to do? This is your good fortune. Even if people begged, I wouldn't have taught them.

Liu Bingqian thought about it and felt that he was right. She had continuously begged her master before and he still didn't teach her how to concoct a profound grade pill. Ye Zifeng on the other hand, slowly explained everything and taught her carefully. This was a priceless experience for her!

’’Fine. I won't force you to let me stay then. Oh yeah. If my father doesn't oppose in letting you come with me, I'll go and tell you. Then.... I'm leaving...’’

’’Alright. I'll be waiting for your news.’’ Ye Zifeng cupped his hands a bowed, ’’Also, this time, I really have to thank you for helping me out. In the future, you can use this profound tier cauldron whenever you want.’’

Hearing this, Liu Bingqian was very excited, ’’Why are you being so polite with me. We're basically family.’’

Saying this, she felt like she was going too fast and blushed.

’’Sorry. I meant.....’’

When she wanted to explain what she meant, she saw Ye Zifeng carefully examining the pill.

Ye Zifeng then lifted his head up and asked, ’’What happened? Did you want to say anything else?’’

Bingqian's face changed immediately, ’’Nothing. I wanted to say that I'm leaving!’’

Ye Zifeng laughed, ’’So that's what you wanted to say. Well be careful. Sorry I won't be seeing you off.’’

Liu Bingqian originally wanted to hide in the dark and secretly watch Ye Zifeng. However, she remembered how indifferent and uninterested Ye Zifeng looked when he replied and angrily walked away.

When she walked for a few steps, she suddenly stopped and turned around, ’’Should I be looking forward to this year's competition?’’

Ye Zifeng looked up again and laughed, ’’Don't worry about it. This time, if I'm there, Leizhou City will definitely not be unranked!’’

Liu Bingqian giggled, ’’If you say so then.’’

Saying that, she finally left.

Ye Zifeng watched as she disappeared and then looked at the pill once agian.

In every realm, a practitioner cannot use the same pill more than three times.

Ye Zifeng had used three huang grade Golden Marrow Pills before so as long as he's in the qi refining real, he cannot use another huang grade golden marrow pill or else his life will be in danger.

However, a profound grade pill was different from a huang grade pill so it won't be dangerous. This was the reason why he wanted to upgrade his cauldron and concoct profound grade pills.

With this pill, he can now make something that he can use.

Next time, when he gets more contribution points, he will make the remaining two pills.

If he is lucky, then maybe he can get something better during the competition in Tiandao City.

Ye Zifeng looked at the pill in his hand and licked it. He then slowly absorbed the energy from the pill and finally put the pill in his mouth.

Let's go.

Even though he didn't directly bite into the pill, a large amount of energy entered his body. However, he quickly moved it into his arms.

However, this time, it was different. The veins on his arms continuously expanded and the red lines became brighter and brighter. Suddenly, his veins couldn't handle the energy and exploded. His veins continuously exploded and blood splattered everywhere.

Ye Zifeng was calm as if nothing happened. He didn't care about it. It was a good thing for him. It didn't matter if it was his arms. He continuously moved the energy into his arms. If he didn't do so, the next thing that will explode might be his heart.

Like the first time, Ye Zifeng's arms suddenly started to absorbed the power of the pill. His arms slightly lit up and his arms were slowly recovering. He wasn't bleeding anymore.

’’Finally. You're finally starting to absorb the power from this profound grade Golden Marrow Pill.

Ye Zifeng smiled.

’’Good. The more you absorb, the stronger you'll be in the future. If you have the ability, then try and absorb all the energy from this pill.

Ye Zifeng closed his eyes and thunder qi started to gather around his palms. After his arms recovered, he slowly started to absorb the energy from the golden marrow pill as well.

The qi circulated throughout his body and entered every single one of his cells.

Ye Zifeng started to feel the effects of the pill. His heart felt as if it was going to explode. He can feel the change that was happening in his body.

He waited for a while and took a deep breath. Without thinking of the consequences, he bit down on the golden marrow pill in his mouth.

At that time, a dark red light flew directly into his dantian. The soul spirit in his body noticed this and started to move this energy from his dantian into his arms.

After a while, his arms were filled with the power from the Golden Marrow Pill. Only a portion of the pill was actually absorbed by his body.

Suddenly, Ye Zifeng took a deep breath and opened his eyes.

’’Great! Not only did I break through into the fifth stage, I've reached the peak of the fifth stage!’’


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