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The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 210


The Strongest Dan God Chapter 210 - Returning Gratitude and Grudges

Translated by: Last


Ye Zifeng would not speak empty words.

With Liu Bingqian's current situation, even if she was able to win, she would collapse and fall ill with the injuries she received.

After all, the Two-headed Ice Wolf was something that the Sect Elders had prepared the Wang Clan. They hoped that Wang Tianzhi would shock the masses by chopping this wolf's head. And then, win the position of the Profound Sect's exchange student.

Who could have known that Wang Tianzhi would be beaten up by Ye Zifeng and remained unconscious until now.

As a result, the team that faced the Two-headed Ice Wolf now became the Liu Clan.

’’Cough......cough cough.’’

Liu Bingqian heavily gasped for breath. Every time she raised her hand to send out her qi, it seemed as if her hand were heavy as lead as her movements slowly became sluggish. The corner of her mouth had a bloodstain and would occasionally overflow. It was clear that she had received heavy injuries.

Naturally, the Ice Wolf was not in a better situation. Although the Liu Clan was not strong, they relied on their cooperation and cohesion to make things difficult for him.

It could not attack them, and its qi was gradually vanishing. If this were to continue on, it would have been killed just like this.

’’Continue to maintain the formation. Everyone, do not relax. As long as we persevere until the end, we will become the first team to finish this sect mission.’’ Liu Bingqian exerted herself to speak as she suppressed the blood that surged upwards.

’’Big Sis Bingqian......’’ Liu Ningzi was the closest to her sister so she understood what was her body's current situation.

With her body like this, would she be able to brace herself to that point in time?

The Ice Wolf being drained like this was clearly anxious. After it dug out the ground a few times with its huge claws, it loudly roared as the qi inside its body suddenly burst out. A faint white light was faintly being produced from its back.


Suddenly, pieces of small ice spikes were produced from behind it. It had gathered its qi and released a bone piercing chill.

Everyone's expression became filled with fear. They stared blankly at Liu Bingqian as they expected her to make her move. This was because their formation alone would not be able to block this kind of attack.

Liu Bingqian gritted her teeth: ’’Everyone, do not panic. Stand in your position and do not leave. Continue to maintain the formation and prepare to defend. Leave these ice spikes to me.’’

’’O, ok...’’ In the Liu Clan team, the main pillar was Liu Bingqian. As long as she does not collapse, they would not be terrified.

But like this, Liu Bingqian would be maintaining the formation and also carrying other huge responsibilities at the same time.

Just as expected, they experience another hail of ice spikes.

And they were once again blocked by her.

However, Liu Bingqian wrinkled her brows as beads of sweat trickled down the side of her ears. Her face was as pale as a sheet of paper. She supported her head as if she was about to faint.

’’Big Sis Bingqian, are you okay? If you can't handle it, don't push it anymore.’’ Liu Ningzi's charming face was filled with worry.

From childhood to now, Liu Bingqian was stubborn on the path of alchemy. No matter who it was, she would not listen to them. She would put it into practice from start to end. Now that she had determined to fight with this Ice Wolf, she would obviously press on.

’’No...... no problem. I can still fight.’’ Liu Bingqian looked up and saw the Ice Wolf's situation. She smiled when she saw the Ice Wolf weakened after releasing this fierce move.

In her eyes, this was just like long-distance running. Who could endure to the end will be the victor.

The Two-headed Ice Wolf powerlessly howled. After hearing this, it was clear that it was exhausted, as a result it retreated a few steps, showing signs that it was about to escape.

’’Want to run?’’ Liu Bingqian had already used so much energy to fight it. Why would she simply let it run away? She naturally chased after it.

Who knew that the Ice Wolf was only pretending to run away. When it saw Liu Bingqian chase after it, the Ice Wolf's eyes lit up as it once again leapt forward and swipe at her.

Fortunately, when Liu Bingqian went after it, she had prepared herself.

When the Ice Wolf suddenly attacked, she once again brandished her jade dagger and strike the wolf's head.

Fresh blood spurted out from midair. It was Liu Bingqian's and also the Ice Wolf's.

It almost happened at the same time.

After the collision, they both retreated 3 meters back.

Liu Bingqian had once again received internal injury as she spat out blood.

’’Big Sis Bingqian, what's wrong? Don't be stubborn anymore. Please listen to me. As I see it, we should just use our life saving medallions......’’


’’But, I'm afraid that your body won't last.’’

Liu Bingqian's eyes flashed with determination and said: ’’I......I'm fine. I can still stand up.’’

As if she did not her little sister's help, she inserted the dagger on the ground and strived to stand up.

Just like how she was concocting pills, without giving up and continuing to be diligent, this was how she became Lei Zhou City's number 1 alchemist.

Her reasoning right now was the same. Since she had used do much energy to fight the Ice Wolf, she would not fall down and admit defeat.

She muttered with a mosquito like voice: ’’During the Heavenly Clan Gathering, during the Alchemy Competition, it was still fine. But I must win over Big Brother Rough Guy in this sect mission.’’

Seeing that she could not persuade her sister, Liu Ningzi could only look around her: ’’Does anyone have pills that could help Big sis recover from her injury in a short time. Anything is fine, just one piece.’’

Everyone looked at each other after listening but they shook their heads. If they were asked for normal Qi Increasing Pills, they had them. But a pill that could heal an injury in a short time was too expensive and they have no money to buy such a thing.’’

’’This......what should we do.’’ Liu Ningzi deeply wrinkled her brows. She felt incredibly helpless.

She was worried about Big Sis Bingqian's injury but faced with such circumstances.


At this time, a familiar voice came from behind Liu Bingqian.

’’Sister Bingqian, I am Liu Yige. I have come to deliver pills.’’

’’Liu Yige?’’ Everyone was stunned when they heard this. It was as if their bodies were struck by lightning.

Wasn't he moved to the Xiao Clan's team? Why did he appear here? Could it be that the Xiao Clan's team had already entered the Crystal Valley?

Liu Ningzi payed attention to the other meaning in his words. A pleasant surprise flashed in her eyes: ’’Yige, what did you just say? You came to deliver pills?’’

’’That's right. Sister Bingqian had received such heavy injuries. I...... I just happen to pass through, so I would naturally help out. This pill should help Sister Bingqian recover from her injury.’’

’’Just happen to pass through?’’ Liu Bingqian furrowed her eyebrows as she was clearly in doubt.

’’That's right. I had already separated from the Xiao Clan's team.’’ Liu Yige laughed, wishing to cover his poor excuse with laughter.

He had hot-headedly charged over without thinking any excuses. Now, he was very embarrassed.

’’Do you really mean it? Is this pill really so miraculous?’’ Liu Ningzi blinked at the unexpectedly good news.

She had grown up with Liu Yige so she would not display any wariness against him.

’’Ye......yeah.’’ Liu Yige thought to himself. Since this pill was given by the first place in the Alchemy Competition Ye Zifeng, its quality need not need to be questioned.

Although she was still in doubt, Liu Bingqian knew that the Ice Wolf would not give her anytime to think about this.

As it adjusted its breath, it once again begun leaping towards Liu Bingqian's position. As it suddenly pounced, its qi once again swept over and Liu Bingqian once again strived to block it. Her charming face became paler than before.

’’Big Sis Bingqian, don't think about it too much. Yige had already stayed in the Liu Clan for so long, he would never harm you.’’

’’This......’’ Liu Bingqian wrinkled her brows as she thought for a bit. It was true that she and Liu Yige would never look at each other in the eyes, but she did not believe that Liu Yige would do something to harm her.

She felt that there was something wrong, but facing a powerful enemy, her own qi was exhausted, and the situation was too dire.

’’I won't think about it anymore. Let's do this...’’

Liu Bingqian nodded and looked at the Ice Wolf like a tiger watching its prey. She only saw it move a few steps and once again moved towards her.

She looked down at the pill Liu Yige gave her.

In one mouthful, she swallowed it down...

In a split second, a thick spirit energy came from the pill. It had steadily flowed into Liu Bingqian's dantian.

’’Impossible, it's this effective?’’

Confusion flashed in Liu Bingqian's eyes. Without any neglect, she directly brandished the newly replenished qi recklessly towards the Ice Wolf. The Ice Wolf could not foresee that in such a short time, its opponent seemed to have become a different person and her qi rose.

It could not endure the power and pierced by Liu Bingqian in the abdomen. Fresh blood flowed down as it was in incredible in pain. It was forced to use its cold qi to freeze its injury. At the same time, it retreated a few steps.

Liu Bingqian was amazed and let out a happy expression.

Liu Yige, you did well this time. I have blamed you wrongly. That right, where did you get this pill, it's too miraculous.’’

Hearing Liu Bingqian's praise, Liu Yige was pleased beyond his senses as he laughed mischievously: ’’Of course it is. It was given by Young Master Zifeng after all. How could it be bad?’’

’’Young Master Zifeng?’’ The people of the Liu Clan sucked in cold air. Their mouths gradually opened wide as if they were swallowing a whole egg.

Liu Bingqian was filled with surprise. She did not even move as if she had lost her senses.

’’Impossible. Ye Zifeng, the people of the Ye Clan are here?’’

She had wanted to rely on her own strength to finish this sect mission and impressively win against Ye Zifeng. But now, she had received his help.


Xiao Mu looked at the situation that was happening far away. He doubtfully looked at Ye Zifeng: ’’Young Master Ye, I still cannot understand, why did you would give Liu Bingqian such a good Spirit Pill?’’

Ye Zifeng calmly smiled: ’’I had been graced by Bingqian before, so I won't scheme against her.’’

He paused for a moment and let out a ferocious smile: ’’But, I don't have the same good intentions towards the other members. Think. Once the Ice Wolf notices that it could not break through from Liu Bingqian, who do you think it would choose to deal with next?’’

’’This......’’ Xiao Mu became stunned when he heard it. He looked at Ye Zifeng's expression and became frightened.

Giving the pill was to save someone but it was also to cheat someone.

It was killing two birds with one stone.

’’It's time. Just as I told you, it has begun......’’ Ye Zifeng smiled as he pointed far away.


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