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The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 208


The Strongest Dan God Chapter 208 - Break through!

Translated by: Last

Ye Huichi's mysterious disappearance made every Liu Clan member incredibly amazed.

However, this was not something they should be thinking about right now.

The Two-headed Ice Wolf's attack had missed its target. It quickly turned its enmity towards them.

A loud roar came from its mouth. Every Time it exhaled, the wall and rocks in front of it became frozen. The wisps of white mist that came from his mouth were filled with powerful qi.

’’Everyone stay calm. Follow the Liu Clan's battle position and get into position. We must attack together. We still have a chance to turn things around.’’

Liu Bingqian came to her senses as she unflinchingly spoke.

For good or for worse, she had already mingled with Ye Zifeng for a while now. Even if she did not learn his methods, she was able to keep calm when she meets dangerous situations like these and not panic around like a housefly.

Ye Zifeng's existence was able to make her mature.

’’However...... Big Sis Bingqian, I am afraid that we are not its opponent. It's too strong.’’ Liu Ningzi's beautiful eyes overflowed with worry.

’’It is exactly like that. Let alone this mission, we had also fought the previous two missions with difficulty. This is nothing new.’’

A cold light flashed in Liu Bingqian's charming face: ’’Why are you still not moving. Those who are afraid to move forward should immediately use your life saving medallions...’’

’’Big Sis Bingqian, you......’’

’’Ningzi, if you want to run away, I will not complain.’’

Liu Bingqian's words were like hammers smashing on everyone's hearts.

She didn't even give her own sister any face, how could they expect it for themselves.

’’What should we do, attack or run away?

Everyone's heart thumped once as they couldn't help asking this question.

Bingqian's question could be said to have penetrated deep into their hearts. As a result, they were now thinking about this clearly. When the battle happens, there should be no more hesitation.

’’Okay, Miss Bing, we will listen to you. This time, let us fight together...’’

’’That's right Big sis. We have painstakingly accomplished the first two missions. There is no reason for us to admit defeat. I was only saying my opinion a while ago.’’

Once two to three people took the lead, the moods of the people around them would be spurred. In the blink of an eye, everyone's mentality had recovered from panic.

Although the Two-headed Ice Wolf was strong, it was still part of the Sect Mission. It was a fierce beast that had been carefully considered by the elders. They would most likely not go to far as to give them a life and death mission.

Thinking about this, everyone's spirit trembled with energy. They rolled up their sleeves for the battle as they followed Liu Bingqian's orders in using the Liu Clan's formation. They stood in their respective positions.

The Liu Clan's formation was created by the Clan founder Liu Mu. After it was improved by a few elders from the Profound Sect, it strength had improved a lot.

However, the Liu Clan's team still gathered around before the fight begun. This was the second time they were going to use the formation. The first time they used it was during the second mission. As a result, they only have a rough understanding of how much power they can exert.

’’Enter the formation...’’ After Liu Bingqian spoke these words, everyone raised their heads and gulped as a heavy atmosphere drifted around them.


After speaking in chorus, everyone supported their left hands with their right as they poured qi on the ground from their position. A faint glimmer appeared on the ground surface as it generated ripples.

’’Big Sis Bingqian, we're ready.’’ Liu Ningzi sweetly spoke as she adjusted her mood and surveyed the surroundings.

’’Then begin mobilizing the formation...’’ Liu Bingqian nodded her head as her gaze was filled with a firm resolution.


Just as the Liu Clan had begun working as one and about to start the crucial part of the formation, a dark shadow slowly walked out from far away. It stared at their current situation.

The corner of his mouth raised into a smile: ’’Being able to adjust their moods in such a short time and guide everyone in using the Liu Clan's formation, it seems that Bingqian made huge improvements. To think that the first time we met, she was making trouble without reason. But now, she clearly understood the how to carry her responsibilities.’’

Xiao Mu and Liu Yige were standing on his two sides. They exchanged glances that were filled with surprise.

Xiao Mu mischievously laughed: ’’Young Master Ye, I understand why you brought us here. We should take advantage of the Liu Clan and the Ice Wolf's fight by fiercely striking them at the back. This battle is in the bag...’’

’’Absolutely not.’’

Liu Yige's expression changed after hearing what was said. He was still a member of the Liu Clan. Towards matters with his own clan, he would be careful about it.

Especially when Junior Ningzi was still with them. He would not allow anything to happen to her.

Thus, he glared at Xiao Mu and respectfully said: ’’Young Master Ye, I heard that your relationship with Sister Bingqian is not bad. If you were to backstab her, she would never forgive you.’’

’’Forgive?’’ Ye Zifeng smiled and shook his head: ’’When I Ye Zifeng do things, everything comes from the heart, there is no need for anybody to forgive me.’’

Liu Yige's palm begun to sweat as he became anxious: ’’But......’’

Ye Zifeng lightly smiled and shot him a glance. He understood his thoughts, so he comforted him.

’’However, you do not have to worry, the Liu Clan is not the Wang Clan. Moreover, they have a business alliance with the Ye Clan. So, i can guarantee you that I would not deal with them like how I dealt with the Wang Clan and force them to a dead end.’’

After receiving Ye Zifeng's guarantee, Liu Yige relaxed with a long sigh.

Suddenly, he felt that something was not right.

He finally returned to his senses after a long time. That's right, when the Liu Clan ever need anybody's forgiveness?

The Liu Clan was still one of the three great clans in Lei Zhou City...

Was it because the Liu Clan being too weak or was it because the feeling that Ye Zifeng gave others was too strong? Liu Yige became baffled as he thought about this and his mouth begun to twitch.


While Liu Yige was staring blankly.

A huge cyan ball of light, that carried a cold qi, came from the Two-headed Ice Wolf's mouth. The cold qi burst out, wrapping everyone from the Liu Clan.

’’Three division Essence, use the ground as a prison...’’

Liu Bingqian loudly shouted to provoke everyone's courage as she conducted everyone to move.

Everyone had thrown away their intent to run away. This was just like how Ye Zifeng asked everyone to turn over their life saving medallion to increase morale. As a result, they rigorously implemented Liu Bingqian's commands.

’’Not bad, not bad. Using a Spirit Cage for defense is something that can be used.’’ Ye Zifeng looked at this from afar and slightly nodded his head with a hint of admiration.

When everybody poured their qi to the ground, it begun to condense forming a colorful barrier.

The cyan ball, that let out a cold air, struck towards the barrier, however, the cold air was not able to enter as it was slowly absorbed by it.

’’It works...’’ Liu Ningzi had a happy expression as her beautiful eyes shone.

However, the happy expression on her face was only maintained for a while. The Ice Wolf moved to fiercely sweep everyone away.

If it was a spiritual attack, everybody could form the formation to block it. However, after its attack did not succeed, the Ice Wolf begun to fight with brute force. It seems that the Ice Wolf's intelligence had already reached the second level.

However, Liu Bingqian did not fear. As if she was waiting for it, she made her move when the Ice Wolf also made its move. She fiercely launched a palm strike towards the Ice Wolf's head...

’’Boom’’ a colliding sound of the Ice Wolf being hit by the palm sounded as the Ice Wolf retreated a few steps back. Although it did not receive any heavy injuries, it still felt confused and disoriented. Its attack had been disturbed so it vanished.

After doing the same exchange for a few times, the Ice Wolf's attacks were still blocked time and again. Liu Bingqian was even able to lead everyone to attack it a few times giving it injuries.

Whether it was the power or the strength of the attack, they were all weaker than when the Ice Wolf first appeared.

’’Big Sis Bingqian, if this continues on, we might have a chance.’’ Liu Ningzi excitedly spoke.

Liu Bingqian forced out a smile and declined to comment.


’’The people of the Liu Clan...... are about to lose.’’ Ye Zifeng gazed at the situation afar. After a moment of silence, he suddenly gave this verdict.

’’Why? From the looks of it, isn't sister Bingqian in the dominant position?’’ Liu Yige looked with enthusiasm. Doubt flashed in his eyes.

Ye Zifeng calmly smiled and shook his head: ’’Bingqian's commands are appropriate, there are no oversights in them, and her performance is worthy of praise. However, did you notice how every time the Two-headed Ice Wolf is about to suppress everyone with its qi, it had always been smashed by Bingqian alone?’’

’’This......’’ Liu Yige rubbed his temples as he recalled the scene. He thoughtfully nodded: ’’It seems that it is like that. However, what does this have to do with winning the battle?’’

’’Of course it matters. This is an intelligent fierce beast. It is much more intelligent than the previous two that we encountered so it would not do wasteful actions. Now then, why do you think that it still wastes its energy in an attempt to do the same thing? Would it simply waste its energy?’’ A soft smile appeared on Ye Zifeng's face.

As if he had caught a crucial point, Liu Yige spoke with astonishment: ’’Could it be that it's waiting for Liu Bingqian to exhaust herself by wasting her qi? So it has been gathering its qi to prepare for one deadly attack?’’

Ye Zifeng nodded his head as he looked at the distance: ’’You are only half correct.’’

’’Then what is the other half?’’ Liu Yige's eyes showed doubt.


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