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The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 20


Ye Zifeng exclaimed loudly and then calmed himself down.

Some sort of qi appeared from the veiny imprints on his arms and slowly moved towards his injured back. It started to nourish and recover the injured area of his back.

The process felt really good. It felt as if the spirit could pinpoint where his injuries were and slowly nurtured it. Ye Zifeng closed his eyes and started to feel the qi moving around.

Ye Zifeng sat there, unconscious. His consciousness appeared in a familiar place. He was in the starry and misty world once again.

He can feel the giant shadow ghost circling around the area. The ghost moved very quickly, not allowing Ye Zifeng to see its appearance.

’’Why did you wake me up for such a small problem. Are you trying to slow down my growth process for no reason? Can you not use your own qi to heal yourself or something?’’ The muffled voice had a hint of dissatisfaction in it.

The shadow ghost was most likely a high ranked martial spirit with growth potential. If not for this, Ye Zifeng would not let it act so high and mighty.

Hearing this, Ye Zifeng embarrassingly smiled, ’’I don't know what happened either. I wanted to use my own true qi but for some reason, your martial spirit qi came out. I found this to be very strange as well.’’

’’Using your true qi will release my spirit qi?’’ The shadow ghost didn't believe what Ye Zifeng was saying. If that's the case then wouldn't the shadow ghost be bothered every time Ye Zifeng used his qi?

’’How are you using your true qi? Let me see it.....’’ The shadow ghost replied.

Ye Zifeng repeated the method that he used before. He was currently using a Qi Concentration method from a famous sect that he obtained in his past life. There shouldn't be anything wrong with it. The shadow ghost saw this as well and was confused. Could it be that Ye Zifeng needs to be gravely injured to see what happens?

’’Okay. Let's not talk about this right now.’’ Ye Zifeng smiled, ’’Well now you're here, let me ask you something. Your spirit qi can does not only have destructive properties but healing properties as well. What kind of martial spirit are you? Could you be a double martial spirit? You can tell me now so when I become a martial disciple, I can properly manage you.....’’

The shadow ghost coldly snorted, ’’YOU want to manage me? Haha.... You don't have the qualifications to command me or know my true strength. What you need to do is live a good life. If you die, I'll be in trouble as well since I need your power. Alright. You've bothered me enough.... Go back.’’

After the shadow ghost said that, a large gust of wind appeared and attacked Ye Zifeng. Ye Zifeng wanted to escape but was unable to and was swallowed by the wind.

At that time, both of Ye Zifeng's eyes opened up. He surveyed his surroundings and saw nothing except that the flames on his candle had gone out. It was alright way past midnight. He thought about what had just happened and broke into a cold sweat.

While training and recovering at night, it's best if he could dream about some beautiful women. But he met that scary shadow ghost again and almost died in the dream realm. Life was really unfair.....

Ye Zifeng shook his head and bitterly smiled as he laid down on his bed.

When he laid down, his entire body froze. He was speechless.... His back did not hurt at all.

He quickly jumped up from his bed and lit his candle. He turned around and looked at his back.

Injury? What injury? His entire back was flat and smooth. It looked completely normal. Don't say anything about an injury, there isn't even a single scratch or mark on it.

’’Holy......... This is kinda scary....’’ He took a deep breath. He wanted to expend his true qi and enter the dream realm again. However, no matter how hard he tried, he could not do it. Ye Zifeng ponder for a bit and then lightly injured himself. When he activated his true qi to heal himself, nothing happened. He came to the conclusion that for the spirit's qi to activate, he needs to be in a life or death situation.

’’Whatever, let's not think about it. I'll wait until i'm a Martial Disciple to worry about this.’’

It was already past midnight so he was feeling very tired. These few days had exhausted him both mentally and physically. He was not only continuously humiliated but he had to drag this sickly body to battle the rhinos the three whole days. He needed a good night's rest.

’’It's so lonely here by myself.... I really miss her.....’’

He looked at the moon outside his windows, bitterly smiled and fell asleep.


Next day in the morning.

A man wearing a straw hat who passed like thunder and moved like the wind entered the pill store. That man was Ye Zifeng. He concealed his identity and fiercely walked into the pill store.

’’What did you say? You want to buy a furnace?’’ The store clerk's expression changed. He had been a clerk here for a while. He had seen many people who wanted to buy high quality pills but he had never seen anyone who wanted to buy a furnace.

The clerk's voice sound as if Ye Zifeng was here to make trouble. Afterall, who in the world didn't know that a furnace was a pill store's heart and soul.

’’Don't worry. I'm not here to cause trouble. I have the money. All I want is a spare common tier furnace if you guys have one.’’ Ye Zifeng smiled.

’’Please hold on a moment. I'll go get the manager. This is not a small transaction.’’ The clerk quickly ran into the back with his head down.

In a while, a big belly fat foul manager came out while swearing.

’’Who is it... Who's the one that wants to cause trouble in my store. Do you not want to live anymore?’’

When the manager saw the black figure in a straw hat, his heart shuddered. He saw that Ye Zifeng had a overbearing and imposing manner while standing there. It seemed like he wasn't a normal person that the manager could offend.

He walked slowly over to Ye Zifeng and asked, ’’May I ask who this esteemed guest is....’’

’’I'm someone who wants to buy a furnace....’’ Ye Zifeng didn't take off his hat or stated his name. He only repeated what he told the clerk. He saw that the manager was very polite with him and didn't want to waste his time playing around.

’’No no no. That's not what i was asking.’’ The manager awkwardly smiled.

Ye Zifeng smiled too, ’’I'm also someone who has money.’’ He pointed at the bag of money that he put on the table. He held it up and shook it, telling the manager that there was really money in there.

The manager was taken aback and smiled apologetically, ’’I'm sorry. But it seems like this esteem class isn't in this line of business and doesn't know the rules. If you would like to buy ingredients, then you can buy as much as you want without a problem. But a furnace on the other hand..... There aren't many furnaces in Leizhou city...... if we don't confirm your identity, we can't sell it to you.’’

Ye Zifeng looked deeply at the manager, ’’Mr. Manager.... You don't need to try and deceive me. All the pill stores under the heaven follow the same rules. Spirit Tier, Immortal Tier and God Tier furnaces cannot be sold normally. But this rule doesn't apply to a common tier furnace.’’ As a heaven tier alchemist, who knows the rules of these matters better than him?

The manager shook his head and bitterly laughed...

’’This esteemed guest is very knowledgeable. This old me is blind for not recognizing someone like you. However, in Leizhou city, even a common tier furnace is highly valued. If you don't reveal your identity, I cannot sell it to you.’’

Ye Zifeng furrowed his brows and groaned. The manager was basically telling him to follow the rules of Leizhou city instead of the rules under the heaven.

If Ye Zifeng reveals his identity, that was basically telling the entire Leizhou city that he knew how to refine pills. When that happens, the other families will start to suppress him. They're even more of a problem than Ye Chen.

Ye Zifeng coldly smiled, ’’I put two hundred gold coins on the table before. Now what if I add another hundred?’’

A common tier furnace was not that good. It was not expensive at all. If Ye Zifeng didn't want to waste time, energy and the material, he could've made one himself.

’’Three hundred gold coins?’’ The manager was shocked. Not even the best quality common tier furnace was worth three hundred gold coins!

’’You want to add another hundred gold coins to hide your identity? Why are you willing to go so far? Are you some kind of wanted criminal or something?’’ The manager suspiciously looked at Ye Zifeng.

’’If I was a wanted criminal, do you think that you would be alive right now with your attitude?’’ Ye Zifeng smiled coldly. With the kind of murderous aura around him, people would definitely mistake him for a wanted criminal.

’’If you add another fifty gold coins, then even if you're a wanted criminal, I will sell you the furnace!’’ While saying that, the manager acted as if he was reluctant to sell it. Ye Zifeng knew that a common tier was normally around fifty gold coins. But now, the manager wanted three hundred and fifty. He was basically trying to rob in broad daylight.

The two people quickly reached an agreement.

'Manager.....’’ From outside the store, a girl's voice could be heard. Ye Zifeng felt that the voice was familiar but he didn't remember where he had heard it before.

A tall girl with a great figure and fine black hair walked in. She looked like a fine jade with her beautiful white skin.

’’Bingqian......’’ Ye Zifeng was shocked. He pursed his lips, and felt that he was really unlucky. At the same time, he lowered his straw hat to hide himself even more.

’’Manager. I heard that you that you guys have an extra furnace laying around. I kinda need it refine some ingredients so I came here to buy that furnace. If I can't buy it then let me rent it.....’’

The manager muttered to himself, looked at Ye Zifeng and then at Bingqian. He then awkwardly replied to her, 'Miss Bingqian, I'm sorry but this guest had just bought the furnace. You're one step too late.....’’ Even though he was greedy, he still had the mind of a merchant. He sold the furnace to Zifeng already so he couldn't go back on his word.

Bingqian's face stiffened and then sized Ye Zifeng up, ’’Who are you. Why do you need to buy a furnace? Could it be that you know alchemy too?’’


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