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The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 126


Elder Zhao was the one with the highest cultivation amongst all these elders and also had the most prestige out of everyone here. Thus, since he suggested that he wanted the opportunity, the others have nothing to say. They could only feel pity.

As a person, Ye Zifeng knows how to behave with integrity. He arranged a time to refine pills for the other elders and made them very satisfied.

Adept Baili came in an imposing manner but left with his tail between his legs. If other people heard about this, they wouldn't even believe that it happened.

The most important thing was that Adept Baili had already decided to not bother Ye Zifeng anymore. First, Ye Zifeng gave him face and second, he knew that Ye Zifeng couldn't be trifled with.

Just like that, Jin Peng lost his master's support. From the beginning, he couldn't even finish a single sentence. His face was extremely red as he clenched his fists.


Fifteen days past by and it was finally time for Ye Zifeng to return to Leizhou City. But before that, he walked over to Elder Zhao's residence.

He wasn't going there to refine pills for him. After all everything was set up by Ye Zifeng. He went over to reminisce for a bit.

The two sat in the Heart Nurturing Pavilion and drank wine. After a few cups, Elder Zhao sighed.

’’You stinking brat. Do you know what I regret the most in my life?’’

’’Let me guess. Do you regret attending the Heavenly Clan gathering in Leizhou City? Do you regret meeting me?’’ Ye Zifeng smiled.

Holding onto two expert's soul spirits and have them do things for him....Who else can do something like this?!

Elder Zhao was startled and laughed, ’’You stinking brat. You're not a bad kid but you're too self confident! I, Zhao Wuji have lived for many years, why would the thing I regret the most have to do with you?’’

Ye Zifeng laughed, ’’Maybe.... You probably don't want to admit it.’’

’’You!’’ Elder Zhao was startled. He then stared deeply at Ye Zifeng.

’’You stinking brat. You're right. At first, I regretted that I was being controlled by a mere qi refining stage cultivator like you. I've wanted to kill you many times. It was a good thing that Elder Shen stopped me.’’

’’How about now?’’ Ye Zifeng smiled back.

’’Right now huh? You showed that you have a lot of potential. Truth to be told, I didn't think that you would win the alchemy competition at all.’’

Elder Zhao was truthfully admitting everything. He wasn't playing around at all.

Ye Zifeng lifted up his wine cup and drank.

’’Elder Zhao, truthfully, I've already gotten used to you yelling at me. Having you compliment me all of a sudden kind of makes me feel uncomfortable.’’

At first, the relationship between the two of them were like fire and water. However, they slowly became friends in the end. This was the same with Elder Shen.

’’You stinking brat, you really think I'm complimenting you? I asked you to come today because I wanted to warn you about something.’’ Elder Zhao suddenly had a serious expression on his face.

Ye Zifeng smiled, ’’You think that Adept Baili will make a move on me?’’

’’No. From what I saw, Adept Baili kinda liked you. I'm afraid that his disciples might make a move on you. That Jin Peng.... I feel that he's up to no good. Remember, you have to stay on guard against his desperate actions.’’

Elder Zhao seriously looked at Ye Zifeng. He even put his hand on top of Ye Zifeng's to stop him from drinking.

’’There were countless amount of people who tried to make a move against me. How do you think they ended up?’’ Ye Zifeng smiled. He didn't think that Jin Peng was going to be a problem at all.


’’Also, I'm going back tomorrow. No matter how much of a threat he is, he won't chase me all the way to Leizhou City now will he?’’

Thinking about it, he felt something in his mind. This was because he was thinking about how Wang Ruoxing chased him all the way from Leizhou City.

’’Whatever. It's your choice if you want to listen or not. I'm saying this because I'm afraid that you'll die. I'll be in trouble too. So you better watch out.’’

Elder Zhao sighed. Seeing how confident Ye Zifeng was, he wasn't going to stop him anymore.

Ye Zifeng nodded, ’’I got it. I know what to do.’’

’’Oh yeah. I forgot to ask you this. When are you coming to Tiandao City again?’’

Ye Zifeng filled his wine cup up again and drank it, ’’When the time comes, I'll be back.’’


Muyun Old Devil was busy refining pills and couldn't leave so Yang Jing was the one who sent them out.

’’Junior sister Bingqian, it'll be several months before we see again. I really hope that when we meet again, your cultivation will have improved. If you breakthrough, then you will have to chance to enter the Profound Sect.’’

’’Breakthrough into the Martial Disciple realm huh? I wish. But breaking through the bottleneck is very hard. Also, if I come to Tiandao City alone, then that won't be fun......’’

Liu Bingqian unconsciously looked towards Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng was looking all around right now. He wanted to see if anything was wrong with their surroundings. After being reminded by Elder Zhao, he was much more on guard.

’’Big brother rough guy.....what are you looking at? We won't see Senior sister Jing again for a few months from now. Come say goodbye to her.’’ Liu Bingqian looked over.

Yang Jing didn't have relatives or many friends in Tiandao City. Other than her master Muyun, she barely talked to anyone else.

Ye Zifeng looked back and smiled, ’’Miss Jing, Zifeng is a bit slow....please forgive me.’’

Yang Jing shook her head and lightly smiled. Her pale face looked very sickly.

’’No need. You sound like we just met. Since you're Bingqian's.....’’

Liu Bingqian cleared her throat loudly and shot a glance towards Yang Jing. Even though she didn't say anything, anyone can tell what she meant to convey with that murderous look on her face.

Yang Jing smiled, ’’Alright. I'll stop joking around right now. You guys should leave now so you can get back before dawn.’’

After saying their goodbyes to Yang Jing, Ye Zifeng and Liu Bingqian both climbed into the carriage from before.

When there were three people in the carriage, it was very crowded but very lively.

However, when it was only Ye Zifeng and Bingqian, the carriage was filled with an awkward atmosphere.

Liu Bingqian was desperately trying to find something to talk about, but when she saw that Ye Zifeng was thinking about something with his eyes closed, she stopped trying.

’’Since no one is following us, there shouldn't be a problem.’’ Ye Zifeng had just finished communicating with Elder Zhao. After confirming that no one was following them, he calmed down and opened his eyes.

’’It's not like I'll be attacked all the time right?’’

Ye Zifeng sighed. He did try to limit the number of enemies that he has. It's just that he can't avoid making some enemies....


’’Senior brother Jin Peng, I don't think it's a good idea to ambush Ye Zifeng behind master's back....’’

’’Yeah. Attacking Ye Zifeng is not a small matter. Even master himself can't deal with him. I say we should just leave it.’’

’’Senior brother Jin, how about we go back? If master finds out, he'll punish us.’’

Jin Peng had a very fierce look in his eyes. He coldly looked at his comrades, ’’Useless things. Why are you afraid of a mere fifth stage of qi refining cultivator? It's true that master made an appearance himself, but he didn't even make a single move. Even if we do fight, they can't possibly beat us. Ye Zifeng and Liu Bingqian are both in the qi refining stage while we're all in the Martial Disciple stage and have awakened our Martial Spirit.’’

He waited for a bit, ’’Also, we're out of Tiandao City's territory already. No matter what we do, no one will find out.’’

Actually, Jin Peng is exaggerating. The people from the Spirit Martial School are experts in this field. They will be able to find even the tiniest trace of evidence.

’’Then senior brother Jin, if we capture Liu Bingqian, then what should we do?’’ When someone asked this, Jin Peng couldn't help but be startled.

Jin Peng took a deep breath. After thinking about it, a cold expression appeared in his eyes.

’’It's not only once or twice. Bingqian, don't blame me.’’


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