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The Strong, The Few, True Cultivators On Campus - Chapter 184


Chapter 184

Chapter 184: The mystery of Tang Zheng's life

His grandfather was quiet as he watched Tang Zheng, who was also silent with his eyes fixed on the jade pendant . After a careful look, the jade was actually engraved with a word ’’Wu’’ .

Tang Zheng was suspicious of the jade pendant's origin . How can there be a carving of the word ’’Wu’’?

Tang Dahai sighed and quietly said, ’’Little Zheng, there's something I have to tell you . When I found you, this jade pendant was already beside you . Later, I asked around and no one knew where this jade came from . So I didn't go deeper into it and kept it away . ’’

Tang Zheng's heart moved, his eyes lit up as he stared at the jade pendant and asked, ’’This jade pendant was with me?’’

Tang Dahai nodded, ’’I think that perhaps this jade pendant can solve the mystery of your life . ’’ He placed the jade pendant in Tang Zheng hands .

Tang Zheng carefully examined it . The word ’’Wu’’ on the jade was very powerful, as if the blade of an axe was used to carved the word in an imposing manner .

This was definitely not from the hands of ordinary craftsmen but the work of a master craftsman . Especially this ’’Wu’’ word which is not unusual for ordinary people but for in the eyes of Tang Zheng . There was actually a kind of indescribable charm . It felt like some huge imposing power will rise up to the surface .

’’Little Zheng, after you go out, ask for more information about this jade . Perhaps you could find your biological parents . ’’

Tang Zheng heart went cold . He placed the jade pendant in the wooden box and said ’’Grandpa, no, I don't want it . ’’

’’Little Zheng, I know that in your heart, you fear that I will be sad . But Grandpa will tell you that only you can clear the mystery of your life . I am already happy, people have roots, you must also find out your own roots . ’’

Tang Zheng shook his head firmly . He pointed under his foot and said, ’’My roots are here, in our home . ’’

Tang Dahai's eyes became flooded as he was really touched but still persuaded, ’’Little Zheng, listen to Grandpa's words . This is Grandpa's wish, you must help Grandpa achieve his wish . ’’ He put the jade pendant back into Tang Zheng's hands .

’’It was my wish to raise you into a grown-up adult . I am satisfied with seeing you all grown up . Now my greatest wish is to see them . ’’ Tang Dahai sighed, ’’I believed that God will definitely let you achieve this . ’’

Tang Zheng looked at his grandfather, clenched his teeth and wore the jade pendant around his neck and said, ’’Okay, I promise Grandpa . ’’

However, he also firmly thought that he would not investigate the origin of this jade pendant and let it depend on fate .

Tang Dahai patted on his shoulder, was very pleased .

In the middle of the night, Tang Zheng sneaked into Fang Shishi's home . Now her family doesn't live in a villa but in a high residential building .

On the ninth floor, Tang Zheng quietly entered Fang Shishi's bedroom from the window . She Mengqin never would have thought that such a high floor could not stop Tang Zheng from entering in their home .

Fang Shishi threw herself into his arms and started kissing him . Only to find that Tang Zheng wasn't enthusiastic and a bit strange .

’’What's wrong with you?’’

Tang Zheng sighed, clearly in a bad mood .

’’Can you tell me what's on your mind?’’ Fang Shishi rarely saw him like this . She asked with concern .

’’Nothing, don't worry . ’’ Tang Zheng squeezed out a smile and hugged her tightly . Feng Shishi obviously didn't believe him . She stared at him and said, ’’I am your girlfriend, you can tell me anything?’’

Tang Zheng's heart softened as he looked at her concerned looks .

Fang Shishi pulled him to sit on the bed as she snuggled in his arms, quietly waiting for him to speak .

Tang Zheng hesitated for a long time . Finally, he told her what happened . Fang Shishi was fascinated by the stories and mist began to appear in her eyes .

Her beloved person had so many twists and turns in his past . She had ignored them before and couldn't help but blame herself .

She immediately hugged Tang Zheng tighter, buried her head in his neck whilst stroking the jade pendant gently . She quietly said, ’’Tang Zheng, since you decided to let fate take over, don't think about it anymore . If its fate that they see you then we can't predict that . We just just have to move forward and I will always be with you, forever and ever . ’’

Looking at the tears in her eyes, he gently wiped them with his hands and said, ’’Okay, you are right . Let's forget about them for now . Grandpa is here and you're with me . I am the happiest person in the world . ’’

’’I am the happiest person in the world . ’’ Fang Shishi stopped crying and laughed . She began to undress in front of Tang Zheng, who couldn't help admire the seductive body that was in front of him .

Tang Zheng gasped for air . Everything else wasn't important now and the flame in his heart was completely ignited .

Before long, there was a burst of fake cough in the room .

’’Change your posture, this time you will do it from behind . ’’ Fang Shishi blushed as she shyly proposes .

Tang Zheng became energetic . He had never tried this position before . He hugged her, changed position and launch a new round of attack .

He wondered if Fang Shishi became extraordinary active after listening to his life experience . As if she wanted to use her body and enthusiasm to let him forget all the troubles .

’’Ah, ah!’’ With Fang Shishi resounding moan, Tang Zheng hugged her tightly and gasped heavily .

’’You are a little different today . ’’ After the two rested for a while, Tang Zheng curiously asked .

Fang Shishi smiles charmingly, ’’What's the difference?’’

’’More seductive . ’’

’’Do you like it?’’ Fang Shishi blinked her beautiful eyes .

Tang Zheng laughed, ’’Of course, I like it . ’’

’’Then let's do it again . ’’ Fang Shishi was still not done as she turned over and sat on him . ’’What, you can't do it?’’

’’How dare you say that, I will show you my strength . ’’ Tang Zheng soon restored his stamina . Before long, Fang Shishi beautiful and seductive voice rang again .

In the morning, Tang Zheng left quietly before Fang Chongguo and his wife woke up . His legs trembled a bit as he went down the stairs . Last night, Fang Shishi was so fierce that she asked for it five times . Fortunately, Tang Zheng was strong enough to keep it going . Finally, she was tired and gave into it .

Tang Zheng took a long breath, just like what Shishi said . Why think so think so much, it will only increase my worries . I'll just have to move forward .

When he was returning home, he saw his grandfather walked out anxiously in the distance . He didn't even notice Tang Zheng .

’’What happened?’’ Tang Zheng was surprised, so he quietly followed him .

As his grandfather got on the bus, Tang Zheng stopped a taxi and followed him . After half an hour, they arrived at an old city in the north .

’’What is Grandpa doing here? Why did he return back to his hometown? But it why does it have to be so early . Something must have happened . ’’

He didn't alarm his grandfather as he followed from far away . After a while, they arrived in a nearby garbage dumping place . Tang Zheng was really familiar with this place . During his childhood, his grandfather used to pick up rubbish and he used to play here . This was his childhood paradise .

Tang Dahai quickly entered a ruined courtyard . He could only hear several voices, ’’Old Tang, you have come . These people are so ruthless, they even hit us last night . They killed Old Jiang, it was too cruel . ’’

’’Who did this?’’ Tang Dahai asked .

’’Who else can it be other than Wang Huzi?’’ Someone said furiously .

Tang Zheng's heart moved, he also knew Wang Huzi . He was the boss of a junk shop . He was tall, surnamed Wang and had a beard, so he was called Wang Huzi .

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The people who pick up scraps here sells it to Wang Huzi . Tang Dahai had also sold his scrap to him . There was a rumour that Wang Huzi had earned a lot of money in recent years .

’’We definitely did not provoke him . Why did he come to destroy our junk shop?’’ Tang Dahai was also angry .

’’Isn't this clear? Wang Huzi saw that our prices were fair and we took over his business . He's jealous of us . ’’

Tang Dahai angrily said, ’’Everyone knows that Wang Huzi keeps the prices down . He has a pot full of money . We have worked so hard in the garbage dump to make a living but only earn a little bit of money . Moreover, these days, he is getting more excessive, so that almost no one can earn one can earn any money . So we only establish this junk shop to provide for the vast majority of the hard working people . ’’

Tang Zheng rarely listened to his grandfather's lengthy stories . He also understood his reasons . Originally, Wans Huzi deliberately decreased the price, so that these people will have no way but to spend all day digging trash . This led to his grandfather establishing a junk shop . He didn't know that Wang Huzi wanted to monopolize the business and he would result to destroy his shop in the night .

A rage sprang from Tang Zheng's heart . His father was bullied by such people . How could it be that while he was practising and studying, he neglected his grandfather .

His grandfather had nothing to do every day, so he came back to start a junk shop with these old folks . He was a person who couldn't remain idle .

Of course, Tang Zheng was in favour of his grandfather opening up a junk shop . Since his grandfather didn't want to do nothing, it was a good way to start a junk shop . Just need to set out early and return late every day . He just needed to guard the shop and pass the time .

Others listened to Tang Dahai's speech, they were filled with anger, ’’Old Tang, you are right . Wang Huzi is just bullying us and he doesn't let us make a living . What do you say, we close the shop and open it in a few days?’’

’’Of course not!’’ Tang Dahai said .

’’What shall we do then?’’

’’This...’’ Tang Dahai hesitated for a while and said, ’’Let's go and find Wang Huzi's reason . I don't believe there is no reason for this . ’’

’’Don't be stupid, look for him, isn't this just asking for trouble? I heard that there are people of the underworld behind him . How can we possibly match them?’’

These words made everyone silent . These people who were living in the bottom of society have an innate fear of the people from the underworld .

’’Old Tang, isn't your grandson Little Zheng very powerful? You guys moved to your new home . You tell him to reason out with Wang Huzi, he is a student and has studied . He can definitely can speak better than us . ’’

’’No!’’ Tang Dahai didn't hesitate to refuse .


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