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The Strong, The Few, True Cultivators On Campus - Chapter 183


Chapter 183

Chapter 183: Mystical jade pendant

Seeing that Tang Zheng had already decided, the couple stopped persuading him . They just said, ’’Then you must be careful in Chang Heng in case the Martial Organization comes to trouble you . By the way, is your master still in Chang Heng?’’

’’Yes, he is still here . ’’ Tang Zheng couldn't help but think of how to repay Lin Hu . Tian Chanzi had spent all day at the Sheng Shi Bar happily . Apparently many young girls and even rich wives were flirting with him .

Tian Chanzi wandered among the flowers but the leaves did not touch his body . He didn't have se* with any of them . This led those women to be disappointed but also more interested . They wanted to spend all day in the bar with him . Even few women were in a big fight for Tian Chanzi .

Tang Zheng sighed, Tian Chanzi's charm was so great that his flings became well known in the streets .

Ye Tianlei and his wife, certainly didn't know about his master's love affairs . With a sigh of relief, Ye Tianlei said: ’’As long as your master is here, you should be safe for the time being . We will return back to the capital city . We will contact you as soon as we find out any news about the Martial Organization . ’’

’’Little handsome boy, which university you want to apply for?’’ Feng Siniang asked as she switched topics .

’’Yanjing University . ’’

Feng Siniang's eyes lit up, she smiled and said, ’’That's the best . Dingdang will also apply for this university . Later, you two will still be classmates, you should take care of her more . ’’


Tang Zheng was stunned for a moment as he bitterly looked at Feng Siniang who was cunningly laughing .

Ye Tianlei ignored his wife's careful thoughts . His eyebrows twisted together, he said, ’’Another thing, I heard the rumor that you messed up Song Yu's and Dingdang's wedding last time . The Song family was very dissatisfied . If you go to Beijing, you might meet some trouble . ’’

’’Song Yu?’’ Tang Zheng remembered it immediately . At first, he didn't have much problem with him but because of Ye Dingdang's marriage, although there weren't any problems on the surface . They certainly have a knot in their heart .

Besides, Song Yu and Old Qin were scared away by his flying sword .

Later, Ye Xuanji withdrew from the marriage, which made the Song family lose face . So the relationship between Ye and Song had a crack .

And, of course, with the influence of the Song family, they can easily find out that Tang Zheng played a vital role in this matter .

However, no one knew that Ye Xuanji's life was saved by Tang Zheng for the time being . Otherwise, many people would have come to him for treatment .

’’Little Tang, this matter was because of Dingdang, I will definitely not sit by and do nothing . I will start to deal this matter as soon as I'm in Beijing, so as to not trouble you any further . ’’ Ye Tianlei said in guilt .

Feng Siniang snorted coldly and said, ’’If the Song clan comes looking for little handsome boy, then fear not . Others might fear the Song clan but I don't!’’

Ye Tianlei smiled bitterly, ’’The Song clan is more powerful than the Ye clan and the old ancestor of Song Clan is a Scholar master . Are you being a sheep going into the tiger's mouth?’’

Feng Siniang raised her delicate eyebrows and said with no fear, ’’As long as they dare to deal with little handsome boy, I will fight with my life to the end . Do not forget who saved us from the hands of the Martial Organization . ’’

Ye Tianlei looked awe-inspiring as he said in a righteous voice, ’’Of course I haven't forgotten little Tang's kindness to our family, not for a lifetime and I definitely won't let him be in trouble . ’’

’’As you say so, Uncle Ye, Aunt Feng . ’’ Tang Zheng was ashamed that Ye's family had suffered an unexpected misfortune and now the family was grateful to him .

However, Tang Zheng could not tell the truth and could only feel the warmth of their affection .

’’I am ready to cope with anything, resists by whatever means available . If Song clan wants to deal with me, let them come . ’’ Tang Zheng said arrogantly .

Feng Siniang laughed and patted Tang Zheng on the shoulder . ’’This is a real man, standing on top of heaven and earth, and knows no fear . ’’

’’Little Tang, we'll meet again in Beijing . ’’

Several people walked out of the study while Ye Dingdang and Fang Shishi came in from outside . Fang Shishi praised, ’’Dingdang, your house is really big . ’’

’’Too bad, we won't live here anymore . We will soon move to Beijing . ’’

’’That's a pity . ’’

Feng Siniang heard their speech, with a sudden sudden inspiration, she said, ’’Little handsome boy, now no one lives in this house . You and your grandfather can move over here . We also have some servants who can guarantee to let your grandfather live comfortably . ’’

Fang Shishi stared at Feng Siniang in astonishment . This was a big deal . The house her father gave him was completely incomparable to this manor .

’’How is the Ye family so good to Tang Zheng . ’’ She muttered in her heart .

Tang Zheng refused, ’’Aunt Feng, thank you for your kindness but my grandfather definitely won't get used to living in a big house . Moreover, he isn't used to being served . It's fine for now . ’’

'These days, grandfather sets out early and returns late with a smile on his face . ' Tang Zheng didn't know what he was busy with, but as long as he was happy, Tang Zheng was satisfied .

Tang Zheng wasn't move by this vast fortune, making Fang Shishi look at him with a happy expression .

Feng Siniang did not give up, she said, ’’That cannot do, this is my gift to you . If you refuse, you are not giving me face . ’’

’’This...’’ Tang Zheng forced a smile, this Feng Siniang's enthusiasm occasionally made him somewhat unable to endure .

Ye Dingdang stared at Tang Zheng, her house was too good to give to him yet he refused .

Ye Tianlei urged, ’’Little Tang, you must accept it . If later we occasionally return to Chang Heng, we can live here . We won't feel relieve giving it to others . As for selling, it's not worth that much . ’’

’’Not worth that much?’’ Tang Zheng's eyeballs popped out . If it's not worth that much, then everyone in Chang Heng lived in slums .

Tang Zheng found it hard to refuse the hospitality . Moreover, money gradually became less and less important in his eyes . So he no longer refused and said, ’’Well, I will accept it and ask someone to care of it . ’’

Feng Siniang smiled, ’’That makes sense . Let's go eat . ’’

After dinner, Tang Zheng and Fang Shishi left in a car . Fang Shishi couldn't help spat out her tongue, she said, ’’The Ye family is too good to you, it's better than the treatment of a son-in-law . ’’

Tang Zheng smiled embarrassingly, ’’Don't talk nonsense . ’’

’’Hey, I'm not talking nonsense . I think as long as you promise, Ye Dingdang's mother will especially be delighted be delighted and get crazy . And she will immediately marry her daughter to you . ’’ Fang Shishi said in a sour mood .

Tang Zheng laughed, ’’Hmm, do I smell jealousy?’’

Fang Shishi blushed and pointed his forehead and said, ’’Might I remind you that you have a girlfriend . You cannot be a womanizer . ’’

Looking at her adorable appearance, Tang Zheng couldn't help kiss her forehead . Fang Shishi pushed him charmingly and looked at the door . She said, ’’My mother will see . ’’

’’I'm not afraid . Anyway, I spent the night at your home last time . ’’

’’You are not allowed to say it . ’’ Fang Shishi quickly covered his mouth . ’’Now that the college entrance exam is over, let's go somewhere to play . Others will have a trip after the exam . ’’

Tang Zheng's heart was moved, might as well bring her with him to Diannan . Otherwise it would take a long time for the two to meet this summer .

’’Well, I plan to go on a long journey . ’’ Tang Zheng said .

Fang Shishi had said it casually, she didn't expect him to agree . She excited jump, hugged his neck and took the initiative to kiss him .

’’You are so nice . ’’

Tang Zheng hugged her, ’’How can I return the favor?’’

Fang Shishi's heart seemed to melt, with a wink, she said shyly, ’’You can come to my house tonight . ’’

Tang Zheng's heart started beating wildly and nodded, ’’Okay!’’

During this period of time, they were supervised by Tian Chanzi . They didn't have time to be intimate, now that the exam was over, they relaxed and took the opportunity to celebrate .

’’I will wait for you . ’’

Tang Zheng went home and discovered his grandfather sitting on the sofa, staring at the TV with blank eyes . He heard the door open and turned his head quickly, ’’Little Zheng, how was the exam?’’

’’Grandpa, don't worry . Just wait for my good results . ’’ Tang Zheng confidently said .

Tang Dahai happily said with a smile, ’’Looking at you being so promising, makes me really happy . ’’ With tears in his eyes .

’’Grandpa, it's all due to you, if you hadn't raised me, I would have already died . Where would I be today?’’ Tang Zheng said with emotions .

Tang Dahai shook his head and said, ’’I only gave you the most basic thing . It was all your own efforts to strive and succeed . Your parents would definitely parents would definitely be glad to see you doing so well . ’’

Tang Zheng's heart was badly stabbed by that statement and said, ’’Grandpa, you are the only relative I have in this world . I have nothing to do with them ever since the day they abandoned me . Besides, they haven't come back for me for so many years . Which means that they have forgotten me long ago . ’’

As a child, Tang Zheng watched other people's children who were loved by their parent and envied them . He had asked his grandfather where his parents were and why they didn't come to see him .

Since then, he gradually became sensible . He knew that he had been abandoned by his parents . Therefore, his love for his parents was completely transformed into his dependent grandfather .

His grandfather did a lot for him . Of which, he could never repay him in a lifetime .

Tang Dahai sighed and said, ’’I don't know why they were so cold-hearted but I think they must have their own difficulties . ’’

His grandfather was always kind to others .

Tang Zheng heard his words in silent .

’’Little Zheng, I am very pleased and happy seeing you be so promising . I know that you will soon grow your wings to see the outside world . So I have to tell you something, otherwise it would be unfair to you . ’’ Tang Dahai said .

’’What is it?’’ Seeing grandfather being so serious, Tang Zheng frowned .

’’Wait a minute, I'll get you something . ’’ Tang Dahai got up and went back to his room . After a while, he took out a wooden box the size of a fist and opened in with a trembling motion . Inside it, was a piece of red cloth, he didn't know what was wrapped in it .

’’Grandpa, what is this? Why have I never seen it?’’ Tang Zheng asked curiously .

Tang Dahai smiled bitterly as he took out the red cloth and placed in his palm . He finally reveled a crystal clear jade pendant .

Even with Tang Zheng's shallow knowledge regarding jade artifacts, it can be seen that the quality of this jade was definitely incomparable to the jade he bought .

This piece of jade was definitely worth a city . How can there be such a priceless thing in his own home? Tang Zheng's eyes became cloudy .

Tang Dahai watched Tang Zheng as his eyes became deep as he seemed to recall past events .


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