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The Strong, The Few, True Cultivators On Campus - Chapter 1


Chapter 1: Gifted Weaking Student

’’Tang Zheng, you penniless good-for-nothing, return the money you stole!’’

’’A few days ago, I heard that your grandfather was sick. You must have stolen the money to pay for your grandfather's doctor visits, a poor wretch like you staying in our class is simply a humiliation.

’’You still think you are some hotshot, first in the city like before, well right now you are the number one idiot, first counting from the back. The school should have long since expelled you.’’

Pointed at in a vile manner, insults unending entered his ears, Tang Zheng bit his mouth, his face red looked upwards, opened his mouth and firmly said: ’’I did not steal the money!’’

’’Why quibble, if you didn't steal it, then who did? During the passing period exercise, you were the only student to stay in the room, and aside from that we are all rich people so how can we place an insignificant amount such as a few hundred dollars in our eyes. Only, a broke and penniless person like you, so if not you then who? Unless you are saying money will just grow legs and run off?’’

’’Qiao Fei, you are speaking lies!’’ Tang Zheng's eyes were red, it's true that he is destitute and that his dependent grandfather was indeed sick but since he was small he has never stolen.

Since he was a child, his grandfather has taught him that even poor people have their own integrity, to not rob or steal, to straighten one's back and to live life properly was the basis of how to be a man.

Tang Zheng is the child of an impoverished family, he can be considered a genius and has learning capabilities that make him stand out above the peers, that year during the tests he has earned first place in the whole city. He was then admitted to this Peng Cheng International School with all his school fees reduced.

Tang Zheng did live up to his expectations, after staying here for a bit over two years he has always maintained his rank as number one in academic performances, and is Peng Cheng International Schools model student.

However, not long after senior year of high school started, when he was returning home from school, he was attacked by others and received injuries to his head. From then on he was faced with a medical illness- giving him a headache whenever he is answering a question. At the same time, his memory became extremely bad, the previous materials that were easily memorized were now easily forgotten.

This condition has continued till this day, and now it is now nearing the latter half of senior year and there has been no improvements. Every time there is a mock example he would be last place.

He fell from heaven to hell, those who were intimate with him became distant, those who were jealous of him found joy in his disaster.

But Tang Zheng did not give up, again and again he would try to study hard, and every single time he would feel his head splitting with pain to the point of almost fainting.

Today, during the passing period, six hundred dollars just up and disappeared, and at that time his head hurt so much that he did not go do exercise. For this reason, the class representative, Qiao Feng, was adamant that he was the one who stole the class fees.

’’Qiao fei, Tang Zheng has always been an upright and honest person, how could he steal the money?’’ Fang Shishi's pleasant voice similar to that of a skylark rang out as she walked over.

Tang Zheng sent a grateful glance to which Fang Shishi gave a smile, similar to that of a hundred flowers blooming, which made everyone's breathing quicken .

Fang Shishi family background was not only renowned and influential, her academic record were outstanding, she who was always ranked second in the whole school became ranked first after Tang Zheng's injury.

But what really attracted the gaze of others was her beautiful appearance, she was one of Peng Cheng International School's two beauties, and many students dreamed of being her lover.

Qiao Fei too, liked Fang Shishi and once made public his desire to woo her but was rejected. Even so he still wouldn't put down his evil intentions and have always coveted her.

Seeing her protect Tang Zheng, jealousy arose within him, Qiao Fei coldly said: ’’He is an upright person? How come I don't know, how many poor people are truly upright, don't you see all those poor people in the news act like dogs and steal like cowards, are the violators few in number?’’

’’What Qiao Fei said is correct.’’ The crowd sounded out, filled with righteous indignation.

This is a school of aristocrats, in the whole school aside from Tang Zheng who is a commoner the rest are from families with depth, and were born with a sense of superiority.

Tang Zheng gared: ’’Qiao Fei, poor people also have integrity, I said I didn't steal it so I didn't steal it.’’

’’Ah, you still dare to roar at me, poor people will be poor people, not an ounce of education. What, still glaring at me, do you want to hit me? Hit me then, hit me then!’’ Qiao Fei stuck out his head and joyfully said.

The crowd look at Tang Zheng in ridicule, he has always been a docile student and never stirred up trouble, they even viewed him as being weak and feeble.

Moreover, Qiao Fei's person was tall and strong, he stood at a meter and eighty centimeters, while Tang Zheng stood at a meter and seventy centimeters, the difference was simply too large. For this reason, Qiao Fei thought that Tang Zheng would not dare make a move.

Fang Shishi wrinkled her delicate nose, and advised: ’’Qiao Fei, everybody's classmates, don't be like this.

’’I didn't do anything, Tang Zheng aren't you going to hit me, I'm letting him hit me.’’ Qiao Fei said with an air of joy, he was sure Tang Zheng wouldn't dare hit him, this way it would make him seem more formidable, a god among men.

’’Tang Zheng, just ignore him, I believe you didn't steal the money.’’ Fang Shishi consoled, but turned to see a big fist come smashing into Qiao Fei's face.


Qiao Fei let out a pitiful cry as he grabbed at his nose, fresh blood trickling out of his nose.

The crowd sucked in a cold breath, they stared at Tang Zheng as if they had seen a ghost, he... actually dared hit him!

’’Give him a beating, a fierce beating!’’ Qiao Fei roared,a few of his lackey's charged towards Teng Zheng.

Tang Zheng hurried protected his head area, fists rained down upon his body like raindrops upon a banana, but he did not let out a single cry, instead, biting down upon his lips, eyes red, staring straight at Qiao Fei.

’’Kill him, I want this peasant dead, I also want his grandfather dead.’’ Qiao Fei roared in anger, from since he was young, when has he who has lived like a prince suffered this kind of mistreatment. Moreover it was in front of Fang Shishi, this was really completely throwing away one's face, if he didn't get it back now how will he continue on in the future.

Tang Zheng's eyes suddenly grew bigger, grandfather was his only close relative, if anyone dared do anything to his grandfather he would not let them.

He was like a leopard charging out of the encirclement, straight at Qiao Fei, the two people's height difference was evident but Tang Zheng had years of training from long distance running, so his body was of better quality that Qiao Fei who lived like a prince, his strength was also greater and with both his hands and feet at work, soon Qiao Fei was diminished to looking like a pig.

The crowd was stupefied, Tang Zheng... when did he become so fierce?

Fang Shishi opened and closed her mouth, seeing Qiao Fei's pig like face she secretly felt some of her pent up feelings released as Qiao Fei has often harassed her, often to the point of testing her endurance.

’’What are you doing, stop!’’ Suddenly, a sound like thunder bellowed out causing everyone's heart to tremble, their hearts told them old witch has appeared.

The old witch was the classes teacher, Wu Cuihong, fifty years old, her waist and thighs were big, aside from her personality being mean, nearly everyone else was afraid of her.

’’Tang Zheng, what are you doing?’’ Wu Cuihong's anger was carried over.

Tang Zheng stopped his fist and Qiao Fei immediately stood up, fear and doubt filled his eyes as he started at Tang Zheng as he said: ’’You... you dare hit me.’’

’’What the hell is going on?’’ Wu Cuihong's angry eyes swept over them, as she asked in an imposing manner.

’’Teacher, Tang Zheng stole the class fees and also hit others.’’ Several of the lackeys quickly said adding fire to oil.

’’I did not steal the money!’’ Tang Zheng stubborn refute in succession.

Wu Cuihong immediately deeply wrinkled her eyebrows then looked at Tang Zheng in annoyance. She previously thought that she had picked up a treasure who would bring her honor, since his previous test scores always took first place in the city but even so, within her mind's eye she looked down upon peasants.

After Tang Zheng's fall from to last place, her attitude towards Tang Zheng also drastically changed and she no longer had a good view of him.

Because Tang Zhen did not bring her any benefits but instead brought her trouble and was a cause of burden, she was constantly turning to the school to switch Tang Zheng into another class or to expel him but the school has not made their final decision yet.

Wu Cuihong suddenly had a bright idea, this was an extremely rare opportunity to cast away this burden of hers.

’’Everyone back to their studies, a few of you come and carry Qiao Fei to the infirmary, Tang Zhen, you step outside with me.’’ Wu Cuihong coldly ordered.

’’This time Tang Zheng is done for, I wonder how the old witch will take care of him.’’ Someone said finding joy in someone else's misery.

Seeing Tang Zheng's far of silhouette, Fang Shishi's face was complicated, she gently nibbled her lips, and ran to catch up, ’’teacher, I trust that Tang Zheng did not steal the money, there must be a misunderstanding.’’

Wu Cuihong stopped her footsteps, kindly looked at Fang Shishi and said: ’’Shishi, money will not just up and fly away, since there are so many people saying that Tang Zheng stole it, then it must be true, you first return back to class.’’

’’No, there must be a misunderstanding.’’ Fang Shishi firmly insisted.

Wu Cuihong's face slightly deepened, yet as before, amiably said: ’’Shishi, you have to trust teacher, teacher will take care of this matter.’’

Fang Shishi looked at Tang Zheng, discovered that Tang Zhen was biting bit teeth hard, not saying a word, seemingly like he suffered from greatly wronged.

Wu Cuihong did not say anything more and directly brought Tang Zheng downstairs.

’’Tang Zheng, not only are your grades bad, you drag down the class, and now you steal money and hit others, tell me is this how a student is supposed to act?’’ Downstairs, Wu Cuihong fiercely and harshly criticized him.

’’Teacher, I really did not steal the money, Qiao Fei was framing me and that is why I hit him.’’

’’Heng, he framed you, why would he not frame other students then? Keep a clear consciousness and you will have nothing to fear.’’ Wu Cuihong said with contempt.

Tang Zheng stared at her angrily, as a teacher, you come to a conclusion without investigating, and to think I used to greatly respect you, now you are simply turning a blind eye to things.

’’You do not need to attend today's class, go to the laboratory and sweep the floor.’’ Wu Cuihong gave him a loathing glance and said with a wave of her hands.

’’The haunted floor?’’ Tang Zheng was suddenly terrified.

Wu Cuihong's eyebrow jumped and said: ’’What are you blabbering about, what haunted floor? If you dare speak such nonsense then I will call your family.’’

Tang Zheng swallowed his saliva, not saying a word, since grandfather is already sick, how could he come to school, moreover his situation at school could not be reveal to him otherwise he will feel bad and his condition will also worsen.

His did not dare tell his grandfather about his declining grades because he was always his grandfather's pride, and was unwilling to see his grandfather sad. For this reason, he has tried his best to overcome his difficulties so that he may once again step to the top, that way his grandfather can continue to be happy.

The laboratory floor, named the ghost floor, was located in the middle of the school. It was named so because something horrifying once happened several years back, a young student who was in the laboratory suddenly died and it was said that her blood was sucked clean so that she became as dry as a mummy.

The police investigated but came up with nothing and the school even hired a Daoist priest to visit and perform his duties. In the last several years nothing strange has happened but the name ghost floor has already became well known. Unless they had laboratory class, otherwise the students would not willingly go there.

By making him clean that floor, Wu Cuihong evidently did not bear him any good will and was trying to scare him or maybe hoped that he ended up like that female student.

’’Heng, it's not like I'm scared.’’ Tang Zheng's guts was not small either, since Wu Cuihong wanted to scare him if he refused then wouldn't he be playing into her schemes.

The basement door was pushed open, a flood of damp smell of moss assaulted Tang Zheng's face and he shivered. It was a lot colder than the outside.


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