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The Skill Maker - Chapter 119


Chapter 119

<Bait &Hook #1>

'Might as well try . '

It wouldn't hurt to try .

If it doesn't work, then he could still mix the potion into the sauce .

Hyun-Soo used his phone to contact David .

’’David, are you available?’’

- Huh? What's up?

’’Can you stop by my dorn? There's something I want to give you . ’’

- Okay . I'll be right there!

Since he experienced a lot of odd situations through Hyun-Soo, he was the best guinea pig .

Even if something weird happened, he wouldn't think much about it .

’’I now have a guinea pig for testing . I should use this opportunity to really test it out . ’’

The first subject he'll pour the energy into .

It was going to be through the pear that Riri was eating .


Hyun-Soo tried inserting his energy like Riri just to test it out .

And the result was pretty interesting .

[Energy Infused Asian Pear]

A small amount of energy has been infused into the pear .

The natural taste of the ingredient has increased thanks to the energy .

A certain amount of energy can be accumulated within the body .

Effects : It's delicious .

There's a very slim chance that the total amount of energy may increase a bit .

'It has all of these benefits just because I infused energy into it?'

He never thought about using his energy on an object .

Energy was the essence of power that was given to hunters .

Hunters used their skills, went on hunts and survived in portals through this energy .

Why was Hyun-Soo's stamina recovery skill and stat increase potion selling so quickly?

It was to maximize the energy's recover and effectiveness .

That's why most of the ordinary hunters didn't use their energy recklessly .

However .

'I'm not an ordinary hunter . '

Ordinary hunters wouldn't be able to create skills with a SS ranked skill .

There was another interesting fact .

'A certain amount of energy can be accumulated? Then does that mean that my energy will be in someone else's body?'

And the total amount of energy can increase too .

The chance of that happening was very slim, but there was still a chance .

If that happens, then things will definitely change .

There was a limit to how much energy a hunter can use .

It was different based on the rank and the person itself, but everyone had limitations .

That's why energy recovery was important during a hunt .

'But this just increases the maximum amount, not the energy itself . '

Even if one doesn't level up, the maximum amount does increase .

Hypothetically, low-ranked hunters can go up against high-ranked hunters when it comes to the maximum amount .

But that only applied when the amount was extremely high .

'......It doesn't really sound realistic . '

Was this really possible?

Hyun-Soo was feeling doubtful .

If someone provided that energy without participating in the hunt...

It wasn't even that hard to do .

They didn't require Hyun-Soo's skill creation skill or drink a potion .

Most hunters knew how to control their energy .

Even if they weren't using a skill .

'I feel like someone already tested this out . '

But, no one knew .

This could become a new discovery . It'll be like the time when no one was interested in the monster's corpse .

'I should find out more about this . '

Hyun-Soo first decided to see if there were any related information .

’’Hey, rookie!’’

Knock, knock!

David arrived right when Hyun-Soo finished his thoughts .

Hyun-Soo greeted the David that refused to ring the doorbell .

’’What is it? What are you going to give me?’’

The way David's eyes sparkled reminded him of a child on the morning of Christmas .

Hyun-Soo gave him a piece of the pear .

’’Try it . ’’

’’Huh? It's not really it......?’’

’’Yes . ’’

’’......Did you really call me here for this?’’

’’Yes . ’’

’’I was really excited because Eugene told me you were making something really good...’’

David looked like the cat that had the large, sad eyes .

And the fact that he looked good was shocking .

But Hyun-Soo coldly told him that it wasn't ready yet and declined his request .

’’I want meat too...... . ’’

David looked disappointed as he looked at the ingredients that were in the kitchen .

David took the pear even though he really didn't want it .

And then he carefully took a bite .


The crunchy sound of the pear filled the room and it was refreshing .

And then .

’’What? Oh my God! It's incredible! Rookie, what the heck is this?!’’

’’A pear . ’’

’’A pear? This is a pear? It tastes like some sort sort of heavenly fruit . I'm sure the apple from the garden of Eden tastes like this!'

And then David kept on saying that this couldn't be a pear .

Even though Hyun-Soo made it, he hasn't eaten it, so he was a bit surprised by David's reaction .

David kept on asking for more as if he was addicted to the pear .

’’I don't have any more . ’’

’’Rookie, you're so cold-hearted . You should've just not given me any! I can't believe you would give me only one piece . Are you telling me to die from dissatisfaction?’’

David complained earlier about giving him fruit instead of meat and now he was begging Hyun-Soo for more .

An addict would probably react the same way .

'Is this a good thing or a bad thing?'

Anyways, he was able to confirm one thing .

That it made the food more delicious .

'Interface did guarantee that it was delicious . '

That's the description it displayed from the start .

But when he used Interface to check on David, there wasn't anything different with his energy .

'It would've been nice if it affected his energy too . '

It was a bit disappointing, but he knew he couldn't get everything he wanted at once .

’’Can't you give me more?’’

’’Wait until dinner . ’’

’’Such a cold-hearted person...... . ’’

’’...... . ’’

Hyuna probably influenced him .

Hyuna became close with the members since she saw them every time she visited the cafeteria .

She had a gentle and friendly personality and on top of that, she started talking a lot faster than Hyun-Soo, it's only natural for her to become close with the members .

Hyun-Soo felt like he was able to see Hyuna in David .

He felt like he was in a drama .

More like a soap opera .


When David left, Hyun-Soo resumed making the food .

He decided to research deeper about the energy later .

It's because he didn't have enough information right now .

'I did see its effects, so I should use it . '

Interface displayed the following information about the pear .

The natural taste of the ingredient has increased thanks to the energy .

'Then it should increase the taste of the Galbi and Bulgogi . '

It was easy to use .

And Interface should display the same ’’It's same ’’It's delicious’’ description .

But he wasn't going to stop there .

'Might as well try mixing all of them . '

He poured the potion as well as the energy into the sauce .

He started cooking to leave a strong impression on the guests .

But now, this was nothing more than an experiment .

Hyun-Soo was honestly curious about the result .

He poured the potion and started stirring the sauce .

He spread the sauce onto the meat and place another piece of meat on top of it .

He spread the sauce, placed another piece of meat and repeated this process several times .

After pouring the remaining sauce on top of the stack of meat, Hyun-Soo gathered his energy .

Buzzzzz .

It sounded like the air was slightly vibrating .

Hyun-Soo started kneading that meat while gathering his energy .

Making sure that the meat have been marinated well .

And making sure the energy had infused .

Kyuuuu... .

Riri watched while licking her lips .

It's because the energy she consumed was now inside the meat .

Riri looked at Hyun-Soo with a pitiful expression .

But Hyun-Soo already moved onto the next step .

’’Let's start the Bulgogi . ’’

Instead of the pear, he took out an apple and other ingredients and concentrated on the dish .


Their reaction was what he expected .

The people that haven't tried it before carefully took a bite and afterwards started putting a lot of food on their plates .

Even though Hyun-Soo made a lot food, it disappeared within seconds .

’’How can it taste this good? I can't believe it!’’

’’Who made this? Are there more?!’’

There were probably a few hunters that actually ate Bulgogi and Galbi before .

New York had quite a few Korean restaurants .

It may be different from the food served in Korea, but since they made it to accommodate the taste buds of the people here, foreigners may like it more .

But they were really shocked right now because it was totally different from the ones they tasted before .

Everyone had forgotten about Riri .

'Let's see...... . '

Hyun-Soo used Interface and looked at the hunters that were inside the cafeteria .

He confirmed that the random potion was working well .

The energy limit did increase a little bit for some people .

'They're lucky .

'They're lucky . I hope they're the friendly hunters that are on our side . '

He didn't want the enemy to obtain all the good benefits .

It was already too late for him to be worried about that...

'Well, it's not a big increase anyways . '

He purposely set the amount of energy that was being infused .

He was experimenting right now .

Even though David didn't show any signs of side effects, he still had to experiment .

There wasn't a need to create more variables that were difficult to control .

'They should be showing some sort of reaction soon......'

They probably didn't realize it because the food was too good .

But they were high-ranked hunters that were proud of their power .

And they were probably really sensitive whenever there was a change in their bodies .

'What was the rank of the hunter that I sold my first skill to? Was it C or B?'

So many things happened after that day, so he had a hard time remembering .

Anyways, even ordinary hunters do everything they can to take care of their bodies, so for high-ranked hunters, they would probably do more to make sure their bodies are in good condition .

Their body was an asset .

'But I feel pretty satisfied . This is probably why people cook . '

A small smile appeared on his face because he couldn't hide his satisfaction .

The hunters might think it's absurd if they heard this analogy .

Hyun-Soo felt like he discovered a god-like seasoning that would make anyone lick their dishes .

That seasoning was called energy . .

It was the same energy that was used as a base for hunters .

'This is what a mother must . I went too far again . '

Out of the dishes that Hyun-Soo and the chefs from a five-star hotel made, they finished Hyun-Soo's first .

He couldn't help but be proud of his cooking .

When dinner time was almost over .

Hyun-Soo managed to get rid of his smile and while looking around the room, his eyes met Kim Yoo-Na's eyes .

Nod .

She slightly nodded her head . Hyun-Soo replied by doing a light bow .

If this was the first stage, then it was time to move on to the second stage .


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