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The Skill Maker - Chapter 118


Chapter 118

<It's Delicious and Good for the Body #3>

’’About what?’’

’’A lot of the guests are getting lost at night . ’’

’’Oh, you're referring to the guests that are getting lost in front of the restricted area, right?’’

’’Yeah and they said there's a lost child that keeps visiting the supply room . ’’

’’I wonder why . This place isn't that difficult to navigate around . ’’

’’I know, it's weird, right? Or maybe it's because I've gotten used to this place and it's really easy to get lost . ’’

’’I don't think so...’’

A smile appeared on Hyun-Soo's face as he watched Katrina think seriously about it .

He already heard it from Kim Yoo-Na, but he was able to confirm the current situation again through Katrina .

'They feel provoked . '

Things were going like he had planned .

Letting Riri fly every time they ate was effective .

Hyun-Soo wanted to provoke the hunters . He wanted to raise their expectations and imagination through Riri .

It was up to them to choose .

And through that, he'll be able to filter them out .

'Should I provoke them a bit more?'

Hyun-Soo recalled the ingredients that were sitting in his dorm .


'Offering food is considered a friendly gesture all over the world . '

There's a reason why people become closer through food .

But right now, he wanted to lower their guards, not become friends with them .

Hyun-Soo had other plans for those ingredients .

He could've used them to sell it to the black market, but he had bigger plans .

A plan that'll give him enough power so that others won't look down on him .

The highest place where he'll shine the brightest .

Everyone probably thought about it at least once in their lifetime .

But end up in frustration because of reality .

Hyun-Soo felt that way at one point in his life .

But it was different now .

He had a power that others couldn't replace or even imitate .

So it's only natural for him to want something bigger .

'I do need to stock up on the potions, but...I do need something to provoke them, so I'll just use it . '

He was going to create two batches of potions . One batch was going to be based on effectiveness and the other was going to be benefits .

But there was a more urgent matter than that .

He can always get more ingredients .

'What should I make?'

He heard a while back that they liked Bulgogi (Marinated Beef) .

Foreigners supposedly liked it because the soy sauce base dish was sweet .

He recalled Hyuna mentioning that to him .

He heard that Korean restaurants that serve Galbi (Marinated Ribs) and Bulgogi do really well .

There has been students that introduced Korean food to their foreigner friends and they reacted well to the food .

'Great . I should try a meat dish . '

Bulgogi and Galbi were difficult to make .

The sauce itself required a lot of ingredients, but that wasn't the only problem .

He needed time to make the meat as tender as possible and marinate the meat afterward .

Basically, it was a lot of work .

'Well, I need something that will create a huge impact, so I should make it . '

It seemed like he wanted to suffer .

Why was he doing so much?

'Whew . '

Who said it?

Only hard-working people can take the best position .

A beautiful swan may look like they're just floating on the water, but they're actually paddling like crazy underneath the water .

That's why he had to endure it despite of it being a tiresome task .

'It would be nice if I had a monster's meat...'

He decided to make a suggestion to hunt a portal with a monster that looked similar to a cow or pig .

Right now, he had no choice but to use ordinary beef and pork .

But, he decided to mix a potion into the sauce .

'I just need to let it sit for a while . I can serve it for dinner, so I have enough time . '

He may have enough time until dinner, but he had to move fast if he wanted the potion to be marinated into the meat .

Since there was a lot of people, he needed to prepare a lot of ingredients .

He needed to take the other members with him .

Hyun-Soo left the building with that thought and saw someone he knew .

’’Hyon-Ssoo! I heard you're making something yummy!’’

He wasn't sure how she heard about that, but Katrina was waiting for him .

Eugene was with her .

’’I want to go too . If you're going shopping, shopping, take me too . There's a lot of things I want to buy too . ’’

’’I'm not going for fun . I won't be gone long . ’’

’’Yeah, I know . ’’

She replied right away .

But Hyun-Soo knew about Katrina's past records .

Her love for shopping couldn't be described with words .

She was surprised when she first visited the black market and she kept on looking around until Kim Yoo-Na couldn't endure it and forced her to leave .

’’Ha ha, don't worry . I'll make sure to keep her under control . ’’

’’......I'll leave her to you, Eugene . ’’

’’Yeah, don't worry . You're making it for tonight's dinner, right? You have enough time, but seeing as how you're rushing, I guess you have a lot to do . ’’

’’Yeah, I'm thinking about making Galbi and Bulgogi . ’’

Hyun-Soo thought Eugene's eyes widened .

’’Then we shouldn't spend a lot of time shopping . We have to eat those yummy food . I really like your cooking, Hyun-Soo . ’’

Right .

Eugene ate a lot when Hyun-Soo made Bibimbap .

Before Hyun-Soo came, the clan has never eaten decent Korean food .

'They have a lot of money, so why don't they just eat out?'

There were a lot of hunters that refused to eat out because they were trying to be healthy and Eugene might be one of them .

Anyways, Hyun-Soo took the two helpers and headed to the market .

Eugene guided him to the Korean market after saying that it would be best to shop there since he was making Korean food .

And they managed to finish really quickly .

’’I want to eat snacks!’’

’’No, wait . ’’

’’Hmph...... . ’’

Grocery shopping ended quickly thanks to Eugene's strictness .

Hyun-Soo started preparing as soon as he returned .

Since the food required a lot of preparations, he needed to start as soon as possible .

Eugene wished him good luck in a serious tone and left .

He was devoting himself to the Galbi and Bulgogi .

’’Let's see...... . ’’

He first placed the meat in cold water . It was to wash away the blood .

Hyun-Soo decided to make the sauce during that time .

And the potion he was going to include in the sauce .

The food tastes better the longer it sits in the sauce, so sauce, so he hurriedly started working on it, but he also rushed because he needed time to create a potion that wouldn't affect the taste of the sauce .

Slice .

Tap, tap, tap .

He was grinding the asian pear and onion .

He added soy sauce, starch syrup, minced garlic and chopped green onion .

He also added rice wine, ginger juice after grinding it, sesame oil and ground pepper .

He dipped his finger and tasted the sauce .

’’Hm...not bad . ’’

It couldn't be compared to the sauce his mother made, but it was close enough .

He decided to let it sit for a while .

Next was the potion .

Hyun-Soo put all the ingredients he had into the blender .

Since he had experience, he knew what kind of benefits the potion was going to have based on the amount he put in .

And then .


[You have discovered the recipe for the ’’Low Rank Random Potion’’(Rare)]

[Would you like to register the recipe?]


[The recipe for the ’’Low Rank Random Potion’’(Rare) has been added . ]

It was an unexpected notification .

'A rare rank?'

He just placed them into the blender thinking it would be okay as long as it had some sort of effect...

'Rare......? And random?'

Hyun-Soo immediately checked .

Low Rank Random Potion[Rare]

A potions that's been created with a variety of ingredients .

Even though it wasn't created with detail, the effects aren't that bad .

When consumed, it will be affected randomly .

Effects: The user will receive a random benefit .

The Type of Effectiveness: +Stamina 30 [Duration: One Hour]

A Small Increase in Physical Stats [Duration : 30 Minutes]

Strengthen Visibility [Duration: 20 Minutes]

One of those .

’’Oh...... . ’’

It wasn't that bad since he randomly put them all together .

It would be better if all of those benefits were included in this one potion .

That probably happened because different ingredients were mixed into one .

And the benefits were random .

’’This is the first I'm seeing this type . ’’

He did have one fruit that increased one's visibility .

When consumed, that's all it did .

But when mixed together, ’’Strengthen Visibility’’ appeared .

'Is it because the Medicinal Mix skill increased up to 25%'

The skill continuously increased since he's been creating a lot of potions .

There was a good chance the Medicinal Mix skill helped him create a pretty good potion .

’’It potion .

’’It tastes pretty good too, so I think it'll be good . ’’

It would be a problem if he made a potion that tasted like burnt marshmellow, which he has done before .

It's because it'll taste weird if it was mixed with the food .

Right when he was about mix the potion into the sauce .

He saw Riri .

He saw her actions to be exact .

Crunch, crunch!

Riri was eating the asian pear that was left over .

But, she wasn't just eating it . She was repeatedly behaving a certain way before eating it .

A small light appeared on the palm of her hand and she placed that light on the pear .

She then bit into the pear and ate it .


Riri flew to him when Hyun-Soo called her name .

She felt awkward for not being with him outside of the dorm, so she was happy when he called her .

’’What did you just do?’’


’’You did something to the pear and then ate it . ’’

Riri made a light appear on her hand .

’’Yeah, what's that?’’

When Hyun-Soo asked, Riri looked like she was contemplating .

And then, she used her body to explain .

Of course Hyun-Soo didn't understand any of it .

Hyun-Soo gave up and asked another question .

’’Is it better to eat it that way? Does it taste better?’’

The answer this time was easy .

Riri nodded her head .

'Riri usually consumed energy . That was her main meal and...wait . Was that light just now energy?'

That thought suddenly popped into his head .

’’Did you just put energy into the pear?’’

Since energy was her main meal, it's possible that she was putting energy into the pear before eating it .

Kind of like how people spread jam on their bread .


Nod, nod!

Riri nodded in agreement .

Another thought popped into Hyun-Soo's head .

'Wait . What will happen if I mix the energy into the sauce instead of the potion?'

What would happen if they consumed another person's energy?

Up till now, Hyun-Soo has been researching the effects when mixing energy into a potion .

But, that only worked when the other ingredients have been purified .

Hyun-Soo has never tried including the energy itself without the use of other medicinal herbs .

'Should I try?'

Hyun-Soo was now extremely curious .


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