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The Sacred Ruins - Chapter 76


Chapter 76

He was unwilling to stir up any more troubles. He wished for peace and tranquility, but some people could never learn to make concessions to avoid further dispute and let the matter drop. They had pushed him too hard, so he had to fight back against these restless aggressors.

Who was it this time? Xu Wanyi, the family of Mu, or Silver Wing?

Chu Feng had his doubt on the first two. Both had connections all over the country, and they were cold-blooded too. They would catch and kill anyone whom they doubt were standing in their opposition without any persuasive justifications.

Implicating an innocent person was perhaps the least they cared about!

They would rather kill thousands of innocents than to let off a real enemy of theirs. They treated human life as if it were worthless.

On his way hurrying home, Chu Feng was still thinking. The family of Mu was the most powerful amongst the three, followed by Xu Wanyi. She could use the power of Lin Yeyu to serve for her own interest. As to Silver Wing, Chu Feng was prone to reject the idea that he was the culprit behind this incident. Although Silver Wing was a powerful fighter alright, he lacked the connections and the influence of the former two.

There was a flame of rage flickering inside Chu Feng’s chest. He swore that these people would pay for their acts of wanton aggression, and the price would be bloody!

The forests along the damaged highway were dense. All kinds of monstrous beasts showed themselves to stop Chu Feng from hurrying forward.

Chu Feng had no inclination to get in a tangle with them. After easily killing these beasts, Chu Feng hurried on his way home again.

How he wished that he could immediately reach home right in the next second. He was deeply worried about his parents’ safety.

Jiangning. In the villa community.

Xu Wanyi was giving Lin Yeyu a scalp massage while gently whispering. It looked like she was reporting something to him.

“Wan Qing’s death is a saddening tragedy for me too, but so far, I only see Bodhi as the biggest suspect in this incident. They carried out that raid at that night, the night when Wan Qing lost her life.”

“I have my suspicion on Chu Feng because both Wan Qing and Mu had once been so fervently directing against him in the past,” Xu Wanyi said.

She then shook her head and said, “Since there’s no evidence that Chu Feng was responsible for my sister’s death, I will let him go.”

Xu Wanyi gave a sweet smile, flashing her charming eyes at Lin Yeyu. Her hot red lips gleamed with glittering luster, making her all the more charming and enchanting.

In fact, it was not long ago when she contacted people from the family of Mu. She had told them every piece of suspicion she had had about Chu Feng. She was indeed planning not to bug Chu Feng in the near future anymore, but that didn’t mean that the family of Mu would not send out their men to eliminate Chu Feng.

The death of Mu was not just some petty things.

He was an endearing child in the family of Mu. As the youngest member in the family, he was a dear to the heart of the family’s elders. This was also the reason why he was called Mu. It was a term of endearment that showcased how much he was doted upon by the people from his family.

Recently, he died in an avoidable battle in the mountain of White Snake, killed by a cold-blooded killer called Angel Ox. Ever since his death, his family had been busy investigating the killer’s identity.

Xu Wanyi’s smile was rather sweet. She was quietly waiting for the result of the investigation. She was sure that even if Chu Feng had been innocent throughout this sequence of tragic deaths, the family of Mu would still have made Chu Feng shed a layer of skin by the end of their “investigation”.

And she was right. The family of Mu had indeed been busy taking actions.

Recently, they had been tailing Kong Kim. They wanted to start with him to further their investigation into Angel Ox’s identity.

They suspected that the killer might have been connected to Bodhi Genes.

Mu had once told the family that he had lost a total of eighteen mutants in a battle prior to the one that happened in the Mountain of White Snake. All the eighteen mutants had taken the latest drug that claimed to improve their combat effectiveness tenfold.

And according to the people who were inspecting the scene of the fight, all eighteen mutants were killed by a single person.

Back then, it was believed that only Kong Kim was capable of this.

It was also later confirmed that Kong Kim was indeed patrolling the region at the time.

“Has Kong Kim left Taihang Mountains yet?” some people from the family of Mu asked.

“No, he hasn’t,” a mutant replied.

Days had passed since the battle ended, yet Kong Kim was still dawdling around the area. He seemed to be looking for something.

The family of Mu had deployed their top fighters to follow his trail.

Who was Kong Kim looking for? It was those cows of course. He was still resentful about the surprise attacks pulled off by those despicable domestic animals.

However, he was utterly clueless about the fact that he had been made a scapegoat of someone else. He was taking the blame for the death of eighteen mutants.

“We’re in a very sensitive period right now. We can’t take any actions against Kong Kim, at least not yet. Plus, he’s a powerful fighter too. Even Master Chen Hai is unlikely to kill him. As to Chu Feng…” someone from the family of Mu issued orders.

One could tell from what the man had just said that this so-called Master Chen Hai was an extraordinary fighter. His power was terrifying to the extent that even people from the family of Mu would have to call him by his honorific. Chen Hai was the man in charge of hunt for Kong Kim. He was a master in boxing. For many years, he had been practicing a particular fist position that had allowed him to punch at the speed of lightning. Rarely could anyone rival him.

“Master Chen Hai had only eaten some of the most ordinary strange fruits we could find. So far, they haven’t really helped him evolve that much. One day! One day, we’ll find him the strangest fruit from one of those strange trees;we’ll make him the most powerful fighter in this world!”

This was the reason why the family of Mu thought highly of Chen Hai!

“Bring as many mutants as you can to assist Master Chen Hai,” instructed by an important figure in the family of Mu.

“Master Chen Hai’s boxing style has reached the acme of perfection. Rarely has anyone rivalled him, and no-one will ever do either. Does he need our assistance in killing an ordinary person?” Someone from the crowd felt baffled.

“What if Chu Feng is the man who disguised as Angel Ox? We need to be prepared for all eventualities!”

“Yes, sir!”

At night, a bonfire flickered in the darkness.

Chu Feng was in an area full of bare hills. He was patiently roasting a pheasant on the fire. The pheasant had mutated, but the change was unlike anyone else. Its size was still normal, but its strength had drastically increased. Its beak could easily penetrate a slate of iron.

The fact that an animal as small as a pheasant was in possession of such unthinkable power was something utterly horrifying.

However, it still did not prevent itself from falling victim to Chu Feng. It was now a delicacy on Chu Feng’s plate. All that power had just gone wasted.

The pheasant was gleaming with a golden hue. It suffused the air with appetizing smell too.

“Yum! You little bastard does sure as hell taste delicious!” Chu Feng complimented, but at the same time, he was also a bit concerned. Mutated beasts and birds had drastically increased in numbers, and all of them were capable of killing people with ease. What kind of world the humans were living in right now? And what’s going be the future for humans on earth?

Having eaten to his fill, Chu Feng took out the stone box. Under the bright moonlight, the seed planted in the special soil had become all the more splendorous. It was like an emerging sun in all its splendor, shiny and full of vigor.

Having opened the lid of the stone box, Chu Feng could vividly see the glittering green seed. It was full of energy, but the confinement of the stone box had stopped this energy from pouring out from inside the box.

Suddenly, Chu Feng raised his head. His instinct for danger had prompted him to put away the stone box. He held back his breath, tensed himself while looking above at the starry night sky.

There was a bird of prey hovering at low altitude near the surface of the mountain path. It had a body length of at least six meters.

This was a mutated hawk or a mutated felon. Its wings were golden and metallic, gleaming with a chilling luster under the bright moonlight. Its eyes looked ruthless and tyrannical. Chu Feng was taken aback by what he saw with his own eyes. This was not just a mutated felon, but one that was domesticated as well.

On the back of this hawk were three people and a little puppy. They were riding the mutated felon as if they were the master of this beast.

This was the first time that Chu Feng had ever seen a bird of prey under the control of men;and the fact that such a ferocious-looking beast was able to behave docilely in the presence of men had shocked Chu Feng greatly.


A man with a lanky figure jumped off his ride while the felon was still six meters high above the earth.

Boom! The man landed on the ground like a javelin plugging into the earth. He stood there perfectly still. The man had a pair of eyes that looked bright and sparkling. He was a skinny man, but his body was full of astonishing power and strength.

There was a layer of luster on the surface of his body. This was a telltale sign that this man was dangerous.

Chu Feng was immediately on the alert. He felt that this middle-aged man was even more wild and ferocious than the felon he rode on. The man looked like a terrifying beast in Chu Feng’s eyes.

Then, the felon lowered its altitude to allow a man and a woman to hop off.

The man was a dwarf. He was only about one forty centimeters in height, and his face looked ashen as well.

The woman was quite beautiful. She was tall, slim and graceful. As soon as the two landed on their feet, clusters of vines and creeping weed broke through the soil and surrounded the woman in the middle.


The dog was still on the back of the felon. It was a little puppy whose body was shorter than one foot in length. However, it seemed to have had a very sensitive sense of smell. It howled at Chu Feng as if the dog had sensed something odd about him.

“Chu Feng?” the woman said with a smile. The sparkles floated about in the woman’s charming eyes. She combed her beautiful hair as she stood behind the clusters of vines. The woman looked just as delicate and charming as the buds of flower and tender sprouts on the vines.

Chu Feng finally understood that this lot had been following his trail. The falcon had speed, and the puppy’s sensitive sense of smell navigated their passage. Together, the group worked together to chase him here.

The middle-aged man looked aggressive. He gazed at Chu Feng. Although he was quite far away just then, he still noticed that there was something held in Chu Feng’s hand. It looked green and lustrous.

“Give it to me!’ The middle-aged man was named Chen Hai. He spoke in an imposing manner.

He was the man sent out by the family of Mu. His task was to deal with Chu Feng, regardless of whether he was the man behind the mask of Angel Ox. After seeing from a distance the shiny green particle in Chu Feng’s hand, he started extorting it from him.

“Who are you?” Chu Feng asked. He wanted to be clear about these people’s past first.


That ashen-faced dwarf suddenly vanished from sight.

“What?!” Chu Feng was taken aback. His instinct told him that a danger is heading his way from under his feet.


When Chu Feng sprung into the air, the earth on which he had stood seconds ago erupted with sparkles. A sharp knife had penetrated through the earth’s crust. Had Chu Feng failed to dodge the blade, the sole of his feet would have been cleaved off.

The fact that this man could scurry under the crust of the earth shocked Chu Feng.


Chu Feng leaped away from the protruding blade again. The earth beneath his feet shattered and crumbled. Pebbles erupted into pulverized pieces and sand went flying. The attack was very hard to guard against.

An unusual expression emerged on Chu Feng’s face. The man had a stunted growth, but he could traverse through space under the earth’s crust. His ability mirrored what Tuxing Sun [1].


When the man attacked for the third time, Chu Feng did not try to avoid, but instead, he trampled on the earth hard and firmly. Chu Feng was well capable of pulverizing boulders with his bare fists, so of course he could shatter the earth with his feet if he put strength to it.

He readied himself for this “Tuxing Sun” to emerge so that he could then bombard him with his powerful fists.

However, when the earth erupted, there were no holes or tunnels that might divulge the whereabouts of the dwarf man. It seemed as if that the man had blended with the earth like water in soil. Chu Feng tried to look for the man, but he was completely off the trial.

The man really was a “Tuxing Sun”!

“Interesting. You are indeed an unusual person.” The lanky and dangerous man named Chen Hai said. He stood there with both hands behind his back. The look in his eyes looked threatening. The smile on his face also felt cold and blood-curdling.

He was a master in boxing, and with the help of a strange fruit, his skill and his power had both skyrocketed. He might not have been a match for Kong Kim or Silver Wing since he had not eaten a fruit taken from a strange tree, but in terms of strength and prowess, he was no weaker than either of the two.

Had he eaten a strange fruit from a strange tree, his power would have grown immensely terrifying. He had every potential to replace the “top four” and become the sole ruler of the mutants.

“Give me whatever is in your pocket, and I won’t humiliate you!” Chen Hai said in an imperious attitude.

The boxing style he practiced had given him an unspeakable instinct. The instinct had allowed him to tell what object was invaluable and what was not. Although he could hardly cast a quick glance at the object minutes ago, he knew for a fact that it must have been something quite special.

“Don’t make me teach you how to appreciate someone’s patience and kindness!” Chen Hai glowered at Chu Feng.


A peculiar shield slipped out of his sleeves into his palms. Chen Hai was a powerful fighter, but he still chose to be very careful.

Even if it were Angel Ox whom he was facing against right now, there would still be nothing to fear for. Because the shield he held in hand was made of the latest alloy material invented by the family of Mu. It was so firm that it could shield off cannon balls, let alone arrows shot from a miserable bow.

[1] (A fictional character who can go was capable of burrowing into the earth)


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