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The Sacred Ruins - Chapter 387


Chapter 387: Decision
Mount Lao was one of the origins of Taoism.

Adjacent to the sea, it watched as the waves crashed into the coast, as the tide rose and fell, and as the vast oceans undulated.

In ancient times, it was also known as prison mountain as well as the mountain of labor. As the highest coastal peak of Ancient China, it was known as the first mountain on the sea.

As early as the pre-Qin dynasty, a group of specialists was studying the principles of longevity here. Additionally, there had been written records that King Fuchai once climbed Mount Lao to obtain treasured Buddhist scriptures.

Far away, the white waves crashed against the cliffs while the vast sea surged and billowed.

Up on the mountains, the greenery was luscious, as if made from polished jade. Enshrouded in white fog, the place was rich in energy particles, creating a typical spiritual paradise.

After the upheavals, Mount Lao had become even more extraordinary. The vegetation up on the mountains had become luminescent. Whether it was the colorful flowers or the luscious green vines, all of them carried an air of spirituality.

Presently, it had become the holy land of the Deity Biomedicals!

There were probably dozens of ancient yet simple temples distributed over various regions. Suffused by white mist, the place gave off an ethereal aura as if it were the homeland of the immortals.

Thousand-year-old Taoist temples could be glimpsed amidst the white fog, accompanied by pine trees and silver falls.

Cranes danced and lingered between the peaks, making the area increasingly resemble an immortal abode.

Up on a particular cliff, in front of an unremarkable little temple, there sat an old pine tree which resembled a dragonfly. The pine needles were sparse and yet it contained dense vitality within.

This ancient pine tree was entirely silvery white and this was what made it unique. These pine trees had astonishing powers. As the first tree on Mount Lao, it had the ability to help people sever their sixth shackle.

Upon a distant peak, some individuals were conversing and looking into the distance. They were all dignitaries of Deity Biomedicals.

Upon the precipice was the vigorous ancient silver pine, with its cracked silvery-white bark. Lin Naoi stood below the tree—her posture was the picture of elegance, her lustrous hair blown away to reveal her exquisite countenance. Her heart was also full of great waves as she stood gazing at the jade tides on the vast sea.

"Naoi, it is time to make a decision." A middle-aged woman seemingly in her thirties approached. Her face was beautiful and her eyes were deep and mysterious. She was dressed in modern, fashionable attire.

Despite this, she sported an ancient hairstyle—a golden hairpin with a string of hanging crystal beads. There were also various other dazzling hair accessories.

"That man is a heavenly talent and possesses a magnificent origin since he comes from an evolutionary dynasty. This kind of orthodoxy is regarded as incredibly terrifying and possesses deep accumulations. With a foundation formed over millions of years, they are capable of looking down on a sea of stars, and can be referred to as a colossus," stated the middle-aged beauty.

She had arrived 22 years ago but did not hibernate within the North Pole. Instead, her resting area was somewhere else. She was one of Deity Biomedicals' supporters.

There were many extraterrestrials hibernating in places like the Origin Magnetic Immortal Cave and the Qilin Lair.

A man exited from the small temple. From his appearance, he seemed to be 27 or 28 years old, and was incredibly handsome. The dark red mark between his eyebrows gave him a bewitching aura.

He too approached the silvery pine by the cliff and gazed across the majestic ocean.

"Naoi, that prodigy from the evolutionary dynasty is within the folded space in the depths of Mount Lao. You need only to draw him here and the world will belong to you two," said the handsome man. The dark red mark between his eyebrows was glowing with a penetrative luster.

Not far away, the old woman who had lost half her body to burns was standing quietly and respectfully to one side. She was just a servant to the handsome man and the middle-aged beauty.

"This planet once held a terrifyingly high rank within the universe's rankings. Even after its ranking fell, many holy relics still shine beneath the grits, lying within the ruins. Many years ago, we had already found that your body contains an energy tower. This is your destiny, and no one can extract it from you. Now you are able to utilize it as a bridge to link folded spaces and form a safe passageway.

"The prince from the dynasty of evolved beings has an unmatched disposition and can be regarded as the chosen son of the heavens. You, as the chosen daughter of the heavens, should draw him here. Only he is fit to match you, and you will become the ideal pair. This planet, which was once ranked 11th within the universe, will become a place where you two rise to power."

"Naoi, it is time to make a decision!"

The man and the woman, with solemn expressions, urged her on in earnest.

"Mn." Lin Naoi stared across the ocean.

Chu Feng drove the flying saucer as fast as lightning. Crossing the vast skies from Kunlun, they readily reached the shore of the Eastern Sea and proceeded to land.

That was because the Dragoness was waiting here—she didn't accompany them to Kunlun.

"Dragoness, we're here!" Chu Feng called to her.

The Dragoness appeared near the shore, her indigo hair draped loosely over her shoulders. Her smile was bright and dazzling, and her physique lithe and elegant. She was content that Chu Feng had kept his promise and showed up.

"As agreed in advance, you must ensure our safety," said Chu Feng. He did not wish to clash with the Elder Dragon King of the Southern Sea. That was not within his plans.

"You are honored guests of our Eastern Sea. As such, the Southern Sea dragon tribe will not dare to be impudent." The Dragoness reassured them with a smile.

"Oh, it's this close to Mount Lao?" When the flying saucer took off and crossed the sky, Chu Feng gazed at the spiritual mountains in the distance, covered with rising mist and rosy clouds. The energy saturation levels here were astonishing.

He thought of Lin Naoi since this was an area occupied by Deity Biomedicals.

Yellow Ox spoke up, "In those days, Mount Lao should have had an impressive dynasty of evolved beings, with a terrifyingly almighty immortal abode. Often it would drive quasi-divine beasts to travel across the galaxies and visit the different universes."

With a grave expression, he stared fixedly at the area of Mount Lao.

This he had read from old records during his time back on his home planet. Before coming to Earth, he had studied and read many documents.

But alas, he was too young at the time and the things he had grasped were fairly limited.

Chu Feng could not help but lament—at some point in its history, the Earth really had been glorious, with a number of powerful individuals. Higher officials within the orthodoxies had the power to travel through space.

This was almost unimaginable! So many of a planet's evolutionary sect dignitaries were able to travel to any place or starry realm as they so desired. How terrifying!

Back then, to those mighty experts on Earth, entering other galaxies to visit friends was as easy as dropping in on them.

Nowadays, the Earth had declined into withered ruin. It was heartbreaking and woeful.

At present, in the eyes of extraterritorial evolvers from various regions, the Earth had been reduced to an uncivilized territory. Only natives remained here, and they were unlikely to be successful. Thus, they wanted to come and seize the remaining fortunes on the Earth.

"Every mountain has a path. Some creatures in certain regions of space will travel to the Earth via peculiar ancient paths. How come we still have not come across such creatures?" asked the black yak.

That year, they had discussed this very question up on Mount Olympus.

The Manchurian Tiger was also moved and said, and said, "Ah, yes. Did the West not have a damned God? At first, it was Schiller who poisoned the Vatican City. Then, out came Yamen, and afterwards, there was this Abel, who showed up and was burnt to death on the Mount Zhijin in Jiangning. When will the real leader behind all this appear?!"

"In the past, we thought he wasn't very strong, and that he would storm through very soon. But now, it appears that this person is quite remarkable," said Yellow Ox.

The more powerful the being, the harder and more dangerous it was to land on Earth. The resistances endured would be frightening.

Yellow Ox continued, "Relatively speaking, it would be slightly easier to land coming from the heavens. Coming from the ancient path between the folded spaces behind the mountains would be harder."

However, the Earth's position within the universe had been long forgotten by those spread across space. Not many knew the location, and so they could only rely on these extraordinary ancient passageways.

Without a doubt, during the times when the Earth prospered, too many paths were opened, with connections to many starry seas.

That was a Golden period. However, darkness followed extreme grandeur, and earth was never able to recover from it. The magnificent heroes belonging to that period were all murdered and their blood formed rivers. The entire planet was turned into a wasteland.

"Sooner or later, we will walk out of this place!" Chu Feng said, standing on the flying saucer.

"That's right. Our Beast Corps need to march into space sooner or later," said the black yak.

"It's the Legion of Saints okay?!"

"It's the Legion of Beauties!" The old Taoist priest's granddaughter, the problematic young girl, also joined in on the action with an expression of happiness.

Chu Feng and the others were very fascinated in which part of the universe she came from, and inquired constantly. In the end, the girl's lips were sealed and she was unwilling to give her origin in detail.

"Are you from the alpha universe?"

"No, judging from your appearance, you should be from Sagittarius!" They teased.

The Dragoness reminded Chu Feng, "You're attacking aliens consistently. This might not be a good thing for you."

"Nothing can be done though. They all decided to target me. I'm only forced to strike back." Chu Feng shrugged in an it-can't-be-helped manner.

The flying saucer tore through the sky—it flew off away from Mount Lao, and into the depths of the water.

Many folded spaces had emerged after the upheaval, and the ocean was no exception. The distance from one place to another had grown by 10-fold, and hence the area of the land increased by a hundredfold.

Within the

Within the depths of the ocean, it was surprisingly quiet. There were no raging, stormy waves, or any whistling gales.

With the sea acting as a mirror, the golden sun hanging in the sky was reflected onto the surface of the ocean as golden fragments.

"We're here!" the Dragoness announced to the others as she was in charge of steering and guiding the flying saucer.


The flying saucer landed. It broke through the surface of the ocean and entered the depths of the sea.

"Oh my, I can't swim. Little Sister Dragoness you have to look after me!" The toad Ouyang Feng approached with thick skin.

It was only a bit more than one year old, yet it had the nerve to call Dragoness as little sister.

"I've never heard of a toad drowning!" said the black yak.

In reality, the glimmer within the toad's eye was born of excitement—when it was born, its first form was a real dragon, then it transformed into a bird before finally becoming a toad.

Now as they neared a place as important as the East Sea and approached the dragon lair, it was incredibly excited.

The world under the sea was in fact not dark but was actually bright and colorful. It was vastly different from the past with all kinds of corals glowing and forming clusters of torches.

The Dragoness smiled and informed them that this was a great source of light.

Chu Feng and the others showed expressions of amazement. This was the first time they had entered the depths of the sea since the upheavals, and the views they were witnessing were too beautiful.

With the corals as a source of light, the illuminated underwater was incredibly dazzling.

They saw houses built from shells and temples built from fish bones. These were white as jade, divine and flawless.

Occasionally, they would reveal peculiar expressions—there were simply too many different tribes under the sea. En route, they saw several forms of life unheard of before, all of which had homes on the seafloor.

In addition, they saw some strange trees, with roots embedded within the mid-ocean ridge. They were multicolored and bore fruits of all different colors. One look and people could tell they were not ordinary varieties. It truly caused one to drool with envy.

However, some of the peculiar trees were guarded by sea monsters nearby. There were sharks measuring several hundred meters long, sea turtles as big as small mountains, as well as monsters with human forms and even birds with fish scales.

Not long after, they were shocked;unexpectedly they came across a vast and majestic underwater city!


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