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The Sacred Ruins - Chapter 324


Chapter 324: Emerging From Obscurity
Chu Feng knew the crux of his problem lay with the little black and white grinding stone. If he could solve this problem, then his body would be completely fine.

He had failed to do so previously and only discovered the fundamental change in his situation after entering the weapon nurturing domain.

Yellow Ox had told him that the black and white substance was transforming and would condense into an object. He had mentioned that if the object was formed in the end, it would help Chu Feng purify his energy and refine his blood essence, etc.

There was also a similar priceless item in Yellow Ox's body. It was a light yellow medicine mortar and pestle, something left behind by a Bodhisattva level expert.

It was an extraordinary item that was half material and half energy. Only fairies and saint children from top-ranking orthodoxies possessed such things because they were simply too rare.

Some worlds would only have one such item passed down since antiquity.

The item within Chu Feng's body would be a great fortune once it took form. It would help Chu Feng improve the intrinsic quality of his energy and blood essence, increasing his strength explosively.

At the same time, it also possessed boundless miraculous uses that would appear after reaching higher realms.

But if the item failed to take form, it would mean that the dark material attributes still remained. Such an outcome would be like a poison for Chu Feng at his current level. It would exhaust all of his energy or even corrode him in body and spirit.

Now things had taken a turn for the better after discovering that the weapon nurturing domain could help the object take form!

Before this, Chu Feng had believed the item was a defective failure and that was how he had reached such a state.

Yellow Ox had also said that if Chu Feng still didn't improve after ten days or so, he would have little hope of succeeding. It meant that the black and white grinding stone was defective.

Chu Feng began to ponder in detail after his initial bout of delight. He sat within the weapon nurturing array and felt the minute changes taking place.

His body was no longer withered and could now retain some energy. The black and white grinding stone was also becoming increasingly tangible. This meant that its defects were disappearing and it was gradually becoming perfect.


Half a day later, the magnetic and pristine jade stones near Chu Feng burst into pieces. They had been used up.

The miniature weapon nurturing array only lasted half a day's time. It consumed materials quite fast.

He knew that in the outer regions and some places on earth, there were origin magnetic crystals and even treasured spirit jades. If he could carve symbols onto such materials, the domain would last much longer.

It was said that origin magnetic crystals could be used for tens of thousands of years.

Some of the orthodoxies from the strong worlds possessed domains that could run for hundreds of thousands of years. Those materials were even more astonishing.

Chu Feng carved more symbols and once again laid down the weapon nurturing array. Practice, indeed, made perfect—after comprehending those special symbols, his actions had become familiar and full of beauty. The new domain appeared before long.

Chu Feng closed his eyes and sensed the energy flowing within his body. It was like a dried creek flowing with water once again—the dried riverbed was being nourished and overflowing with vitality.

This was a type of pleasure to regain his energy after losing it. It allowed his body to experience its many wonders.


He clearly felt the energy within his body become stronger and purer. This was brought about by the newfound effects of the grinding stone.

The black and white grinding stone was now rotating. It ground away and dispersed most of the energy, leaving only a small amount. But the quality was extremely high!

Yellow Ox said that this object, once fully formed, would madly plunder outside energy and maintain a dense level of energy within the body. There would no longer be any signs of withering.

After the current changes in Chu Feng 's body, it seemed he could maintain only a small amount of high-quality energy. There were still ways to go.

The current signs indicate that the small grinding stone still had some defects and required the weapon nurturing domain to incubate it and make it complete.

As night fell, Chu Feng was still hadn't left the weapon nurturing array. The changes in his body were distinct—he had returned from being an ordinary person to an evolved being.

After several days, he was already at the fifth level of the awakened realm.

Awakened, shackled, these were the two great realms all creatures on the current earth had to face.

The awakened realm was differentiated into nine levels. Reaching the fifth level within five days was an astonishing speed.

Chu Feng realized that with purer and higher quality energy, his strength was significantly greater than when he was previously at this stage.

This was absolutely shocking. This was a transformation which all evolved beings yearned for!

This was especially true for those ancient orthodoxies of the outer realm. Those divine children and saintesses especially cared about this. Their continuous pursuit was to reign above those of the same realm.

That was because this was related to their future prospects.

Chu Feng wasn't aware of the situation in other stars and realms but the changes before his eyes made him understand that the implications were great!

He noticed this black and white grinding stone was extraordinary. No wonder Yellow Ox said that this was an opportunity to become a saint ancestor.

Even in those realms with dense energy levels, only only the inheritors of top-grade orthodoxies would be able to obtain such secret items left behind by Bodhisattva level evolved beings. It was extremely rare.

Chu Feng's grinding stone was formed by himself and not left behind by a powerful evolved being after his passing. This was even rarer.

His energy didn't disperse even after walking out of the weapon nurturing domain and he was also able to circulate his breathing techniques. As the sound of thunder rang out, his whole body resonated and began to glow radiantly. It was an astonishing scene.

But after six days, he found that his progress was slowing down and his supply of magnetic stones was no longer sufficient.

The old grandmaster was delighted after learning of Chu Feng's condition, knowing that he now had hope. He immediately went down the mountain to collect more materials.

The old man's efficiency was extremely high because he had called on certain connections he rarely made use of, asking some king level entities to help him with the collection.

He came back very quickly with a large number of magnetic stones and pristine jade pieces. All of them were provided for Chu Feng's use.

Chu Feng had become increasingly adept and could now complete a minor weapon nurturing array within moments. However, its effects were diminishing.

He recovered to the fifth level of the awakened realm in five days but was only able to reach the sixth level on the tenth day.

Chu Feng frowned as he clearly noticed the sharp decline in nurturing effect of the domain on the black and white grinding stone.

"There are now fewer defects on the black and white grinding stone, but it requires a more powerful nurturing domain to take form perfectly." Chu Feng thus guessed.

He felt that there were two ways to solve this problem. One was to lay down the greater weapon nurturing domain, but it was simply too difficult for him at the moment.

The other method was to find higher quality materials. This would increase the strength of his domain.

Among the materials brought back by the old grandmaster, there were some magnetic stones with a warm luster and some beautiful rare jades. Chu Feng began to pick them out.

Following which, he laid down a domain with these materials—the effects were evident.

The black and white grinding stone was perfected that very day. This caused the ground energy to become even purer and raised Chu Feng's energy to the seventh level of the awakened realm.

"Just as I thought. My speculation was correct." Chu Feng yearned for more high-quality materials. However, it was difficult to have the old grandmaster find them for him. This wouldn't be a problem if only he had a corporate power behind him.

Unfortunately, the special magnetic stones were extremely limited and were immediately used up.

"This won't do. I must borrow the strength of a major power to free me free me of this cage!" said Chu Feng.

As expected, he consumed large amounts of ordinary materials in the following days only to reach the eight level of the awakened realm.

The old grandmaster went down the mountain once again but the ordinary materials he brought back were no longer of any use. Chu Feng had to think of another method.

During this period, Chu Feng's flying knife had been nurtured to an extraordinary state. It was becoming increasingly scarlet and lustrous. Its quality had increased to an astonishing degree.

At the same time, he also noticed the ordinary dagger he used in his experiments showing no small amount of change. It had become harder and sharper.

Ten-odd days of work had turned it into a blade that could cut through any other weapon of the similar material and build. Although the blade itself also sustained damage, it didn't break.

The upgrade was evident!

"I can cooperate with those corporates and help them nurture weapons. I heard they've always yearned to refine a flying knife and had been searching for many rare materials. In the end, they really did refine a half-complete product. I can definitely help them improve it."

Chu Feng muttered to himself with a smile.

Naturally, any familiar person hearing these words would curse him silently—how could he help a corporation? There was definitely an evil plan behind this!

Chu Feng asked the old grandmaster about the situation in the outside world. He wanted to understand the movements of these major powers before cooperating.

"Experts had come forth in large numbers and new supreme king level entities are appearing continuously. The outside world is very lively because some tyrant level experts have appeared," replied the old grandmaster.

After realizing that Chu Feng wanted to borrow corporate strength for this endeavor, the old man seemed to have recalled something and said, "There'll be an important meeting in Jiangning Major City in a few days."

He told Chu Feng that the latter was also invited to attend. Someone from Jiangning Major City had delivered the invitation."

Chu Feng would certainly have refused if it was in the past. The old grandmaster was also used to this and thus didn't plan to tell Chu Feng about this.

"Very well, I'll accept the invitation this time!" Chu Feng decided to emerge from obscurity.

At the same time, he also learnt of the nature of this meeting.

"The number of experts are increasing by the day. Frequent battles are happening between certain supreme king level entities. Some of them were personal conflicts, while others were related to the occupation of famed mountains. The collisions were endless. The meeting this time is to have all parties sit down and discuss a countermeasure. The aim is to reduce conflicts and persuade all parties to join hands against the common enemy from the outer realms."

The old grandmaster told him that new king level entities were level entities were clashing constantly. The world was in chaos as top-grade experts contended for hegemony.

Chu Feng was astonished. He had stayed away from these disputes since his body became problematic—a whole three months had passed since the snow melted away.

"Are those people strong?" asked Chu Feng.

"The newcomers will surpass us in time. Some among them are indeed extraordinary." The old grandmaster nodded.

A nearby dao child told Chu Feng that at least five batches of people had come to Mount Wudang in order to have this place change owners.

The situation in the outside world could be imagined—some tyrants had risen and come to challenge the old grandmaster in close succession, hoping to rob his ritual grounds. How conceited!

Fortunately, all of them returned in defeat.

After realizing the situation, Chu Feng had an urge to recover immediately and appear once again in the outside world. He would step up and deal with anyone who wanted to provoke the old grandmaster's position!

"I've left too long. I'm beginning to miss the hotblooded battles and sweeping through those so-called tyrants." Chu Feng's eyes glowed brilliantly.

A dao child nodded like a woodpecker. "Brother Chu, please recover quickly. Those hateful people think they're so infallible. They vainly attempt to drive us away. The old grandmaster has suppressed them for now, but it won't do if challengers keep showing up so often. It'll be a disaster if, by any chance, an accident occurs one day."

"Right, I'll find a way to deal with my problem when I got out this time, and after that, I'll restore peace to this place," said Chu Feng.

He had never imagined that the world would've changed so quickly during these three months. Large numbers of experts had risen and some supreme experts were challenging Wudang every now and then, hoping to overthrow the old grandmaster.

Chu Feng was still studying domains with full concentration in the following days. He was going to descend the mountain and emerge from obscurity, so he needed to be prepared.

"Causing panic? This symbol is quite useful."

Chu Feng was able to decipher some special symbols from an attack domain pattern recorded within the heavenly book. He was delighted after finding that they had clever uses and started to carve them onto some magnetic stones.

Several days later, he and the old grandmaster set out towards the Major City of Jiangning.

Jiangning, known as one of the four great ancient capitals, possessed a long history. Many dynasties had built their capitals here and could be considered a place of great glory and brilliance.

The headquarters of Deity Biomedicals was located here and as well as some of Bodhi Biogenetics' important laboratories, properties and the residences of certain higher-ups.

Chu Feng had come down from the mountain and emerged from obscurity after three whole months. He had come here with plans to appear once more in public eyes.


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