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The Sacred Ruins - Chapter 276


Chapter 276: Domain
"I can testify that Chu Feng is really still at the Extraterrestrial Research Institute. I live in Gusu City!"

While the outside world was in an uproar, a mutant stood out to confirm that the Extraterrestrial Research Institute had indeed been attacked and that Chu Feng still hadn't left.

"Poor goose! Even a bird king like him had fallen to become a background character in this incident. It was only casually mentioned after the curtains had fallen… that he had been roasted."

A certain person sighed at his lamentable fate.

Many others were dumbfounded.

The news that Chu Feng had taken down two corporate powers in a single day caused great tidal waves. The commotion was simply too big.

The outside world couldn't regain its calm. Not to mention the normal people, even the kings from various factions were dumbstruck. This was too frightening.

"What ferocity!" In the end, some people couldn't help but sigh.

At this time, the notoriously ferocious Chu Feng and his party hadn't left yet. They were doing something that would be dispiriting to anyone who witnessed the scene—burning a pavilion to roast goose.

They weren't in a hurry to leave after "committing the crime". They were calmly looking through their spoils of war while basking in the fragrance of roast goose.

The faces of those from the Extraterrestrial Research Institute had all turned green. They were all trembling with fear and indignation. As a major corporate power, they felt greatly humiliated at how they were easily conquered and their grounds being used as a campsite.

But no one dared to step forward because the enemy was simply too violent.

"This ancient book is related to 'domains'. It's quite a rare find!" Yellow Ox exclaimed happily. His little face was almost blooming with delight.

"This is where the core of formations lay, which would normally be called domains. Such a book is rare even in the outer realms."

Chu Feng took the book and flipped through it. It was filled with extremely mysterious and undecipherable writings. Chu Feng couldn't understand these ancient tadpole-like writings at all.

"If we're able to study it thoroughly, we might not lose out when we try to conquer those famed mountains and great rivers." Yellow Ox was delighted. His sparkling long golden hair and beautiful large eyes made him look like a doll.

There were various domains on the famed mountains that were laid down since ancient times. Some made use of geomagnetic forces, some could draw in solar essence, while others made one lose their sense of direction.

Chu Feng was greatly delighted after hearing this. If they truly grasped the essence of these domains, it would be so much easier for them the next time they visited Mount Longhu.

"Haha, this book is quite the gem!" The black yak smiled from ear to ear and laughed dumbly until his saliva began dripping out.

Recently, the experts from various factions were attacking famed mountains in order to gain a foothold, but many had suffered losses, staining the mountains with king level blood.

Ultimately, the domains on the mountains were simply too strong. They were all laid down since ancient times—every step through them proved extremely perilous—many kings had lost their lives and were buried within.

There were also certain special defense mechanisms such as mysterious ancient beasts crawling out to defend the summit.

Everyone in the group was close to drooling. Wouldn't all these famed mountains become like their backyard once they were able to grasp the profundities of these domains?

"Peerless Demon King Chu, please allow me to kneel before you. I'm willing to follow you for life!" The spineless old donkey was an expert at licking boots.

"Stand to the side. You're my mount!" The black yak smacked the donkey.

"Let this king study it for a while." The Manchurian Tiger squeezed closer. He wiped the drool from his mouth and snatched the beast skin book.

"Brother Tiger, I'm warning you not to let your old habits take over. You better not run away with it." Chu Feng had to remind him because this tiger had no morals to speak of.

"What are you talking about? Do you think I'm such a person?" The Manchurian Tiger was dissatisfied but he also felt somewhat guilty. Bad habits die hard and he had indeed thought of doing that just now.

"You're really dishonest!" The black yak rolled his eyes. After getting along with the tiger for some time, the black yak had immediately seen through the lousy ruse.

"It's just out of habit. I'll change, alright?!" the Manchurian Tiger anxiously replied while flipping through the book with great speed. He wanted to comprehend the contents as soon as possible.

However, he found himself unable to understand anything after staring at it for a long while and only felt his head swimming.

"In order to roam the whole world, I have studied ancient Egyptian, Greek, Arabian and Chinese. Even if I can't be termed a language specialist, I'm not too far from it. But this… what kind of language is this? I don't understand a single thing!" The Manchurian Tiger was furious.

Chu Feng was relatively surprised. Was this immoral tiger be so knowledgeable? He could even be compared with the black yak!

Yellow Ox had told Chu Feng that the black yak had learnt various ancient languages in order to go pillaging around the world.

"Now I understand that geniuses, no, scoundrels tend have similar characters!" Chu Feng glanced at the Manchurian Tiger and then back at the black yak.

The tiger and the yak both stuck up a single finger at him in disdain.

In truth, Chu Feng was also quite distressed. How would they comprehend it when they didn't understand a single word? He asked Yellow Ox which race this language belonged to.

Yellow Ox's little face was rather solemn as he told Chu Feng that there were certain Buddhist texts within. The Golden Arhat Talisman obtained from the Zhang family also contained similar texts on it. There were also daoist texts mixed in along with beast language, insect language, and avian language, etc.

"A mixture of myriad languages?!" The black yak was stupefied. How were they supposed to learn all that? Who would have the energy to study everything?

"That's why I said this tome isn't simple at all. It's a priceless book worth many cities," Yellow Ox replied seriously.

According to him, there were very few people who studied domains even in the outer regions. Only those top-level religions would send people to comprehend this field in order to draw upon the mountains, rivers and geomagnetic forces to protect their orthodoxy.

Texts on domains were even rarer than secret cultivation manuals. They were so rare that any one of them was worth fighting over.

"This particular book is even more extraordinary. The use of multiple languages indicates that the ones described within are all astonishing high-level domains," Yellow Ox explained.

These words were produced by an important ancient character. Many of these words resonated with the energy within the body, touching upon the mysterious and profound principles of the world.

These words containing such principles were laid out in a regular and effective pattern. They were able to modify naturally-occurring formations and could even allow one to build new ones.

"This thing is too complex. My head is swimming. I'm not studying it!" The black yak was the first to shake his head.

The Manchurian Tiger tossed the book back to the Yellow Ox as if it were a useless item. He no longer wished to snatch it or treat it like a treasure.

Not only did studying this thing consume time and energy, but it was also very difficult to comprehend.

Yellow Ox nodded. "It's indeed much more difficult to study domains than it is to cultivate and it's also ten times more complex. That's also the reason why there are very few people who study this field in the other realms."

"Are you going to study it?" Chu Feng asked.

"Of course! I'm a genius, the first to arrive in this world under the protection of the heavens, someone destined to become a sage ancestor. If I can't comprehend this, then no one can." Yellow Ox was quite confident despite his size.

Chu Feng felt that Yellow Ox was blowing his own trumpet and asked the latter how he intended to comprehend it? Chu Feng was also quite interested.

"I already know a few of these characters. What you really have to do is to experience the individual significance of each character. There's no need to learn myriad languages to study domains. You can carve out these words within the famed mountains and great rivers to sense the subtle changes they bring about. You just have to experience the energy and principles stored within them."

Chu Feng continuously nodded after hearing the explanation and told Yellow Ox that he also wanted to study it.

Yellow Ox pondered for some time and flipped through the book. He explained to Chu Feng all the words he recognized and had him note them down.

Following which, Chu Feng flipped through the pages one by one and pressed it against his glowing forehead, using his spiritual imprint to memorize the whole book.

He returned it to Yellow Ox after memorizing everything.

"We'll be depending on you two in the future. Whether it's the Daoist Ancestral Court, the Buddhist Ancestral Lands or the Home of Myriad Gods at Kunlun, all the famed mountains and great rivers of the world will become our back garden. Be sure to study meticulously!" The Manchurian Tiger cheered.

Naturally, this immoral tiger was lacking in sincerity. He didn't quite believe Chu Feng and Yellow Ox would succeed.

"Just wait and see. The mountains and rivers of this world will become our medicine gardens!" Chu Feng laughed merrily.

"That's right. Even if those beings from the outer regions descend, or even if arrogant deities appear, they won't be able to pass into our vegetable fields!" Yellow Ox was full of confidence.

"We can auction them off if we have too many famed mountains. We'll exchange each mountain for a goddess or a saintess." Chu Feng's eyes were resplendent.

"Are you serious? You're making even this king excited. I also want to exchange for a female tiger from the outer region. It'll be great if it's the legendary white tiger!"

They passed the night at the Extraterrestrial Research Institute.

The faces of the people from the institute were all turning black but they didn't dare speak up. The other party was ostentatious and domineering. Not only did they sweep through the whole place, but they were also treating it as their campsite, roasting meat and staying overnight as they pleased. It was truly too excessive.

"Do we have no way to deal with these malicious guests? As an organization familiar with the nature of things long before the upheaval, we should have certain experts among us," a young descendant of the Extraterrestrial Research Institute lamented. He was extremely dissatisfied and indignant.

"Sigh, we do have certain unrivaled experts but we dare not use them at the moment. We might all die if we act rashly. There's nothing we can do about it. These people are supposed to be our future support," someone dejectedly whispered.

The evil guests left early the next day.

Early that morning, Chu Feng and party found out about the news in the outside world. It seemed the world was boiling over with great waves!

Everyone was guessing which corporation would be their next target. They were trying to fan the flames and were looking forward to watching the major commotion.

The corporate powers all felt like they were sitting on the mouth of a volcano with red-hot lava surging up from under their butts. The days passed by quite uncomfortably for them for fear of Chu Feng coming through their doors to kill.

"The powers of the continent are so weak! Do these major corporations only have such power? If these people came knocking on our marine race's clan, we'll definitely beat them black and blue!" a marine race expert commented on this matter disdainfully.

Some people taunted in return, "Hei Teng of your distinguished southern sea flood dragon lineage was eaten up by others. What right do you have to brag?"

The marine race expert coldly replied, "Crown Prince Hei Teng died only because he was plotted against. A few peerless experts must have worked together to scheme against the southern sea dragon tribe for their powerful killer weapon. This won't end here!"

People were still guessing who Hei Teng's killer was. Although everyone had their suspicions, there was no solid evidence to date and no one had stood out to confess.

No one even knew that the three-eyed marine race expert Qian Yue had died in Chu Feng's hands because the satellite images were not that clear. The combatants were all enshrouded in bright lights. The whole battleground seemed as if it was enveloped by a blazing sun.

The agents of the Hollow Jade Temple hadn't actively leaked this news and were keeping it secret as per Chu Feng's requests.

A small group of people knew that the Peacock King had fled the battle but none of them dared mention it lest they infuriate him. This case was too humiliating.

The black yak grinned from ear to ear. After jumping out with such a statement, the marine race would be absolutely enraged and humiliated when they learn the truth.

"Where do we go next?" the Manchurian Tiger asked. He was itching to loot more treasuries because he also wanted a magical weapon. He was quite envious of the black yak's Buddhist staff.

"Deity Biomedicals." Chu Feng was somewhat hesitant but he finally settled on this target.

At first, he didn't want to touch Deity Biomedicals because Lin Naoi's family was one of their most important members. However, his arch enemies, the Mu family, was also there. He wanted to go there and settle things once and for all.


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