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The Road To Slaying God - Chapter 44


Chapter 44


’’Hmm, there are very few newbies in the assassination world, because they are recruited by the former assassins and this profession has no such thing called ’’Mother of success and failures’’. The assassination career will not provide you skills during the process. Failure means danger and death, so when an assassin is recruited, he must already be a qualified killer. Just as now I'm telling you, if you want to be an assassin, you need to understand a lot of things!’’ The old man was seducing like the big bad wolf in the Red Riding Hood tale, constantly tempting Zhang Yang to join the assassin industry. ’’Good or not, I am a student, I don't want to commit crimes.’’ Unfortunately, Zhang Yang wasn't captivated. ’’Then. Why'd you f*king ask?’’ The old man was a little depressed. ’’Hey, having more knowledge is always good, and in case I make a fortune and someone tries to kill me, I am better prepared.’’ ’’....’’ The old man was silent. He put down the newspaper and lied on the couch, with serious disappointment on his face. ’’Uncle Li, it's past noon, time for lunch. I'll get going now.’’ ’’You can eat here, hey, uncle Li has a lonely life. Finding someone to talk isn't easy for me ah ... Join me, drink some wine, try some dishes from next door ...remember you had stewed beef and peanuts. And also get a bottle of wine from the small shop on the side, you needn't to pay for that now, I usually pay there at the end of the month ...’’ The old man took out a hundred Yuan bill and handed it to Zhang Yang. ’’Gee Uncle Li ...’’ As Zhang Yang stood up and took the money from the old man's hand, the three men from earlier came out. While the three men exited the alley, the young man at the front had a proud look on his face and the other two men in a bodyguard like suit were each carrying a heavy black plastic bag. They were vigilantly looking around and even reckoned Zhang Yang looking at them. ’’Ah's okay. Let them go.’’ The old man didn't take a look outside but Zhang Yang could feel the old man's eyes flash a little bit. Zhang Yang was confused looking at the old man, and when he looked outside at those three men, he always had a troubled feeling in his heart, because the old man's actions were a little unreasonable but Zhang Yang couldn't think of any particular reason. Zhang Yang was sure that those three had nothing to do with the old man because when they appeared the first day, the old man didn't show any reaction. It wasn't until a few days before, his heart-throbbing aura appeared. If it has nothing to do with the old man, is it related to the casino? The casino is just a place to gamble, what conflict would there be? According to Liu Biao, the casino is fair. It is not that type of casino that lays down traps, but similar to the large international casinos in Macau. It was reasonable to assume that there were no contradictions between the two. So why does the old man have such an intense murderous aura? Zhang Yang had unprecedented doubts, but it was a tedious matter to put his mind into. It had nothing to do with him. He didn't even know what the casino inside was like. He just knew that the casino is said to have nearly 20 years of history. ............. Soon, several steaming hot dishes were placed on the little bamboo table in the bookstore. Zhang Yang although he doesn't drink wine, poured a cup for himself to accompany the old man. The more they drank, the more they talked. They talked about everything. The old man was also talking with zest from the Qin dynasty to the Tang dynasty, and then from the Tang dynasty to present, his happy times and exaggerating about his past about the rivers and lakes which made Zhang Yang to recall the school janitor, uncle Wang. Both of them had a common hobby: to brag! ’’Uncle Li, don't you have afamily?’’ ’’No.’’ Lao Li suddenly got into a depressed mood when Zhang Yang asked the question. ’’I'm sorry, uncle Li, I didn't mean to upset you.’’ Zhang Yang immediately felt the mood and quickly poured some wine for the old man as an apology. ’’Oh, that's alright, when people get old, they get like this, nostalgic, sentimental, in fact, although uncle Li is an orphan, he has a family, a wife ...’’ The old man sighed. ’’Then you are old ... ... what about master's wife?’’ Zhang Yang didn't know how to address, and finally felt that 'master's wife' would be appropriate. Although the old man wasn't a master, he felt that the old man was very good to him, it was an indescribable feeling. (#shimu (master's wife)= a respectful term for your master's wife) ’’18 years ago, my wife and I had some business in Africa, so we both went there knowing that the other party was prepared for us. And though we ended up completing the task, my wife and I lost contact in the chaos ...’’ the old man said. ’’Lost contact?’’ Didn't you have a cell phone? No contact address? Zhang Yang was incredibly shocked. For two normal people to actually lose contact in this modern society with modern communication technology, it was extremely strange. And also to know that the phone was really popularized twenty years ago. ’’Well, our mobile phones used during assassinations are temporary. When we went to Africa, we had abandoned all the contact tools, because those things could easily bring us more trouble. And besides, we also had a fixed contact information. No matter the success or failure of the mission, we had an appointment to meet at the XX building in C city and be sure to wait until the other arrives, ...’’ ’’XX building, I've never heard about the XX building in C city ah!’’ Although Zhang Yang wasn't the head of C city, he still knew C city like the palm of his hand, but he had never heard of XX building. ’’Oh, there was 18 years ago, you see, just less than 100 meters of the commercial street from the alley, Xx building was there. At that time, it was the landmark building of C city. After we were separated, I waited there for two years because just two years later, that place was demolished and a large commercial plaza was built.’’ The old man sighed again. ’’ ... Then that means, even if master's wife came to C city, she couldn't have found you? Zhang Yang stood up and walked towards the door to look at the high tower of the commercial mall. He felt uncomfortable in his heart. Usually, he used to see such tragedy on TV only, but he never believed in it. He couldn't even think that there are actually living examples of such tragedies. ’’I think the chances of her living in this world is pretty minimal.’’ The old man's face clearly showed the vicissitudes of life. At that time, the man who was usually indifferent seemed extremely lonely, perhaps he had been waiting here for countless years, just hoping that one day he would re unite with the love of his life. Zhang Yang was sure that the old man had chosen that place at the alley, which is the nearest to the commercial district, to open a bookstore, in order to wait for his wife, here, which has already become the remaining last piece of the old C city ...


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