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The Reunion With Twelve Fascinating Goddesses - Volume 2 - Chapter Epilogue



’’......I'll kill you. I am seriously going to kill you, Mehina’’

’’Ahhhh, no more. Please stop with the grumbling already. How unmanly’’

’’I'll say this, I would have won if it continued’’

’’I heard that many times already, I get it’’

’’You, aren't you a little arrogant just because you captured me? I was fully covered in wounds and what's more I wasn't using my [EscarlataScarlet flames] so I was just barely restrained, get it?’’

’’It sounds like an excuse if you say it you know?’’

Deep inside an empty forest.

An unhappy Gilfrain and low tension Mehina was walking inside.

’’But you know.......It's a shocker. When I thought just what kind of person cornered you that far, to think that it would be the legendary [Tyrant Slayer]. Just who did you think you were picking a fight with?’’

’’He was the one that picked the fight’’

’’Stop with the lies already’’

Maybe because of his daily conducts, Gilfrain was not trusted at all.

’’Anyway, please don't throw your life away from something boring. You're a hopeless idiot but, you're still our leader’’

Mehina then said it with a slightly stronger tone.

’’You're making it right? Your country. A new Ifnatus where real warriors can live’’

Gilfrain did not answer her words.

He was only making a quiet and strong smile.

’’, Mehina. Where are we heading? This isn't the way to the hideout’’

’’Ahh, actually, we have a visitor’’

’’Visitor? For me?’’

’’It's for you. That's why we were desperately trying to find you. Leader's wanderlust did not start recently so, Cruzer-san and Reino told me to leave you alone but..........Since that big guest came, we just had to make leader join the meeting as expected’’

Through Mehina guidance, they soon reached a slightly opened space.

Someone was standing at the peaceful space which was being filled with sunlight through the trees.

It has silky black hair and a red outfit. It also has a peerless beauty which is impossible to distinguish whether it belongs to a female or male.

’’So you're Gilfrain Dulk Lana Merjedra Ifnis’’

That person said that plainly.

’’I am Ilum Elta Sirius’’


Gilfrain widen his eyes.

It's because an unexpected name came up.

The Deity of [Celestial Poles] - Ilum Elta Sirius.

One of the 21 Deities and the existence that sits on the top of the fire Spirits.

’’I'll cut right down the chase, Gilfrain - make a contract with me’’

Ilum said that’’

’’Make me smile’’

’’.........Hah, bring it on’’

Gilfrain laughed.

’’Let's bring on the celebration to this crazy encounter’’

And thus, the nomad Deity encountered a prideful warrior as if it was led towards him.

With the power equal to a Deity knight even without making a contract with a Deity, just how much stronger will the warrior becomes once he gains the power of a Deity. No one had the means to find out at that time.

The center of the Imperial Capital Arcul - The Imperial palace Arunbelta.

The structure of the building which is adjoin to the military's HQ, was built luxuriously and impressively as if to symbolize the prosperity of the royal family.

’’I'm coming in Astartot’’

A female entered into one of the room in the Imperial palace without knocking. Within the imperial palace where only the royal family is allowed to live, this is the room of the only person that isn't part of the royal family.

Forget that, the person living in the room wasn't even a person from Arludea Empire.

Even though he is a suspicious wanderer, he received favors from the 1st princess because of his exceptional intellect and is an heretic that was given the title [Tactician] ----

’’At least knock, Princess Helmia’’

The young man with narrow eyes sitting over at his desk -Astarot annoyingly opened his mouth while looking over to the door.

’’Oh how noisy. You're living here thanks to me you know? Then please don't complain if I barge in whenever I feel like it’’

The person that said those arrogant words was the 1st princess of Arludea Empire, Helmia Noct Ardeus.

It was a slender and tall female in a glamorous outfit. She will be 19 this year. She has a gorgeous appearance to show that she's in between the line of beautiful woman and beautiful girl.

’’Same as usual I see, Ms Princess’’

After Helmia showed the rudeness unsuitable for a princess and the arrogance of a princess, Astarot lightly shrugged his shoulders. Helmia's attitude is the definition of arrogance but, his untimid way of talking to the princess is quite something itself.

’’What are you doing closing yourself indoors in the afternoon, Astarot?’’

’’I am writing. I am a popular author after all so;it's tough being chased by the deadline’’

’’Writing......? Aah, that disgusting novel’’

’’So rude’’

’’It's disgusting right? Making Tooi Cross a woman, there should be a limit to how disgusting it can be. The world must have gone stupid for something like that to be selling’’

’’Ms Princess feels that way because you met Tooi Cross before. From the public eye, he's a hero above the clouds. Even in the hometown that I came from, there are often works with great people turned into females’’

’’It's a country where disgusting men lives in huh’’

Astatrot made a light smile and did not particularly reply back to Helmia who said that as if she was scorning him.

’’So Princess Helmia? What is your business? If you don't have any business then I would like to return back to my writing okay?’’

’’Apparently the [Wings of Crimson light] was disbanded’’

Helmia said.

’’It's an intel from the messenger sent to the north so it's correct. Incidentally, Aldebaran Company is gone too. Zesca Aldebaran has announced that she would pull her hands away from business’’

’’Aah, I see’’

’’Don't ’’Aah I see’’ me. What's with the attitude as if you don't care?’’

’’It's a conclusion that I predicted after all. Someone like Tooi Cross would probably accomplish as much. That hero won't fall on his 2nd Deity’’

’’..............Astarot. Do you know the situation here? This matter will be going into Laila Schut's accomplishments you know. We can't let her do what she wants any longer’’

’’You don't have to be jealous because your enemy has a giant breast’’

’’You're wrong you idiot! .........You understand right? That woman is quite the ambitious one. She's vigilantly waiting for the chance to bite the country's core. I will not allow her to do that. The person that would stand on the top of the military and change this country-----’’

With a heated gaze, Helmia looked over to the man in front of her.

’’----Astarot. That would be you’’

’’Oh goodness. I am given an exaggerated anticipation huh. Even from before, I was always anticipated by others. Even though I don't really care, I was always made to stand on the big stage before I knew it. Aah, what a hassle. Even though I just want to live a peaceful life, the talents sleeping inside me just won't allow me to do so.........’’

While mumbling alone, Astarot took out his note from his military uniform.

After sliding his fingers on the opened note, Helmia asked him in doubt.

’’.........I always think this but, that action is really a mystery. What is with that anyway?’’

’’I explained this many times before right? It's a religious teaching in my country. Everyone lives by touching their [Bible] with their fingers every single day’’

’’The country you used to live in sounds weirder to more I hear about it’’


Helmia said.

’’Is the smartphone that interesting?’’

Astartot smiled at those words.

He lifted his face from his smartphone which has a case that has the shape of black leathered note.

’’It's interesting. Well, the interesting part drops since there's no signal here but even so, there are many things I can do with this’’

Astarot then looked back at his smartphone again and talked while operating the screen with his finger.

’’No need to worry, Princess Helmia. I have thought of many things so that we would take control of everything. In order for that, it's better to let Laila Schut and Tooi Cross to do whatever they want for now - especially for Tooi Cross’’

The man's narrow eyes slightly opened wider.

There is a bewitching light of curiosity inside there.

’’Even though it is impossible for us - humans not from this world to make contracts with Spirits, he was able to do so for some reason.........Maybe his ancestors were people from this world;somewhere along that archetype? Well, no matter what reason it maybe, my interest isn't running out’’

After the man called Astarot Cougar - who previously was known as Tokugawa Asutarou in his old world mumbled that, he started fiddling with his smartphone again.

Just like a youngster living in modern Japan.

The [Wings of crimson light] was handed over to the northern HQ.

Maybe the death of the chief Guloss was a huge influence? They all gave up resisting and honestly responded to the investigation. They spit out information about the hideout and remaining comrades thus leading the [Wings of crimson light] into complete disbandment.

When it comes to disbanding, Aldbaran Company also was disbanded.

It was the master - Zesca's decision.

The vice head Jebeg and his comrades desperately tried to persuade her but, she did not listen to anything they said and the young weapons company met it's end while they were at the peak of popularity.

’’---I see, Alua. So you're turned into air again huh’’

’’Please don't say that, Onee-chan!’’

This was in Istar town.

Through the communicator in the inn, Alua contacted Laila.

’’A lot of things happened but, now that things ended, looks like we are generally done with everything’’

’’.........True. Both the [Wings of crimson light] and Aldebaran Company is gone and a contract with Zesca-san was done too. Judging from the results, it's 100 points. Judging from the results though’’

’’What. Feels like you have something you want to say’’


Alua hesitated in her words but, she soon started letting out her words.

’’Onee-chan.............I thinks I kind of understand what you meant last time’’


’’About me making me kill Tooi Onii-chan when he is about to leave the path of humans’’

It was the conversation that they had in the mansion's office room a few months ago.

The overly heavy responsibility that was handed over to her together with the treasured swords passed down by the Schut family.

’’I thought Laila Onii-chan was a little overly exaggerated at first. But.........I was wrong. I think I have a better understanding in this journey’’


’’Tooi Onii-chan, is really strong, really kind and always laughs in his own pace but.......there are times when he's extremely scary. There are also times when I have no clue to what he's thinking about and what he's looking at’’


’’Even though he's so strong, he seems so unstable. He looks so unstable, so obscure, and so dangerous..........’’

But, Alua said.

It was not said with a trembling uneasy voice but rather it was a voice with determination.

’’I will believe in that Tooi Onii-chan’’


’’Yeah. Tooi Onii-chan might have a dangerous part in him but, he's fighting hard to not step out from his path. I kind of felt that I will believe him’’

The Tooi Cross I admire.

The Tooi Onii-chan that I know.

I will believei him.

Alua said that with a refreshed smile.

The silence continued through the communicator but,

’’...........So basically you fell I love in him huh’’

Alua chocked over when she heard Laila's impression which she finally gave.

’’*Cough cough*! Wh-what are you saying Onee-chan!? Did you hear what I said!?’’

’’What, am I wrong?’’

’’You're wrong! I-It's true that I love Tooi Onii-chan's not THAT should I say this, he's too awesome for someone like me, and he probably thinks of me nothing more than a little sister............’’

When she was mumbling excuses, she could hear a happy laugh across the communicator.

’’.......Come on! Then, what about you Onee-chan!? Do you love Tooi Onii-chan!?’’

’’Me? Let's see...........’’

Laila said.

In a really gentle and somewhat passionate voice.

’’I do love him’’


’’Ever since 10 years ago, wholeheartedly’’

’’Eh? Eeeh? Wha, does that...........’’

’’Just kidding’’

Laila cut the communication after saying that confusing sentence. Alua was dumbfounded and was staring at the communicator for a while.

She was not satisfied with it but, Alua finished the inn's procedures and greeted the inn owner before leaving the inn.

Outside, Tooi, Ryura and Zesca were waiting for her.

’’Alua-chan. What did Laila say? Think we can get a permit to cross the border?’’

’’Yes. The procedures will be done shortly’’

’’Tooi. What is that about?’’

To Ryura who asked a question, Tooi then answered her with the conversation he had with Alua just now.

’’It's annoying always heading back to the Imperial capital every time after all. I am thinking of crossing the northern border and head to the holy land of Sazaria like this’’

’’Sazaria holy land.......the country Minami created’’

’’Yes. Just like Zesca, she's also actively making a big name for herself. If that's the case, then I thought we should be the ones heading to her’’

’’Which means, the next [Nebulosa] to reestablish the contract, is decided to be Minami?’’

’’Tentatively. We know her whereabouts and she's the closest one. Well, if we meet up with someone along the way, then I guess I will come up with something when the time comes’’

’’Now that we made our destination, let's go already’’

Zesca made that comment as if she could not wait any longer.

Tooi glared at her like that.


’’No.......You are kind of acting like a comrade like it's a natural thing to do. Wait? Didn't you say that you won't forgive me?’’

’’Do-don't misunderstand! I will not forgive you! It's just......well, I guess I can acknowledge you a little........’’


’’Th-the reason why I'm following you..........Y-yes! It's for the weapons that I sold! Within the weapons I sent out to the world, there might be some that are being used in ways that I don't want to. In order to retrieve all of them, it's more convenient to follow you all’’

’’Fuuun. Well, I'll leave it at that’’

Zesca who was puffing her chest out to act cool and Tooi making a bitter smile.

Seeing those two like that, Alua and Ryura looked at each other and smiled.

’’Okay then. I guess it's time to head out. Ryura, Zesca’’


Alua strongly nodded when Tooi called her in a gentle voice.

The Deity of [Violent Wind] - Ryura Vega.

The Deity of [War Empress] - Zesca Aldebaran.

There are 10 more of the [Nebulosa].

They can't predict on what kind of troubles they will face in the future but, Alua felt that she would desperately chase after the back of the hero walking in front of her.


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