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The Reluctant Bride Book I - Chapter 73


Chapter 73

Half an hour later, Tan Pan Ting emerged from the makeup and change room wearing a wedding dress and makeup for the wedding photo shoot.

‘Miss Tan, you look beautiful,’ the assistant praised. ‘Mr Gu will think you’re the most beautiful woman in the world.’

Tan Pan Ting looked at her reflection in the mirror. She didn’t think she looked beautiful like how the assistant praised her.

‘Miss Tan, follow me,’ the assistant said and took Tan Pan Ting back to the main studio.

Gu Jiao Wen was dressed in a tuxedo with a bow tie, and waiting for Tan Pan Ting in the main studio.

When Gu Jiao Wen saw Tan Pan Ting, he thought she looked more beautiful than usual. The strapless bodice wedding dress showed off her figure, and the light makeup suited her skin tone. He instinctively offered his hand toward Tan Pan Ting, but she walked past him toward the photographer.

‘A couple of simple wedding photos are enough,’ Tan Pan Ting said to the photographer.

‘Of course,’ the photographer said and helped Tan Pan Ting sit on the sofa.

The photographer thought Tan Pan Ting was a rare bride who didn’t want to take many wedding photos.

The photographer clapped their hands to gain Gu Jiao Wen’s attention.

‘Mr Groom, stand behind the bride,’ the photographer said.

Gu Jiao Wen snapped out of his daze and he stood behind Tan Pan Ting.

‘Mr Groom, put your hands on the Miss Bride’s shoulders and both of you look at the camera,’ the photographer instructed.

Tan Pan Ting felt Gu Jiao Wen’s hands on her bare shoulders and her body stiffened. She told her body to relax but it couldn’t relax with his hands on her shoulders.

Tan Pan Ting thought it was laughable that a woman and a man like her and Gu Jiao Wen were taking wedding photos because they didn’t love each other.

‘Mr Groom, Miss Bride, relax and look into each other’s eyes,’ the photographer said.

Gu Jiao Wen looked stiffly at Tan Pan Ting. He hated taking photos, let alone taking wedding photos.

Tan Pan Ting gave Gu Jiao Wen a who wanted to be Mr Groom and Mrs Bride with you look.

Gu Jiao Wen and Tan Pan Ting were oblivious to the photographer taking photos of them while they looked into each other’s eyes, because they felt like time stopped.

It took Tan Pan Ting a long time to register Gu Jiao Wen was wearing a tuxedo and his hair was styled. She chastised herself being attracted to him. Attraction? She must have lost her mind.


End of Chapter Seventy-Three


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