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The Reincarnated Person Doesn’t Want To Cheat (LN) - Volume 2 - Chapter 5


Volume 2
Chapter 5
After I calmed Princess down, we left the Royal Villa together in order to return back to the waiting room where Hero-sama is asked to wait. Then there was a message from His Majesty. It seems that we are ordered to be present at the audience room.

「Perhaps it's the audience for certifying if Hero-sama is the real one desuno?」(Filseria)
As Princess sent a sidelong glance at the messenger who was taking his leave, she said this while tilting her head to the side. We looked at each other face, before walking towards the audience room.
When the request for an audience arrived, it seemed that His Majesty was having a Royal Conference. His Majesty who received the report was about to suspend the conference for the audience. However, some of the noble ministers opposed.
「Even if he had saved Filseria-sama, the unidentified self-proclaimed Hero is extremely suspicious.」(Minister)
This was the opposing faction's objection. Even a King, well, because it's a Kingdom, couldn't disregard the ministers' opinion.
I had just heard about this situation from Ain-sama at the lesson this morning. He had slipped out from a conference he should have participate for a moment and then told us about this.
「In the capital, it has been dozens of years since a person who pretends to be Hero-sama's descendant appeared, desuno. Much less, someone who admitted to be the Hero-sama himself...... I think the ministers are thinking too much, desuno.」(Filseria)
While heading toward the audience room, Princess was a bit bad mood.
But I was the one who asked him, 「Are you perhaps, Hero-sama himself?」. Then, the Earth Orb that he presented in lieu as his identification card. As a test, they had tried to play it in a terminal borrowed from a noble, but the terminal couldn't play it. The exclusive terminal of for Royal Family should be able to play it, but the needed mana collation pattern to play it was different.
He was someone with a peculiar air around him, that might make someone thought that he is the real Hero. But under such uncertain situation, it was inevitable that there was an opposition for that suspicious person to meet with this country leaders.
As expected, there was no one who claimed themselves as the Hero-sama himself, but at the countryside, even now at times, there were people who proclaimed, 「I am a Hero's descendant」. The reason for this was because this title bestowed them a positive image.
Even though things like strength would depend on the person own nature, just by attaching descendant to their title, they would appear to be strong.
On their personality too, it was easy to think them as a good person just like the Hero who saved the world.
If that person's job is a hunter, then he would appear to be someone who could be entrusted with works.
The Royal Family had formally announced that 「Hero has no children.」Since the Hero defeat the Demon Lord at the cost of his life, he didn't return alive and get married. However, even though polygamy system had been abolished, noble's non-legal child or illegitimate child were common, so it was hard to say how credible such announcement is. Since there was a saying, ’’Great men have a great fondness for the sensual pleasures’’.*grumble*grumble*grumble*
Even though it was easy if the crime column on the status card could indicate, ’’Hero's Descendant Imposter’’, such crime was not displayed.
Since the Card didn't display family lineage, the self-proclaimed Hero's descendants never disappear.
「If I remember it clearly, there should be a person who called himself the Hero's descendant came to a noble's house, who then asked about it to the Royal Family, right?」(Mira)
Perhaps the noble thought that the Hero did had a non-legal child or illegitimate child, but then it means that he didn't believe in the Royal Family's formal announcement. Maybe if the Hero's descendant was really the real one, then the noble wanted to employ him?
「Yes. The information about Hero-sama had been left inside the Orb bequeathed by the Her Majesty the Founding Queen. But that Orb is in the room where only the King is permitted to enter, so I never heard the content, desuno.」(Filseria)
「Then, what was His Majesty's personal answer to that question?」(Mira)
「Without any hesitation, His Majesty answered that he is a fake, desuno.」(Filseria)
Princess made a deep nod.
To ask a question to His Majesty, someone with high ranked noble could quickly obtain the answer. Since the legal procedures were shorter for them.
Even at a territory far from the Royal Capital, the Nobles could employ Magician who can use communication type magic or possess the communication type magic tool, so distance was not a problem.
「But, for a town or village which would take time to ask a question to the Royal Family, they are easy target for the self-proclaimed Hero's descendant, right?」(Mira)
Until the local lord had asked the Capital, depending on the means of communication and various procedures, it could take one month at the worst. If they had a difficult situation with bandits or monster then they couldn't help but to wait for one month.
It will be fine if the one who called themselves Hero's descendant was strong, but if the person themselves was troublesome one, then it could be a major problem.
「If you check the reference books then it will be clear, but information about Hero-sama's didn't passed down that much in the citizen.」(Filseria)
Like about how he uses shadow magic, or how he was called Vil by his comrades ―― Flaruca-sama and Thor-sama. Though Hero-sama's real name didn't get passed down. There was no doubt that the Royal Family and Hero-sama purposefully concealed this information.
「Because of that, we could judge whether or not he is the real one, just by asking his name, desuno.」(Filseria)
「Though there is a possibility that they could be correct by chance by saying a name that could be associated with the nickname Vil.」(Mira)
But this was quite a gambling.
Other than His Majesty the King, no one know if Hero-sama came from nobility or commoner background. However, the fools, who believe that they could skillfully carry out their acts, will pretend to be the descendant. Then if possible, became employed by a noble.
The fools will name the Hero as their ancestor, and if they were asked about Hero-sama's appearance or personality, they would gave vague answers, that he was strong, handsome, wise, ―― etcetera, and drag it out indefinitely. But strong and handsome...... I think this is already the basic template for a brand called ’’Hero’’. Or rather, if he didn't strong then he won't be able to defeat the Demon Lord. There is no real need for him to be handsome, but this might be what is called: idealization.
If that man really the real Hero-sama, then it looks like ’’being handsome’’ is not a complete lie.
If someone introduced himself Hero's descendant to a noble who then asked about it to His Majesty, he would be punished as an imposter. Since he was swindling to get into the Noble's purse even without any noble connection, the punishment was justified. The imposter would only get the ill reputation in the village, but that brand's influence was scary.
「I had heard that at provincial town and village, there are many imposters appeared. Does it also happened in Mira's village, desuno?」(Filseria)
「There is. When I had a vague memory of that day since I was still very small but I heard the story from the adults.」(Mira)
「Please, tell me desuno.」(Filseria)
「Alright. Umm, certainly......」(Mira)
As we walked forward, I remembered those days.
「When I was much younger than now, before the autumn harvest, two monster-transformed boars appeared. But the villagers only able to handle one boar at a time. If they force themselves to counter both of them, then there might be injured people and then they wouldn't be able to do the autumn harvest. They also couldn't restrain the boars with half-baked snares. Then an active Hunter that called himself Hero's descendant arrived at the village.」(Mira)
「That person is a fake, right desuno?」(Filseria)
I nodded and continued my story.
「Since they don't have time to wait for the Hunter requested to the guild to arrive, so they consulted with him and he said 『Let's hurry. We could conduct the negotiation afterward』, and halfway-forcibly accepted the monster eradication as direct request. The Village Chief believed the man who called himself Hero's descendant and have no other choice but entrust it to him.」(Mira)
「A direct request, if I'm not mistaken, is a request that is not through the Hunter Guild, right? I heard that it easy to become a quarrel, desuno.」(Filseria)
「The quarrels will be mainly about the rewards, and at that time too, there was a quarrel. In the end, there were three monsters, so the Hero's descendant demanded double reward as a trouble fee for the lack of information. Even though, the adults had told him that there is a possibility that there are more than two.」(Mira)
「Since they had notified him beforehand, then there shouldn't be any problem, desuno?」(Filseria)
But it was useless. This is the demerit of a direct request. When there a discord appeared, there was no mediator.
「Apart from the trouble fee, the village needed to pay the reward for the defeated third monster. On the other hand, the village didn't have enough saving to pay the demanded money. That's why they presented the wheat and vegetable for the land tax, but he said, ’’Are you looking down on me?’’.」(Mira)
「Why he did that, desuno? Even though they were not avoiding to pay him the reward.」(Filseria)
「When listened to his demand, I wonder which one who was looking down at the other party. Instead of money, that man demanded alcohol in exchange. Also, women who will pour it.」(Mira)
Princess opened her mouth wide, then when she realized this, she quickly closed it. Yeah...... That's a normal response.
「The fake don't have a low rank as a Hunter, but is a poorly behaved lowlife who has cravings for free alcohol and young beautiful women to wait for him.」(Mira)
There was part that I had left out. Actually, the man said, 「If you don't have money to pay then give me alcohol」, furthermore 「Bring out the most beautiful girl in the village to pour out the alcohol. Also, bring along every young girls」. What a trash. Those kind of lines were something that Princess should have heard. That's why I omitted it.
The village chief seemed to be pallid at the man's demand. At the time when I heard that story, I believed the adult's words that they were worried that the drunk Hunter could be violent towards the girls. However, now I understood the true implications of that demand.
If nothing were done, then the girls could be violated.
Just like the adults obscuring that part, I continued the story with the concern of the violence as the main topic.
「The villagers couldn't best a Hunter who could kill three monsters, but they also didn't want their daughters to be at risk, so each house gathered their alcohol. A drink with strong alcohol content mixed in that will certainly cause drunkenness. In other words, before something happens, make him drunk into oblivion.」(Mira)
If his legs and loins couldn't stand up, no matter how strong a man is, they couldn't be violent, right?
「The afraid girls presented small amount of dishes and then poured the alcohol one after another...... And the man successfully drunk to oblivion.」(Mira)
Perhaps because Princess was relieved, she let out a sigh.
「Afterwards, the girls hidden themselves and the next morning as the contract had been finished, the hangover self-proclaimed hero was chased out from the village by the village youths.」(Mira)
「What an awful occurrence. If only there is a better simple way to prevent the hero imposters appearance, desuno.」(Filseria)
「There is a way.」(Mira)
When I said this nonchalantly to the troubled Princess, she made a surprised face.
「The way to prevent the hero imposters, will be to officially recognize that man as a Hero, made a picture of him, and then disseminate it to the entire country.」(Mira)
Princess stared at me while tilted her head in confusion.
「How can this become a prevention for hero imposters?」(Filseria)
「After all, they will have to call themselves as the descendants of the owner of that handsome face, you know?」(Mira)
「...... Mira, you such a tease.」(Filseria)
Princess understood what I wanted to say, put her hand to her mouth and broke out a giggle. No matter how thick the skin of their face is, how could they have a nerve to call themselves as the descendant of someone who possessed such amazing looks? Of course, they won't. Even if they were distant descendants, they wouldn't like to be compared with the Hero.
Now then, the man in question, the one who called himself as the Hero, desired an audience with the king. Just by hearing his name and his features, His Majesty consented for an audience. In other words, he matched with the Hero-sama's information that had been inherited by the Royal Family.
However, the Nobles never saw or heard the information about Hero-sama. The Royal Family had curtly kicked out any self-proclaimed Hero's descendant until now, so they were baffled about the audience with a man who called himself as the Hero.
But if he was an imposter, not only the name, but how he achieved his looks? Was it a plastic surgery? Illusion magic? Then how he learned Shadow Magic? It would be strange if the one who called himself as the true Hero couldn't use it.
Together with Gai, who we met in front of the audience room, we entered from the passage normally used by the Royal Family. The Hero would enter the room formally through the grand door at audience room's other end.
How many times had I been in the audience room personally? The Royal Guards stood at both the sides of the throne to protect the Royal Family. At the opposite direction, there were the ministers and then the grand door where Knights stood on its right and left.
A very strict security. A formal occasion would be always arranged in such his manner.
「Seria, please sit here with Mira-san and Gai-kun.」(Ain)
As guided by Ain-sama, I sat at the seat beside Ain-sama.
「First, Grandfatherosofu-sama[1] will express the words of gratitude for saving Seria and Mira-san from the kidnappers. Then both of you will stand and bow your head down to express your gratitude.」(Ain)
「Yes, onii-sama.」(Filseria)
「I understand.」(Mira)
「Me too. I also want to express my thanks- umm, gratitude for saving Mira. I want to say it to him when waiting for Mira and Princess earlier, but for some reason, Swyn-san and that Hero-niichan were always silent, so it was hard to speak and I end up couldn't say my thank- gratitude. Somehow it made me really thirsty. Since the Maid-san frequently remaking the tea, I lost count how many cups I ended up drinking.」[2](Gai)
Gai bent himself forward and complained with a strange way of talking, so Ain-sama smiled.
「Yes. I thought that you also want to say it that I call you to this place. Are you fine right now? Do you feel nervous?」(Ain)
Gai who heard that words, smiled in a flash and nodded.
「I'm oka- I am alright.」(Gai)
It seems that he implemented the promise to be careful with his way of speaking in formal occasions.
However, a silent atmosphere that even an airK--illiterateY Gai find himself difficult to speak up...... just what kind of situation it was?
Swyn-san is a noble, but I believe his ambiance feels like a fairly friendly Onii-san. I don't know about his sociability, but when talking with Hero-sama in the Guards' Station, he had expressed gratitude for our case. Therefore, he won't change his attitude that simply like flipping the palm of his hand.
Then, perhaps the problem lies in Hero-sama? Like it or not, even Gai called him 『Hero-niichan』. Then won't that means that Gai was quite emotionally attached to him?
Then how could that silent situation happen? If he got that emotionally attached to the Hero, why they didn't have any conversation? Won't a silent tea part was something that you want to escape from at any rate?
Hm? Gai said that the tea was frequently remade, right? Did by any chance, the maid-san was taking turns and came to do a Hero-sama's inspection trip? As expected, even Gai could felt the maid-san's gaze towards to the other side and the ambiance of Hero-sama who ignored them, so to escape from such atmosphere he kept drinking his tea? He himself might not realize it, though.
...... I felt sorry for Gai and Swyn-san, but I am glad that I went to the bath. A tea party where those kind amorous glance and sullenness jumbled together, sorry, but I don't want to participate in it.
「Don't worry. Since His Majesty has brought forth a final measure.」(Ain)
It seemed that he thought that my sigh of relief was due to my anxiousness of whether or not the Hero-sama would be accepted. Ain-sama took my hand and then smiled widely.
「Final measure?」(Mira)
His words might be due to a misunderstanding, but I became interested and parroted the words back to him. However, before that question was answered, it was interrupted by the sound of the grand door opening. Ain-sama let go of my hand and then turned to look forward.
At the other side of the opened door, there was Hero-sama. His standing figure was so majestic that even felt like the appearance of a king. The audience room was wrapped in silence, the tension was such that even a sound of falling needle could be heard loudly. Under such situation, he began to walk forward.
His footsteps resounded in the room.
From somewhere there was a sigh spilled out.
He walked until midway and then he stopped walking.
「Such impoliteness. You are in front of His Majesty, knee-......」(King)
「That's enough.」(Noble)
His Majesty raised his hand to check back the Noble's words.
「If this person is really the Hero from 800 years ago, then there is no need for him to show his allegiance to me.」(King)
His Majesty took an Earth Orb that was placed at the table beside him and the Noble kept his mouth shut. He might be thought that if this person was a self-proclaimed hero then it would be fine for him to be imprisoned for lese majeste.
「Is that the final measure?」(Mira)
「That's correct.」(Ain)
I asked whisperingly and Ain-sama answered me.
「In the coronation room that couldn't be entered other than the King, amongst the Orbs preserved at that place, there is a single Queen's Orb that could only be permitted to be heard by the King.」(Arvile)
「Will this be fine, to show it in the open like this?」(Mira)
Perhaps it contained the information about Hero that had been left by the Her Majesty the Founder Queen. Something that had been hidden before was now being revealed. So that means, they wouldn't be able to judge if someone was a real Hero just by asking their name after this.
「His Majesty said that this is to persuade the Nobles. Of course, he has sent out a gag order to not tell his name to anyone.」(Ain)
So it means that His Majesty wanted to hide it. He was the real thing.
However, if someone broke that gag order, then what will he do? A secret that couldn't be told to others, unexpectedly made someone want to talk ’’keep this a secret’’ to their acquaintances. Perhaps this would be alright in a world where King's order was absolute?
「First, as a grandfather please let me express my gratitude for saving my granddaughter and her friend from a danger.」(King)
When His Majesty uttered this, he looked towards us, at this cue Princess stood up without causing any sound. Gai and I too followed her and stood up while carefully not making a sound from our chair.
Together with Princess who made an elegant light bow, we deeply bowed our head. Then when Princess raised her head, we also raised our head. Seeing His Majesty made a light nod, Princess sat down. We also sat down.
「Then as a King. I want to ask your name once more.」(King)
「Arvile Westin.」(Arvile)
The people in the room because noisy and their eyes poured down at the Orb in His Majesty's hand. His Majesty gently placed the Orb in the cavity on the device beside him. And suddenly, there were complex curved lights came out from the Orb.
(A three dimensional magic circle? Though, it was so complicated that I couldn't read it)
At the light that was about 50 centimeters tall, there was a weak glittering image of a young woman. Her age was about 24 or 25. Her silver hair had been put into a single bun and she wore a simple refined blue dress. She vaguely looked like Princess. Or rather, it was Princess who resembled her.
「Her Majesty the Queen......」
The woman's name leaked out from the people's mouth. The appearance was similar like to young Flaruca-sama portrait that had been inherited for generations.
『How do you do, my children. I am glad that the blood of my husband and myself could continue without end. This might be sudden, but I want to impart the information about Hero to you, my children. Actually......』
The Queen greeted with such affection-filled smile, but then it made an abrupt change into a mischievous one. Are, seeing her expression, somehow I felt a Déjàvu?[3]
『He is still alive. Surprised?』
Seeing her giggling appearance, I understand what Hero-sama means when he said, 「Someone who manipulated people around her.」 The audience room became noisy.
Un, I think everyone is surprised, Your Majesty the Queen. At your unexpected personality.
『Hm? Ah, I know, I know, Thor. I will tell them properly.』
It seemed that her husband Thor was beside her and said something. The Queen stopped her laugh and once again made an affection-filled smile.
『It is the truth that he is still alive. He is sleeping under the Yggurd Mountain. Then, if he awakened one day, there is something that I wanted to ask from our children, and so we left an Orb with him. That's why children, no matter how many years and months had passed, please warmly greeted him as our close friend. His name is Arvile Westin. He is man with a jet black hair and bluish purple eyes, his face is even more beautiful than a woman.』
I turned my sight towards Hero-sama who stood at the center of the room. Certainly, he has a beautiful face that won't lose even to a woman.
『Actually it will be excellent if his appearance could be recorded in an Orb, but he is extremely sensitive to mana movement that interfered with the recording the moment an Orb turned towards him.』
The Queen seemed to want to say, what a pain, and shook her head.
『His personality is...... If he saw a kidnapper then he will immediately exterminate them. Even the Empire sanctioned slave store too, since most of them connected to illegal black market trade. Ah, I didn't establish any slavery system, but if it exists currently then I want you to give him a proof that it is managed fairly and just. It will be unbearable if my close friend destroys the country I made, after all.』
What an extreme. Even a government sanctioned slave store too was exterminated. From the fleeting glances towards him, there were several nobles who let out a sigh of relief.
(Thank goodness. Slavery isn't practiced right now.)
Slavery was commonplace in a fantasy world, but the crime slaves in the Fimeria Kingdom is just simply called as prisoners and they are treated a bit different than normal slaves.
They are made to do forced labor in the prison, so they are not a slave owned by an individual, but controlled under the country's law. That's why if they properly served their sentence, then there is a mechanism to rehabilitate them back to the society. However, bandits will be immediately executed.
Other than bandits, people who injured a Royal family will also be executed. Of course, after they had been examined. In other words, after receiving a fierce investigation, that kidnapper would be executed.
By the way, there are no debt slaves.
People who went bankrupt from debt would have to part with everything they have and set them to pay the debt, then they will enter a government institution. Their house will be only at the minimum area. Then they will perform work with various guilds or the country, then repay the present living cost to the country with their wage and work to build a saving.
After then debt to the country had been repaid, then they will leave the institution. Since their salary had been deducted beforehand, they wouldn't be able to swindle it. They also couldn't just idle around. The people who don't want to work will be chased out.
The tax wouldn't be to support people with bad debtNEET. Then if they became a criminal then they will be ordered to perform forced labor, or if they fall far to become a bandit, then that's the end.
By the way, even if the leftover assets couldn't cover the debt, then the rest of them would be written off. The lender wouldn't be able to pursue more than that. So they won't lend money to people who couldn't pay it back.
Perhaps it was a national character, there was hardly any people who would take a loan unreasonably, but in sickness or injury then there were people who loan here and there. Now let's return to the main topic.
『If I have to say about Hero's other characteristic...... Perhaps about he was strangely loved by animals? Even monster would put itself to submission and show it bellies to him.』
At the Queen's statement, I tilted my hand in confusion. Do submission is equal to be loved? But isn't in game-speak that was something like a monster tamer?
There were references that described when Thor-sama became the first guild master of the Hunters Guild, there was one demon wolf at his side. If Hero-sama is a tamer, then it might be something Thor-sama received from Hero-sama.
『Before we realized, a pack of demon wolf was following us, we had seen them when they were born as puppies. Hero didn't do anything cruel to the wolf puppies who came to play and treat them like partner. Seeing this scene was really calming.』
I want to see that! I really do! Even a monster is cute when they are small.
(After arriving in the Royal Capital, I have fluffywuffymofumofu insufficiency, after all. Ah, I yearn for a fluffywuffymofumofu)
Surely Thor-sama's demon wolf had been beside him since it was born, so it got emotionally attached to him and not because Hero-sama is a tamer. How envious.
『Incidentally I also petted them. That fluffywuffymofumofu is good.』
Flaruca-sama made a pleasant smile. On the other side, Hero-sama looked at Flaruca-sama's projection with an exasperated expression.
『When we drop by in a village or a city, the adults will keep their distance from him, but the children who hadn't learn fear will approach him. Since he is kind to children, his face would captivate widows or single girls who then approached him, but he was curt to them. He also doesn't laugh at all. If he falls in love, then the world might change.』
(Eh, he does smile though?)
When I said that when expressing a gratitude, race won't matter, he laughed. Since it was such a precious scene, I remember it clearly.
I looked once more at Hero-sama and he squinted his eyes as if he looking at something unpleasant.
Change the topic, please change the topic. The Orb might get destroyed!
『That's right. Speaking of children, far from a wife, he even doesn't have a lover, he also doesn't have any relative. So if someone who called themselves as his descendant, then without any doubt they are an imposter. If a self-proclaimed descendant appeared, just ask them his name, they wouldn't be able to answer it. At that time, he was fundamentally unsocial that he never give his name to anyone, so we kind of getting overboard and called him ’’Hero’’.』
(So it was just something went overboard?)
I unconsciously going to yell out my tsukkomi. Danger, danger. Even if it was just a projection, it will be bad if I tsukkomi Her Majesty the Founder Queen.
However if this true, then a shocking fact came to light. The lack of information wasn't due to a countermeasure against imposters appearance in the future.
『If someone who called himself Arvile Westin appeared, then first his look. Then the Orb that I left with him could become the proof. However, I prohibit you to show it to other people. Since it's a message for my dear friend that I don't know when will he wake up.』
I could agree with that. For their private messages to be revealed to the public in the future, I felt sad for the great men of the past.
『Though it could be said as a substitute, I permit this Orb's playback to be showed to other people other than King only for once. Since if his name and his characteristic leaked out then we can't screen the hero imposters anymore, so only once. Only if there is not any mistake that he is the one, but there are people who oppose to receive him because he is a suspicious person, then I permit it.』
I see, so that's why His Majesty played this Orb. Since the Queen had finished her explanation, the recording entered its final scenes.
『Then, I pray that my children and the country to have a long prosper and- hm? Something wrong, Thor?』
The closing words were cut short. From the space where the Queen was looking at, a reddish blond man appeared. I had seen this person's portrait before. It was Thor-sama.
『His appearance only projected just for a little bit, but I remembered there is an Orb with his voice. I don't know if an Orb's projection could be recorded once more, but how about we try to do it?』
The presented Orb was placed at the device and then there was an additional projection.
『I think you make a mistake in the one you visited in bed, Flaruca. I am not Thor.』
『I don't make any mistake, Vil. If I don't do this then your image won't be recorded in the Orb you know?』
A black-clothed man and a beige overcoat wearing woman who leaned forward to him.
Simultaneously with a tongue clicking, the image wrapped with darkness.
『Ah, it was wrapped in shadow.』
『It's because you say that we are recording it, that guy noticed the Orb that I hold. The Orb was seized by his shadow magic and so the recording only go that far. I had persuaded him that ’’even if Flaruca is Earth Spirit King's Miko, we shouldn't waste an Orb’’ and received the Orb back. Perhaps since he was taken in by your commotion, he didn't confirm the Orb deletion. So this might be a rare time he makes a blunder, right?』
Thor-sama smiled complacently.
『Don't worry, Vil. I will absolutely delete this record this time.』
『That's right, since it's wasteful, let's delete it right now.』
The Queen immediately linked her right arm with her husband while her left hand held the Orb up.
『O, Earth Spirit King, I return this shard of time to you.』
Then the Orb cast a faint light and then instantly disappear. The Queen smiled.
『If you see this, what kind of expression you will make? Too bad, I can't see it, Vil. Then, children. This time for sure. Goodbye.』
The projection dissolved away and vanished, the Orb recording was finished. The audience room was filled with silence. Somehow, there was various complaint mixed in their impression midway, but there was an explanation that he was the Hero himself...... Perhaps?
Nevertheless, the last scene had a strong impact. Since it was a projection inside a projection, it was hard to judge the face, but that halfway faltering tenor voice was without any doubt, his voice.
To hear the voice and those words at a close range with that attitude. You are amazing, Flaruca-sama. You'll completely ignore anyone other than your husband, right? You completely unshaken by him at all.
His Majesty made a cough and then slowly stood up.
「I am the 23rd Fimeria King, Brumcias Yul Fimeria, I am wholeheartedly welcoming the visit of the awakened Hero.」(King)
His Majesty put his right hand on his left chest and lightly bowed. Subsequently, the Queen, the Prime Minister, Crown Prince family stood up and bowed, then, the Nobles deeply bowed in unison.
It was the moment where the people accepted that he was the Hero who had been awakened after 800 years.
Though, the Hero-sama in question was releasing displeasure aura.
Can't blame him~
Or rather, it was meaningless to delete it if you record it first, you know, Flaruca-sama. Because of that, let's delete it, Your Majesty. Since the real one had appeared, it shouldn't be needed anymore. For the peace of the country, let immediately erase it. How we will screen for imposter in the future? How should I know? We'll think how to deal with it when the time comes.
In any case, the uncomfortable (to some extent) audience of the century had reached its end.
Afterwards, we moved towards the private audience room. His Majesty had asked Hero-sama about the Demon Lord's seal, but he refused to answer in the audience room where there were many eyes looking, so he desired for the number of the people to be limited.
Then why are Gai and I am in this room?
「I had asked the other people to leave and only left the Royal Family and the people under the Royal Family patronage, but what is the connection between these children and the Demon Lord's Seal?」(King)
When His Majesty's words, I looked at Hero-sama who sat beside me. It seems that it was Hero-sama's instruction that we remain here. However, let's ponder about His Majesty's question.
If I could speak for myself, I can't deny that I could be counted as a super long-range anti-demon-race artillery. However, even if Gai possessed high mana than children of his age, he is just a normal kid. He couldn't have any fighting strength.
「Flaruca didn't left any Orbs about this?」(Arvile)
Hero-sama asked His Majesty. Before I knew it, he already took out his overcoat, which was now hanging on the back of the chair. I tilted my head in puzzlement at his clothes.
A black tunic with high collar, long sleeves, and long hem that reached the knees. There were slits on the side so it won't hinder his movement. His slender crossed leg peeked out from the slit and I could see black trousers.
Don't he felt hot? Or rather, can he fight in these clothes?
I had thought about this when we walked together in the city, but he really didn't carry a sword. Perhaps even in close combat, his weapon was only magic. Makes me want to see it.
「Owing to the Founder was the Miko of Earth Spirit King, there are a lot of Orbs in our country. However, there aren't any Orbs that tell us about the seal location in detail, or what kind of being is Demon Lord is. The majority of the Orbs didn't have any recording, the remaining was used as necessary like to record negotiation with other countries and the likes.」(King)
His Majesty slowly shook his head.
The precious Earth Orbs that exist in the Fimeria Kingdom, was because the Founder was the Miko of Earth Spirit King.
Spirits are existences that are born from the mana that filled the natural world. Then, by making a contract with people with a good affinity towards them, they can grow efficiently. Because the fluff balls don't have any sentience, the contract is performed when they become a midget sized.
(Though Guno and Rufi had jumped the growth stage in one go, they said that it originally took a lot of time for them to grow).
In human terms then they passed infancy, childhood, and adolescent, if the time was suitable, then they could succeed as the Spirit King. Though it could be said, that if they didn't succeed then they will disappear when they reach their lifespan and there are many Spirits that naturally lose the mana that composes their body.
Since their lifespan couldn't be compared to a human, I wouldn't be present to see their death from the end of their lifespan while I still alive.
If the contracted spirit became the Spirit King, then the contractor will be called Spirit King's Miko. When the Spirit King's Miko died, then the Spirit King could choose a new Miko.
The first contractor will give the Spirit a name, then the next contractor will need to be informed that name to establish the contract. That's why the first contractor for Guno and the others was me. In Flaruca-sama case, she was informed of the name of the Earth Spirit who was the Spirit King and then established a contract.
When a named Spirit didn't have any contractor, the surrounding people couldn't call out the Spirit's name. But it wasn't the case with the Spirit King, they might be called as 『Spirit King』, but since this wasn't their name, it's won't be a problem.
Hero-sama sighed.
「Even when that Stupid GrampsJiji-Baka granted a lot of Orbs, to not left the important one, what a correct way to use it.」(Arvile)
Though he spoke bitterly in a whisper, since I sat in the range of his voice, I could hear it. I was so surprised that I unconsciously slipped out a question.
「So Flaruca-sama had blood relation with Earth Spirit King!?」(Mira)
「No, she didn't.」(Arvile)
At Hero-sama's reply, I tilted my head to the side. But if he called Earth Spirit King as Jiji-Baka, then perhaps he refers to how a grandfather dotted his granddaughter?
「He is not a grandfather related from blood, but Earth Spirit King's appearance is an old geezer. Flaruca insisted that it was all started when she was still a child and took care of an old man lost in the territory, but nine out of ten, the lost one was Flaruca and the one who picked her was the Earth Spirit King.」(Arvile)
Well, it would be hard to imagine that an Earth Spirit could be lost, so that was possible. Or rather, to call a Spirit King as an old geezer. What an unexpected sharp-tongued way of talking.
Suddenly, I'm interested in the pointless thing.
「They met when he was discouraged since the previous Miko passed away. Then for the King who changed his outward appearance depending on the Miko, their age difference seemed to be between a human grandfather and the granddaughter. That's why he came into contact in that way. This was what I heard from Earth Spirit King.」(Arvile)
So it was like that. And as the result, he gave a lot of Orbs.
(I see, so why he was a jiji-baka.)
「I believe that her descendants already know about the truth.」(Arvile)
Hero-sama sighed and took out two Orbs from his sleeve. Both of the Orbs were yellow in color, but one of them had deeper yellow at one side.
He was looking at the Orbs, then turned his sight towards me for awhile, before finally he directed it to His Majesty.
「I could tell it myself, but Flaruca had promised me one thing.」(Arvile)
「A promise?」(King)
His Majesty muttered and suddenly looked at me.
「A promise with Hero-dono, the Founder had bequeathed it in her will. If someone who holds a high mana appeared, then disregarding their social status, take them into the Royal Family's patronage. Since Flaruca-sama had publicized to the other countries that the Demon Lord could be awakened if he senses the signs of war, everyone complied and refrained from war. Moreover, perhaps the successive high mana holders from generation to generation were themselves carry a role as a restraint for war.」(King)
Certainly, a high mana holder was a threat. If the other country started a war, then they would face defeat. So high mana holder was perfectly suitable as a restraint. However, it was such a lot of responsibility for a child like me to bear. Nevertheless, it was hard too for His Majesty, who need to become a patron of someone who only criteria was high mana...... You don't say! The kidnapping some time ago was actually targeting me? The one who gets rolled up into it was Princess? Awawawawa.
Ignoring me who had became pale, His Majesty and Hero-sama continued their conversation.
「The promise that Flaruca vowed to me was that she would search for someone who holds mana that meets my wish even if she had passed away. She said, ’’left the rest to us.’’」(Arvile)
「Hero-dono's wish. Is to completely defeat the Demon Lord?」(King)
「...... No. That might be unmistakably the wish of the Human Race, but that is not my wish.」(Arvile)
The Orb in his hand made a clink sound.
「I understand. Then that promised person, perhaps is Mira.」(King)
I who was still perturbed by the possibility of me had involved Princess into a trouble, became even more surprised that Hero-sama's wish was not to defeat the Demon Lord. However, His Majesty words shocked me a bit that I opened my eyes wide.
Certainly, in the 「Blessing」 column of my status card, there was the cryptic meaningful word, ’’promise’’......
「The Royal Family, in accordance with the Founder's will, have successfully searched and took the high mana holder into our protection. However, we never take a child into our patronage until now. Even if someone have high mana, they couldn't be able to be called as the high mana holder.」(King)
His Majesty said these words while looking at me with affectionate eyes, then he turned his sight back at Hero-sama.
「However, Mira is clearly different by a wide margin. Then, on her card, ’’Promise’’ is listed in her blessing column. This might be the proof of the promise that is exchanged between the Founder and Hero-dono, if your wish is not to make Mira to battle the Demon Race, then I will entrust her to you.」(King)
I-I have been entrusted. Even if I don't like it, for me to grant Hero-sama's wish is... wrong somehow...... However, if he needs this ridiculous amount of mana for some reason, somehow it sounds quite persuasive.
I looked up at Hero-sama with uneasy expression and then he nodded as if to ease me and said.
「Mira won't battle the Demon Race.」(Arvile)
「I feel relieved to hear that, Hero-dono. My remaining concern is this country that Flaruca-sama had left for us. As far as the world know, you have traded your life to seal the Demon Lord, but only the King of Fimeria know that you only sleeping. However, there is a truth that even hidden from the previous kings?」(King)
「Rather than a hidden truth, there are the biggest lie.」(Arvile)
Hero-sama smiled wryly at His Majesty's question, and then showed him two Orbs.
「Flaruca had deliberately delivered two Orbs to my place. The pale one was to be played at the terminal left in that place. She had found a nation, so if I awakened then showed myself there. She said that even if the country had been perished by the flow of time, then search for her descendant that carried her name. I never imagined that the first country I visit is the correct one.」(Arvile)
「It is fortunate that there is no major crisis for 800 years since the country had been founded.」(King)
「Fimeria Province in the Empire, should be located further south.」(Arvile)
「The family of the Province Lords of the Empire had mostly perished or perhaps their whereabouts were unknown. Flaruca-sama who had played major parts in the war against the Demon Race held a conference of the Seven Magicians and decided to govern this land. At that time, as a defense base in the case of the Demon Lord's seal is released, the Founder built a castle in this place.」(King)
「Seven Magicians?」(Arvile)
Are? How weird. In the legend, the Seven magicians battled together with the Hero, and then divided the Empire into seven parts where they then rule. However, Flaruca-sama and Thor-sama were both ruling one country. Even though there were 5 people remained, other than Fimeria Kingdom there were six kingdoms. One kingdom too many.
「Thor-sama is from a frontier count that is a collateral family of Fimeria House, so he was Flaruca-sama's cousin. Perhaps, there were actually 8 people?」(King)
「No, in the first place, other than Flaruca and Thor...... there was anyone else?」(Arvile)
Eh, there weren't?
Hero-sama pointed at his lips with his right index finger and closed his eyes to search in his memory.
「...... Along the journey, I felt that there was a group following us. Flaruca said money was needed for the journey, and when stopping at a large city, I felt that the group increased.」(Arvile)
So it seemed that he didn't recognize them as his comrades. Perhaps, they were the so-called sponsor. So, perhaps the people who joined the party were a subordinate knight who was tasked to observe, the third son of a feudal lord, or the likes. Indeed if they were not people of at least that status, then they wouldn't be able to come forward with dividing the land and ruled over it, right? So, that means the term was referring to the seven surviving Feudal Lord's representatives.
However, why Flaruca-sama said that the Hero-sama had died? If there was a possibility that the seal will someday released, rather than saying that Hero-sama had died, it would be better to say that Hero-sama was sleeping, so the citizen could have a hope......
(Wait! Could it be, with the situation at that time, it will be better to say the Hero had died!?)
The savior hero might become an obstacle for the creation of a new royal family with themselves as the founder. No, this can't be possibly right, right? After all, Flaruca-sama declared herself as Hero-sama's close friend and both of them talk to each other unreservedly.
Perhaps to grant Hero-sama's wish, it was best if he was said to be dead?
I didn't know whether or not the sponsor knew about this, but since they were people that even Hero-sama didn't remember them....... They might not know anything and accepted the information of Hero's death without questioning it.
「This is, the biggest lie?」(King)
「...... It's related to the promise. First, play the other Orb. It was something she said to be played for her descendant.」(Arvile)
Hero-sama took the pale colored Orb and put it into his sleeve. Then at the place that couldn't be seen by the others, he might store it with his shadow magic.
He placed the deep colored Orb on the top of the table.
「It seems that there is a terminal for this Orb.」(Arvile)
「I have an idea where the terminal is. I will bring it.」(King)
「Your Majesty, let me......」(Crown Prince)
「No, it was in the coronation place, so it can't be entered by anyone than me the King.」(King)
His Majesty stopped the Crown Prince who tried to fetch the terminal in his place and then he called the guards and left the room.
After His Majesty left the room, the silent tea party continued. Since Hero-sama seemed to be in a deep thinking, it was hard to speak with him.
(How boring)
In the matter of promise and so forth, there was no proof that the person they meant was me, but for now let's think about it, while sipping the tea.
Ah, to sip a tea while making a slurping sound, is the manner for green tea right?[4] I'm glad that what we had right now was black tea. It would be awkward to make a sound in the middle of this silence.
Gai, who sat beside me, already drunk his tea and his cookie plate was empty, so he was restless.
Since he was basically a boy who can't stand to be still, but then again, we also couldn't say to him to go play outside. Since when His Majesty returned, then he will play the Orb, we couldn't send Gai outside to play by our own accord.
Which reminds me, Sara also seemed to be the type of person who can't stand to be still, but he didn't seem to be bored.
When I looked at the Spirits who were gathered near the window, Dine was playing and braiding a bunch of Rufi's long hair. Guno was dazedly viewing at the outside while his right finger was stroking something in his left palm. Sara was atop the curtain placed at the window and was cutting something with his small sword.
When I looked closely at it, I could see a white colored lump. Wha! Is it sugar?
I looked at the top of the table, and since when, the powdered sugar had completely gone. I looked once more to Sara and Guno and then Guno who realized that I was looking at them, placed Sara on his shoulder and came towards my side.
With a clink, they placed it on my cookie plate. Small sugarcraft works. Two works that were modeled after a bird and three works that were modeled after a rose flower.
「Ara, how lovely.」(Queen)
「Are these from Mira-chan's Spirits? How skillful.」(Crown Princess)
Even if they couldn't see the Spirit, observing at how I looked at the empty space and the sugar craftworks that suddenly appeared, they understood that it was something that the Spirits had made. The Queen and the Crown Princess smiled pleasantly.
「Mira is these sugar desuno?」(Filseria)
「Yes. These seem to be made by hardening the sugar.」(Mira)
If I'm not remembered it wrongly, to make a sugarcraft is the same as creating a sugar cube. A liquid saturated fully with sugar was added with additional sugar, which then put into a mold, pressed and then evaporate its water content.
The Spirits performed those steps with magic until it was hardened. Then they shave it like carving a sculpture to give it a shape. They are truly ingenious.
But anyway, what they did with the carved sugar? When I looked at Guno and Sara, Guno brought his palm to his mouth. Then he put something small into his mouth.
(So they ate it!)
Well, it was good since they not waste it. Food shouldn't be wasted after all.
「Princess, which one that you will put into your tea?」(Mira)
「We will use these, desuno? Even though it's this beautiful? Such a waste.」(Filseria)
「Since it is a food. It will be a waste if we don't use it.」(Mira)
「That's true」(Filseria)
「Yes, then please choose.」(Mira)
Princess' eyes were gleaming and then she picked one of the rose sugarcraft and put it into the tea that the Crown Princess had brewed. The sugarcraft swirled and melted as it was mixed. Princess who took a sip, smiled widely.
「It's sweet desuno.」(Filseria)
「It's sugar, after all.」(Mira)
Gai and I said a word of thanks to Crown Princess who brewed the tea for us and we put the bird sugarcraft into out tea. With a ’’plunk’’ it sunk below and then slowly dissolved. I took a sip, and it was sweetly delicious.
I made a sigh of relief and smiled at the Spirits.
「Thank you for the cute sugar.」(Mira)
When we finished with our second cup of tea, His Majesty returned. In the tea that was brewed for His Majesty, a rose sugarcraft was put into it. His Majesty drank it happily.
(Fumu. Perhaps this could become a new business?)
The flower-shaped sugarcrafts might be well received by the wealthy nobles. Since shaving the hardened sugar took too much time, then I could just press them using wooden mold and then extracted the water content. I could evaporate the water content with fire magic. I might need to do some test. If it has been completed, then I could try selling it in the commerce guild.
「Then, let's play it.」(King)
「Before that, there is something I want to say.」(Arvile)
His Majesty's hand stopped when Hero-sama spoke out.
「After the Orb has been played completely, I will return to the Sealed Land.」(Arvile)
「Is by some chance the Demon Lord revived......」(King)
「No. It isn't for that reason.」(Arvile)
Hero-sama immediately denied the words of His Majesty whose face had became pale. Hero-sama seemed to be hesitating to continue his words for some reason. Perhaps his decision was based on the content of the Orb that will be played soon? But he shouldn't have heard the content even for once.
(Has he guessed it from the Founder's previous conversation?)
In the audience room, he only gave his name and didn't say anything else. The thing that we know is, the promise, and the truth that Flaruca-sama never told to the descendant...... Ah, perhaps the latter was the problem.
I picked the Orb on the table and then set it in the terminal. A light illusion appeared.
「I am terribly sorry, Your Majesty. However, I think this way is faster.」(Mira)
It couldn't be helped if he was hesitating. Only Flaruca-sama who know the content of this Orb.
If we had heard the actual content that there was no need for Hero-sama to return, then Hero-sama could take back his words and stays in this place. It looks like his behavior wasn't because he worried about Demon Lord.
『If this Orb is being played, then that means you have warmly welcoming Arvile into the country, right? The present King?』
Different from the content of the record that was played in the audience room, the Queen put a serious face.
『From now on, I will inform an important information. I will leave it to the current King's discretion whether or not to inform the citizen about it. However, the King and the Heir, his wife or perhaps her husband, and other people with direct blood relation absolutely need to hear about it. Then if there are High Mana Holder that received the Royal Family's patronage, then call them too. Surely that person will be the promised person.』
The promised...... person.
It was a word that I had heard numerous times, but when it was spoken by Flaruca-sama's mouth, my heart suddenly pounding heavily. My right hand gently pressed my chest.
The promised person. If this was true, then it might have some kind of relationship with the word ’’promise’’ written in my card.
My heard once again begin thumping hard and my head felt aching.
『If there is a missing member, then quickly stop the playback of the Orb right now. If the lock in the terminal is released, then it won't be possible to play this for second time.』
There was no missing member. So the playback resumed. Under everyone watchful eyes, this time there was new light appeared from the terminal. The light engulfed the projection of the Queen and replaced it with new projection. The one who appeared there was an elderly Flaruca-sama.
She was on top of a bed. Her silver hair that was let down in her shoulder was mixed with many white ones. Her back also had hunched. However, from the wrinkle of her face, the long passage of month and years could be seen. The Queen who had wrapped herself in an ash-brown shawl, began to speak.
『How many times have I overwrite this? Moreover, it's necessary to speak it from the beginning again, this Orb is a troublesome method. However, it couldn't be helped. Since I need to leave the information as up to date as possible.』
She suddenly started to complain.
『Recently my health had worsened. So surely this one will be the last one, please forgive my unsightly appearance, the present King.』
Then she began to narrate the truth 800 years ago.
Everything began from the sin that was committed by the Empire's Last Emperor ―― Igirma Or Iscalio.

[1] A very formal and polite way to refer to one's grandfather.
[2] Gai keep adding desu in his sentence to make it more politer in Japanese, and his choice of words are more formal than usual.
[3] Ain inherited her mischievous nature. Aren't you glad, Mira?
[4] If you drink matcha or Japanese green tea, remember to slurp. It showed that you enjoy the tea.


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