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The Reincarnated Person Doesn’t Want To Cheat (LN) - Volume 2 - Chapter 4


Volume 2
Chapter 4
The carriage that kidnapped Mira and Filseria dashed through the Noble District as Gai was chasing after it.

「Return Mira and Princess!」(Gai)
When Mira was rudely pushed into the carriage which suddenly dashed away, his mind had been numbed. Even so, when he straightened his thoughts he remembered that his body reflexively began to chase after the carriage and he yelled at Keina and the others 「I'll leave the reporting to you!」
The people moved out from the road, avoiding the madly dashing carriage. Thanks to this, the carriage's speed gradually increased. Gai was ’’I won't let you go away’’ as he applied Physical Enhancement on his feet.
It was what Mira had devised for Gai, so he was able to do high-speed movement even though he was Fire attribute. While invoking the Fire attributes characteristic explosive-like strength the moment his feet touch the ground, he moved forward step by step. Normally, he would feel the air resistance, but this time, it was as if his back was being pushed by a tailwind.
「It's the same as the time when Swyn-san used wind magic. Is it you, Rufi?」(Gai)
Remembering Swyn-san's support Wind Magic when they were escaping the Mana Eater, Gai threw a question. Then, as if to answer him, the wind's strength increased.
It wasn't like Gai had awakened a new power when his childhood friend and the princess were kidnapped. Rufi who was flying beside him gave Gai an assist in chasing after the carriage.
Gai couldn't see or feel Rufi's presence, but because the wind behind him became stronger after he asked, he confirmed that a Spirit was backing him up. Therefore that Spirit must be none other than Mira's contracted Spirit, Rufi.
「Rufi, we will absolutely rescue those two!」(Gai)
As if to reply, the wind howled.
Gai looked at the top of the box-shaped carriage and a man came out holding something in his hand. The onlooker yelled.
「It's a bow! Run away!」(Random Guy)
The pedestrian who saw what the man held when it passed him yelled at Gai, but it was too late. The arrow shot through the air heading towards Gai's direction.
Fire Attribute Physical Enhancement enabled him to rapidly dash in a straight line, but it had a weakness where it didn't allow for one to nimbly avoid an obstacle that suddenly appeared.
He couldn't avoid the arrow.
The moment his body was frigid from the fear of being pierced by the arrow, it was smashed to smithereens. Without even grazing Gai, the splinters showered the ground behind him.
The dumbstruck Gai, turned his head to look backward. Since his body had stiffened before, his speed had decreased to some degree. Even so, his feet didn't stop moving. Then, after a second, the third arrows shot towards him. However, these too were entirely shattered.
「This is, Rufi? ...... Thanks!」(Gai)
Even if he didn't hear any reply, Gai still understood that Rufi had helped him.
Then he fiercely lessened the distance that separated him with the carriage. However, even if chase after the carriage, how would he stop it? When Gai arrived at a distance where he could see the facial features of the man who was persistently shooting arrows at him, he realized this difficulty.
「Globus IgnisFire Ball...... Not an option. Mira and Princess are still inside that carriage.」(Gai)
Gai immediately rejected this idea. He didn't possess any attack methods that could be used in this situation.
「But Keina and others, they should have reported this to the Guards. If they also contacted the Castle then the Knights might be moving out. Then, I will keep pursuing this carriage to the ends of the earth, creating a ruckus, to inform that the criminals are here!」(Gai)
Gai decided to continue chasing after the carriage. However, he then wondered why Mira didn't escape with her own power yet.
「If it's Mira, then she could easily blow the carriage up. Rufi is also with me, so in this range, she should be able to use magic.」(Gai)
In the training camp, when Mira was flying in the sky to save Gai, she was able to prepare the landing ground with Earth Magic. So that means even if she was separated from her Spirits, Mira was still able to use magic.
「Even if she is afraid of heights, she could just float a little bit. Even if she was thrown out from the carriage, then she could surely protect the Princess with ease.」(Gai)
As if to drown out his uneasiness, Gai increased his speed even more.
「Mira is...... my childhood friend is strong!」(Gai)
Mira was smaller than the children of her age. She was constantly sick and out of breath as soon as she began to run. However, Gai knew that ever since her magic talent awakened, she was stronger than anyone else.
However, what Gai didn't know was that there was a Spirit Repellent incense inside the carriage to seal her magic.
「Even so, why... Why Mira didn't use her magic to escape. Did she... Did she get hurt!?」(Gai)
Gai felt an unpleasant presentiment as he was thinking about assaulting the driver seat when he passed the carriage to forcefully make the carriage stop. Then the next moment the wind howled and the men atop the carriage were blown away.
In the training camp, when Mira was flying in the sky to save Gai, she could prepare the landing ground with Earth Magic. So that means, even if she was separated from her Spirits, Mira still able to use magic.
With a thud, the criminal fell to the ground. Gai hesitated whether or not he should arrest the criminal, so his speed dropped. But at that time, a sheltering elderly nobleman gave an order to his servants.
「All of you, seize that man!」(Noble)
「Yes, Sir!」(Servants)
Then, the elder said to Gai.
「We will hand this man to the Guards! Boy, go pursue the carriage!」(Noble)
「Thank you!」(Gai)
Gai threw his hesitation away and once more ran furiously, to continue his pursuit.
On the main street southward from the front of the royal castle, Royal Magician Swyn accompanied the Captain of the Capital Guards pushing through the crowd of people. It seemed that beyond this crowd there was a graffiti made from a huge amount of mud. The problem lays in its content:
『A rampaging carriage will arrive』
Just a while ago a citizen reported this to the Guards: ’’It was as if it was words from a prophecy.’’ At that time, eyewitness reports about a high-speed carriage and a boy running through the Nobles District had been coming repeatedly.
When they received the information about the kidnapping of Princess Filseria, the Guards scrambled from their Stations. One Squad of the Guards received an order from their superior to accompany Royal Magician Swyn to investigate the graffiti.
「Bloody hell, what a bloody day it is. Even though Filseria-sama is involved in a great jeopardy, to be ordered to intercept a tumbling cargo wagon in front of the castle, and to report a graffiti on the street! Bollocks, this ain't the main problem right now!」(Sarda)
The Capital Guards Eleventh Squad Captain Sarda[1] muttered, 「Despite the Royalty being the most important, mischief and its ilk are frivolous!」 as he brusquely walked.
「However, it is necessary for us to confirm it. If it's just a mischief then we will quickly clean it and return to our search. If it's a real prophecy then we can ambush the criminal gang.」(Swyn)
「...I see. My apologies, Magician Kalyard.」(Sarda)
Sarda was angry as he quickly judged the mud writing to be mischief, but even when he was being corrected by Swyn who was younger than him, he didn't get angry and honestly apologized.
He was not a man with bad personality. Swyn-san thought that this was because he was irritated due to his loyalty to the Royal family, so he replied with a nod and ceased his chastisement.
The group finally arrived at the head of the crowd and could see the mud writing.
When he saw that the writing was longer than what had been reported before, Sarda grimaced while Swyn was speechless.
「A rampaging carriage will arrive. Do not enter beyond this place...... Guno? This is a name signature? It's just someone who craves for attentio-......」(Sarda)
「Sarda-dono, quickly order an evacuation!」(Swyn)
「Do you believe in this graffiti words?」(Sarda)
Sarda was confused from the sudden order.
「Guno is the name of the High Rank contracted Spirits of a girl who was kidnapped with Filseria-sama!」(Swyn)
「What did you say? A High Rank contracted Spirit!?」(Sarda)
「Hurry evacuate! If this is really a warning, the kidnapper's carriage unmistakably will come! To stop the carriage, they perhaps will corner it to this wide street...」(Swyn)
「I-I understand. Hey you guys, order an eva-......」(Sarda)
Just when Sarda was going to order his subordinates to disperse the crowd to seek shelter, a fierce sound of rumbling wheels could be heard approaching.
「So, it's already here!?」(Swyn)
The moment Swyn and Sarda turned their eyes toward the street corner where the sound came, horses appeared in a mad dash.
The coachman was also surprised by the gathering crowd of people, clenching his teeth he pulled the horses to turn left. The horses raised a shrieking neigh and turned before hitting the people. However, the carriage that was connected to the horse couldn't do the same. The carriage was swung by the horse and headed towards the crowd.
「Consume my mana and become a wall!」(Swyn)
Swyn-san who sensed the danger created a wall of earth. He mustered the entirety of his mana so that he could use in a moment and build a bulwark. Even so, will this be enough to protect the people......? However, it was a needless worry.
A long bulky wall was constructed in an unbelievable speed separating the people from the carriage. The next moment, there was a loud crashing sound. The frame of the carriage fiercely collided with the wall and scraped alongside it.
After its duty finished the sturdy wall crumbled and disappear. Swyn then leaped over it and walked towards the road that the rampaging carriage had taken.
From what he saw, even with a crash that loud, the carriage was still intact and swerving in the main street. Then the carriage door was opened from the inside and two girls were ejected from it.
Swyn yelled. The name of the Spirit who should have some strength left even after he had built that wall.
The name of the Spirit who was the only person who could save the girls.
At that time, I still didn't know what Gai or Guno were doing, and just glared with the criminal inside the jolting carriage.
The carriage was creaking as it took several turns. I, who was desperately standing in a way so I wouldn't be hurled by the centrifugal force, could hear people screaming and horses neighing.
Then, a shake that was unlike what we had experienced until now assaulted us.
(We are toppling aside!?)
As expected, he couldn't oppose it and the man's balance crumbled. The blade pointing in front of us, swayed away.
I endured the sick feeling I had and activated my Physical Enhancement. I equipped my entire body in Magic Armor and then rammed the man.
The man's head and back hit the carriage's wall. The slanted cart tilted back to a level position, its wheels hitting the ground with a crash before it started running again.
「Gugh. This brat......」(Criminal)
Even if the enemy was on his knees, he didn't faint. Like I had thought, this place is too small, so the force of impact was not enough.
The risk of us toppling had passed, but the man was still holding the sword so I can't feel safe yet. I grabbed the wrist of the man who was still disorientated, and using the meager human anatomy that I remembered, I pressed his pressure point. My hand was wrapped in Physical Enhancement Glove!
Since it was so painful, the man let go of the sword. I wanted to keep the dangerous weapon away from us, but when I turned my attention away, he waved his hand and unfasten my grip.
「This guy is Earth Attribute!?」(Mira)
Since I continued to apply pressure on his pressure point, the man couldn't concentrate to apply Physical Enhancement. However, the opponent was an Earth Attribute adult man, a light weight girl like me was at the disadvantage. I could win in mana capacity by my overwhelming mana, however, not only do I need to deal with the Spirit Repellent, but the carriage's swaying until now made me sick, so this was the extent of my current power. If this keeps up then I will eventually lose.
「Princess, jump down now!」(Mira)
As per my instruction, the Princess rushed to the door and reach out for the door lock. The carriage hadn't completely stopped, but when it swung sideways back then, the speed had decreased for sure. If we wanted to escape this was our chance!
「Gugh. Like I'll let you!」(Criminal)
’’Eh?’’ Without any time for me to think, my body was flying in the air.
My back had impacted something. When I realized that I was thrown at Princess, we were already ejected from the carriage.
The criminal yelled.
Princess already opened the lock on the door. The door was opened. So that means, Princess would be completely crushed beneath me. I opened my mouth and shouted the name of the winged Spirit.
「Ru ――――」(Mira)
「Umbra Prehende」[2](???)
The sunlight suddenly darkened as my ear caught the calm voice that was out of place.
At the unbelievable sight in front of me, I opened my eyes wide.
With a flap, the thing behind that man folded and turned invisible. After feeling a mysterious sensation for a moment, we were already at the ground before I realized. Or more correctly, I was in someone's arms.
「Umbra Ligā」[3](???)
He brought his black cloth covered right hand forward and then more slithering black cloths stretched out from the surrounding shadows and entangled the swerving carriage that still trying to escape. My eyes blinked at this sudden event.
「Are you hurt?」(???)
I looked up at the owner of that gentle tenor voice.

The owner is such a handsome man. Eh? Did I die? Is this person, an angel? But he wears black clothes and is excessively seductive, so a Demon?
「Can you speak?」(Handsome)
His bluish-purple eyes narrowed, and as he inclined his head his jet black hair swayed. The long white finger touched my throat.
(It's warm. I am alive)
When my shoulder trembled a little, the corner of his slim lips raised a little in relief.
「I am, fine.」(Mira)
He made a single nod and kneeled to let me down from his arms. I then noticed Princess and my brain kicked the gears.
「Your injury?」(Handsome)
When the young man asked me again, I remembered.
「Rather than me, Princess!」(Mira)
I ran towards Princess who was sitting on the stone pavement.
「I... hit Princess...... Is it the shoulder? Or the back? Any injury!?」(Mira)
Then Princess made a smile albeit crudely.
「I am fine desuno. Please don't make such a sad face desuno.」(Filseria)
Th-thank goodness!
*fuaaah* I let out my breath and slumped down.
「Mira! Princess!」(Gai)
Someone called out our names and when I turned my head, there were the Guards and Swyn-san with Gai followed behind them. On the other side there was a crowd of curious onlookers. A soldier grabbed Gai's shoulder to detain him. Then half of the soldiers headed towards the carriage and the remaining soldiers pointed the spear on their hand towards the young man.
「What are you doing desuno!?」(Filseria)
「Filseria-sama, this person is a user of Shadow Magic. He might be a Demon. It's dangerous so please leave this to us.」(Sarda)
「He has black wings on his back.」(Soldier)
The soldiers surrounded the young man. Swyn-san finally arrived at our side.
「Did either of you get hurt?」(Swyn)
Even when I answered 「I'm fine」 to Swyn-san who asked with a pale face, my mind was still occupied by the young man in black clothes. Under the light and shadow, what unfolded behind him resembled dragon wings.
(If the soldiers also saw it, then it isn't just my imagination.)
Dragon ―――― something that only remains in the few legends at this time, an existence that no one ever seen. Since they can use magic, they are classified as high ranked monster.
The soldiers might doubt him as a Demon, however couldn't he be a Dragon assuming a human form? I haven't read the entire reference book but, could Dragon's use Shadow Magic?
Perhaps if he is a shadow dragon, my heart was palpitating.
If vicious dragons exist, then a gentle dragon might exist too.
(When he helped me, he was looking at me with such gentle eyes. That's why I believe he is a gentle dragon. If I ask him, maybe he'd let me see his dragon form?)
He stepped backward while facing the spears, his eyes looked coldly at the blade. The warm color that I had seen in them before was gone.
Seeing this, my eyes widened and I spontaneously release myself from Swyn-san restraint. Then I extended my hand to cover him.
「Wait! This man saved us!」(Mira)
「But the wings......」(Soldier)
「If it's wings, then I also have them. Rufi!」(Mira)
When I shouted out, the wind surged and when it scattered, with a flap ―――― a pair of wings unfolded.
「It's wings.」(Random Guy)
「A white wing.」(Random Guy)
The surrounding people made a ruckus. As if to say ’’look at this’’, I stood before the oldest soldier and showed off my wings.
「Mira's wings are made from Wind Magic desuno. Aren't they the same with our benefactor's wings desuno?」(Filseria)
Princess gave an explanation about my wings.
These wings were only borrowed from Rufi, but if I mentioned this it would get complicated. There were points that I still don't know about Spirit Union. That's why I explained it generally as magic.
I was curious about the young man's reaction so I looked up at him, but he was only staring at my wings. It doesn't mean that he didn't make any reaction, but his emotions were unreadable. This made me tilt my head to the side, then I heard Rufi's voice.
『Sorry, Master. It's the limit』(Rufi)
Together with the abrupt giving up declaration, the Union dissolved and the wings disappeared.
When I searched for Rufi in surprise, she manifested near Gai who was detained by a guard. She looked tired.
「Smashing the arrows, launching attacks, using magic with your own power, is it that severe?」(Mira)
I asked, but there was no answer.
Even Guno who carried Dine and Sara on his shoulder was standing still there and didn't approach me. Normally, they would surround me and ask me if I was hurt with worried expressions. I wonder what happened.
While I was curious about what happened with the Spirits, my ears caught the conversation between Princess and the Guard ojii-san. Even after I showed my wings, the ojii-san still couldn't agree.
「However, her wings are white but that guy's are black, the shape too......」(Sarda)
He was still dubious at the young man.
「Isn't it just individual difference desuno? Mira is the only confirmed person who could use flying magic but this doesn't mean that there are no others desuno.」(Filseria)
Princess counterattacked. However, the ojii-san didn't relent.
「In the legend, shadow magic is used by the Demon Race......」(Sarda)
「Ara, couldn't the Hero-sama also use shadow magic? Then it wouldn't be strange if there are other humans who can use it too desuno」(Filseria)
When the ojii-san brought up the Legend of the Demon Race, Princess brought up the Legend of the Hero.
Or rather, I depicted the Hero as a Light Magic user, but he actually used shadow magic like the Demon Race. So that means, this person was a shadow magic user just like the template Dark Hero, perhaps he could also use magics other than shadow.
I looked at him once more, this time our eyes met. I was unconsciously startled.
How can a man this expressionless to be this seductive? Please stop being that needlessly seductive. It's bad for my heart. For some reason, it was pounding hard.
Someone~ save me~
To regain my composure back, I consolidate my mind to theorize how to protect him, but I gradually became annoyed.
I called out to the Guard ojii-san and then pointed at the carriage.
「Right now, the ones you should immediately catch are the criminals!」(Mira)
「That's right.」(Filseria)
Princess also approved. The lone coachman was bound by the shadow cloth. The instructions-less horses were calmly neighing.
「Certainly, that is important, but......」(Sarda)
I interrupted the Guard ojii-san who wanted to say something and turned to look at needlessly seductive young man.
「Onii-san, please accept my gratitude for saving me.」(Mira)
「Gratitude?」(Handsome Onii-san)
「Yes. For now, perhaps we can have a tea somewhere?」(Mira)
I made a suggestion while tilting my head. At the same time, I made a tsukkomi inside my mind, ’’Isn't the role reversed?’’
However, even if I wanted to thank him, my house was far away, and I couldn't just invite him personally to the Royal Castle
I will ask Princess to return back ahead of me with Swyn-san and then I will have tea with him at the caféover there. isn't this the best plan?
Since I want to have a tea with the handsome-san, only the both of us... Not that! After all, even if Princess return to the castle, without explaining that he wasn't a Demon, then without any doubt, it would be turned into a session of tea surrounded by the Guards. Yeah, that was too sorrowful.
「Even with a man that might be from Demon Race?」(Onii-san)
「Are you referring to yourself? But, in my opinion, when expressing a gratitude, race won't matter. Even if the other party is a Demon or a Dragon, if I was saved by them, then I want to express my gratitude.」(Mira)
Or rather, I would welcome if they are not human. Even a harmless Demon would be acceptable. Viva Real Fantasy! Please, I want to hear all kinds of story!
「Besides, even if onii-san is not a human, onii-san is not a part of this criminal gang, right?」(Mira)
If he was saving me to earn my trust and then use it to approach me ―――― or Princess, then the kidnappers would have long since escaped.
When I made my point, his eyes went wide and he covered his mouth with his right hand. I tilted my head and looked closely at him, his shoulders were slightly shaking.
He laughed.
(A handsome man's laugh is such a sight for sore eyes...... Eh? Not that!)
「Why are you laughing!?」(Mira)
「Even a Demon Race or a Dragon, it won't matter, right?」(Onii-san)
He laughed chuckling once more and patted my head round and round.
「Even if I want to tear the kidnappers from limb to limb?」(Onii-san)
「Please don't say something that dangerous without any hesitation.」(Mira)
I brushed his hand off and retorted.
「I won't do it this time. It's not something for a child to watch.」(Onii-san)
「Please don't say ’’this time’’. Please hand over them to the Guards. If we could extract information about their safe house, then we might be able to rescue other victims, you know?」(Mira)
Since this might be not their first offence.
「Ah, I see. I didn't think that far.」(Onii-san)
He said, as he had this faraway look.
「...... To want to kill all of them, do you hate them?」(Mira)
I quickly put my hand on the mouth that had said something without thinking. Seeing me like this, he made a slim smile.
「Since my mother was kidnapped and the person who should become my father was killed.」(Onii-san)
...... It was unlikely that he wouldn't hate them.
「I am sorry.」(Mira)
「It's an old story. I already exacted my revenge from them.」(Onii-san)
So, did this mean that he had located the criminals and then tearing them limb from limb like he had mentioned just now?
Even though he looked 22-23, he was very strong, I see. But with this, the possibility that he was a dragon disappeared. After all, if her mother is a dragon then she wouldn't be just kidnapped by human without resistance. So that means, he as her son wasn't a dragon.
Even so, how old he was when that event happened?
The person who should have become his father was killed so that means it was her mother's second marriage. Even though a bright future was waiting for him, it was wrecked. Surely he led a life filled with hardship. But, it was fortunate that at the very least, he could survive until now.
With silence, the Guard ojii-san pointed his spear away.
「I see, your mother was kidnapped......」(Sarda)
The Guard ojiisan muttered in a sad tone. One by one, the other soldiers also mimicked him and pointed their spear away. Then the ojii-san suddenly apologized.
「I apologize for suspecting you as a Demon. However, this is still my duty, so I want you to show me your card.」(Sarda)
When they enter or exit a city, a traveler would have his card checked for the presence of criminal record. Although the record was done using the Earth Spirit King's power, the recorded criteria depended on each country's law.
The crime that would absolutely be recorded would be murder. However, if the killing was done in a bandits eradication or as a caravan escort, then it wouldn't be recorded as a crime since it would be legitimate self-defense.
The Society, the Hunter Guild, the Trade Guild;there were many kinds of cards, but they practically displayed the same entries.
Excluding the people who live their lives never leave the land where they were born and raised, most people possessed this card. For travelers, this card was an indispensable item.
Since Gai and I were together with the Knights group when we arrived in the city, we didn't need the card.
If you lose your card then you could be issued a temporary card for limited time from the terminal at the checking station. If it indicated that you have any unexpiated crimes, then you will be kicked out from that place. Even if you succeeded in your first kidnapping attempt then it would be recorded as a crime in your card, so you wouldn't be able to pass a checking station anymore.
The young man asked back in a tone as if he wanted to say: ’’What's that.’’
「If you are a magician then you should have a card from the Society or Hunter Guild. Unless you learn magic by yourself, you would certainly own a card. If you lost your card then we will issue temporary card...... Can it be, you don't have one?」(Sarda)
「In a sense, I learned magic on my own. Then, when I was passing through this city from the sky, I saw a ruckus below and descend. Will there be a problem if I don't have a card?」(Onii-san)
Lost for words.
To learn magic autodidactically, what kind of cheat he had. To master Shadow Magic just by his own, even enough to make him fly in the sky. But let's ignore that, he did a secret illegal country entry without a card. No wait, that's wrong, it's the capital so, a secret illegal capital entry? ―――― Though, it wasn't that secret as he was pretty showy.
Even though he had saved us, he ended conducting something that could be considered as a crime?
「There is something I want to ask.」(Onii-san)
What to do with him since he was caught red-handed doing illegal entry to save the Princess. The Guard ojii-san was racking his head about this conundrum, so he rudely replied the young man's question.
「Why would the story about of my mother explain that I am not a Demon?」(Onii-san)
「What? Is this the fault of a self-study?」(Sarda)
The Guard ojii-san let out a long sigh as if he was amazed by the reply, even so he explained it properly.
「Demon Race is said to be existences that evolve from monster when it consumes a human. Demon Race was the victims of the secret experiment that the Last Emperor of the Empire performed to create a Magical Army ―――― the cause of the Empire's destruction. The Demon Race didn't have any human parent.」(Sarda)
「...... I see.」(Onii-san)
「Also about the card. Did the other cities not inform you to make the card?」(Sarda)
「Well, I wonder...」(Onii-san)
So he was a repeat illegal entry offender, huh? As expected from the Dark Hero's ilk.
「Then, let's make a card right now. About the illegal capital entry offense....... I will forward it to my superior, to seek His Majesty's judgment.」(Sarda)
Since he had saved Princess, perhaps he would receive an amnesty? Since he was only passing through the sky, he wouldn't be accusable under the present law.
「Then to make the card, if you performed it in the Spirit Society, you will need to register the magic you develop and this would take a lot of time. There are no such rules in the Hunter Guild, so it would be faster. So where you will go to? You may choose the place to make the card as you like.」(Sarda)
Since I wasn't familiar with the Capital, I didn't know where our current location was, however, usually the Hunter Guild and the Society located near each other, so no matter what place he would choose, the travel distance wouldn't be that different.
For the Guard ojii-san, it would be easier for him if he made the card in the Hunter Guild that had shorter waiting period. Even so, for a Magician, the prospect of receiving the profits from the magic he had developed was attractive. Especially for a type of magician that have no combat capability other than magic, just like me.
「How do you make a card?」(Onii-san)
「The card will be received from the Earth Spirit King's terminal, where you put a drop of your blood to register the individual. What? Your finger will only be cut a bit with Wind Magic, so there won't be any pain.」(Sarda)
「Wind Magic...... Could it cut better than this knife?」(Onii-san)
When he said so, he took a small knife that looks like a fruit knife from inside his overcoat.
「No, it only need a little drop of blood, so it won't cause cut wound like that knife.」(Sarda)
「Then it will be impossible.」(Onii-san)
He suddenly gripped the knife blade with his palm.
「No problem.」(Onii-san)
「Bloody way, it won't be a problem! What are you thinkin-...... What the-!?」(Sarda)
The Guard ojii-san raised his tone at the end of his sentence. Understandable. When the young man opened his hand, it was unwounded.
「I-is that a knife for training?」(Sarda)
「It's the real thing. The blade isn't blunted.」(Onii-san)
He gave the knife to the Guard ojii-san who confirm that the blade was real and not had been blunted. Then he looked at the young man with pale face.
「Is this some kind of a trick?」(Sarda)
「It's my body constitution. A feeble blade won't be able to hurt me.」(Onii-san)
「Your body constitution!?」(Sarda)
The Guard ojii-san looked towards Swyn-san. Swyn-san was surprised at the young man who was unhurt and slightly shook his head.
「I don't know anything about this. Even Mira was able to let out drop of blood.」(Swyn)
「......Swyn-san... What do you think I was?」(Mira)
I spontaneously protested and looked at him with reproachful eyes. I still didn't know what the young man, who had caused these people fall to confusion, was thinking about. However, it seems he was thinking that he wouldn't be able to prove his identity like this.
「...... It can't be helped. It will save a lot of trouble if I can search for the descendant.」(Onii-san)
He muttered to himself, then he inserted his hand into his overcoat and took out a small yellow orb.
「My identity is recorded in this orb. However, the terminal that is able to view it is only owned by a certain family.」(Onii-san)
「Is it an Earth Orb?」(Swyn)
「To have a rare orb as identification... Is your identity guarantor a person of high status? Which country did they come from?」(Sarda)
At the appearance of an orb that would only be possessed by someone who had a status equal to royalty or titled nobility, Swyn-san and Guard ojii-san bend forward out of curiosity and asked. The answer to that question was something really unexpected.
「I don't know the country name. If I'm not wrong, the family name...... should be Fimeria.」(Onii-san)
The people repeat the words at the same time. I looked at Princess.
「An acquaintance?」(Mira)
「I don't think so. I don't recognize him desuno.」(Filseria)
After that short exchange, we turned our attention back to the young man. He kneeled so he was at Princess eye level and asked.
「Do you know Fraluca Fimeria?」(Onii-san)
「Fraluca-sama is my ancestor. The Founder Queen of Fimeria Kingdom desuno」(Filseria)
「Queen...... So she did become one. She must have manipulated the people around her.」(Onii-san)
「Are you perhaps,」(Mira)
I asked out in low voice.
「Hero-sama himself?」(Mira)
Your voice was too loud, Guard ojii-san.
「Eh, did he just say Hero-sama?」(Random Guy)
「He really said so. Could it be, the real one?」(Random Guy)
「Hero-sama should have died 800 years ago, right?」(Random Guy)
「After the sealing, even if he was still alive, it has been 800 years.」(Random Guy)
「No matter how extraordinary mana he had, to live for 800 years is impossible.」(Random Guy)
Oh no, the spectator had heard it. What to do with this, really.
The theory that he was still living all this time came because people with high mana, also have long lifespan. However, even it was long, the longest living people with high mana that were ever recorded only lived for 113 years. No matter how high someone's mana was, 800 years was unheard of.
Ah, but I didn't know if it's the case if the person has a magic cheat. If he was the Hero himself then without a doubt, he surely had a magic cheat.
For the time being, there was no one in the spectators that truly believe that he was the Hero. Even so, if they noticed the possibility that came to my mind, they surely would fall into panic. My attempt to ask him in a low voice would be rendered meaningless.
「I am honored to meet a descendant of the Hero!」(Mira)
It might sound forced but I spoke out loudly and hold up my skirt, displaying a courtly bowing gesture.
Be transmitted, this deception!
「H-hey, ojou-san? What you said before......」(Sarda)
The Guard ojii-san called out to me timidly, but Swyn-san stopped him.
「Mira-san, please explain.」(Swyn)
「The spectators might fell into a panic. So please just agree with what I had said.」(Mira)
「Why do you think so?」(Hero-sama)
The one who asked me that was Hero-sama who made a calm expression. I was a bit hesitated, but I explained my deduction in a volume that couldn't be heard by the spectators.
「You behave as if you didn't know about the Card, the Guild, and the Society. On the contrary, you behave as if you were personally acquainted with the Her Majesty the Founder Queen. Since Hero-sama was also a user of Shadow Magic, then I wondered whether or not you are Hero-sama himself. Then if Hero-sama who should have been wagering his life to seal the Demon Lord was here, I thought that perhaps he too was sealed inside the seal.」(Random Guy)
If this seal was something that stopped time, then it was reasonable for Hero-sama's appearance to still be youthful. However, in that case the Demon Lord wouldn't have changed, right? I hoped that he had been weakened inside the seal as much as possible.
「If Hero-sama awakened then that means the seal had been broken. So, the Demon Lord was revived too, right?」(Mira)
I could hear the gulping sound coming from the soldiers.
「Even if we will once again clash against the Demon Lord, if the people in this place connected the dots between Hero-sama's return and the Demon Lord's revival, there could be an uproar. Rather than that, it would be better to leave this matter to His Majesty the King, so the panic could be lessened, or so I thought.」(Mira)
「I see, you are a really clever girl.」(Hero-sama)
Wha-. That voice and smile were foul play, Hero-sama!
Even when your eyes and mouth were only smiling for a bit, the seductiveness doubled! What is this. So unfair. Furthermore, that voice! That sweet tenor whisper, there was no doubt that would capitulate any ojou-sama one after another.
As a matter of fact, it was unbearable. My face was hot. Even when I was being serious....
Ah, yes, to be frank, I might have a liking for him.
His dark hair closely resembled a Japanese person and somehow his eyes were gentle towards me ―――― especially when I said that even a Dragon or a Demon wouldn't matter. For some reason it struck chords with his heart.
The clincher was his voice! Yes, I admitted it, I have a voice fetish!
It was as if to save my heart from the furious palpitations, Hero-sama shifted his sight to Princess.
「Is it possible for me to speak with the current King?」(Hero-sama)
「Please leave it to me desuno.」(Filseria)
Princess took his request reassuringly. Then, one of the soldiers that surrounded the carriage ran approaching.
「Captain! The criminal inside the carriage seems to have already taken a poison. The door is jammed so we can't retrieve him.」(Soldier)
「What about the driver!?」(Sarda)
「Still alive, but he is tied down by that shadow magic so we can't move him.」(Soldier)
I forgot about them. Or rather, this loudmouthed Guard ojii-san was the Captain of the Guards.
The Captain began to run but then he turned towards Hero-sama.
「Can you release your magic? At least, we want to secure the driver.」(Sarda)
「The criminals were only two people? That's too few.」(Hero-sama)
Hero-sama stood up and walked towards the Captain. His long black hair that was tied into one behind his back was swaying as he walks.
「There was another one who fell down midway, but when we arrested him, he already took a poison.」(Sarda)
That was so thorough. Since they were planning to kidnap the Royal Princess, they must not let their identity to be traced. However, to readily choose death without any hesitation, what a really disciplined bunch.
The edge of my mouth frowned.
In this world, there were people who order death as if it were nothing, as well as people who accept that order.
(......How unpleasant)[4]
Princess gently took my hand and opened my grasped hand. There were finger nail marks left on my palm.
It seems that I unconsciously gripped my hand too strong. My palm became red and blood seeped out from the mark.
「Consume my mana, please heal this person.」(Filseria)
Princess caressed the nail mark with her fingers and a blue light shined. However, no little guy Spirits or fluffball Spirits appeared. So naturally, my wound didn't heal.
「Is it perhaps......」(Mira)
I tried smelling my own robe.
I feel sick.
「Is there any Spirit Repellent remained there desuno?」(Filseria)
After Princess asked me, she also tried to smell her own robe. However, as expected she couldn't smell it.
「So the reason why Rufi quickly give up and cancel the Union was this smell fault. I need to have a good wash after this.」(Mira)
Perhaps she was pushing herself to do the Union. I had done a bad thing. Then, I suddenly realized.
「...... Why he could use magic?」(Mira)
「Mira, did you say something?」(Filseria)
「No, just something I am a bit curious about......」(Mira)
I evaded her question and looked at the back of Hero-sama who was witnessing the Guards arresting the criminal.
Rufi and others couldn't approach the carriage more than a fixed distance. Even the Union couldn't be maintained for long. However, he was holding us who were rank with Spirit Repellent and still able to use Shadow Magic.
(...... does shadow magic not need a Spirit's cooperation?)
But this can't be true. Swyn-san had taught us that there were only four Spirit Family that could cooperate for Human's magic, Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind. But perhaps there was other Spirits that could cooperate with certain individuals. A Spirit that manipulates shadows, for example ―――― Dark Spirits.
However, who should I ask? It might be bad if I asked Swyn-san. If Shadow Magic was a magic that didn't need Spirit, then Hero-sama might be able to use other magic independently, not just Physical Enhancement. Thinking along those lines, then he was really not a human.
This wouldn't be matter for me, but if this was something that he wanted to hide 800 years ago and had asked the cooperation of Fraluca-sama ―――― the Fimeria Family at that times, for this. I mustn't ask about it thoughtlessly.
Though my savage curiosity was itching, I must endure.
Shadow Magic from Dark Spirit, even just by imagining it, tickled my heart's fancy.
Ah, I am real~ly apologize for my imprudence. Therefore, I decided to ask Hero-sama himself. Furthermore, it would be alone, one-to-one. Though, I don't know whether or not a chance for this would ever fall to me. I must endure. I must be patient.
In the meantime, a gag was put into the surviving criminal's mouth so he won't be able to suicide and the preparation for his transport had been completed. There, a Knight platoon of the Royal Guards arrived.
Since the victim was a member of the Royalty, the criminal would be extradited to the Royal Guards. After this, he would be harshly investigated.
Princess was explaining the current situation to the Royal Guards Platoon Leader.
「Thus, he wishes for an urgent audience with His Majesty.」(Filseria)
「I duly acknowledge. Incidentally, may I ask for his name?」(Platoon Leader)
Come to think of it, I still hadn't heard his name yet. We turned our sights to Hero-sama who was thinking for a while before he gave his name.
「......Arvile Westin.[5]」(Arvile)
(So, an alias.)
「Then Westin-sama, my gratitude for rescuing Filseria-sama.」(Platoon Leader)
Disregarding my uneasiness, the Royal Guards Platoon Leader put his hand on his chest and made a deep bow as he stated his gratitude. Then he turned to face Princess.
「I will soon prepare a carriage for the transport.」(Platoon Leader)
「There should be a Guard Station nearby this place desuno. I will wait there together with Magician Kalyard.」(Filseria)
「Acknowledged. Then I will leave four of my subordinates behind.」(Platoon Leader)
The Royal Guards Platoon Leader led his subordinates and left the place. After we saw their departure, we began to move towards the station, while being protected by Royal Guards that had been ordered to become Princess' bodyguard and a squad of the City Guards.
With Princess as in the middle, I was at her right side, while Gai was at her left side. Hero-sama was walking to my right. Perhaps his battle style was only to only use magic, as there were no swords hanging on his waist. Swyn-san walked left from Gai.
The Knights from the Royal Guards were walking in pairs in front of us and behind us. Furthermore, we were encircled by the Capital City Guards. Guno and the others were following us behind this group. It wasn't really like inside a crowded train, but being surrounded by people taller than you made me feel a horrible oppressiveness.
For the moment, the city was in an uproar, but perhaps they were informed when the Royal Guards demobilized that the Princess was safe, so there were shouts for joy everywhere that Princess was safe.
Princess gave a charming smile while waving her hand and replying to the people. Naturally, our group's movement speed slowed down.
「So Fraluca's descendant is also loved by the people.」(Arvile)
Hero-sama muttered those short words.
I tried to look up at him, however, it hurts my neck so I stopped. The face of someone who was taller than you wasn't something that you could look up at if you were beside them. I tilted my head a bit and asked Hero-sama with upturned eyes.
「When Fraluca-sama founded the country, Hero-sama had been sealed together with the Demon Lord, right?」(Mira)
Hero-sama cast his eyes down to me. Then, he reached out his hand and put my head back to face the front.
「It will be dangerous if you don't look ahead.」(Arvile)
Umyu. Fair argument.
I abide obediently and the answer for my question came from overhead.
「Once, I went to Fraluca's home in Fimeria's territory. The citizen was greatly rejoiced by the safe return of the Lord's daughter.」(Arvile)
「Did you return to the territory in the middle of the journey to subjugate the Demon Lord? So Fraluca-sama could have a pleasant re-departure.」(Mira)
「It couldn't be said as the middle of the journey, but she received opposition from her family. The Lord and his heir had passed away, so Fraluca must take a spouse.」(Arvile)
I don't understand what he meant by ’’not in the middle of the journey’’, but there might be various reasons for this. I wasn't curious about that.
「Then, Thor-sama as Fraluca-sama's fiancée, also met the same opposition as her?」(Mira)
「Well, he was her fiancée. It would be strange if there was no opposition towards him.」(Filseria)
While returning the hand waves from the citizen, Princess joined the conversation. Her answer made Gai confused.
「But if he married into Fraluca-sama's family then won't Thor-sama's family lose their heir? Won't their family would be extinct? Princess.」(Gai)
「No. Thor-sama's family still have his younger brother desuno.」(Filseria)
Her answer was really simple. Thor-sama's family, the House of Ashcadesh[6] have two sons. If the first son was married into his fiancée family and become that family's adopted son, then the succession rights would fall to the second son.
「That's why the family opposition that Thor had was not as the heir of the Ashcadesh Family, but as the son-in-law of the Fimeria Family. If something befell Thor, then Fraluca would need to marry another man. For a noble house, keeping the bloodline in perpetuity is a priority.」(Arvile)
Ah, it's the House Perpetuity Principle. I didn't really understand it, but it was an annoying principle.
「However, Fraluca-sama wouldn't accept to marry any men other than Thor-sama.」(Filseria)
After all, she was a person who bequeathed the words: ’’Love will save the World’’, to her descendant.
「In the end, the people around her gave up.」(Arvile)
There was a hint of amazement in Hero-sama's tone.
Even if the people who opposed her decision locked her inside the mansion, Fraluca-sama was the type of person who would surely break out and escape. Princess seemed to have a mixed feeling of being proud at her ancestor's single-mindedness and feeling guilt for the people who were worried about her. Though she continued to give a royal smile to the citizens as she waved her hand, her ear was red and her smile looked stiff when she heard the conversation between Hero-sama and me.
Either way, it was something that happened 800 years ago. It wasn't something that Princess should worry about. However, how should I say this I wonder. When I was finding the correct words, Hero-sama opened his mouth again.
「Fraluca is a stubborn person, even so the people around her love her nonetheless.」(Arvile)
At the mention of the word 『Love』, I unconsciously blushed. I didn't know why but my face was hot. Hero-sama was only talking about the feeling of the people around Fraluca-sama.
Even so, what's with my reaction?
Is it because of his voice? Is it his voice!?
I looked at the expression of Princess as Fraluca-sama descendant.
「Thank you very much desuno.」(Filseria)
Princess was flabbergasted for a moment before she made a delightful smile. Thereafter, she replied to the citizen with a cloudless smile.
We arrived at the Guard Station, the Guards who were standing beside the entrances made a respectful bow to Princess. We entered inside and went into a room.
We were given hot tea, and while sighing a breath of relief, I once again asked Princess.
「Princess, is your body really not hurt anywhere?」(Mira)
「I am fine desuno. Mira is such a worrywart desuno.」(Filseria)
「Since there are many cases where an injured person does not recognize their injury while they are in an excited state.」(Mira)
「Is that so desuno?」(Filseria)
I brought out my little knowledge from my previous life, so Princess began to confirm once more whether or not there were any injuries on her body. She brought her arms up, then, opening and closing her palms. Princess moved her body around to do a check and then she nodded.
「Like I thought, I'm fine, desuno.」(Filseria)
(How can this girl be that cute!)
I was unconsciously writhing inside my heart. Calm down. If it let out even for a bit, then it will be suspicious.
While I silently endured the storm inside me, Princess, Gai and Hero-sama began to talk to me at the same time.
「Is Mira fine too desuno?」(Filseria)
「Mira, you okay?」(Gai)
「Mira, are you alright?」(Arvile)
(Eh? Have I acted suspiciously!? Will the Royal Guards capture me?)
Disregarding my panicked state, the others looked at each other as their words overlapped. This was so strange somehow that I ended up giggling.
「Mira, don't laugh and answer the question desuno.」(Filseria)
Princess said this sulkingly, so I controlled my laugh somehow.
Since the timing happened coincidentally, they might be thinking that I was writhing from pain and so they asked me if I was alright. They were worried about my injury.
「I am alright. Since I covered my entire body in Earth Attribute Physical Enhancement.」(Mira)
「To your whole body desuno?」(Filseria)
「Yes. At that time, I was thinking, perhaps I even won't be wounded by a blade.」(Mira)
「Don't be absurd!」(Gai)
Gai became angry.
「He is right. That is absurd. Please don't experiment about this, please be careful so you don't fall into a situation where you need to attempt something so risky.」(Swyn)
Swyn-san rebuked me. But he was correct, I already had had enough of this tightrope situation.
「I thought that my heart was really stopping when seeing both of them thrown from the carriage. I truly in gratitude for Westin-sama.」(Swyn)
Swyn-san bowed his head. Hero-sama nodded once.
「I am truly sorry for making you worry, Swyn-san. By the way, what happened to the real coachmen who would have picked us up?」(Mira)
After stating my apologies, I asked something that I had been curious about. Perhaps, they had been killed so the criminals could replace them, then......
「They are safe. A wagon toppled from broken axle and it obstructed the street when they were heading towards the Academy, so they couldn't continue their travel. Large amount of oranges were scattered, Kokkos[7] ran around, the street was in a state of panic.」(Swyn)
Swyn-san shook his head with tired expression.
「They had sent a messenger running back to the castle, to prepare a new substitute carriage......」(Swyn)
At this point of time, we had already exited the Academy and boarded the criminals' carriage.
「I am truly sorry for that. So everyone was not injured. Thank goodness.」(Mira)
I sighed out in relief. To wet my throat that was dried from my worries, I brought the cup to my mouth. Then I suddenly felt an inquisitive gaze towards me. I looked up and met eyes with Hero-sama.
Hmm. Why is he keep sending an unknown meaningful gaze towards me? How mysterious.
I decided that it was futile even if I was thinking about it, so I returned to my conversation with Swyn-san.
「Was the toppled wagon also the handiwork of the criminal accomplice?」(Mira)
「We can't say for now. The owner of the broken axle wagon should have been investigated. If his Trade Guilds Card is a counterfeit then there will be another questioning in the future.」(Swyn)
「You can counterfeit the Card?」(Mira)
「It's not something that can't be done. The intruders could arrange an appearance of a merchant if he procured the goods little by little so it wouldn't stand out. However, if the Card was not something from Earth Spirit King, then if it was checked at the terminal, it would be quickly detected as a fake.」(Swyn)
「Could those terminal be portable and carried around?」(Mira)
「That's impossible. Not only from the size but also from the number.」(Swyn)
There were many places where the terminal was needed, like the domestic checking stations, government facilities, as well as the Guild's counters. Hence, those places were prioritized for terminal Installation.
「Wouldn't it be better to ask for an additional terminal from the Earth Spirit King?」(Arvile)
Hero-sama spoke as if this was something trivial so Swyn-san scowled.
「That would be disrespectful. Since the age of Fraluca-sama as the Miko, not only terminals, but he had bestowed us with with abundance of orbs. To ask for more even though our country has received more blessings than other countries, that would be too disgraceful.」(Swyn)
We can't forever be a child who can't be independent, huh? This also include the card counterfeiting, we had to take care of it ourselves.
「If the owner of the toppled wagon was the kidnapper's accomplice, then the address and other information listed on the card should be fake. However, we were able to capture the perpetrator of the kidnapping. If we investigate him, then I believe everything will come to light.」(Swyn)
We could only capture one kidnapper and so we were barely able to do any background investigation for clues. There was some anxiousness for the future, but there were zero casualties in this incident, so thank goodness, I really meant it.
For now, I relieved myself and sipped the tea. The refreshing tea scent filled my nasal cavity. However, the unpleasant smell of Spirit Repellent was mixed with them that made me grimaced.
Ugh, my carelessness.
「By the way Mira, the Spirits that are looking at us reproachfully since before. Are they your contracted spirits? Wouldn't it be better if you quickly clean the Spirit Repellent smell?」(Arvile)
「Ugh. So Hero-sama can smell the scent!?」(Mira)
I was choked at Hero-sama's words. I frantically gulped down the tea and instinctively yelled.
「Since it's only the lingering scent, the smell wasn't that strong.」(Arvile)
(Hauuuu! So perhaps, his mysterious gazes towards me, were all because of this smell!?)
「I-I am very much want to clean it, but......」(Mira)
「Won't the Royal Guards able to use cleaning magic desuno?」(Filseria)
Princess looked towards the knights that were standing beside the wall, but they looked at each other with troubled faces.
「Princess, the Spirits hate this smell, so perhaps magic couldn't be used around us. Furthermore, their job is to protect Princess, so we mustn't ask them to use their mana for unrelated magic.」(Mira)
Just when they resolved themselves and tried to open their mouths, I interrupted and spoke the words of refusal myself. The Royal Guards met with my eyes and made a light bow.
No no no, I don't need a word of thanks.
「That's true. But Mira could use Wind Magic even for a moment...... Ah, Mira can't use cleaning magic desuno. Can Hero-sama use cleaning magic?」(Filseria)
When Princess asked this, he shook his head.
「No, I can't use cleaning magic series.」(Arvile)
Unexpected. But, it was just like a Dark Hero.
「I am sorry. Am I saying something uncalled-for?」(Filseria)
「No, you not. Since we would change clothes when we arrived in the Royal Villa. Everyone, I feel bad for this, but please endure it until then.」(Mira)
『Yes, Master』(Mira's Spirits)
Guno and the others nodded, so for now please stop staring holes at us. Well, other than Hero-sama and me, there were no other people that were able to see them.
Princess clapped her hands as if she had hit upon a good idea.
「Mira, when we arrived at the Royal villa, let's take a bath.」(Mira)
「A bath?」(Filseria)
To enter a bath when it was still noon ――― it's already close to evening, though ――― would trouble the servants......
「The scent could be washed out from the uniforms, but wasn't it also lingered in our body desuno? Since the carriage was such a cramped place.」(Filseria)
I was taken aback. Now that I thought about it, the scent from tobacco smoke and the like could linger on the hair.
It wasn't a completely airtight space, but in that cramped place, the lingering scent from the Spirit Repellent wouldn't just end in my uniform.
「Let's take one, Princess.」(Mira)
「Yes, when we returned, I will ask them to quickly prepare it desuno. Let's put some flowers too.」(Filseria)
We exchanged promises and this time for sure, we would ride the carriage that would take us back to the castle.
Actually, when we returned to the castle we should have greeted His Majesty or the Crown Prince about our safe return. However, Princess and I immediately head towards the bath in the Royal Villa.
If we refrained from hugs then I think the scent wouldn't be transferred to the other party, however, there were possibilities that Princess would be hugged by her family. It was not necessary to be that cautious, even so it was necessary not to incidentally transmit the smell that Spirits hate to the Royal Family and create a situation where magic couldn't be used around them.
By the way, Hero-sama had been asked to wait in the waiting room until the audience request was approved, so Swyn-san and Gai were forced ――― err, asked ――― to keep him company.
I put the uniform to the laundry and entered the bath to scrupulously wash my body from my head to my toe. When I didn't smell the scent anymore and I exited the bathroom, Rufi and Dine came to hug me.
『『Master, master, master!』』(Rufi)(Dine)
「Wait girls, I am happy with this, but I still haven't put on any clothes yet.」(Mira)
『Don't worry!』(Dine)
『No worry!』(Rufi)
「You should be. Or rather, let's worry about it very much. Okay?」(Mira)
Since Guno and Sara were both boys, I was being considerate to them. No matter how much my body is still that of a child, and even though they were not human, I would still be grateful if they could show some modesty.
For someone seeing me from the side, it was as if I was talking to myself. The maid-san didn't move since she couldn't find the correct timing to hand me the towel. I made a cover up smile and receive the towel from the maid-san and quickly wiped my body dry.
As for the change of clothes for the uniform, I wore the casual clothes that Her Highness Crown Princess had given to me, a moss-green one piece dress. I had the maid-san tie the white ornamented sash and put a similarly white small bolero. Dress up finished.
It wasn't as if I already thought that I couldn't tie the sash myself anymore. However, when I tied it into a ribbon on my stomach and rotated it around to my back, the maid-san that was assigned to me, Emel-san made a crying-like face. Since then, I leave tying the sash to the maid-san.
Was tying the ribbon in the front was that bad? Even though it was easier?
「Mira, has 'that' completed?」(Filseria)
「The smell had gone so it should be okay. Dine, Rufi.」(Mira)
Princess and I approached the opened side window and I called out to the two Spirits that was waiting there.
'That' was a magic that was under my recent research. It was a magic to alleviate heat when coming out from the bath and when going outside.
Usually, people would use a water mana stone that had been transformed into a cooling mana stone for the cooling, but for me, those stones were hard to use.
The stones would be wrapped with cloth and inserted inside the robe so the cooled air would be trapped inside the robe. However, it had a fault, the place that was closest to the cloth would be very chilling. It was similar to an ice pack. Or rather, since it was used in large number in food preservation in this world, it was really an ice pack.
For this reason, I tried to devise another method for cooling. Using the principle of water evaporation to decrease the temperature was a good idea, right? So, the idea that came to my mind, a Dry Mist that wouldn't wet the cloth. I thought, wouldn't it be better if the mist not only cooled the body but also felt refreshing, so I also decreased the water temperature. The mana was not as much as creating ice.
However, in this magic, there was a problem in adjusting the properties of the mist. It was extremely hard to adjust the mist so that it wouldn't wet the clothes. Sometimes when I failed, it ended up wetting my clothes.
「Nebula Frigidula Asperge.[8]」(Mira)
I chant the magic as I gave my mana to the Spirits and then we were enveloped by a very fine cool mist.
There was some out of place feeling when I moved the mana, so I unconsciously muttered. I took off my bolero and check if it was wet. There was nothing wrong at this point.
「Is something wrong, Mira?」(Filseria)
「No, I felt that the amount of mana was somewhat strange...... but the mist didn't seem to be increased.」(Mira)
When it was generated in a large amount, even if the mist was on a nanoscale level, it would be obvious.
It didn't seem that I have made a careless mistake in the imagination that made the required mana increased.
「As expected, recently I made mistakes in moving the mana. Even if I want to make a small mana ball, it would end up big......」(Mira)
『By recently, is it perhaps after the time we ate the sandwich, Master?』(Dine)
Dine asked and tilted her head in puzzlement.
『Therefore, at that time, I was thinking that something had happened.』(Rufi)
Rufi nodded as if she understood something, but she immediately tilted her head too.
『Since that time and this time too, the mana hadn't been leaking out, so it seems that it has been controlled better.』(Dine)
『I don't know about the mana movement, but we could see if there any mana that leaked out.』(Rufi)
「Hmm... Hm?」(Mira)
I nodded and then suddenly remembered.
「When we were first in the sky, Rufi knew the remaining amount of my mana, right?」(Mira)
『Perhaps it is because the Union?』(Rufi)
I see. Since I was joined together with a Spirit that I could manipulate wind without chanting, so she could know my mana amount that normally couldn't be discerned.
「Then what about the Union that we have for a moment back then?」(Mira)
『To be honest, I was too bothered by the Spirit Repellent, so about Master's mana......』(Rufi)
Rufi made a troubled face as she answered.
『Master already cleaned it so it can't be smelled anymore, but since Master was also feeling sick from the Spirit Repellent, perhaps the control mistake this time was because of that too?』(Rufi)
「So, it's just my physical condition.」(Mira)
This might be because I could see them more or less due to my Spirit Sight, but due to the result of my daily practice, I could see that the mana was circulating slowly inside me without getting turbulent. There wasn't any place that could be considered problematic.
Umyu, I completely didn't know the reason for this.
Was it perhaps a temporary condition?
『Nee, Master, the large amount of mana, was it because Master wished for a long lasting mist?』(Dine)
『The amount of mist that is being generated was according to Master's imagination, but it could last until the dinner over before the sent-out mana is exhausted. What should we do?』(Rufi)
Since the magic was in accordance with my imagination, the excess mana seemed to be allocated to extend the magic's duration.
「That reminds me, perhaps I had forgotten to specify the magic's duration?」(Mira)
Usually, I would just do a bit of vague adjusting in the magic amount. However, perhaps I should not abbreviate this point and properly specify it in the future. You could fail in anything that you aren't familiar with, after all. To manage the mana without any waste, it was an important challenge for any magician. I need to be diligent in this.
I was a little bit worried about the mana movement being more than I intended, but fortunately, it was merely changing the duration of the magic. It wasn't something big like wetting my clothes after I had already changed or causing frostbite.
「Dine, Rufi, can you make it so that the magic is cancelled after 10 minutes? Both of you can have the leftover mana.」(Mira)
After this, I need to also give Guno and Sara some mana. I had made them worried, also Guno had written a warning to prevent the people on the road from dragged into the path of the rampaging carriage and cooperating with Swyn-san to create a bulwark, so he should be exhausted.
When I was thinking this, I finally noticed Princess who stood beside me and looked dejected. That's right, Princess couldn't hear what the Spirits were saying.
「Mira, I am sorry desuno. Mira's physical condition had worsened so Mira made an error in controlling the mana desuno. I am sorry for asking too much from you desuno.」(Filseria)
「I-I'm fine, Princess. I can't say that I have fully recovered, but I feel much better. The flowers that were scattered in the bathtub also had a really good scent. So I am very thankful.」(Mira)
Princess really arranged for a flower bath on my behalf since I had received some damage from the Spirit Repellent scent. The maids on duty had chosen flowers that had a sweet refreshing scent. Thanks to their efforts, my mind and body had been cured. Thank you very much.
「That's why I implore you, don't worry about it.」(Mira)
Ah, really, I don't want Princess to make such a face.

[1] サルーダSaluda.
[2] Shadow Get. Prehende is second-person singular present active imperative of prehendō.
[3] Shadow Bind. Ligā is second-person singular present active imperative of ligō
[5] アーヴィル・ウェスティンAaviru Wesutin .
[6] アスカデスAsukadesu. Not Asuka-desu!
[7] In case you forgot, Kokko was Mira's world version of chicken
[8] Cool Mist Spray. Originally: クールドライミスト Cool Dry Mist. Dry Mist is Japan's Wasei-eigo for mist spray.


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