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The Reincarnated Person Doesn’t Want To Cheat (LN) - Volume 2 - Chapter 1


Volume 2
Chapter 1
Gai and I headed towards the Knight's Order Training Ground. Although we usually study or eat lunch with Princess on days with no school, today we will be with Blum-san and have lunch at the Knight Order's cafeteria.
Today is the second time I practiced flight magic. At the first, since I have two problematic points: fear of heights and fear of high speeds. I thought it couldn't be helped if I give up on flight magic, but...... At the tea party seven days after that camping event, I decided to practice flying magic.
At that day, Princess who are looking at the castle town from the window, inadvertently said.

「I wonder if the capital look different from the sky than the scene I look from this place?」(Filseria)
Princess herself was surprised at the words that she unintentionally spoke out, the next moment she covered her mouth.
「I-I only think that I also want to try to fly desuno. I understand that it is a serious problem for Mira that time. I only regret that you didn't remember the scenery that time and......」(Filseria)
「I understand, Princess.」(Mira)
I smiled and calm the Princess down. I couldn't answer her question. That time, it was really a dire situation, so there was no time to enjoy the scenery. But──
「Someday, surely, I will take Princess to the sky. Can you wait until then?」(Mira)
While thinking that the flustered Princess is so cute, I told her with a wide smile on my face.[1] Princess stared in amazed for awhile, but she smiles afterward.
「Yes, desuno.」(Filseria)
Because of this promise, on the very next day with Gai's assistance, I went to consult Magician Master Gringam.
「Fumu. You have no choice but to train patiently and familiarize yourself to the height and speed, right? There are two practice methods that I can think of. The first is while under Unification with a Wind Spirit, jump down from a stair. Raise higher one step at a time. The second one is to slowly float up and gradually raising the altitude. More or less like that.」(Gringam)
The Magician Master-sama stroked his fluffy board while looking at the empty air. 「But you know,」 He continued.
「With this method, there still a point I concern with.」(Gringam)
As I don't know what made him worried, I tilted my head in confusion.
「During Spirit Unification, you can directly influence the magic by your own will, right? Certainly in the report, when you compressed the air, you only give verbal instruction. Then when you begin flying, you didn't make any particular fine details. So you didn't give any precise instruction to the Spirit, right?」(Gringam)
「Ah, now that you mention it......」(Mira)
Certainly, he is right. When I was falling, I only made verbal instruction when creating the compressed air wall, but when I was flying I didn't say anything. At that time, I only thought that the flight reflected what I imagined subconsciously.
「Gringam-sama, can I test whether I can use magic without chanting?」(Mira)
「Oh! Of course! Or rather, I want to see it.」(Gringam)
Magician Master-sama bent his body forward from excitement.
I left my seat and moved towards the door. Next to the office where books and documents piled up here and there and a straight line from the room's door was a balcony, the only open space in this room. By the way, the office was located quite high. The outside scenery that I could see from the window made me afraid a bit, but since there was more than enough distance between me and it, I could endure it.
「Rufi, I want to test something, so lend me your help.」(Mira)
As if to answer my call, a green light appeared in the room, and the next moment a beautiful girl came out from the light.
A short back-length long green hair. A flagrant green accented, Knight-like outfit. Then a large wing in her back. She is one of my contracted Spirits, Rufi the Wind Spirit.
「You see Rufi, I want to try using magic in the Unification state.」(Mira)
『Yes, Master.』(Rufi)
Without asking why the girl smiled as she disappeared into the wind and entered my body. I entered a Unification state with Rufi and wings appeared on my back. I stretch out my hand together forward and imagined.
(Compress the air and make a thin firm wall!)
Normally, using a magic without chanting will be impossible.
However, just like what I imagined, in front of my hand, a magic circle appeared. The golden green shining light was drawing a crest symbol of surging wind.
「Awesome, a magic circle really appears without chanting.」(Gai)
「Let me see it. Let's try to hit it with something.」(Gringam)
Gai opened his mouth wide as he stared at the magic circle, Master Magician Gringam crumpled a paper (which have various writing mistake inside it) into a ball and throw it towards the magic circle. The crumpled paper hit an invisible air wall and fell to the floor.
「Fumu, as we have predicted, a 'no chant magic' is possible to be done. Therefore, during the practice, as a precaution so your magic won't go berserk due to your fear, it's better if there is a Magic Knight of Wind Attribute present in the training. But who will be the right man for this?」(Gringam)
I see, so his concern was about my magic going berserk.
After I understood his reasoning, I try to ask Magician Master-sama.
「Is Gringam-sama busy?」(Mira)
「If I being asked if I am busy, then I am indeed busy. However, the bigger problem is because I am an Earth Attribute Magician. I don't have any confidence that I'll be able to stop your magic from out of control with just magic stones. Also, the young 'uns have more physical power.」(Gringam)
「Then is Swyn-san out of the question?」(Mira)
「That guy is also an Earth Attribute. However, even though your maid Emel Sheeda is Wind Attribute, she is not qualified. Her mana amount won't be enough to stop an out of control magic.」(Gringam)
「Then what about Blum-san? He is a Wind Attribute, right?」(Gai)
At Gai's proposal, I clapped my hand in realization.
「Blum, right? It won't be a trouble...... but you propose someone who you acquainted not long ago?」(Gringam)
「When casting a magic, it is better if you are not too nervous, right? I learned this in class.」(Mira)
「Ah so a child who uses her first magic against Mana Eater as the target can feel nervous too......?」(Gringam)
He said this seriously as I averted my eyes. Please don't mention this. I only could do that because of being in enraged mode......
「Meeting with a new Magic Knight is more nerve wrecking than a Mana Eater, right?」(Mira)
Magician Master-sama laughed heartily ’’hohohoho’’, and then he continued.
「There are people with higher magic power than Blum, if you try to meet with them, you might get along with them more than you think. If you are not in hurry, then I can make a list of Wind Attribute Magic Knight candidate for you to choose.」(Gringam)
I accepted his proposal with gratitude...... so I left the matter of cadidates to him, but I don't know from where anyone catch the wind about this, but the candidate number was outrageous.
Several days later, when Gai and I visited the office of Master Magician Gringam together, I only could laugh as I saw the long and long list of candidates' name. What a bunch of ambitious people. Then, I recognized the name at the top of the list.
「Blum-san also registered on the list. Furthermore, it's with Gringam-sama's recommendation.」(Mira)
「Since he is your number one wish.」(Gringam)
「Then, as expected, please let it be Blum-san.」(Mira)
The one who will present in my practice would be in direct contact with a new form of magic. The flying magic has the problematic point of the needed mana amount so it would be hard for them to master, but what the candidates wanted to know was about the method to achieve Spirit Unification.
I don't know the condition to enable Spirit Unification, but in this state, it is possible to use chantless magic that was deemed to be impossible. I believed for the candidates, it would be the most satisfactory outcome if they could learn about this even for a bit.
Certainly other than flightless flying, I could show them my Unification with Rufi. However, right now I am stumbled on the first step for flying. It doesn't mean that it had to be someone that I know, but since his role will be to watch over me repeatedly jumping down from the stairs, I will feel awkward if I have to ask someone who I never meet before.
Because of that, I ask for Blum-san help for the practice. It ended up costing him half of his day off.
「Even if the person himself had given his permission, he already spends most of his time working and training, so we thought: won't it will bothered him in his already short spare time? It would be bad if this happens.」(Mira)
「Therefore we met him at his day off. But then, Blum-san is that kind of person, right? Workaholic.」(Gai)
「Back then, he said the meeting place will be in the training ground of Knight Order's House. Then when we arrived, he didn't eat anything for lunch after his training.」(Mira)
「Even though we said that we will wait for him until he finished eating, he replied back that it already the promised time so he participate in Mira's training just like that without a meal.」(Gai)
Gai crossed his arm and nodded.
Yes. Without having a meal, Blum-san watched me continuously when I was jumping from the stairs.
By the way, I start jumping from the lowest step. As expected, I didn't feel any fear at such height, but I feel nervous at Blum-san who standing by watching over me.
Although it is called flight magic practice, I am just jumping around to familiarize myself with heights, so I suggested to him,
「It's your free time, right? I think my magic won't be running wildly at this stage, so it will be no problem for you to have a meal.」(Mira)
「It is my duty to protect Mira-san from out of control wind magic at the critical moment. Although, in my other duties I also couldn't have a meal as I like, so please do not be concerned over it.」(Blum)
If this is called as work, then he wouldn't decline me, the person whom he is guarding.
「Today, let's absolutely make sure Blum-san eat his meal.」(Mira)
If I said to him to eat lunch together, then he wouldn't miss his meal, right? For that reason, we also haven't eaten anything right now.
「I wonder what kind of menu will be in a Knights Order's cafeteria. Will it be plentiful with meat as expected?」(Gai)
Gai's eyes were shining brightly.
「Since a Knight is a physically demanding job, there must be a lot of people who eat meat.」(Mira)
「Like a thick slice of beef?」(Gai)
Although there is a saying: A child who eats well, sleeps well.
Although he had been asleep until now, Gai still expecting for a meal right now. He will surely won't have a growth problem. Gai is blessed with a tall physique among the children of his age, so if he becomes an adult then he would surely end up with really tall stature.
After he graduated from Academy, he would become a Magic Knight or Hunter, huh?
「......Even Gai unexpectedly has a cheat, right?」(Mira)
「Ah, umm, what I want to say is that Gai is amazing.」(Mira)
I unconsciously let my mind came out, so I gloss it over in hurry.
「Mira can also be said as amazing, too.」(Gai)
Indeed, certainly it is.
「But you know, amongst the Fire Attribute classmates Gai's magic power is the top ones, right?」(Mira)
「Yeah, but I still lose to Ballanc.」(Gai)
「He is the Young Master of Ducal House. Since he was a small child, he already received many training as an heir.」(Mira)
「So, is it like that?」(Gai)
Although I thought my words would fill his chest with proud, he felt dejected instead by his own words, then he cheered up from my statements. What a restless child he is.
In the first place, the target of his rivalry was too extreme. Although Gai had won against that Young Master in running, he hadn't won in martial arts match until now. Even so it is amazing that he still put an effort into this, as unlike me, he didn't have any special power. Furthermore, the person himself isn't boastful, not only that, but also he shows great efforts to develop his talents.
What is this child, how can he be this super excellent material as a person?
If we can disregard his social status, I want to recommend him to Princess as husband candidate. While I was thinking about this, I could see the training ground gate. Even though it is called a gate, it reality it is just gaps between the stone wall and there is no gate doors.
「Excuse me. I have an appointment with Magic Knight Blum-san. Is he in here?」(Mira)
「Hm? Ah, you are the children who visited last week. Blum, right? Please wait here, I will call him.」(Knight)
I greeted the Knight-sama who are nearby the gate. After replying, the Knight-sama went inside. Beyond the wall, we could hear energetic yells like 「Rya!」or 「Ha!」. Gai and I peeked our face from the gate and take a look at the inside.
*bam*kabam* The sound of wooden swords repeatedly hit each other. Countering slashing attacks were evaded with skillful defensive movement, then once more the wooden swords clashed again. The hectic long exchange of offense and defense drill took our breath away.
While we were extending our neck like a totem pole between the gate, there were sounds of footstep coming from behind. I twisted my body around and saw a 17-18 years old looking girl bringing large baskets on each of her hand.
「Good day.」(Girl)
「「Good day.」」(Mira)(Gai)
She greeted us, so Gai and I also greeted in reply.
「What are you doing in this place? Do both of you lost?」(Girl)
「No, we are not lost?」(Mira)
「We are waiting for Blum-san.」(Gai)
The girl tilted her head after she heard our answer.
「With my Nii-san?」(Girl)
「I am sorry to make you wait, Mira-san, Gai-kun...... Oh, Iéna? What are you doing at this men's reeking place?」(Blum)
We looked at the voice's direction and saw Blum-san in light armor jogged towards us.
「Men's reeking...... but there are Female Knights too right?」(Iéna)
The girl, who are called Iéna by Blum, objected with a bit scowling.
Both of their hair and eyes are light brown. Blum-san have a curly short hair, while Iéna-san have her hair in a bun at her back, but the small remaining side hairs are slightly curly. Now that I see it, their faces had the same features.
「So, Blum-san has an imouto.」(Gai)
「It seems so.」(Mira)
I had a whispering conversation with Gai while observing the sibling's conversation.
「But, it's the truth that most of them are men.」(Blum)
「You should have said: You are only visiting your lover, right? What with this bad personality brother.」(Knight)
While saying this, the Knight-sama that went to call Blum-san appeared. He had dark brown eyes and short trimmed hair. Although he is a Knight, he is smaller than Blum-san, but he has a firm body. Right now, that Knight is wrapping his arms around Blum-san.
「I don't want to be called as the older brother by someone who have the same age as me, Kevin. Also, let go of me, it's hot.」(Blum)
Blum-san seems to really hate his neck being entwined by Kevin's arm. Of course, it's hot, right? Furthermore, their muscles were touching each other, how much heated it will be. Thank you for the meal.
「Don't say it like that, you know how the magic to coil yourself in wind, right? Gugh, I really envy the Wind Attribute! Split a bit of your wind with me!」(Kevin)
While saying this, Kevin-san leaned over Blum-san...... Perhaps this is what called 『The scene that delighted the rotten onee-sama』[2] in the previous world? Such terminology appeared in my mind, but I couldn't judge whether the me in previous life liked this kind relationship between men. Perhaps the me in the previous life didn't have any interest in such kind of things. While I tilting my head in confusion, I keep on observing. This time, it is Iéna who made a move.
「Kevin, if its wind then I could also manipulate them. Though, it will only a weak one.」(Iéna)
The girl touched Kevin's firm arm and spoke to him, then he called her name as if being overwhelmed by emotion, and released Blum-san before lightly hugged Iéna-san.
It suddenly started, the flirting time.
「Iéna, my cute love. It's alright, don't push yourself.」(Kevin)
「Kevin. However, please let me alone, the one who will you embrace.」(Iéna)
......Now, what kind of reaction that I should make?
I don't have any feeling to yell 「NormalfagsRiajuu explode!」. I don't have any, but how should a six year old child reacted to this?
(Alright, let's just mimic Gai for now)
When I look at my side, Gai was staring fixatedly at the lovestupid birdscouple. I felt an unconscious impulse to close his eyes and say 「Don't look.」
But this;this isn't good for his sensibility development, right? No, wait, but the age of marriage in this world is low...... So is this good? Is it alright to let him see this?
As I was being lost whether or not I ought to close his eyes, I was moving around fidgety.
I turned my attention towards the coughing sound and met eyes with the uncomfortable Blum-san. He nodded to me and then turn his sight at the love birds.
「Both of you, you are in front of children. Show some restraint.」(Blum)
Being rebuked, the love birds finally remembered that they are in public space. But why they are not looking at the Gai but at me?
I became embarrassed as everyone look at me, so I know that my cheeks are red. I don't know what should I say, but for now, I tilt my head and say what came to my mind.
「Umm, we will leave this place, so don't mind it?」(Mira)
There was a silent for awhile. The Blum-san let out a loud sigh and then he strike Kevin-san' head.
「What are you making the children say?」(Blum)
「No wait, I couldn't predict the situation you know!」(Kevin)
「H-how cute!」(Iéna)
As if the quarreling men were not a big deal, Iéna leaned over me and then suddenly she give me a strong hug me.
(Ah, what a nice smell)
Eh? It's not the time for this! This is not a time for immersing myself to onee-sama's hug, isn't that right me?
「Nii-san;Darling. Can I take this girl home? Can I?」(Iéna)
「Of course, you can't!」(Blum)
「Honey, that girl is a candidate to be adopted by important nobles. So it will be hard for a mere Knight like me.」(Kevin)
Iéna showed her discontent at Blum-san full power retort and her darling Kevin-san shaking his head.
Or rather the nobles really trying to adopt me as their child?
(Wow, I couldn't make light of Rufi's intelligence gathering power.)
Father, Mother, I am in doubt whether I could keep always being your child like now.
It isn't a bad thing but it's a bottleneck situation. The story of a peasant become a noble isn't something that often happens. But I will absolutely refuse this. So that I will not thread the path to become the Prince's bride in the future, I need to solidly cover any moat.
「Ara? To be that really popular, what kind of person is this child?」(Iéna)
Iéna stopped hugging me while still patting my head. She looked at me while tilting her head so I also tilted my head together with her.
(Umm? What kind of person, right?)
「......aaaang, so cute!」(Iéna)
With a blinding swiftness, she hugged me once more. It's a bit painful. Also, I can't breathe.
If I am asked, what kind of person I am, I can only answer, 「Mira from Ilga Village」.
Until I remembered my previous life, my position in the world was only similar to Village Girl G. Then when the Heroes Party stopped by at the village, then it will trigger the 'warm welcoming' event flag of the villagers, including me. Such was my position in life. However, what kind of karma I had that I have this unreasonable magic power. Furthermore, the next day after the flying magic's maiden flight, I found my total mana amount increased.
Status Card is a magic article that was given from the Earth Spirit King, but I wonder if it can have a bug like a computer? After all, ’’MP: 60,000’’? Suddenly doubled? It is hard for me to say this, but......Earth Spirit King-sama, has you gone senile?
「Iéna, you also works at the Castle's cafeteria, right? So have you heard about a child, who has affinities with all attributes and high magic power, received the Royal Family's Patronage?」(Blum)
「Yes, Nii-san. Then, that child is this girl right? She is really cute.」(Iéna)
「T-thank you very much.」(Mira)
It's been awhile since someone other than my family called me cute, so I am a bit bashful.
「That's why please have some understanding, Iéna, don't trouble Mira-san. Please let her go already.」(Blum)
Iéna-san finally released me and then stoop up while patting the hem of her skirt. Blum-san then asked her for what purpose she came to this place.
「Today is my day off. That's why I plan to have a lunch date with Darling. I even brought the share for my work zealous Nii-san who went for training even thought it was a day off, you know?」(Iéna)
She said while pointed at the two baskets. Before I realized, she already entwined her arms with Kevin's.
「Why do I have to attend my imouto's date?」(Blum)
It couldn't be helped if there were two baskets. Since it also included Iéna-san's share, those two baskets contained lunch for three people.
「Since I feel bad if I only bring lunch for Darling without anything for Nii-san and there are only two baskets, I divided the three people's share into these two baskets.」(Iéna)
More or less, she was being considerate for her brother.
「I see. But I'm sorry, my share can be given to Kevin.」(Blum)
「Oi-oi, as expected a meal from two men portion is too much for me. I still need to attend a training after this.」(Kevin)
It was understandable that Kevin objected. If he attends a Knight's training with a full stomach...... It could end in disaster. Before doing physical exercise, moderation in eating is a must, right?
「However, I have an appointment with Mira-san. They have come to pick me up, so I don't have any spare time to e-......」(Blum)
「Ah, we also haven't had lunch yet.」(Mira)
I raised my hand and spoke out to interrupt Blum-san from stating that he attempt to skip his meal again. Gai also continued after me.
「Mira and I have been talking about having a meal together with Blum-san in the Knights Order's cafeteria.」(Gai)
「You mean the cafeteria in this place?」(Blum)
Blum-san replied in a manner as if he didn't recommend us to do it rather than an outright rejection. So I tried to confirm this to him.
「Are the cafeteria couldn't be used by people outside the Knights Order?」(Mira)
「There will be no problem in that.」(Iéna)
The one who answer was Iéna-san.
「Although it is called Knights Order's cafeteria, it's simply an eating establishment nearby the Order. Since the consumer was mostly Knights, the menu was heavily biased to meat-heavy dishes, though. Magicians also visit our place, you know.」(Iéna)
Iéna-san made a wink.
「Oneesan, do you work for the Knights Order's cafeteria?」(Gai)
「That's right. I am Blum's imouto, Iéna. Nice to meet you.」(Iéna)
「Me too. I am Mira from Ilga Village. He is my childhood friend Gai.」(Mira)
「Nice to meet you, Iéna-neechan.」(Gai)
「Un. Mira-chan and Gai-kun, right? I hope we can get along.」(Iéna)
「Then, I also need to do a self-introduction.」(Kevin)
Kevin-san squat down to our eye level and then made a wide smile.
「I am Fire Attribute Magic Knight, Kevin. Blum's co-worker, Iéna's fiancée. I plan to marry her two months from now.」(Kevin)
「Then congratulations.」(Mira)
I see. I now understand how they could be so flirty while ignoring their surroundings. It seems there is no need to worry about marriage blue.[3]
「Two months from now, then on the Midsummer Day?」(Gai)
When Gai asked, Kevin-san laughed.
「Haha, as expected it will be impossible on the same day. Since on the Midsummer Day, every Knight who resided in the Capital would be mobilized to shift guard duty.」(Kevin)
The Midsummer Day is celebrated on the Seventh-day of Seventh-month, the festivities will be begun. The feast will begin on the new moon on the eve of Midsummer. As the heat of each days increase, they will pray for the field and people's safety to Water Spirit, the feast will continue until the sunrise.
Just like the New Year Day, the Capital will be crowded with people. Because of this, security is a must. After all, when there are a lot of people gathered, it is easy for trouble to arise.
「The cafeteria will also become a battlefield all day long. Even though it is a happy event, you will resent how the number of personnel decreased on that day.」(Iéna)
「Furthermore, his family is not residing in the Capital, so since his parents will come, we will meet with them during the festival. The wedding ceremony will be conducted three days later.」(Blum)
「Three days later? Three days from the festival day?」(Mira)
「That's right.」(Iéna)
When I asked this, Iéna-san made a light reply, but what a merciless schedule.
After all, after eating, drinking, dancing all night long on the Midsummer's Eve, there still the events after sunrise. Furthermore, on the day that was called as the true festival, except or the people who quit after the night, they will party with the same festive spirit they had in the Eve. As expected there aren't many people who could bravely stay partying for two nights non-stop, though. Then the next day they will need to do after-festival cleaning.
Iéna-san and Kevin-san wedding ceremony are two days later after this. But they only have one day to rest between the after-festival cleaning and the wedding ceremony preparation. It is an unexpectedly hellish schedule.
「You should remember that there is a one week break granted after the Midsummer Day as a compensation from the Knights Order.」(Blum)
「Well of course. Even though it is called a shift duty, I will work all night long from the Midsummer's Eve to the next day. So to be granted rest on the day where I will hope for a rest, I am grateful.」(Kevin)
Blum-san reminded Kevin-san who then replied in good-mood. So, he will have two days rest before the wedding ceremony. But as expected it's won't be any different to a very strict schedule......
「It's good if you know. Then let's return back to our topic.」(Blum)
Since Kevin-san nodded in reply, Blum-san shifted his attention towards us. Since the conversation suddenly changed, Gai and I looked at each other and tilted our head.
Return? Return to where? Or rather, what are we talking again?
「About what?」(Gai)
「Umm. Ah, that's right, about eating lunch in cafeteria.」(Mira)
I suddenly remembered and pound my hand together.[4] So I asked Blum-san and others.
「Perhaps, you are prohibited to take a food that you bring along to the cafeteria?」(Mira)
Since Iéna-san took troubles to bring the lunch with her, Blum-san could eat Iena's packed lunch, but for Gai and me, we need to buy our lunch in the cafeteria. The Knights Order cafeteria is close from this place, but perhaps because he was hesitant for children like us headed towards to that place alone, Blum-san was against it.
「There are no such rules. But since it will be crowded at the lunch time, if you bring food from the outside and use the table, then it would inconvenient the others. What bothered me is the food amount. It is not an amount a child could eat.」(Blum)
Oh, as expected from a Knights Order cafeteria.
「But there is female knights too, right?」(Mira)
Don't they eat less than the male knights?
「The female knights will order a medium servings, but on a normal cafeteria, the amount would be classified as large servings. By the way, what we eat would be large servings or extra large serving.」(Blum)
「More or less, small serving could be ordered too. This is necessary for magicians of for Knights that need to restrict their food. But I think there is no need to go to the cafeteria. Since I have made a lot of food, I think there is enough for Mira-chan and Gai-kun.」(Iéna)
Iéna-san say, 「Right?」 and made an eye signal to both of adult men. I guessed that perhaps this is a sign to request them to eat a bit less.
「Then, now that the talking is over let's move to another place. We will bother other people if we keep standing in front of the gate.」(Iéna)
Led by Iéna-san, we began to walk along the stone wall of the training ground. A few moment later, Blum-san began to talk.
「Where we would eat, Iéna?」(Blum)
「On the behind the Administration Building there is a garden, right? We will eat there.」(Iéna)
If we take a turn at the corner of the Administration Building, we would see the stairs where I jumped down repeatedly to conquer my trauma. At its right side, concealed behind the woods that we need to pass through, there is a garden with open lawn, shrubs and various flowers. This garden is not for the Royal Family's usage but it was a place constructed as a place for the people working in the castle to relax.
We sat down on the arbor where wisteria like flowers were blooming.[5]
With a zestful voice, Iéna-san opened the basket and showed the content to Gai and me.
The baskets were packed with various kinds of sandwiches. Scrambled eggs and hams. Minced meat and cheese. Chicken sauté(ah, in this world chicken is called cocko, so it's properly called as ’’cocko saute’’).
As expected from a lunch that she made for her Knight brother and fiancée. There were plenty of meat. The only vegetable sandwiches might be Iéna-san's share?
「Ooo, looks delicious!」(Gai)
「Wait a moment!」(Mira)
I grabbed the enthusiastic Gai's hand that was reaching out towards the basket.
「What is it, Mira?」(Gai)
「You haven't washed your hands yet.」(Mira)
「Even if you say that, where I could wash it?」(Gai)
Now that he mentioned it, I remembered. A park in Japan usually have drinking water fountain, but this world didn't have water service. In the cafeteria, there would be fingerbowl prepared for cleaning hand, while at the outdoor they would use Water Magic. I only have these two choices.
「I have a Water Magic Stone.」(Blum)
Blum-san spoke out while showing the magic stones embedded in his large bracelet on his wrist. If he had this, then even the Wind Attribute Blum-san could use Water Magic. I let go Gai's hand and clapped my hand together.
「Dine, come!」(Mira)
When I called out, four points of light appeared in mid-air. Before I even had time to think, two High Ranked Spirits and two midget-size Spirits appeared.
「......Is by any chance everyone has been waiting?」(Mira)
『Since Master had said that you will call us in the noon.』(Dine)
’’Is something wrong?’’ Dine tilted her head and looked at me, so I replied that there is nothing wrong. Somehow or another, I feel as if I have ordered two large dogs and two small dogs to ’’Wait!’’ who then waited impatiently for their owner's order. Is it ridiculous, or is it charming...... *cough*cough*
「Mira-san, perhaps you wanted to try that? PureAqua WaterMunda?」(Blum)
Blum-san asked if I wanted to practice cleaning magic. But the answer is wrong.
「No, since I still can't use PureAqua WaterMunda.」(Mira)
It will hard to clean something without any physical water, right? I could produce the water, though.
「Then GushScatebra WaterAqua? However we don't have anything for the water container. Though, if you drop the water to the ground, it will just be watering the trees.」(Blum)
「It is also not GushScatebra WaterAqua. If I use that, then it would consume too much mana to even get the amount of water needed to wash everyone's hand.」(Mira)
The amount of water that was produced from GushScatebra WaterAqua is equal to the amount of mana used for it. Although I have ridiculously high mana amount but I have a principle of do not waste something if it's not needed.
「Although the water indeed will be given to the shrubs in the end, what I plan to use is WaterGlobus BallAqua.」(Mira)
「Isn't that Attack Magic!」(Gai)
When I answered Blum-san's question, Gai became frightened. Looking that Gai behaving like this, Iéna-san called out to him.
「Gai-kun, have you done anything that makes Mira-chan angry? She wouldn't use attack magic only because you didn't wash your hand, right?」(Iéna)
No way, what kind of unreasonable girl that they think I am? I won't do such kind of thing. No matter how angry I will be, I won't hit anyone with Attack Magic. If the other one is Gai, then making his cheek goes 'myooon' is already enough. Otherwise, hitting him with a pillow. Although for someone like Gai with good reflex, it would likely to be missing him in the end.
「Since it is possible to suspend FireGlobus BallIgnis without shooting it, I think that it will also possible to do so for WaterGlobus BallAqua.」(Mira)
When I made this remark while having a teacher like gesture by raising my index finger[6], Kevin-san looked at me with a confused face.
「When someone chanting Attack Magic, normally it will be not a situation where they won't shoot the magic.」(Kevin)
「Kevin. This girl, to transform the FireGlobus BallIgnis, even though it was her first Fire Magic use, succeed in suspending it.」(Blum)
「Eh! So you mean, the one who thought up that convergence magic is this girl!」(Kevin)
「So you don't notice it?!」(Blum)
「Since I didn't look on the inventor name and the likes.」(Kevin)
Leaving Blum-san and Kevin-san who were doing their boke and tsukkomi routine aside, I decided to make WaterGlobus BallAqua outside the arbor,
「Dine, create WaterGlobus BallAqua. Suspend.」(Mira)
I made it by using minimal mana. Since it isn't for attacking anyone, it will be alright for the water amount to only as much as what is needed for an adult to wash both of their hands.
In the air above my opened palms, there was a magic circle of golden blue color with a crest in a shape of a water drop in the middle. Then in the middle of it, a WaterGlobus BallAqua came out floating. 「Gai, come here, come here.」 I beckoned to him, so Gai came running to me as I instructed.
「Put your hands in the WaterGlobus BallAqua and wash it.」(Mira)
「It won't suddenly rotate, right?」(Gai)
「It won't, it won't」(Mira)
Or rather isn't that similar to a washing machine? Shall I try it to wash my handkerchief next time?
In this world, to wash clothes you need to either scrub it over a washboard or tread over it inside a washtub. It would need a bit of magic power, but if the washing magic could make the house chore more efficient, it would surely popular for the housemaids. The problem is how should I put the washtub for the magic, vertical like a top-loading, or horizontal like a front-loader. If I remember correctly, the one that could easily wash dirt with little soap is the horizontal drum one, right? But for a horizontal model, a cover is needed. Then perhaps I should go with a vertical version?......
While my mind was occupied by my thoughts, Gai timidly pokes the WaterGlobus BallAqua. He thrusts his right index finger and turned it to stir the water. After he confirmed that nothing will happen, he put his whole right hand into it. Then he put his left hand and began to scrub his hand together.
After washing his hands, Gai pulls his hands out and then flicks his hand to shake the water away.
「So, what will we do with this WaterGlobus BallAqua now?」(Gai)
「Let's move away a bit.」(Mira)
I pulled Gai's hand and then move away from the WaterGlobus BallAqua.
「This is what will happen. Dine, release the form suspension.」(Mira)
In an instant, the mana surrounding WaterGlobus BallAqua disappeared and it fell down on the ground as mere water. The water splashed out, the splashes reached out the stone paving that we were just standing before. However, since we have moved away, we are safe from the splashes.
「You wouldn't do something about the splashes?」(Gai)
「Well, there is no need for that, right? It will be alright if we just move away to a distance where the splashes won't reach.」(Mira)
Although what Gai had say is correct, but that is that. I feel bad for the stone pavement who ended up covered in mud from the water splashes. I will wash it afterward.
「But as expected, I want to keep it tidy until the end. Perhaps I need to release it when I have brought the ball closer to the ground. More or less, the amount of mana needed for the magic will increase but it is still within tolerable amount. Perhaps, by using the mana to cause it descent and then naturally cancel the mana, this won't be useless......」(Mira)
「Mira, Mira. Now is time for meal not magic......」(Gai)
I who began to sink into my own thoughts and completely talking to myself, returned to my sense when Gai called me. When I blinked in surprise and looked at Gai, the adults were making a wry smile.
「So, Mira-chan really likes to think about magic.」(Iéna)
「Furthermore, she is a member of the fastidious faction.」(Kevin)
「Although that disposition is excellent for a researcher, don't be too engrossed and forget to eat and sleep, alright?」(Blum)
Iéna-san spoke out smiling, Kevin-san made fun of me, Blum-san admonished me.
「I will be careful.」(Mira)
I nodded admirably, but then Gai spoiled it.
「Don't worry, if that happens I will call her again.」(Gai)
No-no-no, I will be careful so it won't happen. I won't become a social maladaptive person. So, I don't need you to pamper me, childhood friend.
「Then, let's eat?」(Iéna)
「「「We gave our gratitude for the blessing of the land.」」」(Everyone)
Everyone washed their hand on the WaterGlobus BallAqua, then once again sat on the bench under the arbor. Then led by Kevin-san, we lift our gratitude words, and then reached out our hand to the sandwiches.
「Ah, does Dine and others also want to eat?」(Mira)
I who was sitting beside Gai, who was devouring the innocent cocko sautésandwich, with an egg and ham sandwich on my hand, casually called out to the Spirits.
The Spirit could eat human's food. They especially seem to fond of sweets, so when they appeared on the tea time, they happily eat the cookies.
The appearance of the Spirits holding a cookie as big as themselves and then eating them bit by bit is a faint-inducing sight. A scene that only could be seen by someone who possess Spirit Sight. Ufufu. What a perquisite side benefit. By the way, the ones who had become High Ranked Spirits, Guno and Rufi, also could eat, but it seems they are dissatisfied for some reason.
『Even thought just eating one is already enough to fill the stomach in the past......』(Rufi)
『It couldn't be helped if it turned out like this. But we just need to grow a bit more, right?』(Guno)
『That's right. If we grow up!』(Rufi)
This was what they had said, back then. What happened if they grow again? If they become an even higher ranked Spirits, then...... just like hermit sage who could subsist on mist, they could only need to eat mana? At any rate, even if they are midget or high-ranked Spirits, sweet things are something like a luxury indulgence rather than for energy.
Ah, that reminds me, I think there is a manga where the character could maintain their child form and adult form by consuming their favorite sweets.[7]But were that Spirits? Or was it a sealed magicians? I feel that I had mixed them up.
But that's right, if they chose their adult form that they desire, then it will be alright. After all, they didn't have any wish to return to their midget form, right? But if that day ever come, then I might enjoy it a bit.
While I offered a small piece of sandwich to her, Dine shook her head.
『For a lunch, then Master's mana is better.』(Dine)
Fumu. I understand what she means, so I throw that piece of sandwich into my mouth and chew it.
(Ah delicious. The bread that had been spread with thick butter is delicious. The salty ham, the sweet egg. Then the crispy lettuce that wrapped them!)
Eh? I shouldn't be immersed like this. The mana, the mana. I gathered the mana on my opened right palm.
「Then this much......Are?」(Mira)
I have learn the knack to make mana ball, so I succeed in gathering mana on my palm, but for some reason, it is much bigger than what I had in mind. I intended to make a palm-sized mana ball. But even so, it ended up as big as a child's head.
(Did I sent too much mana?)
It is true that I must think it clearly like the size etc. or else I might fail in controlling the water ball...... But, for the mana ball in front of me that have a different size from what I had thought before, then that means I had failed in moving the mana, something that should have been an easy thing to do.
『Thank you, Master.』(Guno)
I handed over the honey-colored magic ball while still submerged under my own thought, Guno received it and said his thanks, before exiting the arbor. Then he met with Rufi and others. Dine and Sala were on Rufi's shoulder.
Guno divided the mana ball into two and handed over one half of it to Rufi. Then Sala jumped over to Guno's shoulder, then they divided the already half mana ball into two more halves, which each of them then eats.
I looked over the mana that had become the Spirits meal and my right hand that had made it repeatedly, then there was a clap and a hand waved at me. I turned over my head.
「Mira, leave the thinking for later, now eat.」(Gai)
「Ah, un.」(Mira)
(Well, whatever. it might be just my imagination.)
I am person who rather find most things as troublesome. That's why unconsciously, I might thinking that making four small mana balls to be taking too much time and so I made them all at once.
I quit thinking and began to take a bite at the sandwich.


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