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The Reincarnated Person Doesn’t Want To Cheat (LN) - Chapter 6


*Mira's POV *
It's been six days since Captain-san's injured group returned to Ilga Village.
Hearing the sound of my hardworking mama making the breakfast, I opened my eyes. While squirming around, I crawled out of the futon. My oneechan, who woke up earlier and already changed her clothes, was going out of the room. She turned around when she noticed that I had woken up.
「Good Morning, Mira. Happy Birthday」(Mira's Oneechan)
「Thank you, oneechan.」(Mira)
Yes, today is my birthday.
Because it was my birthday, somehow I felt cheerful and fidgety even in the morning. Furthermore, as usual, the entirely family would celebrate it together;after all it's my sixth birthday.

「You can sleep more, you know? It's your birthday after all」(Mira's Oneechan)
I got down from the bed and rushed to the drawers. My oneechan said this while she took out a complete set including a one piece dress and belt.
「Thank you」(Mira)
I gave my thanks while receiving the one piece and put it on top of the bench. To take off my sleepwear, I pulled up the hems. The sleepwear hems were long and loose like a Kantoui[1], and there weren't any buttons.
「Well, even so I'm awake. I can't enter the kitchen, right? Then, I'm going to go pick some flowers to decorate the table.」(Mira)
In my family, you're permitted to laze around in the morning of the yout birthday. Because the mothers usually went to work in the morning, Mama had to make an early preparation for a rather extravagant dinner. Since the dinner is also a present, it can't be seen by the main character of the birthday. So there was a tacit understanding that someone canjust sleep until he/she has been woken up.
But, as expected, I was fidgety and couldn't calm down. I couldn't go back to sleep. If I entered the Academy, my birthday would be during the third school semester, so until I graduated, I wouldn't be able to celebrate my birthday together like this.
「Flowers, is it? Will it be okay for the birthday's main character to personally pick the decoration flowers?」(Mira's Oneechan)
While tilting her head, my oneechan collected the sleepwear I took off.
「Can you do it? Need my help?」(Mira's Oneechan)
Oneechan pointed at the one piece dress and belt. I decide to half behave like a spoiled girl.
「I can wear it myself. But I wanted to do the belt myself.」(Mira)
「Yes, yes. Then put it on.」(Mira's Oneechan)
I unfold the one piece dress. It was the type that had a string to secure the collar, so it wasn't dress that is just wore down the head, since the string needs to be fastened and tied up like a ribbon.
「*Giggle*. So Mira can be troubled.」(Mira's Oneechan)
「Mou~, stop it Oneechan!」(Mira)
*Puff* I pouted my lips, while my head passed through the dress.
「Nn, done.」(Mira)
I extended both of my arm to the side and looked up, Oneechan was giggling while picking up the decoration string.
「Let me see it.」(Mira's Oneechan)
「You need to pull it lightly in turns from below. Right and left, little by little.」
Onnechan tied the string skillfully like tying shoelaces. After making a half knot the left end and the right end of the string into a ring and held by the fingers.
「Pass it one more, rabbit's ear. From above to below, cross the mountain, go through the hole...... And now, it's finished.」[2] (Mira's Oneechan)
It had become a beautiful ribbon.
Fumufumu.[3] From above to below, right?
「Want to try it?」(Mira's Oneechan)
I unfasten the string until the half knot, and then hold the string on both of my hand, Let's Challenge It!
「From above to below. From above...... to below? Are?[4]」(Mira)
It became a vertical knot.
「Wait a moment. Ummmm, ah, I see, since the orientation was reversed.」(Mira's Oneechan)
Oneechan mumbled when she unfastened the knot, when she fixing the knot several times she understood the cause. She unfastened even the half knot and then stood behind me before she extended her hand from above my shoulders.
「Alright, now let's do this from your point of view. String in the right, passed through string in the left from above, and make a half knot.」(Mira's Oneechan)
The string round around and then be tied together.
「Then, make a rabbit's ear, from below the right ear it jumped to above the left ear, then passed it through the hole. Then, pull it in one sweep, and complete.」(Mira's Oneechan)
「Nn. Let me do it.」(Mira)
Once more the ribbon was unfastened, with a whirl, it back into a half knot again. Then, from below the right ring. Then, passed it through.
「I made it!」(Mira)
That's it, that's it. When I tried to tie other things, it was always reversed in the end.
With this I would be able to tie a ribbon!
「I also want to do the belt!」(Mira)
While being elated, I also want to challenge tying the belt into bow. Since there was a ribbon in the collar, then I thought it would be better if the belt tied into bow in the back. With my hand in the back, I performed the knot.
「Mira, it turned into vertical knot.」(Mira's Oneechan)
「My, my, doing it on your back is still too difficult for you. If you still want to tie it in the back, then you tie the belt in the front then bring it to the back.」(Mira's Oneechan)
Just like dressing a kimono.
「About the place that you want to go today. It's to pick flowers, right? Don't go too far, alright?」(Mira's Oneechan)
Oneechan quickly fixed the knot on the belt, *puff* I pouted my lips.
「Yes, I'm off.」(Mira)
「Take care.」(Mira's Oneechan)
After I had regained my composure, I opened the door to the corridor and exited the room.
「Good morning. Grandma, Mama. I'm going to pick some flowers.」(Mira)
I called out to the kitchen from the entrance of the living room. As I was heading to the entryway, I heard calls from Mama and Grandma.
「Good Morning. Be careful.」(Nara)
「Happy birthday. Take care.」(Mira's Grandma)
「Yee~s, I'm off.」(Mira)
I called out once more, before I went to outside. Different from Decembers in Japan, the temperature wasn't too cold and the perfectly clear sky made me feel good. I closed my eyes, I extended both of my arms as far as I could and stretched my body.[5]
『Good morning, Master』(Guno)
「Good Mor.....neeeeeee!」(Mira)
When my eyes opened, I saw Guno's face close up, then I gave out a shrieking cry and bent backward.
「What happened, Mira?」(Mira's Grandpa)
Grandpa and Papa came running from the house. The two were always mending the farming tools while waiting for the breakfast to be prepared.
「What's wrong? But there's nothing here.」(Egil)
Papa raised a hoe and looked around. I looked at Guno who supported me and felt unpleasant so I awkwardly apologized.
「I'm sorry. I'm only a bit surprised by the Spirit.」(Mira)
「So, it's a Spirit's prank?」(Egil)
Since I had honestly told him about my Spirit Sight, Papa understood and lowered his hoe.
「Good morning Grandpa, Papa.」(Mira)
I properly greet them
「Oh, good morning」(Egil)
「Good morning. Today is yer birthday, right?」(Mira's Grandpa)
「Yes. I can't wait for the dinner. By the way, where are the oniichans?」(Mira)
「They still asleep. Even though the youngest child has already woken up.」(Mira's Grandpa)
Just as Grandpa was telling me this, from the inside of the house, I could heard Oneechan's yell.
「Nam! Ed! Wake up! Mira already woken up you know!」(Mira's Oneechan)
Since I've already woken up, my two brother ended up to being woken up. My prayers to them. But since there was a saying that early birds get the worm, they need to give up and wake up.
「I will go pick some flowers near the river」(Mira)
「Be careful, ye hear.」(Mira's Grandpa)
Inside the forest, there was a big spring. The water flowed from the spring and became a river. One of its branch flowed to the village. My destination this morning was that riverside. I greeted the people who headed to work at the field while the Spirits walked behind me like attendants. When I saw the creek, I ran off to the riverside.
The season was still classified as winter, however thanks to the mild climate, there were flowers blooming. Of course there weren't as many varieties as those blooms in spring or summer.
『Nee Master. Is someone have a birthday today?』[6](Dine)
「Yes. It's my birthday. Since my present is a dinner, I've come to here to pick some flowers for the desk decoration as a thankful gift for it.」(Mira)
Maybe because of the contract, the words telepathy that was sent from the Spirit were not in Katakana. I also glad that it wasn't short sentences or few words anymore.
I paid attention to Dine's telepathic words, since she couldn't be seen by others, I was bothered whether I seem like I was speaking to myself. I answered her while searching for flowers that would look good for the bouquet. Thereupon, the Spirits who were searching the flower together stopped moving.
「Hm? What's wrong?」(Mira)
『Birthday present?』(Rufi)
I nod to Rufi's question, and then the spirits exchanging look with each other before saying 『I'll go searching』 and scattered. Then, the first one who came back, Guno guided me to a place where a lot of flowers were blooming.
「This, this look like Cosmos[7]. Since they are lovely, maybe they can become the main part of bouquet.」(Mira)
Pink, yellow, and white cosmos look-a-likes were picked and turned into a bouquet.
After I had picked some flowers, Rufi and Dine came back, and guided me to another place.
『Master, how about this?』(Rufi)
Their small hands pointed at a small blue flower in the front.
「Hmm, are this Dayflower[8]?」(Mira)
I stretched my hand to pick them, but when I looked at Cosmos bouquet, I pulled back my hand.
『Don't want to pick it?』(Rufi)
「I don't think they'll go well with this.」(Mira)
『Then these too?』(Dine)
Dine said it while pointed at purple water hyacinth[9] that blooms on the water surface.
「It's can't be used as a bouquet. But I think it's sure to be beautiful if its floating in a water tank.」(Mira)
I think that it will look good in a goldfish bowl. I think it also good in a pond where Koi fish swim.
「Also it's dangerous for me to pick it, so I can't.」(Mira)
『I am a Water Spirit, you know?』(Dine)
「Ah that's right. But I don't bring a bucket, so even if I pick it I can't bring it home. I appreciated your intention, thank you.」(Mira)
『That's so? But we also want to give present to Master.』(Dine)
So, she intended to give it as a present. Then I had done something bad. While I was doing some reflecting, Sala came back dejected with dropped shoulders.
『I couldn't find anything cute.』(Sala)
Uh oh. This season only had few cute flowers blooming. Guno was an Earth Spirit, so he was able to detect plants that spread its roots through the ground, so it could be said that it was easy for him to search it.
In this case, it would be also useless if I only do some poor comforting. Was there anything that I wanted Spirits to do? I had received flowers from Guno, but if it possible, I prefer something that need cooperation from those four.
...... Somehow I felt I became a mother of quadruplets. To deal with every single one of them equally was really difficult.
「That's right. Ne, Spirits can use magic even if they didn't receive magic power from people right?」(Mira)
I recalled when I got motion sickness in the carriage and my body became warm, so I inquired and received positive statements from them.
『If it a little then we can.』, Dine said, 『If we grown up like Guno, then we can do many other things.』 , Rufi said.
「If you don't grown up you can't use magic?」(Mira)
『Since the amount of surplus magic power between high ranked and low ranked spirits are extremely different.』(Guno)
Guno replied to my question. However I couldn't understand the meaning behind his words so I tilted my head, then Guno explained it with more detail.
『Spirits like us, was born from the magic power which filled the world. Afterwards, once we absorb magic power for hundreds of years, we would grow into high ranked spirits. If we make contract with human that had good affinity to us, then the time needed to grow up can be shortened. When I first met with Master, my appearance was of a low ranked spirit. In actuality, it should have taken me about 300 more years to grow up from that form to my current appearance.』(Guno)
That was something that slammed me extremely hard.[10]
「Etto, I'm sorry to make you lose your childhood.」(Mira)
『There is no need to apologize, Master.』(Guno)
『He's right, Master』(Dine)
As if persuading me, Dine revealed the part about magic power reward between spirits and magicians.
『We yearn to quickly become high ranked spirits. When there's no need to use grand magic, Master doesn't need to give us excess magic power so that we can grow up into high ranked spirits, you know? But we still will gladly receive it as a reward.』(Dine)
「But didn't you wish for it when we return to the village?」[11](Mira)
I wanted to retort if she forget about the time when rode the horse, 『At that time there still no contract.』 She bragged. In other words, if she could get it, then she will try to get it. She was quite cheeky.
「As expected, giving a name means establishing a contract.」(Mira)
Sala nodded as if giving confirmation.
『Since Master is our first contractor, giving us a name is the same as make a pact with us. All the following contractors would need to learn the name that we had received from the first contractor. If they could call our name then we will permit a contract with us.』(Sala)
『Every contractor is important but the first contractor hold special importance.』(Guno)
Guno said it and took a flower among the bouquet and then he inserted the flower between my hair and right ear.[12]
Where do you learn this seduction technique!? Mom doesn't remember raising a child like this, you know!
I opened my eyes widely and stood stiff, while Guno returned back to his explanation.
『Spirits protect and cherish the magician who is contracting them. Since we don't want them in danger, for example, no matter how much Master's magic power leaks out, we won't take it without permission. Also, we won't take any other magic power except for the reward.』(Guno)
「Eh? My magic power is leaking out!?」(Mira)
I who became anxious by Guno's words stared at both of my hands. How was it? But I didn't see anything leak out.
『It's just an example. Don't worry, since Master has perfect control of magic power.』(Guno)
「Mou. So, what is surplus magic power?」(Mira)
『Since Spirits are beings of magic power, in case they personally use magic, they couldn't use magic power that was composing themselves, but need to use their excess magic power. Of course, the amount of magic power needed by high ranked spirits is higher than low ranked spirits. However, because the amount of surplus magic power of high ranked spirits is also larger, their independent magic has more use and more versatile.』(Guno)
Fumufumu, so that was the existence called as Spirits.
「Then the Queen-sama, who was a Miko for Earth Spirit King, must had large amount of magic power. Since to grow to Earth Spirit King, you must need an enormous amount of magic power.」(Mira)
Just like in a game, as the level rose the experience point needed to level up also rose in proportion, right? But since she participated in the Demon Lord subjugation then her magic power must be tremendously powerful.
『When the current Spirit King lifespan come to an end, the Spirit who holds the largest amount of magic power would be selected as the new one. Since they didn't need more help to become an adult, they choose their contractor completely as a hobby.』(Guno)
I demand my good impression back! Should I appeal to Queen-sama, the Earth Spirit King or maybe to Guno?
「...... Alright, this is something that more or less make uses magic, for the birthday present, I want you to make a perpetual calendar[13], how about it?」(Mira)
After putting my thoughts together, I restarted the conversation.
『Perpetual calendar?』(Spirits)
The Spirits simultaneously tilted their head in confusion, so I I picked up a small stone and drew a picture on the ground. It was a picture of five square dices. Then on that figure I write several numerals.
「The dice will be made from wood. The first die will be written with numerals from 0 to 5 on its side. The second die wil have 0 to 2 and 6 to 8. The third dice will have 1 to 4. The fourth one will also have 0 to 5. The last one will only have 0, 6, and 7.」(Mira)
『Is the dice acts as a calendar?』(Dine)
「That's right, Dine. The first two dice counts the months. The third dice is for the weeks. The last two marks the days. To get a 9, I can just turn the 6 upside down and it will looks like a 9 right? If I shift the dice's sides to mark the date then I don't need to write the date on a new parchment.」(Mira)
Since in this world you couldn't obtain large amounts of paper cheaply, there weren't any daily pad calendars. To schedule the farm work, you need to write the date on a parchment. If they want to make a record of what work was done on what day or what the state of the fields on a certain day, then they would need to write it on a different parchment like a notebook. Since documents were important to convey a message to one's descendant. However, on a monthly calendar, it doesn't say what day today is? If someone forgets, then they wouldn't able to tell the date. For that reason, a perpetual calendar is useful.[14]
So I wouldn't carelessly mistake a school day with a holiday, I had the idea of using a perpetual calendar.
『Can we use our magic to make it?』(Sala)
To answer Sala question, I made a preface 「I don't know if it can be done or not」, then I explained the rough process.
「First Guno chooses a piece of wood that is good to write on. Then Dine extracts the water from it to dry it. Next Rufi will cut the dried wood to 3 centimeter dices. And lastly, Sala will burn the numerals onto the wood. Do you guys think you can do this?」(Mira)
The Spirits exchanged glance and then nodded to each other.
『We think we can do it. Since we've never use our magic in such way before, we don't know if we able to do it.』(Sala)
『Then we only need to try, right? Let's go to the forest quickly!』(Rufi)
Sala and Rufi speak together. However I interrupt them.
「I'm sorry to say but unfortunately it will be breakfast soon, so I need to go back and eat.」(Mira)
After finished with their breakfast, I saw my family members off as they went to their work. With a basket containing lunch in my hand, I went outside. The content was a sandwich made from brown bread and slice of cheese inserted between them. Although it's delicious as is, if heated up, then the cheese will melt and it will become even more delicious. This was the first time I thought how inconvenient a world without a microwave oven is.
Bread is the staple food in Ilga Village. As a former Japanese, I also wanted to eat rice;however I also like bread so I don't felt any sadness. Why do I like bread? Maybe because Mira ate it since she was little. Also in this world, where goods distribution wasn't that developed, even if rice exists, its price will be expensive. That's why, if I become rich in the future, I intend to search for it.
「I wonder if I should eat lunch at Swyn-san's place? Or maybe I should go to Kuga-san's place?」(Mira)
Why were my choices for a lunch spot limited to these two places? It was because I could easily heat the bread at those places. I want to eat the bread with melted cheese, however I was prohibited to use the fire magic alone since it could be dangerous.
Even if Swyn-san is an Earth attribute Magician, he holds fire magic stones. If Captain-san;s injury had healed, then I can even ask him. It seems that during their travels, in a place where they couldn't use fire, they can heat the food directly to cook it.
Kuga-san can use fire magic. Furthermore, since he's a blacksmith, even if he didn't use fire magic there still fire in the furnace that can heat the bread.
But Swyn-san and Captain-san's group were lodging in Village Chief's house, so it was in the opposite direction of where I am heading right now. If the calendar doesn't get finished by lunch time, then taking a round trip back and forth is troublesome. As expected, today's lunch spot is Kuga-san's place.
『Huh? So, we aren't going to the forest?』(Sala)
Sala was asking curiously as I exited the road that leads to the forest entrance and went to a house where wood sawing noises could be heard from inside.
「It faster getting the wood scraps this way. That's why....... Hello, is Kuuma-san here?」(Mira)
I called out to Kuuma-san who was working on the wood inside. The sound of the saw immediately stopped, and he sluggishly shown his face.
「Oh, it's Mira. Eh, you've returned?」(Kuuma)
Are you a hibernating bearkuma in the forest?[15] I wanted to give a tsukkomi, but his name is Kuuma and his appearance also resembles one. He is lazy bearded grim middle age manossan.
By the way, just like Kuga-san, Kuuma-san also unmarried. It was said that they had ’’Who Will Get a Wife First Contest’’.
「Swyn-san said that we need to meet with other people from the capital who will also be coming here. Then after that we will once again go to the capital. But before that, I wanted to make something. So I want some wood scraps.」(Mira)
「There's no problem. What do you want, I'll make it, okay? After all, today is your birthday. I also hadn't given you a farewell gift since your previous departure was so sudden.」(Kuuma)
At Kuuma-san's suggestion, I tilted my head.
「Why do you know my birthday?」(Mira)
「Seriously. ’’If it's the birthday of the children in the village, then the villagers will know’’ is what I want to say, but actually previously, you left the village before your birthday. So your brothers said to me that they will make a chair for your gift.」(Kuuma)
Hey, will it be okay for you to leak this to me?
In the first place, even if they had built it, I'll go to the Academy, so I can only use it if return to home in holiday.
「But since you suddenly came back and will be spending your birthday in the village, and with the short time, they only carved a doll.」(Kuuma)
「Is that so...」(Mira)
Therefore, don't leak their plan to me!
But, I see, my brothers overslept because of this. I became happy and giggly laughed. Then Kuuma-san crouched and looked me at my eye level.
「Mmm, thank you, Kuuma-san. However since the one who will built it is the Spirits, so I only want the materials.」(Mira)
「Spirits, you say?」(Kuuma)
Kuuma opened his eyes full of surprise, so I nodded. Since I won't be allowed to make it by myself and if Swyn-san heard that I made something with my magic, I'll be scolded. That's why I will persistently said that the ones who'll make it will be the Spirits. I pleaded for enough wood waste to make five 3-centimeters dices, so Kuuma-san said 「Wait a moment」 and returned nacl into his workshop.
After the sound of a saw, *clang*, I can heard a sound of a piece of wood fall down. Since it could be dangerous, children are prohibited from entering the workshop, but I was curious. I tiptoed but I couldn't see anything. Maybe I need to wait until I grown up. Then finally, Kuuma-san returned with five 3-centimeters cube and piled it up in front of me.
「Alright, I cut it while I was at it.」(Kuuma)
However, Kuuma-san didn't have any bad intention.
「Thank you.」(Mira)
I said my thanks and turned around to leave the carpentry workshop. But at that moment I was stopped.
「Since I'll lend you the place, go make it here. I also want to see what kind the magic the Spirits will perform.」(Kuuma)
Then what should I do? I was thinking of working on it near the spring that I went to yesterday. If I could make it atop a desk like in the kitchen, then it will really help me. I wanted to go to the water spring because, just in case, it would be easier to extinguish a fire if it broke out, but if since there is an adult, then it will also be okay even if it not the water spring.
But in a place where other people are watching then that means I must act with a child's speech and conduct. However, my childish façade had already started to crumble in various places.
After weighing the pros and cons of borrowing Kuuma-san's place, the pros win.
「Then, sorry to trouble you.」[16](Mira)
Because of my height, I can't reach the worktable, so Kuuma-san prepared a log as a substitute for a chair. Then the saw and the lumber pieces were put away to create a space on the worktable. I gave my gratitude, and just in case a fire broke out, I prepared a bucket full of water.
I looked at Guno who was standing beside me, then at Sala and others who stand on top of the worktable one by one and announced.
「Then let us start.」(Mira)
『Let's start』(Sala)
Sala answered enthusiastically and raise his fist to the air. Then I picked up one wood block and put it on top of the worktable.
「Let experiment first. Since it's the first time, it may not turn out well.」(Mira)
『Do you think we will fail?』(Dine)
Dine became a little unhappy so I lightly stroke her head with my fingertip.[17]
「It's not that I didn't believe in everyone's power. However I mustn't help in making it, right?」(Mira)
『That's right. Since it's a present.』(Sala)
I nodded to Sala's remark;first I showed the wood block to Guno and asked.
「Can this be used?」(Mira)
『No problem.』(Guno)
After seeing Guno nod, I then put the wood block in front of Dine.
「Then, make it really dry.」(Mira)
As soon as she gave her answer, Dine put her hand on the wood block. Then accompanied by a caramel scent, the wood block was covered in a blue light. Then small dose of water rose to the surface.
「Oh, the water came out.」(Kuuma)
「Put the water on the bucket.」(Mira)
While ignoring the wide-eyed Kuuma-san, I gave direction to Dine. The water floated in the air, then with a splash, it joined the water in the bucket. Then it was Rufi's turn, however Kuuma-san already cut the blocks. While thinking what I should do, I picked up a block and felt that the surface is still rough.
「Can you polish the surface so it smooth to touch.」(Mira)
『Yes. I'll try.』(Rufi)
Immediately after Rufi answered, with a scent of custard, the wood block was covered by green color. With a whizzing sound, then it began violently rotate. Kuuma-san's eyes were widely opened;he stared fixedly at that sight.
「Even though you aren't using a file[18], how can it be polished. Is the wind shaving the wood? Hey, Mira.」(Kuuma)
「Umm? I left it to Wind Spirit, so I don't know.」(Mira)
I also titled my head and didn't understand. Maybe she used a large amount of small wind blades as a substitute for a file.
The light disappeared. The wood block *plop* and fell to the desk, the corner had been properly removed and the surface is smooth to touch.
「It's amazing!」(Kuuma)
「Yes. It become beautiful.」(Mira)
Kuuma-san and I gave our admiration.
「Then the last one is to put the numbers.」(Mira)
『First is 0!』(Sala)
Sala rotate his arms in enthusiasm, with a snap he thrust his finger on the dice surface. With a milk chocolate scent, his finger glowed with a red colored light, Sala slowly move his small finger and left a burn mark on the wood block.
『Next is 1!』(Sala)
I turned the dice and show the next surface for Sala to write the numbers. After repeating the same process for 2, 3, 4, and 5, finally one dice had been completed.
「First piece finished!」(Mira)
「There's no sixth dice? But, why do you want make five dices? If it's for a ’’square game’’ then one dice is already enough, ’’number match’’ is too soon for a kid.」[19](Kuuma)
Square game is a game similar to sugoroku[20]. While number match is that odd or even thing. In other words, an adult's game.[21]
While leaving Kuuma-san who was confused alone, I asked the Spirits if they can do the rest of the work. 『Of course, it's OK.』 was their reply, then they started working on the remaining four.
They finished the task without any problem.
「So, what are these?」(Kuuma)
While watching the blank space of the dices being written with numbers, Kuuma-san raised his hand as if to giving up and asked me. I made a smug smile and while sneering as I rearranged the dices.
「You use it like this. Today is Twelfth Month, Second Week, and Fifth Day.」(Mira)
「So, it's a calendar!」(Kuuma)
Kuuma-san fiddle and rotated the dices briefly, then he said 「Wait a moment.」 Then he took out a 2 millimeters thick wood waste from around this place.
I sat obediently on the log while seeing Kuuma-san's working. He cut out 4 three-centimeter squares. Then on a plank that looked semi-cylindrical like a kamaboko[22] he made 4 two-millimeter grooves. The groove continued until the tip, and then each end was about 6 centimeters apart. Kuuma-san made another identical piece, and then he painted the kamaboko plank with white paint when he raised his face to me and asked.
「Mira, when the Spirits use their magic just now, I faintly could see a blue, green, and red light. However there still one other Spirit right? What color came out when he use magic?」(Kuuma)
Kuuma-san seemed to remember when I first asked Guno in the beginning. However, it seemed that he didn't notice the smell.
「It's yellow, maybe?」(Mira)
The first time I had seen Guno use his magic, was previously when I got motion sickness. This time, Guno only looked at the wood, since he didn't have any opportunity to use his magic. That's why I guessed based on the other three Spirits' light, and replied with a question like statement. Guno nodded to me and it was the same color as a magician's magic power.
「So, it's yellow.」(Kuuma)
Kuuma-san then nimbly painted one plank with yellow paint, the second one with blue, third with green and the last with red. Finished with the painting Kuuma-san then looked at me.
「Then Mira, since there is no time, I wanted to request something to the Spirits. Just like when drying the wood just now, can they also dry the paint?」(Kuuma)
I turned and looked at Dine. She nodded, so I conveyed to Kuuma-san,「She said she can.」
「Then I beg of you.」(Kuuma)
While Dine was drying the paint using the magic, Kuuma-san hammering an L-shaped nail to the kamaboko plank, then he inserted the remained board sheet inside the groove. It turned out to be something similar to a miniaturized bookrack. Kuuma-san set the perpetual calendar dices on that rack.[23]
「This is...」(Mira)
「Well, with this you can easily differentiate month, week, and day, right? Take it.」(Kuuma)
「Thank you, Kuuma-san」(Mira)
Holding the rack that make it easy to carry the perpetual calendar, I exited the workshop.
「Ah, the lunchbox!」(Mira)
I remembered about the forgotten cheese sandwich inside the basket, and returned.
「Kuuma-san. Let's eat lunch together~」(Mira)
Since it was just the right time, I ate lunch not with bearkuma-san in the forest, but with Kuuma-san in the carpenter workshop.


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