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The Reincarnated Person Doesn’t Want To Cheat (LN) Chapter 2


Volume 2
Chapter 2
As I had promised with Dine, we were playing with water while emptying our stomach after lunch. We had returned to the rear of the training ground's management facilities and now were in a water ball fight.

「VentusWind BombaBomb in GlobusWater AquaBall.」(Mira)
Golden-green and golden-blue hued rings of light overlapped each other, painting a single magic circle. At the moment the GlobusWater AquaBall it made hovered over Kevin and the other, I snapped my fingers.
The GlobusWater AquaBall exploded and water showered us like rain.
「Whoa! Cold.」(Kevin)
「Kya~, geez Mira-chan. How merciless!」(Iena)
「Mira-san, what are you doing? To even wet your ally.」(Blum)
The battling cards were between Team Gai, Blum-san and me and Team Kevin-san and Iena-san.
The rules were easy. With the weakest water ball, exchange attacks one with another, and after 10 minutes, the team that was soaked the most loses.
Since whichever team I'm in will have a great advantage, it will be alright even if it was Team Child versus Team Adult, but this way was beneath an adult's dignity. However, since Kevin said that Iena-san couldn't do any attack, the result was this particular arrangement.
Since if the fire attributed Kevin-san, intercepted the GlobusWater AquaBall with fire magic, then it would result in boiling water, he would defend using wind mana stones. He also needed to rely on water mana stones to attack.
Although Iena-san had a wind attribute, she couldn't make a GlobusWind VentusBallstrong enough to completely deflect the GlobusWater AquaBall. That's why Kevin-san will cover her and help to intercept the attack. To attack, she used water mana stones.
A team with a hole in their defense.
On the other side, our team that is, Gai couldn't use water magic stones so he could not attack and could only run away. But, he was especially agile. Untouchable.
Blum-san could intercept the GlobusWater AquaBall with wind magic and also could attack using water mana stone.
I don't have that much stamina so I couldn't move around that much, but thanks to my huge mana capacity, I could cast wind and water magic as much as I liked.
Furthermore, thanks to seeing Blum-san's intercepting magic, I developed irregular magic that combines two kinds of magic. Perfect in the offense and defense. Ohohoho~~.[1]
「Blum, prepare yourself to get wet!」(Kevin)
「I refuse!」[2](Blum)
Well, since the attacks mostly happened between Blum-san and Kevin-san, I could freely try my new magics.
「So this means, I will do the next one. GlobusWater AquaBall......」(Mira)
Hoisting up my right hand, a golden blue magic circle was drawn. This time I didn't insert wind magic into it. In exchange......
Kevin-san the opponent and Blum-san the ally yelled out in one voice. From the magic circle that had split into two, two GlobusWater AquaBall shot out.
「Eh, really it doubled!」(Kevin)
「How absurd. Also, haven't I already said I am an ally!?」(Blum)
While complaining, both of them immediately threw a GlobusWind VentusBall to intercept the attack.
「So~rry~, I couldn't adjust it to that detail. Also, Blum-san, please don't combine absurdity and me in one sentence. Since reciting spells one after another is rather annoying, so I try and do something about it. If I am absurd, then I could adjust the attack to strike Kevin-san only!」(Mira)
「「Repeating spells while omitting the chant itself is already absurd!」」(Kevin)(Blum)
Thank you for the well-coordinated tsukkomi. But I refuse to accept it.
I only thought that perhaps I could increase the number of magic more easily by doubling the magic circle. After all, the number of attacks would increase all at once, right? The magic will be invocated from the magic circle. Then, if I doubled the mana and divided it into two magic circles, then won't I able to shoot out two GlobusWater AquaBall at the same time? Since I was curious, I tried to do it, and Huge・Suc・cess! While I was giggling *kusukusu*, Sala's voice ――― thought transmission came.
『Master! Time's up~!』(Sala)
Sara who was looking at the clock flower reported that it has already been ten minutes. But since Sara's voice couldn't be heard by anyone except me, I immediately repeated Sala's word.
「Time's up, every~one~」(Mira)
The men looked at each other and sighed out and then comb out their wet hair up in silence with their hand. Oh boy, dripping wet handsome men.[3]
「Ah, how enjoyable」(Iena)
Iena-san laughed while picking up the water leather canteen. However, since the content had been drunk at lunch, even though it had been turned upside down atop the cup, not a single drop of water fell out.
「Ah that's right, all the water had been drunk up, right?」(Iena)
A chance had arrived for ScatebraGush AquaWater training.
「Iena-san, please give that to me.」(Mira)
「Ara, Mira-chan want to let out water?」(Iena)
I placed down the leather canteen and held it so it won't move, and then held aloft my hand over its mouth.
「ScatebraGush AquaWater」(Mira)
The leather canteen got filled with water.
「Thank you.」(Iena)
「You're welcome.」(Mira)
Then immediately, she distributed cups to everyone and poured water into them. The moment it got filled, Gai immediately drank the water in one gulp.
「Gai, your face is really red. Did the heat get to you?」(Mira)
Under this clear sky, Gai had ran around more than the others. Most of the attacks to our team was aimed at Blum-san, but Gai was avoiding the incoming GlobusWater AquaBall just using his physical ability, so he was bathed in sweat
I put my hand on Gai's forehead and compared it with my own. It will be a great problem if he got a heatstroke.
「I'm okay.」(Gai)
Gai shook his head and escaped from my hand.
「Rather than that, Mira also need to drink a lot.」(Gai)
「Alright. Then Gai-kun and Mira-chan have seconds, right?」(Gai)
Iena-san once again poured water in Gai's empty cup. Then she also poured one for me. Without letting it drop, I moved and sat down under the building shade.
「Fuu. Perhaps we might be playing too much?」(Mira)
The air temperature was so high that the drenched up clothes would get dried in a few moment. Since Blum-san and Kevin-san were drenched well beyond this, they had taken their clothes off, wrung it with their hand, and began drying it with magic.
Blum-san, who had worn the dried up clothes, saw the clock flower and called out to Kevin.
「Kevin, the noon break will soon be finished. Return to the training ground. I need to attend Mira-san's flight magic practice so I will stay behind.」(Blum)
「Hm, that's true.」(Kevin)
「I will also go back. Kevin, let's walk together half the way.」(Iena)
Iena-san took up the baskets and then stand beside Kevin-san.
「Bye, Mira-san, Gai-kun.」(Iena)
「Do your best!」(Kevin)
Kevin-san roughly patted my head, before walking towards the training ground.
Iena-san flutteringly waved her hand and then linked her arms with Kevin-san.
After seeing both of them away, I immediately began to practice.
The place was behind the training ground management facilities. I stepped forward on the rear entrance stairway.
It will be alright, it will be fine.
「Hey, Mira.」(Gai)
Suddenly being called out, my body trembled with a startle. Dangerous...
「Please don't surprise me. What will you do if I fall?」(Mira)
I sent a stiff glare at Gai who stand at the stair bottom, he looked me back with an amazed expression.
「Is that... really a flight practice?」(Gai)
By that, does he means the current situation where I am clinging on the stair rail, at the fifth stair step from the bottom, and one of my leg fumbling around in the air? ―― Well, perhaps this might look a bit pathetic.
I put my leg back together and straighten myself while replying to Gai. Of course, without letting go the stair rail.
「I don't understand, but this is the suggestion from Master Magician-sama. While in the state of Unification with Rufi, jump down from the stairs repeatedly, he said. Compared to yesterday, today I had reached the fifth steps.」(Mira)
Why did he mention this now? When Master Magician Gringam suggest this method, Gai was beside me, right?
Right now on my back, there is a white wing.
I want to grant Princess' wish to try to fly in the sky, but since no way I can just blow her up with the wind, I had to fly with her just like what I had done with Gai. However, I am currently struck with acrophobia.
diving from high altitude. The distant ground below swishing as I fly. Just remembering this makes me dizzy. I could only deal with this experience only with sheer will power and this had firmly changed into a trauma.
「I am a user of flight magic, but for me to have an acrophobia and high-speed phobia......」(Mira)
Whose fault is this? Whose fault?
I want to mention this, but it wasn't Gai's fault so I couldn't speak this out. The acrophobia is Berule House's Twins fault and my fear of high speed was my nature from my previous life. It might get worse than ever, though.
「Ei! A woman is courageous!」(Mira)
While I am psyching myself, I shut my eyes and jumped down. I felt the gentle wind. A feeling of floating. A sense of shivering running through my spines.
「Ah! Stupid!」(Gai)
My lapse in wind control made my body lurched forward. Gai made a surprised yell together with Blum-san who was watching me in silent not far away.
「......How heavy.」(Gai)
「How rude.」(Mira)
While pouting, I raised myself atop of Gai.
「But, sorry. Thank you for saving me.」(Mira)
Blum-san ran approaches in a hurry.
「Sorry, I couldn't make it in time to save you.」(Blum)
「Well, it couldn't be helped.」(Mira)
Since it was only the fifth step, the fall happened in an instant.
Blum-san was to contain my magic if it becomes uncontrolled, so he must strip the wind's control from me. That's why there was a distance between his position and me. He said that it wouldn't be good if he was blown off and fainted if he stands near me, right? Isn't he worrying too much?
I lend a hand to Gai who was squashed below me and help him stand up. Then, his hand touched my cheek.
「Are you hurt?」(Gai)
「Isn't that supposed to be my line?」(Mira)
I made a bitter smile and put my hand over his. Gai who was looking from the bottom of the stairs had at once catch me who was falling down. Though, he couldn't support me completely and collapsed with me.
「Did your feet get sprained?」(Mira)
「It's all~right. I am sturdy after all.」(Gai)
Gai made an embarrassed smile, so I also smiled back.
There was a faint sound of someone clearing his throat in the air, we then looked up at the stair.
「Why are Princess and Prince in this place?」[4](Mira)
Gai and I stood up in hurry. Blum-san took a step backward and bowed like a retainer. The Prince looked at him and then raise one of his hand and say「Please be at ease」.
Prince took Princess' hand and then slowly descended the stair. Un. Both of them are really picture-perfect.
「Princess, it is still too early for the flying in the sky.」(Gai)
The Princess knitted her brow when she heard Gai's remark before looking at me anxiously.
「Mira, if you couldn't do it because of the fear, then it is fine, you know desuno?」(Filseria)
「It's fine. Since I could fly after all, at least I want to conquer this trauma.」(Mira)
I shook my head. Although, it was just the result out of necessity, but since I had flown once, then I still want to fly again. Rufi was also gladly accompanied me in the training.
「By the way, Mira-san.」(Ainseld)
「Why you are calling me 『Prince』?」(Ainseld)
At the sudden question from Prince, I tilted my head in confusion. Since Prince is the Prince, then he is Prince, right? Ah, but the King is the Prince's grandfather, then King's Grandchild, but this is still Prince, no?
I want to think that he didn't read my mind, but Prince made a wry smile.
「I want you to call me by my name.」(Ainseld)
He suddenly moved his right hand and then touched my cheek with his fingertip.
「Name, is it?」(Mira)
Shudder, I felt my sweat was flowing.
「Which reminds me, you never call me by name, desuno.」(Filseria)
「Your name...... What is it again?」(Gai)
Gai said it with a calm expression.
「You too?」(Mira)
Princess and Prince's voices were in harmony.
Oh my, I got figured out.
「So that means you had forgotten our name?」(Ainseld)
「Sorry. But I am not used to long names.」(Mira)
「In the village, there is no one with long names. Five syllables top.」(Gai)
We got found out at last. Compared to the dejected me, Gai looked as if there wasn't a big problem at all. Geez, show some more admirable behavior, please.
「But if it is Princess' name then I know about it;since I often heard it while beside you. Umm...... Fil-seria-sama.」(Mira)
I am certain that this is her name. Since it resembles the country's name, I need to note it so it won't be mistaken.
「I see, so it is difficult to remember it.」(Ainseld)
The Prince made a slightly shocked face when he heard that we had forgotten his name.
Sorry. But, I might remember it if I heard it much, but I afraid there hadn't been many such opportunities. There were few people who called Prince by his name in the castle and I hardly interacted with Prince in the academy.
「Then what about being called with a nickname, onii-sama?」[5](Filseria)
「So, a nickname?」(Ainseld)
「By the way, mine is Seria desuno.」(Filseria)
「Umm, Princess Seria?」(Mira)
I tried to call her, but so awkward.
「I couldn't do this. As expected it is impossible. This will not do.」(Mira)
Although it hit me hard that it is impolite to not remember their name, I could not address them without an honorific.[6]
「Really? Even when the Princess herself says that it is okay?」(Gai)
「Gai, social position works in this way.」(Mira)
Although we might have been granted such privilege, there will be people who will unhappy with it. Just like the case with the Berule Twins, I think that this was the cause that instigated that event.
「Also, Princess is so loveable and cute and really feel like a princess. So to be able to call Princess as Princess is really a happy occasion for me.」(Mira)
I emphasized my reply. I kept continue to call Princess as 「Princess」, whether or not I may call her with her name, but for me, Princess is an existence that I admire, honest, so be it.
「Is it so, desuno?」(Filseria)
The cheek that had been dyed with a light pink color is really cute, Princess.
After her expression softened for a moment, Princess came to her sense and coughed.
「Th-then, Princess is good too desuno.」(Filseria)
Aaah, cute.
「I wish you to call me as Ain. If you need to add honorifics, then ’’-sama’’ is alright.」(Ainseld)
「Yes. But I hope you eventually will call me without any honorifics.」(Ainseld)
So he still hadn't given up on that, the political marriage.
To address a royalty without any honorifics, it will be something impossible unless if it was performed by the spouse. Or rather, there are many spouses that still call their companion with a ’’-sama’’, right......?[8] Ah, but, it might be different in this country. I wonder how the Queen and the Crown Princess Consort called their husband[9]?
I replied Ain-sama who was smiling sweetly with a forced smile and retreated a bit. I put Gai who was tilting his head as a shield.
「Umm, can I also call you with Ain-sama? So Princess is Princess? Seria-sama?」(Gai)
Now, Ain-sama, Gai was troubled. Please guide this lost sheep.
「I am fine with both desuno.」(Filseria)
「There is a chance that I might give up my claim to the throne. If this happened then Seria will become a Queen. In this case, it wouldn't matter what you will call me with.」(Ainseld)
No-no-no, even so, you will still be a noble. Of Princely House no less. Calling your name without honorifics is still a no go. Or rather, didn't your answer were slightly off course from what Gai had asked?
「Onii-sama, will you give up your claim to the throne desuno?」(Filseria)
「Luckily since our country founder was a queen, the queen is an established position. If there are many oppositions with taking Mira as my wife, then this would be unavoidable.」(Ainseld)
Please avoid it.
「However, if there is no problem, then successor will be of male lines, right?」(Mira)
Ain-sama didn't flinch at my utmost objection.
「That's right. If there is no physical or mental problem then the right of succession would preferably fall to the male lines. But I believe in the future you will enter the royalty for the country. Even if you enter as a mere retainer, you will become the pillar for the royalty and the country.」(Ainseld)
「But I have planned to become Royal Magician in the future......」(Mira)
So can you please stop the political marriage? Since I will repay my obligation to the country, after all.
「Yes. I think a working woman is admirable.」(Ainseld)
Not that! I am not asking your understanding of a working couple.
While I am troubled about what should I do, Princess pulled my hand and led me away.
「Mira, let's do the flying practice.」(Filseria)
I ran together with Princess on the lawn. The wing on my back received wind and my body becomes lighter, but perhaps it was because of fear, I was only jumping around like skipping stones over the water's surface.
We finally arrived at the arbor in the park where we had our lunch this noon.
「I wonder if Onii-sama really is planning to give up his claim to the throne.」(Filseria)
There was unease fluttering inside Princess' eyes. While still not releasing my hand, she gestured to me to sit. I was then sat down with her.
「If Ain-sama doesn't marry me but the noble oujo-sama which is more suitable as the queen, then I believe there wouldn't be any problem for him to inherit the throne.[10]」(Mira)
「But onii-sama wished to marry Mira you know.」(Filseria)
「Even so, I am a commoner girl.」(Mira)
I have an excessive amount of mana, nonetheless it will be unthinkable that I could cross over successfully to the royalty and aristocratic world just with this alone. After all, our value systems are different. Furthermore, I might become a mere decorative queen. Because there is no concubinage system, if he took me as a concubine then he wouldn't be able to take a true queen.
Ah, if I give birth to children, there is also the possibility that I will be assassinated. If they only desire my bloodline.
Dark thoughts appeared in my mind one after another
After all, this is not a fairy tale, so I don't believe that it will follow the『So she married the Prince, spend their time in bliss and they all lived happily ever after.』
If I was in love with Ain-sama then it might be different. He had said this before, to nurture love with him from now on.
「I will repay my obligation to this country. But I believe not as Ain-sama's wife but with working. Perhaps if I marry him, I think it would become an inconvenient seed of strife.」(Mira)
「Is that so?」(Filseria)
「Yes. Ain-sama ought to marry someone who appropriately loved him. Surely, his destined person hasn't appeared yet.」(Mira)
I tried to put the 'maidenly' theory. Princess was looking surprised at me.
Is she perhaps didn't agree with it?
「Doesn't onii-sama's destined person is Mira desuno?」(Mira)
Ah, so this time will be this, huh?
「Ain-sama is just wishing for my magic power, that's all.」(Filseria)
It is not myself, but my ability, that I am chosen as the marriage partner which troubled me. As expected I wished to love and marry with someone who is attracted to me - as a person - and have a relationship where we could understand each other even without speaking.[11]
But you know, it is no more than just an idealistic thought.
I tried to explain my ideal marriage partner with Princess.
「Love...... Her Majesty the First Queen also have a love marriage desuno.」(Filseria)
「Is that so?」(Mira)
「Yes. They have been close since childhood, furthermore, both families had decided their engagement. On the harsh and difficult battle with the Demon Race, both of them always together desuno.」(Filseria)
「How wonderful.」(Mira)
Princess made a giggle.
「The Royalty have several Earth Orbs where Her Majesty the First Queen had saved her words.」(Filseria)
「If I remember correctly, Earth Orb is an orb that can save voices and images, right?」(Mira)
Earth Orb is not a magic stone that came from Magic Beast or Monster's cores, but a naturally condensed earth attributed mana, mineral ――― gems. Naturally, it is only obtained by mining. That's why it is really valuable.
These valuable orbs are exchanged as an impossible to fabricated personal message or treaty, mainly used between nations, however, in Fimeria Kingdom, it is also used as a special status warranty or like a photograph for a matchmaking[12] for the royalty or nobility.
「Yes it is desuno. Then there is one like this desuno. 『Fall in love! Love will brighten the world, desire for peace.』 she said.」(Filseria)
「...... What an extreme message.」(Mira)
Love affair ――― or illicit love, wouldn't it will give birth to a quandary of conflict? Isn't it something that should have been better not to be said? It was on a level that would be unlikely for it to be saved and handed down to the next generation, just because of malice or prank;it was just a ’’maiden-like lines’’[13].
「But, perhaps it is wrong?」(Filseria)
「About love will save the world? Since we are really had been saved from the Demon Race, then we can't deny it.」(Mira)
When I spoke like this, Princess nodded in proud.
「Yes. Flaruca-sama saved the world with love desuno.」(Filseria)
However, they say that love and hatred are two sides of the same coin. Although I think that this is a bit malicious, but I ought to warn this risk and so I try to say it in euphemism.
「But if the love is too deep then the hate would increase hundredfold.」[14](Mira)
「Ah, then it can be covered by each other effort. Love is something that is given to each other to have.」(Filseria)
What an unexpected reply. My eyes were blinking in surprise. Princess was surprisingly wise. But the smile that she showed to me, was the of a girl who was yearning for love.
「That's true. Effort is vital.」(Mira)
I also replied to her with a smile and laughed giggly together.


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