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The Princess Wei Yang - Chapter 101.2


Chapter 101.2

Chapter 101: The Official Furen

Tan Shi walked up towards Li Wei Yang and gently said: ’’What is bothering you?’’ Li Wei Yang smiled and said: ’’Mother, it is not a major matter, don't you worry.’’ Tan Shi smiled. Her voice was very soft: ’’Silly child, you are my child, I am able to tell when you are unhappy. Although Mother is not of much use and can't help you resolve any issues, but Mother can listen to you, and many things can be solved when discussed about.’’ Li Wei Yang responded with a smile, her pair of jet black eyes falling onto Min Zhi. Tan shi followed her glance and then involuntarily frowned: ’’Is it related to Min Zhi?’’ Li Wei Yang nodded: ’’According to what I know, from the past three months, Fuqin has been staying over at the new Furen's courtyard, it's evident that he dotes on her highly.’’ Tan Shi nodded and said: ’’It's like that, Jiu Yiniang occasionally gets a visit once in a while, but Si Yiniang and others can't even get a glimpse of Lao Ye.’’ Li Wei Yang noticed the indifferent tone that Tan Shi had when she spoke about this, so she knew that Tan Shi didn't care too much and furtively nodded. Tan Shi then spoke: ’’I know the new Furen is heavily favored so I've been alerting my people to not stir up anything and bring trouble onto you.’’ Li Wei Yang couldn't help but smile: ’’Sometimes, we do not seek trouble upon ourselves, but instead, it's initiated by others.’’ Tan Shi carefully chose her words: ’’The new Furen bullied you?’’ Li Wei Yang slowly said: ’’No, nothing has happened.’’ Jiang Yuelan had just arrived, and for the past three months she had been trying to win over Li Xiaoran's heart, so where could she find time to seek trouble with her? ’’It's just that ......’’ Li Wei Yang stopped in mid sentence, as if she couldn't bring herself to speak out. After all their time together, Tan Shi understood and said: ’’Whatever you have to say, you say it. There are no outsiders here.’’ Li Wei Yang glanced over Min Zhi, who was happily looking at her, and then sighed: ’’I've already thought about this, but I didn't know this would quickly become true. I've heard that Grandmother had caught a cold, so I went over to her courtyard to visit her. Who would have known after arriving there, Lao Furen told me Jiang Yuelan wanted to raise Si Di under her care.’’ Bangs suddenly rang through Tan Shi's brain, she muttered: ’’Send him to her?’’ The dark fog within Li Weiyang's eyes were like overcast clouds, becoming more and more secretive: ’’Children born from yiniangs would, of course, be raised by the Di Mu. When Da Furen was still alive, she had Li Minfeng and Li Changle, so she did not want to bother with the responsibility to take care of others. Therefore, she didn't ask for Si Yiniang's Changxiao and Changxi to be sent over and be raised at her side. As for me, she hated me so much that she expelled me from the residence. Now the situation is entirely different as the new Furen doesn't have any children. As long as she is willing, she can ask to raise Si Di. Whether it's Fuqin or Lao Furen, none of them would disapprove.’’ Tan Shi held back her tears;she certainly knew about this. As a Yiniang, she shouldn't view her own flesh and blood as as her own children, but instead see them as the children belonging to the Di Mu. And as for Min Zhi, he wouldn't see her - the birth mother- as his Muqin but as a concubine of his Fuqin. This situation was equivalent to how she had to refer to Wei Yang as San Xiaojie in front of others. It was a truth that no one could change. This was the reason why she served Da Furen at the start;she only wished to be married off to a steward, or even a lowly servant, because then she would be the only wife, instead of being trapped in such a miserable condition. Li Wei Yang looked at Tan Shi's face and knew exactly what she was thinking about. On this matter, Li Wei Yang believed the primary criminal is Li Xiaoran. If it wasn't him who took an interest in Tan Shi, Da Furen wouldn't have made use of Tan Shi to reap benefits for herself and then kick her aside afterwards. From others' perspective, a concubine should not harbour any hatred from being discriminated, and moreover, should never transfer this hate onto her children. On the other hand, she should know her position and be a good servant. The children born from a Yiniang should also believe that they are not treated differently compared to the children born from the Di Mu, and should wholeheartedly gain benefits for the family;this is an exemplary model of how a virtuous person should behave. The Li Wei Yang of the past had originally believed in this;she had thought she and Li Chang Le were both Xiaojies of the Li family, so there was no difference as they were both blood sisters, who should bring glory to the Li family! In the end, how did she end up? So, these words were all rubbish to her! Tan Shi didn't cry and instead smiled: ’’The new Furen has just married into the family, if she takes good care of Si Shaoye, Lao Ye and Lao Furen would love her and hold her in high regard. I believe she wouldn't do anything to my child.’’ Li Wei Yang froze, she thought Tan Shi would beg her to think of whatever ways to let Min Zhi remain in her care. Tan Shi was a little worried: ’’Everyone thinks you are being heavily favored, but based on my opinion, you are in danger with every step you take, so you shouldn't stir up trouble with the new Furen just for Min Zhi. If she wants the child, then let her have him...’’ Her voice faltered slightly, ’’I can go every day to pay my respects to Furen, then I can still...’’ Li Wei Yang showed a trace of expression on her face. Tan Shi's sacrifice is entirely for her sake. She warmly interjected: ’’There is something we can do..’’ Tan Shi only considered her words as a consolation: ’’You must stay alert all the time to avoid making any mistakes. If you cause discord between you and the new Furen for Min Zhi and went against Lao Ye and Lao Furen's decision, would they still protect you? Silly child, don't be stubborn.’’ Li Wei Yang smiled;she was about to tell Tan Shi that she already had a plan when she heard a ruckus outside. Tan Shi was so startled that she jumped up from her seat. Li Wei Yang frowned and saw Bai Zhi quickly walking in: ’’Xiaojie, Jiu Yiniang is attempting to trespass!’’ With Zhao Yue here, Jiu Yiniang wouldn't be able to enter, but it seemed like she was quite determined to enter, putting her life on the line. If it was in the past, Zhao Yue would have gotten rid of her with a single stroke of her sword. Since Zhao Yue had already served Li Wei Yang for this long, she knew this wasn't a move to make, so she froze at the situation outside. Tan Shi's face exposed a trace of concern and looked at Li Weiyang. Li Wei Yang casually waved her hand and said: ’’Let her enter.’’ ’’Yes.’’ Bai Zhi quickly strolled out and within seconds, Jiu Yiniang rushed in with a face full of tears. With one glimpse, Li Wei Yang saw that Jiu Yiniang had no idea she'd lost one of her shoes;it was evident that she was extremely flustered. She coldly said: ’’How do you all do your duties?! How could you let Yiniang run out here all by herself?!’’ Jiu Yiniang did not care and pushed away the yatou on her side. ’’Xianzhu! You have to save my daughter!’’ Li Wei Yang looked at her with a cold calmness. Jiu Yiniang originally wanted to cause a ruckus, but at seeing Li Weiyang's face, she suddenly felt fear. For a moment, she wanted to retreat, but with her daughter on her mind, she boldly spoke: ’’Just now, Furen sent people over and brought Jing'er away!’’ Qi Yiniang was very astonished, then consciously looked at Min Zhi and felt anxious. This was actually not unexpected, as Li Minzhi is Li Weiyang's brother, and with a Xianzhu as his sister, Jiang Yuelan wouldn't take the child away directly. But for Jiu Yiniang, she wouldn't be as well-mannered! Jiu Yiniang's face became pale;it was as white as porcelain and she seemed to only have the energy to cry, her tears flowing down like a waterfall. She dropped onto her knees in front of Li Wei Yang and tearfully pleaded: ’’Xianzhu, previously it was my fault, I was led astray, which is why I did not know what I should do and what I should not do! I even dared to cause you trouble! I am wrong, I already know I am wrong, I beg you to think of a way to help me, let me bring Jing'er back! She is my blood and flesh, she's so young but has to be sent over to Furen, how could I stay calm?! I beg you, help me plead with Lao Furen, please beg this of her!’’ Li Wei Yang's expressions continued to remain cold, shooting Zhao Yue a glance. Zhao Yue immediately came forth, half holding and half dragging Jiu Yiniang into to the chair on the side. Tan Shi watched her cries of anguish and could understand her pain, so tried to comfort her: ’’Jiu Yiniang, don't cry, our Si Shaoye is going to be sent over to Furen as well. You came here to beg Xianzhu, but there isn't anything she can do!’’ Jiu Yiniang's cries suddenly stopped and couldn't help but look at Li Wei Yang incredulously. From her perspective, how could Li Wei Yang easily acquiesce?! Li Wei Yang observed Jiu Yiniang, who had tears smearing her face and did not seem care about about her usually beautiful image. She sighed and said: ’’Jiu Yiniang, you've already heard, Min Zhi will also be sent over to Furen. You came here to beg me to help you, so I'm sure that you're at your wits' end. You must have already gone and pleaded with Fuqin and Lao Furen just now, but they didn't respond to you, right?’’ Jiu Yiniang was startled and didn't know what to say. She had already kneeled in front of Li Xiaoran's study and Lao Furen's He Xiang Courtyard but neither of them would allow it and scolded her for not understanding rules. Li Wei Yang smiled and said: ’’Jiu Yiniang, children from a Yiniang should be rightly raised by the Di Mu. This point, you might not know, so I will not blame you. However, I need to warn you you that you have not only made a mistake today, but it is a grievous one. You have brought harm upon Liu Meimei.’’ Jiu Yiniang was completely muddled and desperately looked over towards Qi Yiniang, noticing her sympathetic expression. Li Wei Yang slowly said: ’’First, if the Di Mu wants to take care of your child, it is a blessing that you must accept. Second, Lao Furen and Fuqin are both doing this for Meimei's future, yet you don't understand the deep meaning behind this, and instead caused a scene;this is going overboard. Third, you crying and running over to my courtyard is against etiquette;others might think you and I have collaborated to plot against the new Furen;this is disrespect.’’ Jiu Yiniang opened her eyes wide in surprise, not daring to let a tear escape. Tan Shi had wanted to speak, but upon seeing Wei Yang's austere expression, she felt that Jiu Yiniang was after all, originally an outsider and had enjoyed too much favor to understand the rules within a large and powerful family. Letting her understand this time is a good thing, and thus, she handed her a handkerchief. At a loss, Jiu Yiniang did not know what to do and only looked at Li Wei Yang with an unstable expression, not taking the handkerchief. Li Wei Yang's voice became warmer and said: ’’Fourth, you causing a ruckus now would cause Furen to dislike Liu Meimei. If someone did not take good care of her, Furen will just say it's Liu Xiaojie who was mischievous and inherited her mother's character;this is not knowing the depth of this matter. You might not care about your manners, but you should consider how it would reflect on Liu Meimei! Do you understand?’’ With a sway of her body, it seemed like Jiu Yiniang was about to faint. Tan Shi exclaimed hurriedly: ’’Quick, help your Yiniang up!’’ Two yatous immediately rushed forth to hold her. Jiu Yiniang bowed her head and cried as tears soundly dropped onto her clothing, making it seem like the entire room would be flooded by her tears. Tan Shi softly consoled: ’’Jiu Yiniang, Furen still doesn't have any children. Lao Furen and Lao Ye are handing Si Shaoye and Liu Xiaojie over to her, so she must take good care of them and will not abuse the children, and this is our blessing.’’ As she spoke, she actually felt chills because she continued to feel depressed, since she greatly understood the pain Jiu Yiniang was in now. However, she had been here longer than Jiu Yiniang and she knew very well what rules they couldn't break. Jiu Yiniang's eyes were swollen. Li Wei Yang spoke: ’’Si Yiniang urged you to come here, right? She must have told you that I am an intelligent person, and must have a way to reverse the situation, is that correct?’’ Jiu Yiniang froze with her eyes filled with tears;she lifted her head up and eventually nodded. Li Wei Yang coldly smiled and said: ’’She has always been anxious to see the world in disorder, Jiu Yiniang, I urge you to stop listening to those people. If you continue to cause trouble, not only will you affect Liu Meimei, but you would also make Fuqin aloof towards you.’’ Jiu Yiniang thought of Li Xiao Ran's icy expression and remained still. Ever since she gave birth, she placed all her attention on her daughter, so she never had a chance to think about this... she looked at Li Wei Yang and said: ’’Then.. what should I do..’’ Li Wei Yang slowly said: ’’Clean yourself up, and after you are done, go look for Fuqin. Let him know you were thinking incorrectly before, which is why you did such a dumb thing. Now that you have thought it through, you understand the importance and only hope that Liu Meimei will have a better future under the care of Furen.’’ Jiu Yiniang was not stupid;upon hearing those words, she immediately understood and slowly said: ’’But ---’’ Li Wei Yang interrupted: ’’There are no buts! Someone escort Jiu Yiniang out!’’ Jiu Yiniang's yatou held her as they walked out. Tan Shi irresolutely said: ’’This --- Wei Yang, your words were a little too harsh!’’ Li Wei Yang coldly smiled: ’’If she really lost her shoe amidst her panic, how could her foot not have any dirt! It's obvious she took it off when she arrived in order to urge me to help her!’’ In the eyes of an ordinary person, Yiniangs are production tools for offspring. After giving birth, this child belongs to the family, taking on the responsibility of succeeding and bringing prosperity to the family. So children of a concubine are also the children of the Di Mu. As long as Jiang Yue Lan wants to, then the child must be handed over to be raised by her, this is decorum, the rules! Even if this issue was brought up to the emperor, it would still be rational! However, Jiu Yiniang had made a scene, hoping that she would help her fight, with the hidden intention of stirring up trouble as well. So naturally, Li Wei Yang wouldn't bother stepping in. Extremely astonished, Tan Shi looked at Zhao Yue and noticed her nodding. She couldn't help but sigh, and walked over to Min Zhi's cot. Unwilling to part, she said: ’’We shall send Min Zhi over to Furen, first thing tomorrow morning.’’ Li Wei Yang watched Tan Shi, who was holding back her tears. She lightly smiled and said: ’’Mother, be rest assured, within ten within ten days, I will ensure that Jiang Yue Lan voluntarily sends the child back!’’ Tan Shi watched Li Wei Yang with shock, since she did not know what her thoughts were. Soon after, Li Wei Yang smiled, stood up and walked towards Li Min Zhi. She gently poked his white cheeks and said: ’’Little one, behave yourself, Jiejie will pick you up soon.’’ Min Zhi was surrounded by her fragrance, and ecstatically burped. He slept on his back with his belly facing upwards. It was obvious that he did not really care about her words. Li Wei Yang could not refrain from laughing. The next morning, Qi Yiniang carried Min Zhi as she went over to Lao Furen's. Based on her instructions, she should have directly sent him over to Furen's courtyard, but Li Wei Yang had other plans;she wanted Jiang Yue Lan to personally come to He Xiang Courtyard to pick up the child. Li Wei Yang's status as a Xianzhu gave her the guts to suggest such an idea. Jiu Yiniang stood to the side, brewing envy and hatred deep within her heart, yet she did not dare to speak a word. ’’This child looks more and more like your father when he was young.’’ Lao Furen couldn't hold back her laughter once she saw Min Zhi. Li Wei Yang gave Min Zhi a glimpse, raised her brows, and thought otherwise. Her own brother looked more like Tan Shi;however, if he took after Li Xiao Ran, he would be a beautiful young man when he grows up. Lao Furen reached out, wanting to carry the baby. Min Zhi's complexion was snow white, his dark big eyes were rounded, and his small lips were flapping as he gurgled words incomprehensible to the adults. ’’Ai-ya-ya, he is smiling at me!’’ Lao Furen held onto his small butt. Li Wei Yang only showed a slight smile. My brother smiles towards whomever he sees, Lao Furen, you are thinking too much. ’’Si Shaoye loves to smile, you'd rarely hear him cry!’’ Luo Mama joined in. ’’He has you since childhood, he's a blessed child!’’ ’’He will have a promising future!’’ Seeing how happy Lao Furen was, all the yatous took to chattering praise. Li Wei Yang watched little Min Zhi, who was dumbfounded and happy. She really doubted their judgement;no matter how she looked, the child didn't look too bright! As they were speaking, Jiang Yue Lan entered. Once she saw Min Zhi, she immediately showed a smile. Lao Furen glanced at her and handed the child over to her. Just when the baby was passed to her, Min Zhi suddenly began to cry. Jiang Yue Lan actually did not become anxious and immediately tried to console him, making it seem like she was very experienced at taking care of children. Li Wei Yang remembered that in her family, her stepmother alone had given birth to four children. Not counting the children of Yiniangs, it was easy to figure out where her experience came from. However, no matter how experienced Jiang Yue Lan was, she couldn't fend off Min Zhi's resentment towards her. Irregardless of how she tried to appease him, Min Zhi didn't stop crying, tears continuing to flow down. Tan Shi's heart pained in response, and subconsciously wanted to walk over, but Li Wei Yang took a step to block her. Tan Shi was startled back into reality, and thought about what her daughter said last night. She recalled Wei Yang telling her, a little impatience could spoil great plans;she could not ruin it! Thus, she firmly halted her desire! ’’This child, why is he crying all of a sudden? Is he feeling discomfort?’’ Lao Furen caressed Min Zhi who was crying uncontrollably in Jiang Yue Lan's arms, but could not find any symptoms of fever. ’’His forehead is not hot!’’ Lao Furen oddly questioned. Jiang Yue Lan mindlessly smiled: ’’Perhaps he's not familiar with me. After a few more days, I'm afraid he will cry when he is not with me!’’ Lao Furen nervously gave Min Zhi a glimpse and said no more. Li Wei Yang's face still maintained a smile. Li Chang Le suddenly said: ’’Is San Mei not upset?’’ Without breaking her smile, Li Wei Yang said: ’’With Muqin's love, Min Zhi will certainly live well. What is there for me to be upset about;moreover, during morning greetings, I am sure Muqin will allow me to see Si Di!’’ Jiang Yue Lan was stunned and then smiled: ’’Of course.’’ Lao Furen nodded: ’’Seeing the both of you living harmoniously, I am very delighted.’’ As Min Zhi was being carried away, he was sobbing intermittently and glanced towards Li Wei Yang and Tan Shi's direction. The child could not distinguish people visually yet;it was obvious he was identifying people by scent. Li Wei Yang looked back and noticed Tan Shi's eyes were watery, and shook her head. Don't blame her for being cruel;in order for her Si Di to be raised by his birth mother in the future, she must have a solid and sufficient reason! They must have patience and endurance! The yatous escorted Qi Yiniang back. As she was leaving, her legs were weak and she couldn't even stand straight, which revealed how much pain she was in, yet she held back. Li Wei Yang bid Lao Furen farewell and walked out the door. Li Chang Le was waiting on the step. Li Wei Yang raised her brows towards her and Li Chang Le gently smiled and said: ’’Such a test of emotions and strength, San Meimei is truly out of the ordinary.’’ Li Wei Yang ordinary.’’ Li Wei Yang just smiled and replied: ’’Dajie is too kind.’’ She spoke without a change of expression, as she strolled past her. Li Chang Le glared at her back and showed a slight smile. She turned towards Tan Xiang and ordered: ’’Let's go, we'll go to Fu Rui Courtyard.’’ Ever since the wedding had been arranged, Li Xiao Ran had ordered servants to tidy up Fu Rui Courtyard. Once the new Furen had entered the family, she reorganized everything the way she wanted. Coming here again, Li Chang Le noticed the trees grown in the courtyard. In front of the main hall, there were a few red berry trees, with scarlet flowers blooming on the branches. On the east side, there were Chinese wisteria vines. On the west, there were jasmine, begonias, touch-me-nots, and petunias. The whole place was populated by trees and flowers, making it elegant and welcoming. She suddenly felt emotional, reminiscing her mother who only liked valuable items and would have absolutely not cared about these ordinary flowers. This Furen clearly thought otherwise, but her arrangement was to Li Xiao Ran's scholarly liking, with a sense of sophistication. It was not hard to see that ever since the Furen entered the family, Jiu Yiniang, who was greatly favored by Li Xiao Ran, had lost his favor. After all, it was a well-known fact that Jiu Yiniang was only a performer. She could sing to make him happy, dance to please him;but to complement his thoughts and help him share his burdens? She did not qualify. In the end, she was simply just a toy. Li Chang Le stepped into the room and spotted Jiang Yue Lan still carrying Li Min Zhi and trying to console him. With one glance, Li Chang Le spoke: ’’Muqin.’’ Seeing that she has arrived, Jiang Yue Lan handed Min Zhi to a wet nurse. ’’I don't know what is with this child. The last time I carried him, he couldn't stop laughing;but today, he cries no matter whoever carries him.’’ Li Chang Le waved her hand, signaling the wet nurse to leave with Min Zhi, whose eyes were red-rimmed with tears. Soon after, she gently remarked: ’’He is an outsider, and not worth our time.’’ Jiang Yue Lan only replied with a smile, yet she didn't respond. Realizing that she couldn't provoke her, Li Chang Le continued: ’’This wet nurse looks unfamiliar, she's not from our residence?’’ Jiang Yue Lan smiling said: ’’Lao Ye is afraid that I won't be able to take good care of him, so he specifically hired her, noting that this wet nurse will ensure that he is in good shape and her meticulous care will benefit him.’’ Li Chang Le sighed and said: ’’Fuqin is doting a lot on this child. Once he was born, he was gifted with a quality set of ink and paper, hoping that he will be successful in the future and bring honor to the family name.’’ Jiang Yue Lan smiled: ’’This is expected, as we only have one son in the family!’’ Li Chang Le couldn't help but say: ’’As the child of a Yiniang, he is being treated so graciously, how I pity my Da Ge ---’’ Jiang Yue Lan smiled, ’’Da Shaoye will definitely be able to return safely, Chang Le, you need to relax.’’ Jiang Yue Lan and Li Chang Le both had a tacit understanding that Li Min Feng was currently under Jiang Dan's care. Li Chang Le lightly smiled and then said: ’’I will tell grandmother that Muqin is doing very well. I am very satisfied, watching this child being taken away from Qi Yiniang. Why should we be in distress, while they are happily living their days? I can't stand that sight.’’ Jiang Yue Lan only sipped her tea, slightly parting her lips but yet did not speak. Li Chang Le looked at her expression and tested the waters: ’’Now that Min Zhi is in our hands, Li Wei Yang will soon be in trouble. Muqin, other than Lao Furen, you are the real Furen in this family. Everything is in your grasp, if you want all those stepchildren to kneel, they wouldn't dare to stand! Min Zhi, he ---’’ She wanted to suggest that they should find a reason and kill this child, but Jiang Yue Lan unhurriedly spoke. ’’It's precisely because Lao Furen and Lao Ye trust me, so they gave the child to me. I will certainly treat him well, love him, and spoil him. In the future, he would call me Muqin. If he is successful, then it would be my honor.’’ This was what she said. Hearing this, Li Chang Le was initially unhappy, but she quickly grasped the actual intention and clapped: ’’Muqin is right. From now on, he is Muqin's son and we can raise him however we want. The best scenario is for this child to grow up and not acknowledge those bitches, then Li Wei Yang would be really pissed off.’’ As she spoke, she could imagine Li Wei Yang's angry expression, unveiling a jubilant smile at the thought. Moments after Li Chang Le left, Rong Mama, who had remained by Jiang Yue Lan's side, whispered: ’’Furen, don't be influenced by Da Xiaojie, we shouldn't do such foolish things.’’ Jiang Yue Lan smilingly said: ’’Of course, Min Zhi is lovable, I will take good care of him. Rong Mama, instruct everyone that they must take good care of Si Shaoye;let him have whatever he wants, and spoil him with love.’’ Rong Mama immediately understood Jiang Yue Lan's intention and nodded with a smile: ’’Nubi understands.’’


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