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The Portal Of Wonderland - Chapter Prologue



In the vast expanse of the cosmos, a glittering golden light was traveling at a slow rate in the dark expanse of space. From deep within, a whining sound could be heard occasionally, faintly sounding out from time to time;it was difficult to tell whether it sounded like harrowing weeping or hellish sneering.

After an unknown number of years, an immense blue planet appeared in front of it.

’’Boom!’’ a thunderous sound resounded.

The glittering golden light, drawn by the gravitational force of the immense planet, veered off course and rushed toward the planet at an alarming speed. As it reached the atmospheric layer of the planet, the light began to blaze as friction lit the object up turning into it a blazing shooting star as it descended from the sky to the sea.


The ninth year of Tian Yuan epoch, in the Da QI Heavenly Kingdom.

An unknown object that appeared like a heavenly star fell into the East Sea from out of the sky was reported to the court by officials of the region. Twenty-three islands were overwhelmed by tsunamis that had peaks as tall as mountains caused by the landing of the unknown object. Consequent waves were reported to have destroy at least ten thousand seaside households in Yue Prefecture, killing an undocumented amount of people and their livestock.

-The Annals of Dong Zhou [1]


[1] This is the name of a historical book that records significant events in the district of Dong Zhou. The author of the annals is not specified.


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