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The Portal Of Wonderland - Chapter 52


Lion in the Way

As Shi Mu approached the stone houses, he found several older disciples in black uniforms blocking the only way in.

Some of the young candidates, who had arrived earlier, were confronting them.

’’What? One Black Fire Token to pass?’’ An extremely angry voice shouted.

Shi Mu frowned as he heard these words and he got a little closer to see what was happening there.

’’Yes, but it is a fair deal to pay us a Black Fire Token. We were the ones who had to clean the houses you are moving into, a black token as payment only seems fair.’’ The older disciples were just eighteen years old or so, except for a man who looked to be around twenty. He stood in the front, holding a sword with a white scabbard in his arms as he spoke expressionlessly. He seemed to be the gang's leader.

’’Don't try to trick us, we have already heard about the importance of the Black Fire Token from brother Zhou. No cleaning can cost one token;plus, we don't need it at all! Don't you fear that if we call the Law Enforcement Agency for help, you will get in trouble? It was made clear to us that you older disciples are forbidden to do anything to us for a year.’’ A handsome young man amid the candidates spoke without any fear.

’’Call the Law Enforcement Agency for help? The senior brothers in the agency won't care at all about this trivial matter. After all, we haven't done anything to you yet. We are merely practicing our arts in this fine place. It's your own fault that you ran into us while we were practicing. I gave you a chance to pass easily but now you have to take my punch if you don't want to give us your token.’’ The young man holding a sword with both arms burst into cunning laughter.

’’Just one punch?’’Hearing his words, the handsome young man seemed eager to try.

’’Oh, you wanna have a try?’’ The man holding a sword said coldly.

’’Humph, we newcomers haven't awakened our real qi, and that gives you the confidence to beat us all. But I don't believe I could not take even one punch from you. I, Fang Tianxu will have a try!’’ The handsome young man thought for a while and said with his teeth gritted.

’’Come on brother Fang!’’

’’Brother Fang, you don't have to take the punch directly. Just do something to decrease its strength!’’

The other young candidates behind him all encouraged him heartily.

At the same time, more candidates had arrived and, after figuring out what was going on, they all cheered on Brother Fang, filled with a sense of unfairness at the actions of the senior gang...

Shi Mu's eye shined as he saw the sword man had his hands swaddled by thick gray straps.

’’Brother Shi, do you think that Fang guy can really resist a punch?’’

As footsteps came from behind, Shi Mu heard a voice he was familiar with.

’’Oh, you know that guy?’’Shi Mu changed his look and turned back.

Now standing behind him was the long-haired young man and his big-mouthed companion who had been in the same room with him on the vessel earlier.

’’My name is Stone Bai, this is my good friend Xiao Ming. We both come from the same place as Brother Fang, but we are not really all that familiar with him. But we know he has practiced the Blood-Pile Art, and this must be why he dared to come out first.’’ The long-haired young man smiled.

’’Is that so? I don't know about this Blood-Pile art, but our opponents must be skilled enough to have such confidence to bully us in front of so many people. And from the look of his hands, it's easy to guess he must have practiced some arts that can strengthen his arms. It is hard to say if Brother Fang can really take his punch.’’ Shi Mu nodded and said slowly.

’’So you have the same thought with us brother Shi.’’Stone Bai smiled again.

At the same time, the young disciple blocking the way was sticking his sword casually into the ground.

’’Pu’’! As the sound rang out the white scabbard was already several inches deep in the brick covering the ground, standing there perfectly straight.

Every candidates present was shocked at the scene, which proved the sword man's great strength. Fang Tianxu also changed his look but he still took a deep breath and moved his muscles, his face turning blood-red.Then he went several steps forward.

’’Oh ,so you had activated your bloodline - that's why you were so confident. But, can a small trick beat real strength?’’ The swordman was a little surprised at first but then he laughed coldly and strode forward to give Fang a punch.

Fang shouted and crossed his two arms, which were also blood- red, in front of his body.

Crack! Two clear sounds echoed as the sword man's fist, covered with straps, hit on Fang's crossed arms. Fang Tianxu's eyes rolled back and he was knocked flying backward for six meters before he uttered a groan. The next second he fell heavily on the ground, unconscious, and his arms drooped in a strange way beside his chest, apparently having been broken into pieces.

Young candidates, who had been shouting for him, became quiet immediately, a bit of fear coursing through their veins.

’’Who's next?’’The swordman asked, slowly pulling his fist back.

For a moment, there was silence.

’’If no one has the guts to come out, just give me your Black Fire Tokens, I don't want to waste any more time on weaklings!’’

’’It is as he said! None of you new candidates have a chance of resisting Brother Qu's punch!’’

’’Yeah, stop dreaming! Brother Qu's Jade-Breaking Fist can easily smash an iron shield. Stop wasting our time!’’

The other older disciples eagerly echoed their leader, their faces radiant with loyalty and confidence.

’’Can I take on your punch with a weapon?’’After a while one of the candidates spoke up.

’’Well, you can if you wish, but you need to resist one blow of my sword instead. That should be fair.’’Brother Qu smiled amiably.

The brave candidate who asked the question blushed and never said a word again.

’’Let me try Brother Qu's punch.’’ At that time, a clear voice rang out and a small figure emerged from the candidates.

Shi Mu watched in surprise as he saw a girl around thirteen, her hair was braided and she was wearing many small silver bells all over her body.

’’Don't expect me to go easy even though you are a girl.’’The young man stared at the her and said coldly.

’’Do your worst.’’The girl strode towards the young man with her bells ringing unceasingly.

’’Your courting death!’’ Seeing her action he punched at the girl with a fierce light in his eye.


The girl spun a little and floated several inches away like a cloud, then ducked the punch easily with her bells ringing.

A trace of suspicion flashed across the young man's face, and he didn't take back his arm until a moment later. A moment later, he asked, ’’Are you a bloodline warrior?’’

’’Yes. Do you admit that I have I resisted your punch?’’The girl answered with an easy manner, asking in reply.

’’You've dodged my fist, so you passed. But little sister, do you have any interest in joining our Blood Dragon Group? We have many Bloodline warriors, and you can learn a lot from them.’’ The young man seemingly changed into different person and invited the girl with a smiling face.


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