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The Portal Of Wonderland - Chapter 49


The Thirteen Black Demon Mountains

’’It's such an honor for me to have Lady Jin herself receive me! A bite of the Black Demon Snake is such a special treat. In return, let me part wisdom to you. 'Goodness shall be repaid, wickedness shall be retributed ’’ To Jin Xiaochai's surprise, Yu Qianji's eyes calmed down, and after these words, he swung his long sleeves, raising a wild wind in the room which made everyone shut their eyes. Without delay, he overturned his hand to bring out a round plate-like object, and after his body trembled a little, he disappeared into the wind.

Subsequently, the clear crack of a whip resounded as the wild wind in the room stopped abruptly. No one knew when Jin Xiaochai had moved back to the ground, holding a black shining whip whose surface was covered with green thorns. More surprisingly, the spot where Yu Qianji had stood was now scraped by a clear whip imprint.

This horrendous sight made Shi Mu suck in a deep breath of fear. Earlier, the floor, which was made of iron wood, was not harmed in the least by Ma Funfei's sharp dagger, which made the sight even more scary since Jin Xiaochai made such a clear imprint on it with just one crack of her whip.

’’That's why I hate wind magicians so much. They are only skilled at running away in the middle of a fight! Boring!’’ Jin Xiaochai pouted her lips, the black whip disappearing in her hand as she overturned her wrist. After turning around, she broke a jade ornament in her sleeve into pieces, and immediately black mists emerged circling her body, in which she transformed into a girl with an extremely se*y figure! The face was just the same as Han Xiangxiu's, only more attractive, but her figure was now fully developed with large, attractive breasts able to make any man's mouth dry.

’’You three must be surprised how beautiful I am, huh? Hehe, I remember you two kept stealing glances at me just now.’’ Jin Xiaochai stared at Shi Mu and the other two, asking with a light smile.

The two youths had been staring at the young woman blankly, overwhelmed by the petite, curvaceous figure before they heard the words, which made them blush with lowered heads. Shi Mu was also speechless, his mouth shut.

Seeing this Jin Xiaochai could not help but collapse into giggles.

Meantime, the fight outside also came to an end, and before long, the blue-robed man strode into the room along with the black-robed Tiger-Bone, who was still wearing the tiger mask.

’’Sister Jin, we owe you a lot this time! Without you, we would have had a hard time with Yu Qianji, the star-grade conjurer.’’ The blue-robed burly man wore a humble look as he saw Jin Xiaochai. The black-robed man did not utter a word as he stared at the se*y woman, desire for her burning in his eyes.

’’I was just obeying master's order to help you. Yu Qianji had been bitten by my black demon snake so even if he doesn't die, a severe illness will set very soon.’’

’’I heard that it took Yu Qianji around thirty years to reach the star-grade. A genius throughout the three kingdoms indeed! Sister, even if you didn't kill him, you have rendered outstanding service for our sect by delaying his advancement for at least half a year.’’ The blue-robed man praised her ceaselessly.

’’Hope so. Brother Tiger-Bone, why have you been staring at me all this time? Are you dying to have me? If so, why don't you just ask the master if you can have my hand in marriage?’’ Jin Xiaochai turned her eyes to the black-robed man, puckering her face in a smile.

’’Are you joking sister Jin? I have always regarded you as my own sister and never thought about that.’’ With a mask on his face, Tiger-Bone turned his sight swiftly after hearing Jin Xiaochai's words, explaining in a flurry.

’’Coward! Well, since we are still in the Heavenly Qi's territory, it's wise to stay alert. I'd say we set off now! The victory feast can wait.’’ Jin Xiaochai curled her lips and commanded. The other two agreed and after a few more words they left the room and locked the door again. Through the whole process, they didn't glance at Shi Mu or the others even once.

Seeing that they had finally left, Shi Mu sighed in relief and the other two young men also relaxed. Gradually, those who had been unconscious began to murmur as they woke up: the pills Yu Qianji gave them seemed to have worked.

’’Brother Shi, can you explain this matter to the others? It seems that we are going to join the Black Demon Sect instead of the Black Tortoise Sect.’’ The long-haired young man smiled wryly at Shi Mu.

’’No problem, but tell me more about the Black Demon Sect. It seems that you have no problem joining the Black Demons.’’ Shi Mu thought awhile and asked slowly.

The two young men glanced at each other, nodded and answered. ’’It's no secret. The Black Demon Sect is as big as the Wind and Fire Sect in the Yan Fire Country, and its strength is equal to the Black Tortoise Sect. The act of robbing candidates from each other is not an uncommon act.’’


One and a half months later.

In the north Yan Fire Kingdom, in a marsh home to various kinds of poisonous air.

A dozen of giant buffalo-like creatures were trudging through the mud, each carrying two large bamboo baskets hung on either side of their body. In the baskets were none other than Shi Mu and the other young candidates. The buffalo-like creatures, though substantial in size, walked gracefully, like a bird flitting across the swamp, with their hoofs glowing yellow.

The blue-robed man and Tiger-Bone were taking the lead, each on a huge lizard, However, Jin XiaoChai was not there.

The file advanced in a silence, everyone mute, except for the sound of hooves treading through the mud, making a noise like the crunching of snow.

Suddenly, a multi-colored mist appeared in front of them, dazzling to the eye, which made the blue-robed man relax. He raised one hand and the buffalo-like creatures all stopped at the gesture. Whereas Tiger-Bone, on the other side, drew a purple bamboo piece from his shirt, muttering incantations, and then waved it in front of the mist. Instantly a streak of white light burst out from the bamboo piece and divided the mist, revealing a passageway that looked like a solid road.

The blue-robed man urged his lizard on and they began to walk on the path, followed by the buffalo-like creatures. Tiger-Bone was the last to join them to cover their retreat.

A day passed.

In a forest of strangely-shaped trees, Shi Mu and the long-haired young man were carried by a large black-robed old man jumping ceaselessly from one tree to another like a leaf through the wind. In the old man's arms, Shi Mu looked awkwardly out into the distance. In his view, there were thirteen immense black mountains standing at the end of the forest.

’’Hehe, you little guys mind your manners! Those mountains mark the entrance to our sect, they are the Thirteen Black Demon Mountains. Once you arrive,, you will become disciples of our Black Demon Sect and the Black Tortoise Sect will have lost the right to take you back.’’ The black-robed old man burst into hollow laughter which made their flesh crawl. Following the old man closely were another dozen black-robed men jumping among the trees, each of them was holding a candidate.


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