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The Portal Of Wonderland - Chapter 41


I'm Gonna Save You With My Life

A powerful sound exploded.

The one of the large hunting wolves that was just ready to leap up was shot by an arrow. With a plaintive cry it flew back by the imposing arrow, and was eventually nailed to a nearby tree. Before the other four dogs realized what had happened to their companion, another two of them were skewered by cold uncaring arrows sent by Shi Mu, not even allowing them the time to let out a last howl.

’’The Blood Steel Bow! Quick! Have the wolves retreat!’’ The fifth master shouted out in terror;a glance at Shi Mu's huge purple bow frightened him. Even with the Jin's wealth, to train these Blood Hunting Wolves was no easy job. The hunter servant, seeing his dear ’’pets’’ killed in an instant, felt an excruciating pain in his chest. Therefore, once hearing his master's command, he quickly made a hurried retreat signal with four piercing notes. The rest of the hunting wolves obediently turned about immediately with a whimper, one running wildly to a nearby grove, the other jumping to a big tree's back.

But how could Shi Mu not take opportunity of fleeing enemies? One wolf had barely reached the grove before it was sent flying by an arrow penetrating its throat and nailing it to the ground;the other howled in anguish before it was nailed to its spot;the arrow had even traveled through a tree before reaching its destination. The five blood wolves were still, silenced forever by Shi Mu's mighty bow.

This desolate sight made the hunter servant cry out with rage, his eyes reddened from the pain of loss. He shouted loudly as he moved like a furious mother bear pouncing on the one who dared to hurt her cubs. It was most reasonable for him to act thus;after all, the five blood wolves were raised by him and he alone raised them from their infancy, like he would if they were his own blood sons. Now that seeing his sons killed mercilessly one after another by Shi Mu, his sanity broke;all he could think of was revenge: tear him apart, piece by piece, and to cause Shi Mu the pain his heart was experiencing by threefold.

’’You! Come back, now!’’ The fifth master knew the consequence of this thoughtless rush, though he himself sympathized with the servant because now, the two of them had shared a common thought to take revenge for their sons.

But the warning never registered in the anguished servant's ears. He crawled on the ground like a frenzied animal with an alarming speed, zig zagging in effort to throw off Shi Mu's aim. Pitifully, this posed no threat to Shi Mu, who knocked three arrows as his face scrunched in severe concentration. He moved his fingers just once, quick and resolute as if playing a guitar.

Three thunderous sounds exploded out as the arrows were shot with an overwhelming power, leaving afterimages of a black line. The running hunter servant leaped up instantly causing the first arrow flew beneath his body;he followed up with a twist of his waist, to turn his torso as he escaped the second shot that whisked by but the third shot was unavoidable. There was no way he could evade death as the third one came. It pierced his left eyes before continuing its journey of death, leaving behind a man's body which had crumpled lifelessly on the ground.

The fifth master's face had now turned livid with rage. Just then another explosion resounded as three fierce arrows were shot out with incredible speed. This time the target was the eagle servant beside his master.

The servant was already half dead with shock from seeing what had happened to the wolves and their master;seeing that the arrows were now coming for him he froze in terror and called out in plea to his master desperately.

The fifth master snorted in contempt as he wielded the golden tonfas in his hands.

’’Peng, Peng Peng!’’ The three arrows fell lifelessly on the ground, cleanly cut into six pieces.

’’You cowardly piece of trash, just lie here and see how I deal with that bastard.’’ The fifth master cursed the servant in a harsh voice, then moved his body agilely, taking off like a giant bird. Each jump was 15 to 20 meters in length. In an blink of an eye he was now sixty meters away from the eagle servant.

Shi Mu snatched three arrows again, and shot them simultaneously. ’’Bang, Bang, Bang!’’ Shi Mu astonishedly stared as he watched the fifth master brush the arrows away like sweeping some dust from his coat. He sucked in a deep breath as he realized the difference between the early stage and the middle stage Houtian warrior. Shi Mu once more grasped for more arrows from the pack but was struck with helpless fear as he realized he had ran out of arrows with his enemy only thirty meters away.

Gritting his teeth, he threw away the huge bow which now seemed like a burden, and drew his Sun and Moon daggers without delay from his waist. After stomping on the ground with a sudden force he rushed forward, shook his wrist and hurled nine blade shadows like a whirlwind.

’’Nine cuts in one breath! Hmph you may have fully accomplished the skill but today will be the day you will die!’’ The voice of the fifth master sounded as cold as ice. The next moment, a deafening sound like that of a gong resounded out suddenly, and golden images of tonfas danced wildly in the air dazzling Shi Mu's eyes smashing the nine shadows causing them to be dispelled. Immediately he felt his hands burning with an immeasurable energy coming from the lashback energy from tonfas, that was twice as strong as that from Wu Tong's sword. This caused Shi Mu's hand to bleed terribly again, from his recently healed wounds, and the daggers whizzed out of his hand into the air.

Just as he lost his weapons, he felt a fierce wind pressure pushing against him almost knocking him down, and a golden tonfa emerged unexpectedly in front of him, rushing at his forehead, leaving him no time to evade. Shi Mu eyes widened and punched out as he shouted.

Boom! The punch made the tonfa veer off its course and fell on Shi Mu's shoulder. Shi Mu felt as if a mountain had smashed into his shoulder and stepped back several steps, an insufferable pain penetrating his body.

The fifth master was not disappointed as much as he was shocked to find Shi Mu's bones intact. But another glance told him the reason. ’’Humph, why, I was wondering. You are wearing the Golden Armour stolen from my son! That's why you were able to resist my strike. Well, today I will show you the Blood Palm skill I've been practicing all these years!’’

As his words fell he dropped the tonfas immediately and flew forward as one of his hands swelled with blood causing it to increase its size by two times. A stench arose from the palm which caused Shi Mu's nose crinkle in nausea. But he only stood still in shock for a moment as his eyes leaked a trace of suspicion of this eerie skill. Shi Mu let out a shout and wildly shook his arms, causing a fine chain that had been wound around his wrist to clang. Consequently, the daggers which had fallen somewhere jumped up and sliced forward. As the daggers flew, they began to rotate swiftly, turning into a malicious silver wheel. Shi Mu gritted his teeth as he prepared the suicidal attack. ’’I will not die alone!’’ Shi Mu gritted his teeth as he decided to destroy the fifth master at the price of his own life.


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