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The Portal Of Wonderland - Chapter 37


Farewell My Enemies!

’’Get up! The bastard's not using the bow now, he's running here unarmed!’’

Shi Mu's footsteps thundered out as he galloped to his enemies, as he was seen clearly that he was without a weapon. Such a good news caused the few survivors' faces to light up with delight. The two at the front immediately rose without thinking and dashed towards Shi Mu like valiant conquerors, one wielded a spear and the other bore a saber. The other three warriors followed their two valiant companions, pushing themselves to the limit. Their feet thrummed against the ground , as though the ground was on fire, in an anxious hurry. Just a moment earlier, they were pressed against the ground like overpopulated vermin, but now they had all became imposing warriors with threatening weapons and ferocious features, upon seeing that Shi Mu had abandoned his bow and had come to offer his life to them.

As someone who had been practicing racing over the hilltops , Shi Mu now felt as free as a running leopard on an open plain. In a blink of an eye, before they could even make out Shi Mu's silhouette in the darkness, he had already pounced on the two pioneers. The two were truly ranked among the best in Wu riders to be able to dodge Shi Mu's first attack. They began flanking him in perfect coordination, one swirling his long spear which produced myriad of afterimages, while the other wielding his saber in a pose that reflected beams of light.

Upon seeing their formation, Shi Mu gave a snort. How could mere spear afterimages ever faze him? Shi Mu casually glanced at the man before punching out casually at one of the afterimages. A booming noise resounded as the punch collided with the spear causing the Wu rider to drop his spear due to the great force. As the spear flew away, he felt a burning sensation in each of his fingers and was forcefully pushed back three steps with a face full of astonishment. He had long heard of Shi Mu's superhuman force, but it baffled him how had Shi Mu identified the real spear among countless shadows!

Without a moment of delay Shi Mu drew his Sun and Moon Daggers from his waist and stomped hard on the ground as he immersed his concentration into the sweeping cold light of his knives.

In an instant, six knife shadows blurred into one streak of cold light, then with another shake of his daggers Shi Mu threw out a unimaginably swift seventh knife shadow as he quickly sidestepped to the back of the Wu rider wielding the saber.

In a flash, a gaping, bleeding wound emerged distinctly on the rider's neck before his head slowly fell to the ground, rolling over and over. The headless body only fell down after spasming like a headless chicken for a moment. Shi Mu did not even stop for a moment but instead increased his speed and momentum after dispatching the spear wielder;he bent low against the ground like a spring before springing out toward the spear man.


The spear man had just barely managed to steady himself from Shi Mu's previous punch before he raised his head and saw Shi Mu darting at him. Who would not be struck dumb? Even with his spear he could not bear Shi Mu's one punch, now that he'd been denuded of his only weapon, how could he win? In addition, he had just recover from the first punch while Shi Mu had already decapitated his fellow warrior. The man reactively turned about in terror to flee. But just as he had made his second step, a howling gale rolled past him and a piercing coldness struck his waist. He helplessly looked down as he saw the confusing sight of a pair of legs flopping around on the ground. Then realization hit him that he was cut into two halves at his waist, as his warm blood gushed out wildly from the split cuts.

After putting the two riders down, Shi Mu turned, daggers in hand, and stared at the last three Wu riders with stony eyes.

The three survivors were frightened out of their wits after seeing what happened to their two companions. Not far from Shi Mu, they all had stopped charging unconsciously and looked at each other. The man a knife scar at his eye corner suggested in a low, harsh voice, ’’Running is useless! He's so damn fast and we could only be finished one by one if we run. Let's make a trap and wait till Master Tong arrives. ’’

The two fellows quickly embraced the idea, and gathered around the scar man quickly in a strange formation before pointing their blue swords at Shi Mu simultaneously.

’’The Triangle Formation Trap?’’

Shi Mu murmured to himself when seeing this. Though a little unprepared, he still strode towards their trap with his Sun and Moon daggers.

With each step the three riders grew increasingly nervous as Shi Mu neared them. In terror, they shouted together before Shi Mu had even reached the prime position for attack and activated their trap. The three riders quickly rotated between the three points of the triangle while wielding their swords, producing layers upon layers of sword that radiated outwards.

’’I was expecting more from this useless trick!’’ Shi Mu laughed at his enemies' last desperate attempt scornfully. His arm shot out in a blur and the daggers' six successive knife shadows flew as one towards their formation.

Peng! Peng! The attack was repelled by the sword shadow screen but as a result the density was visibly reduced by a large amount. The three riders trembled and begun to sweat in fear when they realized how much difficulty it took to repel Shi Mu's first attack. The three frantically began to reconstruct the shadow screen again to shield themselves.

’’Formidable!’’ Shi Mu was quite surprised, because not only had he produced six cuts at one breath, but he had also instilled immense strength with each cut which should crushed the three of them. However the three riders were quite wrong if they thought that strike was Shi Mu's only attack. Shi Mu took a deep breath and rotated his body, striking with his longer dagger in all directions fiercely, each attack caused five or six shadows, which began to consolidate into a silver glittering spear rushing like a shark toward the three riders.

The clanging of swords resounded like a rainstorm throughout the night!

The three Wu riders gave out shrill cries as two of them stumbled away, their hands had sprouted blood from the place where they held their swords and their chests blossomed with deep wounds. Judging from their falling bodies the two had begun their journey into the next world already. The current sole survivor was the man with a scar who was bleeding from his face, and although he had no wounds on his chest, the arm that he used to hold his sword was no longer there. Only the blood gushing from his shoulder was an indicator he was not born with just one arm.

Without even checking his wounds, he turned around and fled with all his strength. Shi Mu had now stopped rotating and gave a glance at his surrounding. Seeing the man he only gave a cold smile before he grasped a long arrow from his pack. He effortlessly pulled his bow back and a faint hum of death was released. The arrow shot out from bow piercing through the scar man's body who had fled hundreds of meters away after only a second of flight, causing the man to flop face-down to the ground.

Shi Mu strode over leisurely and with a flash of his dagger, separating the man's head from the body cleanly.

Shi Mu began to walk over to the other two riders who were struggling in a blood pool to crawl away. But just as he meant to end their lives Shi Mu's expression changed. A single footprint accompanied by a deep thrum was left as Shi Mu shot his body off to the side to dodge an incoming cold light. The light passed him and buried itself into the spot where Shi Mu stood, revealing itself to be a three cun long knife

’’So you are the so-called Master Tong. Took you long enough to get here. Now let us dance with death.’’

Shi Mu turned around and stared at a nearby tree as he said so, with his expression sharpening in preparation to fight this mortal enemy.


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