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The Portal Of Wonderland - Chapter 23


The Top Practitioner

Feng Jun stumbled over the edge of the ring, then managed, with much difficulty, to steady himself. He was about to speak, when blood gushed out from his mouth and his whole body dropped to the ground. ’’Thud!’’ A loud noise.

’’Jun Er! You guys be quick, and take him to the treatment room in the back!’’

A figure immediately dashed to Feng Jun and stuffed a pill into his mouth, and then gave his orders, burning in a frenzy of rage.

This was exactly Leng Fengchan checking Feng Jun's conditions.

The other Tian Lu practitioners were at quite a loss as to what to do, confused by what had happened right in front of them;It wasn't until they were given orders, that they came to themselves and hurriedly went to look after Feng Jun. But others were still frozen with fear.

Compared with his Seven Cuts in One Breath - of the Thirteen Series of Gale Force Blade - Shi Mu's accomplished level Stone-Breaking Fists brought them an even more dreadful shock, that made their hair rise in fear!

After all, reaching the level of Seven Cuts in One Breath in the Thirteen Series of Gale Force Blade could only be counted as a small accomplishment.

It must be noted that there are four levels of accomplishment, or stages, in every technique: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and consummate.

Generally speaking, a person will need two to three months before one can be said to know how to use a skill. Only at this point would one be considered at the beginner stage.

To reach the intermediate stage, one has to become skilled at using the technique. Most people take a year or two, on average, to reach the intermediate stage.

The advanced stage can take much longer to reach, and some have been known to take over a decade to reach the advanced stage.

As for the final stage, the consummation stage of a skill, some, less talented practitioners, may spend entire lives practicing without even coming close to it.

The previously mentioned amount of time, only apply to Practitioner Techniques. For Houtian techniques, even more time and energy will need to be invested. Consequently, some Houtian Warriors can only reach a low level of accomplishment in their Houtian techniques. Li Canghai is a great example of this: he knew he had no hope of reaching the consumate level in his Houtian techniques, so he decided to devote his life to practising the Gale Force Blade and the Stone-Breaking Fist, and only reached the advanced level, far from consummation in either technique, only after ten years of hard training. Even so, his skills had made him rank top among the four clubs' instructors.

Meanwhile, Shi Mu, at such a young age, without inspiring his real qi, had reached the advanced stage in two techniques! Only someone who was ignorant about martial arts could be indifferent at such a scene..

Wouldn't this mean that Shi Mu is a genius among geniuses?

Li Canghai's face went through many emotions, apparently trying hard to control himself. Then he said with a light cough, ’’Well, I think we may be assuming wrongly. Actually, my student Shi Mu has probably not reached the advanced stage in the Stone-Breaking Fist, it is only that he was born with enormous strength, so it only looks like that he has the power of the advanced stage.’’

’’Exactly! If he had reached the advanced stage in the Stone-Breaking Fists, his hands should have been fair and crystal-clear, and each punch should have made a metallic sound.’’ The red-faced instructor was enlightened suddenly by Li Canghai's explanation.

’’Indeed, if he can really reach the advanced stage in the Stone-Breaking Fist before twenty, he would be a genius capable of stirring the whole city.’’

’’But even so, the lad's was born with such brutal strength, and that should not be overlooked. As long as he keeps training it, he'll easily defeat any one of the practitioner level. Besides, he's so young, as long as he can acquire qi-sensing, there's a good chance he can be a top warrior among the acquired warriors.’’

This conversation between Li Canghai and the red-faced instructor made other instructors see light. Immediately people started to discuss the matter, some still casting admiring glances at Shi Mu, as if he was a legendary figure who only existed in imagination.

’’So now that Shi Mu has won again, is there anyone who wants to challenge him? If not, the Liu Feng club will be the champion in this year's competition.’’ The officer once again ascended to the ring and refereed the match. As he pronounced the result, his eyes, looking at Shi Mu, grew increasingly warm and admiring.

The announcement only brought out a dead silence below the ring.

In the direction of Fei Hong club, a malicious look was thrown to Shi Mu by Zhong Dong, the one with the Body of Thick Earth. Just as he was about to move forward, he was stopped by the long-bearded elder man again, who pressed on his shoulder disapprovingly, which made Zhong Dong's body unable to move an inch. Simultaneously, the elder man muttered to his ear,

’’Even if you use all your skills you'll probably be defeated by his advanced stage Stone-Breaking Fists. After all, if it's only for a competition, it's not worthwhile to offend a promising warrior.’’

The dark, thin youth was had a very reluctant look upon hearing this.


Half a day later, the news that Liu Feng club had won the first and Shi Mu had became the new top practitioner had spread across the whole city. Big families and some less powerful sects also began to collect information about the competition and Shi Mu.

’’So Shi Mu is now the top practitioner?’’

In Auntie Zhen's manor, Shi Yuhuan was gaping at the note her family had got, full of suspicion. While Auntie Zhen was deep in thought.


In the Jin Family's manor.

A middle-aged man was reprimanding a youth. The youth's face looked that that of a horse and similar to the man's.

’’Tian Er, I heard that you are now trying to challenge Shi Mu with some of your cousins, stop your attempt right now! This is the order your grandfather gave to me personally, follow it even if you are reluctant! After all, Shi Mu didn't win the match by sleeping away the competition.’’

The youth named Jin Tian could only relunctantly obey his father, however, he was full of resent.


In the Wu Family manor, the three Wu brothers also got together to discuss the matter.


In the manor of Feng City's sheriff, the previous military officer who was referee in that competition was now reporting something to an elder man in glamorous clothes, full of reverence.


In a secret room of Jin Gang club, a conversation was going on.

’’Tian Hao, tell me the truth, have you inspired your blood?’’ Uncle Xu asked anxiously.

’’You've asked me the same question a hundred times, uncle, my answer is still the same: I myself am unclear about the matter! Only that I felt my body burning when I used the Blazing Spear that day, so I just naturally contolled the flame.’’ Looking down at a certain spear art book of blue covers, Wang Tianhao answered, rolling his eyes.

’’Haha, that's it! That's the reason why you father sent you here to learn the Blazing Spear art. Your spear art is a stimulus to your blood, so much so that it can quicken your progress of growing to be a bloodline warrior.’’ Uncle Xu was overjoyed at the news.

’’So that means that I'm not a genius at all, it's only thanks to my ancestor's blood that I am able to use Houtian techniques when I'm still a practitioner.’’ Hearing this Wang Tianhao face dropped.

’’My foolish nephew, that you are able to inspire your blood already proves that you are a real genius. You know, even though the Wang Family is famous for its bloodline warriors, throughout the clan, down from your ancestors, among hundreds of your people, only three or four has inspired their blood! And you are the first in your generation. Can't you see the genius in that? From tomorrow on, I'll teach you the most difficult parts of the Blazing Spear art to you, personally, so that you can defeat all in the enrollment test to Kai Yuan Martial Arts School.’’ Uncle Xu answered, grinning from ear to ear.

’’So, I can defeat Shi Mu as long as I learn the more difficult part?’’ Wang Tianhao was still a little unconvinced.

’’Haha, unless Shi Mu is also a bloodline warrior, you can definitely beat him.’’ Uncle Xu replied with a hearty smile.

’’With such a brutal strength, how can you tell that he is not a bloodline warrior?’’ Wang Tianhao blinked his eyes and proposed the abrupt question.

’’Well...’’ Uncle Xu's laughter stopped.

’’I'm also curious to know this very thing.’’

Just then, a third voice was heard in the secret room.


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