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The Portal Of Wonderland - Chapter 167


PoW Chapter 167 - Shocking Change

Haha, the moment had arrived!

The cold yin symbol was worthy of being a mid-level charm. Under the forceful attacks of the Three-Headed Python, even though the freezing-blue tentacles trembled slightly, it still remained firm without any noticeable signs of breaking.

Shi Mu's eyes suddenly had an excited look. His figure flashed before reappearing on a treetop nearby.

Currently, he was surrounded by a layer of dim golden light.

This was precisely the golden armor charm!

He looked towards the struggling Three-Headed Python, and without any a single bit of hesitation, he sprung out.

While still in the air, he suddenly raised his arm. A fist-sized cloth bag was thrown towards the Three-Headed Python's head.

The vicious Three-Headed Python's body suddenly stood up straight. One of its head was raised a bit, staring at Shi Mu with viciousness. The large mouth opened, releasing a burst of black light.

However, Shi Mu was faster. After pointing out with a finger, a ball of flame flew out like a meteor, striking the cloth bag. Borrowing the recoil of the fireball, he turned him body and dropped down.

A muffled peng sound rang out!

The cloth bag exploded, sprinkling out a large amount of yellow powder. A powerful sulfuric smell wafted through the air, enveloping the Three-Headed Python within.

The yellow powder was a medicinal powder he previously prepared just for the vicious Three-Headed Python.

As soon as the yellow powder made contact with the vicious Three-Headed Python, its entire body began to emit waves of chi chi sounds. Quite a few of the scales that covered its body were eliminated. And among them, the leftmost head received the greatest impact. The majority of the scales covering its face melted off!

All three heads were raised towards the heavens as they released screams of its suffering. It was as if they received an extremely serious injury. At the same time, the black energy around its body continuously seemed as like ice that been set aflame, dissipating by a large amount.

Shi Mu became excited. With a sudden kick with his feet, his body soared several zhang into the air. With a turn of his hand, he took out the black meteoric sword from his back.

Power began to surge from within his body into the blade.

A hong sound rang out!

Raging flames ignited from the sword, reaching out roughly a meter in length as it enveloped the sword. It turned into an enormous blazing sword.


Shi Mu shouted loudly. The blazing warblade turned into scarlet lightning as it hacked down ferociously.

The Three-Headed Python was startled, beginning to struggle helplessly. Its head swayed to and fro as if it wanted to dodge to the side. However, it was tied up by the yellow beams of light as well as the cold yin symbol. Its movements were restricted, so it couldn't avoid this attack.

The blazing warblade ruthlessly hacked at the neck of the left head. Thanks to the fact that it lacked the protection of scales, a clear bloody wound appeared. An enormous snake head was separated from its body, as if a huge boulder suddenly flew out.

Immediately after, warm fishy snake blood gushed out like a fountain from the Three-Headed Python's broken neck.

Shi Mu was close to victory. His entire body was immediately dyed red by the endless spray of dark blood.

He wiped off the snake blood from his face. The flame rising from his warblade shone even greater. With a shake of his wrist, the flaming sword slashed out thirteen identical afterimages, creating a huge cloud of flames that engulfed the remaining two heads.

The other two heads of the Three-Headed Python stared blankly, almost as if they didn't show any response. Only when the flaming blade radiance was about to strike his body did it react.


The two snake heads released a tremendous hiss, as if it was the cry of a dragon. The middle head's eyes flashed with blood red light, and the entire snake became crimson in color. It opened its mouth with lightning speed to bit one of the blades of light.

The Three-Headed Python firmly bit the blade radiance as it swirled in the void, not fearing the flames that covered it at all.

The other twelve streaks of fiery blade radiance flashed. Soon afterwards, they dispersed.

A kacha sound softly rang out, ringing out from the blade itself!

Shi Mu revealed a shocked expression as he did everything he could to pull back the black meteoric blade. However, the strength that he was so incredibly proud of was only like an ant trying to shake a tree in front of this mid-stage Xiantian python.

The Three-Headed Python's right head's eyes shone with a bloody light. It wanted to twist over and bite Shi Mu, but it was trapped by the icy blue tentacles of the cold yin symbol.

The middle head suddenly flung about violently, tossing Shi Mu and the black meteoric sword far into the distance.

At this moment, its entire body had already turned into a blood red color. After being affected by the yellow powder, thick scales grew at a visible place. Crimson light lingered about its body, and even the black energy turned into a bloody mist.

The Three-Headed Python released an angry roar. After sucking in a breath of air, its body suddenly grew a lot thicker. The icy blue tentacles around its body began to develop cracks, and soon after, they immediately ruptured with a loud noise.

The vicious python's thick tail flung out abruptly, ferociously smashing apart the yellow net-like formation.

The beams of yellow net-like light immediately rang out with kacha sounds. They split apart, turning into specks of yellow light before disappearing without a trace.

Thirty or so meters out, Shi Mu was currently struggling to his feet. When he saw the scene in front of him, his face immediately became abnormally pale. Even though he had always pressed on with unswerving determination, currently, he couldn't help but feel a hint of despair.

Even though the vicious python was currently gravely wounded, after breaking free from its restrictions, Shi Mu was far from being its match. It was quite likely that fleeing wasn't even an option.

The Three-headed Python turned around and looked at Shi Mu. Its eyes erupted with vicious light, and with a twist of its body, a frantic gale was raised. Its speed was faster than the wind as it pounced over.

Shi Mu shivered inwardly. Pushing off with his legs, his body shot in reverse.

Meanwhile, blue light flickered within his hands, producing a thumb-sized bead. It was precisely that clam pearl that Xiang Zhu gifted him. Three different types of blue light swirled about, releasing a serene radiance.

He had already inspected these three blue-colored light specks with his mental awareness. There were three water attribute techniques sealed within.

Shi Mu raised his hand. The blue light within the pearl was released, and three lumps of blue light flew out from within. They swirled in the air before turning into an expanse of blue radiance. Three ice walls roughly a dozen meters in height immediately appeared, protecting his body.

After this was finished, Shi Mu immediately turned around and ran for his life.

The Three-Headed Python had already thrown off all of its restrictions,. Right now, he could only retreat.

Peng Peng Peng

A thick tail smashed into the wall of ice. The three ice walls were smashed apart in succession, turning into numerous shards of ice.

The three ice walls didn't inhibit the Three-Headed Python in the slightest!

Shi Mu's face changed greatly. Before he even turned around, a thick black shadow was accompanied by a rancid gale. In the next moment, the Three-Headed Python's incomparably thick tail had already whipped fiercely at his body.

Blood erupted from his mouth, and his entire body flew out like a sack, smashing into the jungle. Only after smashing apart many large trees did he finally stop.

His body was lying on the floor, and large amounts of blood were gushing from his mouth. The left side of his body was bent at a strange angle, and other than his arm, no one knew just how many of his other bones were broken.

If not for him cultivating of the Art of Heavenly Elephant, it would have been nearly impossible to survive. His body was far more powerful than an ordinary person, but even though there were even three ice walls that cushioned the blow, his body was now still torn and his bones crushed after suffering that attack.

At this moment, Shi Mu was at a point where he couldn't feel too much pain anymore. His entire body seemed to have went numb as his life force continuously flowed towards all areas of his body.

’’In the end, I still wasn't able to fulfill my promise...’’ He began to mock himself.

A hong rang out!

The surrounding jungle had been engulfed by a wave of mad wind. The Three-Headed Python didn't seem to be the slightest bit relaxed as it chased after the near dead Shi Mu. Two pairs of eyes flourished with murderous intent without the slightest hint of mercy.

Its large mouth opened, and a bucket-thick beam of light shot out, blasting towards Shi Mu!

Shi Mu's fingers couldn't budge an inch as his eyes watched the beam of light fly over.

At this moment, a figure flew over, blocking in front of him. This was precisely Silk.

Silk's eyes were currently flickering with a dull green soul flame. As it faced the crimson beam of light, it released a strange and bright radiance, not showing the slightest intent of backing off.

It raised its head, releasing a soundless cry. A layer of faint white light appeared on his right arm as he sent it flying out.

A muffled peng sounded!

After Silk's body made contact with the blood-colored radiance, it was as if it had been struck by a sledgehammer, flying out like a kite with its string cut. Its entire framework shattered in the sky, and only a small part of its body remained. After dropping into the forest, no one knew if it was still alive.

Silk was able to block a majority of the crimson light, but the remaining force smashed into Shi Mu's body.

Shi Mu's body was sent flying once again. He fell into vacant space within the woods.

At this moment, his entire body was drenched in blood. Practically all expression had vanished from his eyes.

Shi Mu's spirit entered a dormant state, and the surroundings all seemed to have become distant.

Time began to move extremely slowly. The approaching Three-Headed Lion seemed to have became extremely far, drawing closer at a seemingly snail-like pace. Even its vicious roars became barely audible.

From the corner of his eyes, he seemed to even be able to see black cloud cover the moon as it gradually diffused outwards

In the next moment, the moon seemed to have scattered down a faint silver sheen, shining down on Shi Mu's body.

Immediately, A pa ta sound rang out within Shi Mu's sea of consciousness, and the bean-sized crystal suddenly shattered, turning into a luminous full moon.

A wave of powerful and pure energy entered Shi Mu's body. He immediately trembled, and his originally hazy consciousness became clear.

Even though he was now clear-headed, he noticed that he couldn't control his body at all.

Weng weng!

A wave of terrifying fluctuations proliferated from Shi Mu's body. Within the endless silver moonlight, countless specks of light appeared.

The countless specks of light descended from the skies, converging into a silver rain of light. It was as if the heavenly sea of stars were rumbling as they dropped down, integrating themselves into Shi Mu's body.

These circumstance were exactly the same as the cultivation of moon-swallowing. However, when he cultivated the Moon-Swallowing Art before, he had never felt such an exuberant lunar essence.

An endless amount of lunar essence poured into Shi Mu's body, healing the wounds on his body with extreme speed. Even his broken bones seemed to have mended themselves back together.

This was not all. Shi Mu suddenly felt a wave of heat coming from the depths of his blood vessels. Following that, they all began to move quickly within his body.

Accompanying this warm stream was also a wave of sharp pain. It was as if countless small daggers were slicing at the blood vessels throughout his body.

Ka ka...

The surface of Shi Mu's body revealed a layer of silver radiance. Ka ka sounds were simultaneously released from joints all over his body. Following that, his body seemed to have inflated as it swelled. In the blink of an eye, he became seven or eight zhang in length.

His chest, abdomen, and limbs formed thick and sturdy muscles chunk after chunk. Countless silver hairs grew densely from his body and face. Sharp fangs extended from his mouth, and even his fingers grew sharp talons.

Within a few breaths, Shi Mu seemed to have transformed into an enormous white ape. His arms beated his chest as he roared towards the sky.


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